what do you treat yourself with?

Today I did the usual school run – out the door at 7.30am (last year it was 8.40am!), back home to preschool and the fastest drop off ever because now someone loves preschool after not loving being left there and then I went to the shops for milk and chux cloths. And decided to get my toes done since I only had emerson. It always feels like such a treat to get my toes done. I don’t know why because I’ve been getting them done since before I got married but I still love getting them done. And I’m not one of these people that gets them done on a very regular basis…basically they look like they really need to be done and then I know it’s time to go again or I have somewhere to go and want to wear a sandal or open toe.

And then after the groceries (which were a lot more than just milk and chux)

I popped into my favourite newsagency and picked up 2 english country magazines. Again a total treat and I stopped buying them when I moved away from the newsagency but I am itching to sit down with a cup of tea and these babies and just imagine I was in the english countryside.

So what is your treat? Chocolate? a magazine? your toes? your hair? an hour to yourself at the shops? New dress? There are times when just getting a treat is a hard thing…..I’m thinking of life with a new baby or little twins or when all the kids are home 24/7 but I feel like a new woman when I’ve had a little treat……love to hear yours. Once upon a time it was just getting up to Spotlight for an hour without anyone else with me.


  1. I treated myself to a couple of Mollie Makes magazines yesterday – hoping I can sit down with them this afternoon after I pick the kids up from school!!

  2. As a Mummy and wife, it’s often ourselves we put last!! When in fact, putting ourselves first and making that time for ourselves is actually better for everyone! Happy wife, happy home, and all that.
    I love to be able to sit down in a comfy lounge with a book, cup of coffee and peace and quiet… No interruptions!!! But I”ll settle for a leisurely shower with no interruptions. Or at least, 3 minutes to shampoo, condition and wash!!!

    • yes the hot shower! whenever I have a new baby I don’t get a shower every day and then I realise how we take it for granted! love a good hot shower:) :)

  3. I have been treating myself buying books. I am into autobiography’s at the moment and I make sure I put aside reading time each day, in the daytime or evening, if lucky sometimes both.

  4. Fabric! Definitely fabric. Oh and new seeds for the garden :)
    (psst, don’t ever look at my hands or feet- you can tell i’m a gardener! they’re really not a pretty sight)

  5. Oh, I love special mummy treats. The day my littlest one started big school I went in search for something I always wanted to do – sewing and crochet classes. Now I treat myself to 3 hours of total bliss per week, learning and finding inspiration from all the other ladies that attend the classes. Amazing stuff :)

  6. Lesley G says:

    Oh dear me. It’s cookbooks and cooking magazines for me. I’ve had this addiction for a long time and when we moved the mere suggestion of me getting rid of any of them even my magazines had me in protection mode. After all Easy Entertaining must be in the realm of collectors status now. Boxed up they may well be but I’ve still got them ALL! Design and architectural periodicals come a close second but I can claim on these so apparently acceptable. Have you bought Australian Period Style Magazine yet? Another good one to drool over.

  7. For me it sitting in the front of the computer having a nice cup of tea reading blogs like yours and other crafty/family blogs seeing what other people are doing. Other times its sitting on the verandah after spending all day in the garden having a nice wine with some cheese admiring my days work and hoping the glass of wine will take the aches and pains from spending the day in the garden. Being so dry here in norther NSW watching the little bit of rain we get come down and the smell of it is a little time out also.

    How do you manage to get out the door by 7.30 am is a miracle to me.

    • well this is the new me! I have to get up at 5.30 to still have a cup of weak coffee, read my emails, check the blog, iron shirts and make lunches! I know I could get up later but 5.30 means we’re out on time! once we move closer I will be getting up at 7am trust me:)

  8. ps Emerson is so cute such an adorable face. I go to the shops for milk and sometimes bring what feels like half the shop home with me!!!!

  9. Nice leaf tea is my treat… and Ive decided to add a new one to my collection every pay day or so.

  10. What lovely treats everyone has! Mine are an uninterrupted daytime hour for sewing for myself, 5 minutes to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee slowly, and getting a hair cut! Which I don’t do often enough, and must book in!

