hit me with your favourite baby names

I’m home from my 16 week check up at the OB’s office and feeling relieved……..this might be my 6th baby but the nerves and worry are just as much as they were with the first. I worry the whole time that something will go wrong and I know I’m not the only one. I don’t think it’s really sunk in that we’re having another baby because the worry has been so bad this time around……….then I fall asleep on the couch at 8.30 and realise oh yes I am definitely pregnant.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be finding out if we’re having a boy or girl which is exciting………..and I have no clue on names. OK well I have a cute boy name picked out but for girls I’m blank. I feel like I’ve used up all of my favourites. Retro daddy keeps a spreadsheet (in typical accountant style) which he brings out every time we are pregnant and we go through it and add some new names.

But I’d love to hear your favourite baby names – maybe you’ve used it or maybe you’ve been wishing you’d used it or maybe you heard it recently and thought to yourself now that is a good baby name!!! Hit me with it………………


  1. Maria do carmo says:

    Que bom,mais um nenem!Parabéns!Filhos são bençãos.

  2. Isobelle Carlton says:

    I’m due in 6 weeks and we are having a boy so i don’t get to use my girls name which is Everleigh. Have no idea about boys names so i will be reading along to get some inspiration.

  3. Krystal says:

    Julia has always been my favourite name. We also have an April.

  4. Christy says:

    Very biased, as they are the names I used for my three girls (first and middle), so obviously I love them – Indianna Mackinley (Indi for short), Holly Winter and Pepper Rose (not Pepper Potts, like in Iron Man 😉 , and the name suits her well, she is “full of pep” as my Oma likes to say). My nieces names are Sierra, Elliana and Elke. Hope you find that perfect name :)

  5. Toni Huggins says:

    We have two boys who we named Thomas and William. If we ever had a girl I love Genevieve and Gabriella, Lani, Pippa………

  6. christi says:

    harvey is a lovely name….I like old strong names for boys we have Harrison(Harry) and a Thom(Thomas) Evie short for Evelyn we also know an Ellie which is actually Elouise. I love Abigail nee Abey and Georgie and Georgia although both done to death. I love the idea of flower names we knew an elderly violet and she so suited her name also love rose, not some much hyacinth though lol

  7. Liam is my favourite boys name (but pretty popular, they are everywhere)! I also liked the name Moira/Maura or Neila for a girl. My new niece is called Elsa which is pretty cute too (although you have plenty of E’s in your family)!

  8. Girls – perri, arizona, astra, storm, vogue
    Boys – huxley, wilder, wakely, ziggy, astro

  9. I love the name Marlo for a girl and Nathaniel for a boy!

  10. Melissa says:

    My favourite boy’s name is Sebastian. Sebi for short. I have 2 boys but my husband didn’t like it. My girls names were Georgia and Madeleine and my family tree has a very unique name for a girl of Loveday which I’d hoped to use as a middle name but not to be.
    Tough job naming kids

  11. Caroline says:

    I’m a massive fan of what I think are old fashioned names; Margaret, Elizabeth, Jacqueline, Annabel and Amelia, but these are all family names as well, which is probably why I love them. Boys names are another story, always draw blank! Although Lachlan, Timothy and Laurence are favs!
    Its such exciting news for you and your family, wishing you all the happiness you can handle, you definitely have a lot of love to give!

  12. Anne Arlett says:

    My Grandson’s girlfriend is Ayla which I think is a pretty name.

  13. New little one in our family is Mya (pronounced My-a).
    Boys: Miller or Ollie

  14. liveseygirl says:

    Our little ones are called:
    Gabriel Christopher
    Solomon James
    Celeste Ellie Grace

    We won’t be having any more but if we did I like Ezra or Elijah for a boy. I love Elizabeth or Elsie or Hope for a girl. I especially like Elizabeth because her story in the Bible is so beautiful and full of hope.

    Glad that all is well x

  15. REMI – this is my son’s name

  16. Kristie says:

    My favourite girls names are Kate or Aurelia. We are having a boy and keeping hush hush on his chosen name but we already have a Jack and my new nephew is Samuel. Love the name Benjamin too.

