quick + easy for the mother’s day stall

This year I’m excited that we are at a school with a mother’s day stall! I was a bit surprised that there are now all of these catalogues where you can buy things for your stall. In my mind I had it that everyone made or brought something in from home to donate from their family. But times have changed……….mind you it’s been a while since I was actually a student at primary school. And I decided (with the other ladies on the committee) that it would be nice to have a few handmade items to donate to the stall. I settled on 3 but have now cut that down to 2 since the mug cosy tends to take a bit too long on my needles compared to the sewing projects. I see people on ravelry can whip one up in a night but I’m falling asleep after a couple of rows. I love this pattern by Interweave Knits because it covers the bottom of the mug so you don’t need a coaster.

So that leaves me with tissue covers and iPhone covers. I have to tell you that both of these projects are super addictive. I’m still trying to find the tissue cover pattern that I found a few years ago that just had 1 big piece of fabric and was a breeze to use but I won’t give up on finding it. For these covers I used the pattern here which has 4 pieces but I’m sure you could use one big long piece like this pattern.

And for the iPhone cover I settled on this easy pattern which was a breeze to whip up. I might try  some cotton batting inside next time with a few rows of stitches. I’ll have a little play and see what I can come up with but the pattern is great and because you trace your own phone I’m thinking I could do a samsung/android phone size too for the stall.

If you get on to pinterest and put in handmade iphone cover or tablet covers there are lots of patterns to choose from. Thank you pinterest for making things so easy these days.

Anyway I’d love to hear what your quick craft is or how your mother’s day stall is run at your school? Do you have memories of taking in your money and picking something nice for your own mum when you were at school. I’m sure I always picked soap or pot pourri for mine. And if you need some inspiration for your mother’s day stall or craft stall for the school fair check out my pinterest board here. I had a lot of fun making it and have put up my hand to help with the school fair next year and see more craft to make and donate…………


  1. That iPhone cover looks like it would also make a pretty cover for sunglasses. I would love one like that.

  2. Tracey mayhew says:

    Crotcheted apple covers. Love them XX

  3. Tracey mayhew says:

    Oh and food nets with a trimmed patterned edge. Happy Mother’s Day xx

  4. They look lovely gifts. A mug rug for coffee and cake are quick to sew.

  5. The tissue covers and iPhone cover look great! What about some little zipped purses.

  6. Oh the Mothers Day stall! I remember we had 20c and 50c tables with the most expensive items being $2. Now my boys are at school the cost of the mothers day stall has risen from $8 to $10 to $15 over the last 10 years!!! Needless to say I DO NOT expect my little boys to be spending $15 each on a gift for me!! Something they’ve created themselves, breakfast and flowers picked from the garden has become the norm for us and I wouldn’t change it.

    BUT I do remember the joy of being able to buy something for my parents with my own money and having lovely things to choose from so that’s a bit sad they haven’t had the same opportunity. Good on you for resurrecting the homemade mothers day stall!!

    • we’ve made most of ours $5:) :) that’s what my kids will be getting! I do remember buying things for my mum and am so glad we have one this year:)

  7. I think these are the pick of the year for stalls Corrie! Last few years i have done pin cushions and fabric flower brooches…Yours look nice.

  8. Corrie,
    I saw some little burlap (hessian) seed parcels tied with string on designmom. They involved a square of hessian with some good potting mix in the centre and then some seeds sprinkled into the soil. The little parcel is then tied up with some jute string. Apparently when planted the seeds grow through the hessian. I’m keen to try these at home before I make them with the kids in my class for our fair later this year.

  9. Gosh, no crochet topped hanging tea towel? I’m pretty sure that was the big ticket item for the Mother’s Day stall when I was a kid :)

    Someone is going to be very happy with that incredibly cute iPhone cover, it’s adorable!

    • thank you! oh yes those teatowels, I’m sure grandma still buys them

      • michelle says:

        Hahaha! Don’t laugh but I went searching for a pattern for the crocheted top so I could reuse some teatowels that had tiny holes in them. They are so handy for and towels in the kitchen now :)

  10. If you made it Corrie, I would want it! Handmade is always so much nicer than store bought don’t you think? I hope you are having a bit of rest time in between looking after your family and blog and doing the Mother’s Day store. You inspire me with how you just selflessly give to others. x

    • awww you are too kind! I’ve stuck to super simple and fast so I can get a production line going and hopefully some other mums sew! thank youxx

  11. It has been a long time since my kids were at school, but back then one of my favourites were lavender sachets. I loved having these in my wardrobe and drawers. Recently I have noticed through my friends that mug rugs are very popular, once again you can find these on Pinterest. What did we do before Pinterest? Best wishes Wendy

  12. I used to love making things for my kids’Mothers Day stalls and the weeks before my house would be full of crafted goodies. Something that was popular were wheat/heat bags which we made out of bright coloured corduroy. To package them for the stall we shook all the what down to the base and put them in cellophane bags and bright raffia tied around the’neck’. they looked bright and sold well. Good luck Corrie-this bought some good memories back!

  13. Lovely ideas, wishing you well!

  14. Pease make sue my Lulu gets one of your gorgeous creations, last year I got a psychedelic nail kit. You clever chook, these are lovely x

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