  11. Love reading about Mums sustaining themselves with wee treats: a little goes a long way as a mum. I had a facial today – bit of a working holiday as I was taking photos too but it was sooooooo relaxing. I also punctuate my days with cups of Earl Grey tea and sometimes I refuse to get off my chair until I have drunk the lot. Mind you often I take my tea as I do jobs round the house and then can’t find where I have left it.

  12. Crafty products (yarn, embroidery floss, fabric etc) and the time to use them are my treats for myself! My kids are lucky because they usually get to keep the results of my crafty “me time” and even help me choose the yarn and such!

  13. I’d take an hour at Spotlight! I still tend to dovetail my treats with something practical; watching an episode of Escape to the Country’ on catch up tv while I eat lunch is a favourite of mine.

  14. I love Coast magazine (English seaside instead of countryside) and a cup of milky coffee. In fact I have tomorrow afternoon to myself as youngest in nursery, was going to do housework but now thinking this would be much more fun!

  15. Having my nails and toes done is my treat but I do try to stretch it out to every 3 or 4 weeks. My other weakness is chocolate – I do try to resist my cravings but every now and again I just have to give in. Oops!

  16. Its so true that small treats can make all the difference! I love a pot of English Breakfast, a good book, a scenic walk, good quality chocolate, a bath with a scented candle and a bath bomb as a treat. And a few moments of peace and quiet!

  17. I love to got the beach, without the kids (or just one!) and out for lunch to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant. My husband is a shift worker and on the occasion that his day off coincides with preschool day and we only have our 1 year old we have a set routine – he gets the kids off to school while I get the house done (really just beds, kitchen and a tidy!) then we head to the beach. My husband surfs while I play, walk or just watch the ocean with my baby girl. We usually get her to sleep in the pram then walk to our favourite cafe for an early lunch before walking home. It’s absolutely divine…. On the weekends (and after school whenever we can) the beach trips are much more chaotic and involve so many surfboards / buckets/ mermaid tails, teeny wetsuits, snacks, drinks, towels, eyes darting to keep track of all the kids and sunscreen applications that my head nearly pops off!

  18. Me too… looovvveee getting my toe nails painted and a foot massage… having lived in the bush on a remote sheep station and 7 hours away from the city for most of my life… a visit to the city always involved a little trip to get the toes and feet looking lovely xxx

  19. Washing, blow drying and ‘doing’ my hair is a total treat here. Since the kids came along (youngest 2 months) I’m lucky to wash my hair once a week (thank god for dry shampoo!). I used to be an ‘every second day wash the hair with fancy Aveda products, blow dry and then GHD curl it for work’ kinda gal. Now I’m the ‘limp greasy (or slick?) pony tail’ lady! :-)

  20. My treat is a pump class at the gym.. Not everyone’s idea of a ‘treat,’ but an hour to myself where I’m doing myself some good perks me up no end! It brightens my day, my mood and gives me energy and ends up doing the whole family good!
    It also means I can sit down in the evening once the kidlets are in bed with a glass of wine or a cookie or cake and feel good about doing so :-)

  21. “Mollie Makes” is also my new favourite treat (our local Coles has started stocking it – YAY!) and I do tend to have a secret chocolate stash for when I need a quick pick me up too!

  22. Today I had a pedicure spa too and it was so so lovely. I also love to have a coffee out on my own. You keep taking the time out. You need it and will need it even more so soon.

  23. Real Living Magazine, a cup of tea and something sweet to go along with hit. I’m lucky/unlucky I share parenting with my ex for our two kiddies week on and week off so I do have time on my week off do call the shots, but still. Sitting down the this mag, when I dont have the kids feels like “me” time.

  24. Lyn Lindsay says:

    Corrie they are my most fav magazines, just love them, keep them for years and somehow or other when I re read them the stories seem new…there are some I cannot part with…enjoy, haven’t got to those latest ones yet, look out Newsagent here I come and yes these are my special treats, well yes there are a few more.

  25. Hmm…it’s been awhile since I last treat myself. Now that I have time to think about it, I don’t even know what I want!!! 😛

  26. Quarterly or so, my husband keeps the kids and I go to a hotel nearby for about 24 hours. I grab a thick book, order in, take long walks, long baths, and come back so refreshed and full of patience!

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