  17. We have a Harper Lorraine and a Harlow Edith-Rose. And I also love Hendrix, Holland, Everleigh.

  18. We have a Lilla {pronounced Lil-uh} – I love the name Poppy though and Aubrey is super cute. Congrats on baby no. 6. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ him/her x

  19. Always have loved Bronte for a girls name. A bit more traditional: William for a boy but I also like Riley. Hope you have a cruisy pregnancy and that bub is perfect in every way xx

  20. Samantha says:

    We used all of our favourite names for our babies, We have two daughters, Luka and Sian and two sons Blaine and Finn. I’ve always loved Rory, Willow and Noah as well. Such an exciting time for you, congratulations!

  21. I have two girls called Sienna Nicole and Annabel Christine. I always wanted to have four girls – the next two would have been Charlotte and Lucia. I never did come up with a boys name!

    My nieces are called Chloe Anna, Amelia Grace and Olivia Katie. I love pretty girls names!


  22. Rachael says:

    Huge congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s wonderful news! You have such a gorgeous family and are adding more love! So happy for you all! I’m 16 weeks too with no 3 and am starting to think of names too.. We won’t be finding out as we have a boy and girl and are happy to wait until our little one joins us, even though we found out with the other two. Favourite names are Rowan for a boy or Shelley for a girl, I also like Benjamin and Evan for a boy, and Annabel, Nina, Elise and Norah for a girl. So far, we have had two or three names on the short list, then chosen after we see our newest member. Loving following your special blog xx

  23. My kids, Mitch, Isabelle, Baxter and Madeline. Four under five, Best Wishes!

  24. We have

    Georgia Kate
    Riley Morton
    Charlotte Tilley
    Jack Henry
    Finn Michael
    Judd Kenneth

    If we were to have another (hubby isn’t keen, I am longing for lucky #7) I love Matilda for a girl and Sebastian was a name we were thinking of for Judd. I feel like we have used our boy names lol

    • oh lovely names! so pretty! I’d take all of them, I think we have similar taste especially with a finn each:)

    • Our little boys name is Judd! Very uncommon but still strong :)
      Struggling with a second boys name, but I have girls names galore! Eloise, Emma, Grace, Monroe, Harper, Willow, Meg, Kate, Isobel… I could go on 😉
      Congratulations and good luck x

  25. We have a Liam Harry and Hugo lawson in our house which we love. We also love monty (for a boy) Jude and bernie. I don’t think I’ll ever have a girl so don’t really have a name picked out but I do love Elkie at the moment too!! Good luck picking! Finding the right name is hard work and I’m sure after 5 babies it’s even trickier!!! Xxx

  26. Hi Corrie, congratulations, glad all is going well. We have two children, Aaron and Esther, both 23. And now we are at 30 weeks expecting bub number 3, Grace. This is pregnancy number 7, so I understand the anxiousness. It is a joy and comfort when you can feel them moving around.

  27. Katherine says:

    Congratulations Corrie & Family!! Such lovely news and I’m very excited for you. We have three little boys and my ‘girl name’ when we were pregnant last time was Liberty. Libby for short. I think that would work well with all your other girl (and boy) names. Good luck deciding. Love Katherine xx

  28. Recently heard a little girl called Eva…thought it was a pretty name:)

  29. After watching Nanny McPhee I was rather taken by the name Evangeline. And, like Lisa above, I like Eva – a pretty shortening of Evangeline.

  30. Those baby pictures are divine! No baby name suggestions, we struggled to come up with one for our last :) Stay well and make sure you take time to put your feet up.

  31. jadie hinshelwood says:

    Hey Corrie! What beautiful news! Congratulations!

    my babas are, Evangelina Jade Elsie – Eva the diva for short!
    Kai Ryan William is my beautiful baba boy, love that his name is pretty unusual.
    If I have any more then I love, Darcy, Isobella, Carmen, Mia, poppy, for girls and Ashton, Judd, Arron, Leon, for boys. My nieces and nephews are, Lexi, Callum, Jordan, letta, violet, lela, Brooke, Lewis, Austin, Debbie, Lynne, may, Laura, Lucas, Lilly, kate
    Good luck picking its so tough!
    Stay well and enjoy ur 6th pregnancy as much asc possible they are such miracles each and every one…xx

    • I love that, eva the diva! tillie has a little friend evangeline and such a pretty name:) I love kai too! you have good names there, thanks for the suggestions, I really am blank with names right now

  32. Scottish names
    Girls – Iona, Ailsa, Mirren
    Boys- Carrick, Euan, Toren

  33. Katherine says:

    I have Tulani Michelle, and my twins are Grant Gordon and Amelia Grace. The Gordon part is a family name, so no say there! I always say that my next set of twins will be Ruby and Max, but I know that there will be no more. Boys names are the hardest. Congratulations…

  34. Vanessa says:

    We didn’t get to use our boy names so here they are,
    Macklin, Tiernan & Murphy

  35. Greta, Eva, Ava, Romy, Romilly …

  36. Roksalanna says:

    Hi Corrie. I really like the names that you and Retrodaddy chose for children. Looking forward to hearing what you choose for this bub. Just for fun here are some names I like-



    Good luck!

  37. susan leach says:

    I have always liked Celeste from Rosie Sips Spiders by Alison Lester. Just loved reading that book to my girls. Good Luck with it all

  38. I love the names which have meaning.
    My older daughter’s name is Anna Sophia Which means the person who knows the Grace (of God)
    The story behind her name is: After three boys we are waiting for a baby girl. The name next to my heart was Anna (my grand-grand mothers name) and my Husband’s was Sophia. So we decided to give her two names. After that we find out the meaning of her names we were really satisfied :o)

  39. congrats on the new baby from Denmark.

    My baby girl is named Karla – that’s so sweet. Do we ever get a second girl she would be named Vigga (though I love Palma). For a boy it would be Henry.

  40. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope it is an easy one and I am laying a bet it is going to be a girl :)
    I also love the names Amelia and Sophie.
    Best of luck <3

  41. Charlotte E says:

    We’re 27 weeks along and are expecting a little boy and I am really struggling with names. Girls are so much easier to name for me. We already have an Aurora Eve and the girls names I was considering before our 20 week scan were:

    For a boy I love Henry but one of my best friends already named her son this so I’m back to the drawing board.

  42. I love Ronan for a boy and Amelia for a girl. So many gorgeous names already suggested for you in the comments. Good luck and much joy picking one that is just right for your little one.

  43. Sarah O says:

    We welcomed 2 babies into the world yesterday Fletcher Tomas, brother to Zoe, Eden and Max. And little sister Fern to Berri.

    We were going to use Adam Piotr (Polish for Peter) or Jozef Edward for a boy and my other name was Karolinka Jozefa (Caroline Josephine) for a girl.

    I’ve always liked Elspeth and wanted Bethany Monique but with a surname O we couldn’t have BO as initials!

  44. Kylie Ross says:


  45. Hi congratulations on baby number 6, I would have loved another but the father in the house told me I needed to stop, no more in the car. I have
    Riley Michael
    Jorja Leone
    Emily Joyce
    Luke Geoffrey
    Jack Christopher

    I also love Ryan and Henry and Olivia and Martha. Good luck.

  46. Also the name Leone is pronounced (not Leonie but Leone like the African country Sierra Leone). It is a lovely name but always gets mispronunced as it is unfamiliar. Anyway good luck

  47. hebejeeby says:

    I have a one week old baby boy – Oliver (Ollie). Can recommend the name! A little bit traditional (we live in England) and a little bit cheeky!

  48. We have 2 girls, Gracie Kendall and Millie Joy, and a brand new baby boy, Jack Thomas. If Jack had been a girl he would have been Evie Joan. I really love girls names that end in ‘ie’.

  49. Roberta de la Torre says:

    Helli retro mummy congratulations on your baby news, herexare some names that I like and home to use once I fall pregnant.
    Girls Names

    Boys Names

    I hope this may help. Best of luck with everything, it will all go well, j ust be positive as I tell all my friends.

  50. My Mum called me Roseanne but I had no middle name I love my name. I also love Pippa-Rose, Bella, Lilly, boys name William or Clinton

  51. Give me vintage names anytime. We have a Harriet and a Maggie. I also love Audrey, Esther, Norah and Annie.

  52. We have a Hugo Bryce, Fergus Wilson and George Peter…. I love all our boy names and love the name game!! I am trying to convince Hubby for #4 but I don’t think he will budge?? We have a van so I am not really sure what his problem is 😉

  53. katherine says:

    My husband and I loved the name Blaire for a girl!

  54. For a boy, I like Andrew, for a girl I love the name Avery.

  55. My grandchildren’s names are Boys – Mitchell, Jacob, Korbyn, Caleb, and Brady.
    Girls – Kristy-Lee or Krissie or Kristy, Elsie-Taylah, and Shaylah-Bonnie.

  56. For girls I love Violet, Emmily, Sophy and for Boys I love Nathan, Julian, John

    before we concieved, we agreed upon 2 girls names and one boy name. As I have a son (you know, of course), we used Robin Ian, and boy does this suit fine!!! Also fits our family name great.

  57. Jessica says:

    If we had girls they would more than likely be Makayla and Sienna…I just love Sienna! Instead we have two great boys Tyler and Blake.

  58. We have the beautiful Ava Rae and equally gorgeous Ethan Michael.. Sadly, they’ll be no more but if some miracle happened, Violet for a girl and hubby would love Balthazar for a boy!

  59. Congratulations on your sixth little one, and happy to hear your check up was good news.
    I adore so many girls names, I’d need an army of little ladies to use them all. We had Milla, Leila & Lucia earmarked for baby number one, but she didn’t suit any, so she is our Georgina Rose. As for boys, wow, we’ve never seen eye to eye on boys names, but we easily came to Jameson Christopher for our son. Looking forward to playing the naming game again if we’re lucky enough to add a third babe to our family. I do love Genevieve but we’ve got enough ‘jer’ sounding names aleady. I also adore Eloise and Maggie … I could keep going 😉

  60. Jacqueline says:

    Congratulations Corrie – I am a sucker for babies and love to find out the sex ahead of time as well so I can think of the baby by name before they arrive. In our house we have Adelaide Elizabeth and Isabella Ellen (twins) and Cordelia Francesca. If we had a fourth girl I would have gone with Clementine Sophia.

    Our boy names stayed pretty much the same list throughout – Henry, Alexander, Sebastian, William, Edward and Hamish although all remain unused. We did have a male rabbit for a while. The girls named him “Elvis McFluffytail Jonsena Chubblet Smarty Miraku (plus Surname)” (and yes you would be correct in guessing that they all wanted a hand in the naming rights) but I am pretty sure you don’t need to go down that route to find a nice boy’s name (if needed).

  61. Hi Corrie,
    Congrats to you and your family.
    I love my girls names and they do also, they are not common, which I love.
    Anika Renee
    Dayna Louise

    I would have had Reuben for a boy.
    Good luck.
    Unwind Craft Cafe

  62. My girls are Eve Sofia and Mia Grace. Good luck Corrie!! Xxx

  63. Congratulations Corrie on your wonderful news. It’s such a special and exciting time growing a new baby!!

    Our own little ones are Alanna Rose, Merryn Louise and Miles James. Alanna turned out to be mispronounced a lot (I only ever knew it as rhyming with Anna but most pronounce it as Alarner). I love Merryn as it’s not very common but still always gets pronounced and spelt correctly.

    I also really love Caitlin, Bronwyn, Lachlan and *Elodie*, which was on the short list for bub #3 – after your little one as I had never heard it before!!

  64. Ozknitter says:

    Ethan, Lincoln and Cole for a boy. Zara, Zoe, Laura, Lila(h) and Isobel for a girl.

    Have fun deciding!

  65. Cassie Webster says:

    We have three children – Hugo Otis, Felix Pablo and Daisy Blossom. I also love Primrose and Casper…but alas, not to be :) Its really interesting to read that the old fashioned names are coming back. Good luck xx

  66. Love the spreadsheet. I gave Ian a list when I was pregnant with number one – names were crossed off one by one (old girlfriend, neighbour who was mean to him, not a classic name etc). I never got my favourite which was Allison. But 18 years have past (this March 10) and I am over it. Names I like now are soft, feminine names – Chloe, Lily, and Sophia. And most of all I like my third one’s name – Laura. She was named by her sister (who was 2 at the time). Better than #1 who wanted to call #2 Sachel Mouse after a favourite book and suggested Sachie for short. Also #1 suggested I name #2 after her first grade teacher – nice lady but no I didn’t chose that name. So don’t open that can of worms Corrie….

  67. Ooh I love Bronte! My husband disagrees, I love lots of names ending in a sound or er, Piper, Fletcher, Archer, I also love Greyson and Ari

  68. los hermanos suelen acertar con el nombre del nuevo bebe. preguntale a tus hijos, asi con todo a mi me gusta mucho Angarad, creo que viene de Escocia, saludos me encanta tu blog

  69. It’s such fun choosing a new name for a baby. For a girl I love Bianca and for a boy I love Ryder.

    Good luck!

  70. My babies are Sebastian Tomasz (his father’s first name) and Mathilde May. We never ever had any other names in mind for either one. Sebbie was “named” at about 7 weeks, long before we even knew he was a boy. The same thing for Tilly May!!!! I remember saying to Tom that I knew Tilly would be a girl as there was only one name in my heart, just like he had one name for Sebbie! He named our boy and I named our girl. There’s never been a list of names for ours : )

  71. We have a sweet little girl Cora, also liked Mae, Brita, Greta for girls. Boys are a bit tougher for me, but Benson was our top contender.

  72. Congrats on the future new arrival. My son is Aaron which was very popular 38 years ago and my daughter is Linley which I had only heard if once, but which turns out is quite popular too. My gorgeous granddaughters name is Adyson which suits her down to the ground and my new great niece is Aura which I have never heard for a name before,
    I’m afraid I can’t understand people giving their child a beautiful name such as Matilda or Gabrielle then shortening it to Tilly or Gabby. Why not just name them the short version to begin with. We have never shortened our kids names and neither have our families, but I must admit my son tends to get Az from his friends!

  73. My daughter’s name is Audrey, which I had planned to use since I was a small child. If we have another daughter, we’ll call her Katharine. I also like Imogene, Alice, and Jeannie/Janine/Jeanne. And my brother just had a little daughter and they named her Ruby, which is just the sweetest.

  74. So many lovely names. It definitely is a hard choice naming a child since they must carry it throughout their life. One of my son’s name is Liam. Forty years ago, this was not a popular name and I’m not sure if people are aware that it is a short form for William. My other son’s name is Sean, which was constantly mispronounced. That can be a problem when you chose an odd spelling. My girls are named Stacey and Kimberly. My favourite girl name is Allegra, and for a boy, DeClan. Also like Elizabeth, Libby for short.

  75. With girls’ names we had some problems on our own – although we have just two of them. I don’t know why, but we had much more ideas about boys’ names we liked.
    If I had a choice for a boy’s name, I would name him Bennet. Here in Germany I heard this name only once and I really like rarely used names if they don’t sound too chichi and I prefer names everybody will be able to pronounce in the right way.

    But to answer your question – our favorite names for girls are Luisa and Annika. I like the combination of “a” and “i” in girls names, because it makes the names sound happy and cheerful. I always wanted to find names for our daughters that nobody would like to shorten, but of course Annika today is Anni and even Luisa is called Lu by some of her classmates. That’s maybe because there are three girls in her class with the same name. I swear, when we chose Luisa for our first girl, there was no other Luisa around…so I don’t really know where all those Luisas suddenly appeared from….

    Have fun while looking and deciding for your next baby’s name…
    All the best to you and your family –

  76. Hi Corrie,

    Congrats on number 6!
    I have 5 kids & used up all my favourites with them :)
    Jacob Andrew
    Gemma Kate
    Darcy Paul
    Sophie Lee
    Tyler James
    Good luck with choosing the right name xx

  77. My 3 boys are
    Caleb David
    Luca Nathan
    Asher Thomas James

    All the middle names are derived from the family names of each of their 4 grandparents. (We were pretty sure we were stopping at 3 so Asher got 2 😉

    If we had a girl, she would have been Freya Eliza-Rose.

    Good luck!

  78. My boys are Jed and Eli, though I also like Nate and Micah. My two girls and named Zoe and Lily. Friends recently named their baby girl Pearl. I also love the names Grace, Eva and Aria.

  79. Liz-Boise, ID USA says:

    My granddaughter’s name is Arabella (Bella for short). My daughter’s name is Olivia,.

  80. Congrats!!!! That is exciting news I am hopeful for baby #3..
    I have 2 girlies called
    Sophie Anne
    Tillie j ( j is for James, just a little salute to her dad and papa)
    But I really like the girls names Rhylee, Brynn, Harriet, Laci & Romi
    And for boys Cash, Lawson, Boston, Grey & Hudson

    Hope your feeling well !!

  81. My favourite boys name is Hadrian, it’s not all that common and only slightly unusual enough that there won’t meany with that name out there. With girls I like Charlotte, Amelia and Elleny (said Elle-n-ie).

    Sophie xxx

  82. I love French names like Chloe and Renee. But my friend just named her daughter Parker Rose and that was original as well. Good luck choosing. We struggled for girls name with our 2nd and it was a boy so that was good luck maybe this might happen to you too!

  83. suzanne says:

    I love Annelise, Charlotte, and Caroline and for boys Ian, Luke and Callum. Good luck and have fun picking names.

  84. My daughter is Naomi (Nim is how she’s know, or Omi)

    We also love Mirriam (Mirri/Immi/Mimi), Meridith (Merry/Dilly) Phoebe (Phee/Bee) and Beatrice (Beetie) – for me the shortening/nickname is as important as the full name.
    For a boy we banded about Byron and Noah.

  85. Krystle says:

    Amaya it means night rain :)

  86. Congratulations Corrie and I hope with this list you might get some good ideas!

    Our children are: Liberty Anna, Antonio Lucas, Zander Justus and Matisse Rajmund

    Other names we liked were (and won’t get used now 😉 ) are:

    Girls: Poppy, Charlotte, Olivia
    Boys: Mylo, Blaise, Theodore

    We also were keen on knowing the meanings of the names too :)

  87. My 5 are Logan, Angelina, Liliana, Oliver and Amelia Rose. Good job there will be no 6th here as I’m totally out of names too!

  88. My favourites are Jasper, Isaac, Miles, Oliver, Lucas, Silas, Caleb, Noah, and Ronan.
    Isla, Amelia, Hazel, Alana, Violet and Zoe. I can’t wait till you guys find out what you are having and to see what name this little one will have! Good luck.

  89. My babies are:
    Deacon Campbell
    Isla Makenzie
    Connor Maxwell
    Reuben Isaac
    Nella Daisy
    Names I love are Cohen and Jensen for boys, and Aria and Saoirse for a girl. As much as I’d love to have another, pretty sure number 6 is not on the cards for us :( I get where you are coming from with the worry. My last 2 babies are rainbow babies after our 3rd passed away from CHD. The worry is insane. My Ob spent the whole time reminding me that more often than not, most pregancies result in a perfectly healthy bub. I couldnt do it again though, my nerves are shot. Thinking of you, I’m sure all will go beautifully

  90. I had a list of names for both girls and boys that I kept and looked at every time I fell pregnant. I had a picture in my head of what colour bubs hair would be for each name. I have always loved Josephine and had a blonde haired doll with the same name as a child. My first daughter, we called Jorja and she has gorgeous auburn coloured hair. Grace and Ethan are both brunettes. We are not planning anymore babies but if I was to have a blonde baby girl that would be the name I would have chosen for her.

  91. We had a spreadsheet for #1 too! With #2 we were all (secretly) set with our boy name (Luke) until someone else in the family used it just before us, so we had a week to decide on another one… My husband vetoed the girl names I have always loved – Odette and Imogen. I love your names so far by the way :)

  92. Hi Corrie. We called our kids Ellis, Abbey & Fletcher. I always wanted to call one of our boys Aubrey….but my husband didn’t like it :( I still love this name & so does my daughter (although she likes it for a girl!), so you never know :)

  93. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Heartiest congrats from Brissy! I’m leaning towards Mackenzie. Like Erin too. But it really depends on the bub. If she has a strong personality, which you won’t know until she is born, Mac or Mackenzie is a strong name. Just my two cents’ worth! 😉

  94. My girls are Amanda Kathleen and Mary Anne Caroline (also known as Mac). If there had been any boys, the one name I had was Clayton Judson. Good luck with this new baby, my Mary Anne/Mac is two weeks behind you with her first baby. Amanda had Andrew 18 mos ago.

  95. How exciting- number 6! We have:
    Poppy Anne
    Frederick (Freddy) Richard
    Digby George.
    We are pregnant with no 4 and if a girl she will be Florence or Clementine, or Harding or Barnaby!

  96. This is sooooo exciting! Well, my daughter is called Frieda, I love Penelope (Penny for short obviously), Milly, Lucy, Clementine and I adore the name of one of the snowboarders at the Olympics, Enni. Speaking of names from Finland: I also like Lumi (Snow), but it sounds a little bit like loony, so maybe not. Good luck and have fun choosing a name!

  97. I love the name Maisie, but called my wee girl Iona after the beautiful Scottish island. If I’d had another wee lass she’d have been Maisie though. For boys I loved Finnian, which means fair haired. My second son was to be Finnian but popped out with thick black hair so is Dexter instead! Very excited about this baby, Corrie.

  98. we have
    eli (boy)

  99. oh I love the baby name game. I love my girls names

    Our last girls name was the hardest as I also liked Kaiya and Peppa.Hubby thought those were a little too out there though. Good Luck

  100. We have three daughters. I loved naming girls and still have a few favourites up my sleeve. Our girls are called Zoe, Isla and Neve. I had Finn on our boys list and I think Elodie is such a lovely name. How exciting for your family to have a tiny one on the way!

  101. We have a Juniper May and an Arthur William. We really liked Jasper for a boys name when we were pregnant with our first, but our friends had used it by the time our second (a boy ) was born. If Arthur had been a girl we were thinking Ivy or April. All the best for your pregnancy – I reckon they grow into their names so I’m sure anything you pick will be perfect :)

  102. During my last pregnancy we had a hard time with girl names, we had Cash picked out for a boy, and of course we were blessed with a girl! :) We ended up choosing Ava Rose as the best name and it suits her perfectly. She’s 7.5 mths old now and is an absolute doll.

  103. Congrats on your pregnancy! Hearing about a #6 always makes me happy. I feel blessed to be part of the six kids club as like you it wasn’t always easy to be pregnant.
    I love the names you chose for your kids, especially Emerson- that is my maiden name.
    My six are: Hadley, Maggie, Samuel, Molly, Henry and Sawyer.
    If I had a baby today they would be either Birdie or Ewan.
    Best wishes for your growing family!

  104. We have 4 little girls and it took us a week to name our first and 5 days for our last! We didn’t find out the sex with any of our girls and each time were convinced it was a boy..our picks for boys were Jude, Harvey, Flynn, Ezekiel (nickname Zeke), Oliver, Harry, Henry, Arlo

  105. jeanette tranberg says:

    My 4 are Isabella(Bella), Eliza( she gets Liza, Liddy or LouLou)and Jack(twins) and Henrietta(Hetty) other names I like are Howard(Howie), Edward, Henry, Violet, Enid, Edith, Nellie and the name I am saving, just in case we have number 5 and we have a girl Dorothy(Dot or Dotty)!

  106. Peyton.
    I Love love love it!

    DH hates it so I will never get to use it.

    Just miscarried our first child after TTC for 3 years.

    I understand the worry and I’m sure I will be even worse with the next pregnancy after what has happened.

    Good to know everyone worries as it seems so many people just breeze through pregnancies without a care in the world.

  107. Totally missed this! Congrats to you guys. Gosh I don’t know for baby names anymore. I’ve used Mason, Airlie, Aston and Jonty. I’d have no idea what I’d use if I were to have another. Keep well and look after yourself. Try not to worry too much and enjoy the amazing gift you are getting to experience. xxx

  108. We have twin boys, Atticus & Banji (banji means second born of twins in African). If they were girls they were going to have been Clementine & Sailor. I’d love to have a girl so I could use those names.
    Congratulations xx

  109. I love the name Stella, if we were to have another and it was a girl, she would have been Stella, but no more babies for us…

  110. It gets harder each time … But it’s a whole lot of fun. Here’s mine:

    Sophia Rose
    Philippa Joy
    Hugo Miles
    Ruby Stella
    Lila May
    Finn Cole

    Good luck choosing!

  111. I love Tess and Bronwyn for a girl. But what I really love are family names. Do you have any good names in your genealogy? I’ll tell you a funny story for a name you wouldn’t want to use …

    My ggggrandmother and ggggrandfather had been going together for awhile and gpa asked gma to marry him. She declined and he was so upset he decided to leave the area and go work somewhere else. He told her if she changed her mind to just send him a note. He left and she changed her mind and sent him a note with just two words “Return Richard”.

    So, they married and had a very large family but they named their firstborn son Return Richard. “Return” was passed down for three generations but my grandfather hated the name so much he went by his middle name and didn’t pass it on. Even though it’s a very odd name I’m very sorry I didn’t think to use it for a middle name for one of my boys. I’ll try and talk my kids into using it – I think I would have better luck if I had a daughter instead of DIL LOL!

  112. Wow, congratulation Retro Mummy & Retro Daddy! I wish I have the brave to have another, but after having three natural childbirth….i’m not sure.Anyway my husband says that we can’t afford another baby :(
    So, my two daughter are Ruby and Alicia, and my son is Agasha (my husband picked the name). If i have another girl i would love to name her Audrey :)
    I can’t wait to read posts about your upcoming baby, stay fit Retro Mummy… 😀

  113. Hi there! We have six children – Conor, Eilish, Caitlin, Donovan, Darby and Maible. I always wanted an Emmett and a Niamh. Good luck with number 6! I always used to say we have our hands full, a houseful and a car-full!

  114. It’s too late for me but I always wanted to name my son John. It was so popular in my parents and grandparents days but you don’t see many anymore and it is such a strong man’s name. My brand new grandson is called Chase Ronald – Ronald being a family name on the fathers side. For girls I am also a huge fan of Elizabeth and Margaret because you can shorten them with so many options. All the best in choosing. I think it is a dilemma these days because of the quantity of options.

  115. Naming baby is always special. I look forward to hearing what you pick. I could easily have a couple more just to use the names that we haven’t gotten around to yet. Good luck!

  116. Congratulations Retro Mummy & Daddy on the great news. Awesome you sold your home so quickly it will make a beautiful home for another family – it was lovely to watch you strip it back and let its beauty shine through.
    Couple of boys name I love are Shaw, Nate (Nathaniel) and also Cayden.
    Girls – I like Lily and Penny, would have to look into girls names a bit more for some more inspiration!

  117. Congrats Retro Mummy, hope all continues to go well for especially for your 19 week scan,
    We have Isaac Harrison, Ellie Mackenzie and Avery Madeline. We like the longer second names. I also love Jobe, Hugo, Logan for boys and Hope, Holly and Audrey for girls. good luck in choosing off the spreadsheet we have that too and it seems to get harder and harder to choose!! Keep you in my prayers

  118. I’m 31 weeks pregnant today! And our naming conversations have so far been very vague! Bit difficult because I’ve always liked unusual or cultural names (I’m Maori) and other half and family are very traditionally Australian! So it has to be easy to pronounce!

    For girls I like Alexandra (Alex-ahn-dra – and DEFINITELY not Alex-anne-dra lol), Kiana and Huia…for boys….I’m stuck lol but have come up with Kees (Case) and Cian so far not sure though still!

  119. Julie Hornstra says:

    My girls’ names:
    Maeve Elizabeth
    Lola Rose

  120. Tamara Deering says:

    Some really gorgeous girls name in these comments :)

    I don’t think I am of much use having 3 boys LOL Jake, Bryce & Taj but we were also stuck on a boys name for number 3 with us we ended up naming Taj his name as it is all of our initials rolled into one Tamara (Mum) Adam (Dad) Jake and surname of the boys starts with B for Bryce …. He loves how he got his name as there is a story behind it best of luck for your search

  121. We’re in the same boat…although we’re not finding out the sex, so we’re just compiling a bit of a shortlist. I imagine it gets a bit harder with #6 though as compared to #1 like me! We’re not sharing names with anyone as we’d like it to be a surprise, like the gender, but some on the shortlist that have since been eliminated were Hugo, Theodore (Ted), Fergus (Gus), Louis, Ned, Seamus and Patrick for boys, Martha, Ellen, Ginny, Elsa, Bridget and Juliet for girls. My nieces and nephew’s names are: Chloe, Charlotte, Scarlett, Ava, Violet, Laura, Madeleine and Ethan. Our close friend children’s names are: Claire, Baxter, Greta, Monty, Savannah, Luella (Lulu), Saskia (Sassy), Penelope (Pepe) and Rufus.
    I wrote a blog post on baby names too, there are some great suggestions in the comments: http://www.shesowsseeds.com/2014/02/06/the-name-game/
    Good luck!

  122. Here are some names I’m mulling over –
    Errol, for the boys, and

    Olive, for girls

  123. We have twins Josh Connor and Corey Louis. If they were girls they would have been Phoebe Jen and Taylor Anne. For boys I also loved Jared, Ethan, Aiden and Ryder. For girls I love Piper, Poppy, Charli, Mya and Jasmine.

  124. Congratulations! My three are
    I would have loved another girl and she would have been Adele or Estelle.

  125. Clarissa says:

    I love my fist name, Clarissa. It comes from Saint Chiara, who was the female version of Saint Frances and funded the order of the nuns Clarisse. I also like my sister’s name, Clelia, and the name she gave to her daughter (or my niece), Altea.
    As of a boy, I like Ethan and Edoardo. Good luck in picking the name for your next bundle of joy :o)

  126. I like…
    Leah(my name)

  127. My favorite are…

  128. Shea Lucy says:

    My favorite girls names are: Aliza, Emmi and Danni and boys are: Brock, Micah and Casey :3

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