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Over the years I’ve certainly seen my fair share of pregnancy multivitamins in my kitchen cupboards. That’s where I keep them. Above the jug and next to the tea and coffee so I don’t forget to take them each day. And I switched to Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold when I was pregnant with twins on the advice of a nutritionist that I was seeing to make sure I was eating enough for two. Sounds like a fun problem doesn’t it? Except when you have 2 babies squashed into your tummy and can’t eat as much as you’d like to.

I tend to start to taking pregnancy multivitamins early on the advice of my doctor. As a newlywed back in 2004 I had to see a Dr as we had been trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant. He gave me some great advice in conjunction to his treatment and one of them was to start taking a multivitamin for conception/pregnancy. I hadn’t been and the other advice was to switch to iodised salt as our diets are low in iodine but babies need it for healthy development.

Over the years I’ve gone on to have a few babies (as you’ve probably noticed) and I haven’t always been on the multivitamins before I’ve found out that I was pregnant but as soon as I find out it’s one of the first things I do. If you’re trying to get pregnant then you can take a multivitamin like Blackmores Conceive Well Gold which gives your body the essential nutrients it needs for healthy conception and pregnancy.  And if you’re pregnant and feeling a bit nauseous then my tip is to take your multivitamin before bed as you are going to sleep anyway and shouldn’t feel sick. Well that’s how it works for me. And don’t drink too much water. I just do a half glass.

Some of you have probably read that I’m pregnant with number 6. I unfortunately had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and one was just the month before I fell pregnant. So I actually stayed on the multivitamins for that month because I know I have a busy life, don’t always eat the right things and don’t take any other supplements and I kind of hoped that it was going to happen soon.

And if you’re trying to get pregnant have a talk to your GP or specialist and ask what they recommend. And my advice is always to have your health in great condition if you’re trying for a baby. Stay off the alcohol, watch your caffeine, eat a balanced diet, get some exercise (my exercise is chasing kids and climbing stairs these days) and look after yourself. Not just physically but the emotions. Try to keep up your regular activities and focus on the things that are going well in your life. I like to keep busy to keep my mind on other things and not worry too much. I also like to have a friend or two that I can talk to who I know won’t tell the world and who listen when I need it. And of course there is always my knitting.

Blackmores have a new website, Mums Like You which is full of information to help you.  I signed up and you can join whether you’re trying for a baby, pregnant, breastfeeding or just interested to find out more. I might have 5 children but I still finding myself asking questions like can I eat that food or is that an early pregnancy sign?

Got a question or some advice for people trying to get pregnant? I’d love to hear it……………………and as a special little prize Blackmores are giving away a Mums Prize Pack full of goodies valued at $167. All you need to do is tell me whether you’re regular with taking your vitamins or perhaps you have your own trick to help you remember? Full terms of my giveaways are here and entries close 4th March 2014. 



  1. Wow – I feel like this post might have been written for me! Today is the 1 year anniversary of my husbands vasectomy reversal and we are still waiting for a positive pregnancy test. We already have 2 children together (9 and 7 years old) who were conceived very easily however this time around I am 38 years old and its taking much longer to happen. I have been taking Blackmores I-Folic which is a folic acid and iodine supplement but it may be time to step it up and switch to the Conceive well supplement. Now, if I can just end this comment with a piece of advice to your readers – please don’t let your husbands get a vasectomy!! Too permanent, very expensive to reverse, extremely painful to reverse (3 hour operation!) and no guarantees of it being successful. And, if you are anything like my husband and myself you may change your mind about having more children a few years down the line when your kids are out of the toddler stage and you are in a better financial position. Corrie, so sad to hear about the 2 miscarriages you have had but so happy for you with this pregnancy.

  2. Isobelle Carlton says:

    So after 12 months of TTC and a failed round of IVF i had been taking vitamins every day for a year….so you would think it would be easy to remember. The first 3 months of my pregnancy flew by and my midwife told me i didn’t have to continue past 13 weeks so naturally my lazy brain took over and i didn’t. I noticed the effects immediately…started getting the blues, feeling tired and a few other things. So now even though i’m only 9 weeks away from meeting my boy i have put them next to the cold water jug that i fill my bottle with 30 times a day so that i always see them and are reminded to take them. This has worked and not its a regular occurrence and if my hubby “cleans up” i notice them missing. Congratulations on your rainbow baby!

  3. Lauren Roney says:

    as soon as the idea of concieving our first child came up in regular conversation with my husband I started taking pregnancy multivitamins, I wanted to give my body the best chance of concieving. I have PCOS and a history of problems so we were nervous about concieving.

    My tip for anyone trying to concieve would be to get your self and your partner checked out and rule out any medical complications, hop on a pregnancy multivitamin and let nature take its course. Enjoy your partner and being intimate and dont stress or worry about concieving.

  4. I totally agree with the vitamins and take as soon as we are trying to conceive. I’m wary of Blackmores and other chemist tablets as they are filled with a lot of synthetic gunk to make it cheaper for the consumer. Health food stores have great ones- both my naturopath and acupuncturist suggested InNatal and we have stuck with that.

  5. Maree Nelson says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, Corrie, I hope it’s all going smoothly!

    I’ve been taking Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold constantly for almost seven years now because I’ve always been either pregnant or still breastfeeding. I had gestational diabetes with my last two pregnancies and during the course of seeing so many doctors, dietitians and specialists I found that they were all consistent in recommending Blackmores over other brands. One of them mentioned why; I can’t remember the specifics but basically it was because it contained all the vitamins and minerals a pregnant or breastfeeding mother needs rather than just some.

    Like you, I keep my tub of capsules near the tea and coffee so I remember to take them with my breakfast. This is such a well-established routine for me that I very rarely forget!

  6. Love those vitamins, always have a stock ready just in case… it has been known to happen. Two of the three were very unplanned and after eating all the wrong things during the start the vitamins made me feel so much better for doing all the right things.
    With my track record I feel like I should be on the stuff all the time, just in case.
    Sorry about the miscarriages. There are so may out there that have felt that pain, we as a family are blessed not to have.

  7. Tammie overy says:

    My 2 pregnancys I took Blackmore conceive well and the pregnancy and breastfeeding formula which I’m still taking.
    Out of all the vitamins it the the best levels of the right nutrients you need. The added fish oil is very important and I love how they changed the capsule of the breastfeeding gold to vanilla flavour……. Makes it a million times easier to swallow when you gag even trying to brush your teeth a tablet takes a lot to keep down . I always took my tablets just before i did my last wee before bed that way I’d remember and that way I was more likely to keep them down in the 1st 14 weeks.

    Your such a trooper corrie !! 2 miscarriages , your a strong woman xxx I’m so happy for you. After reading the news the other day I went to sleep the night feeling happy. Happy this maricle has happened .

  8. I was terrible with taking my multivitamins, and if I took them in the morning, they usual came right back up! I also found taking them at night was better, as though they still made me nauseated, I knew I’d be going off to sleep soon! I kept mine at the table so I didn’t forget (though I still sometimes forgot). I’ve recently had my bub, but there are three pregnancies in our family at the moment, so these vitamins would definitely be used up quickly!

  9. I’m trying for my second and am taking the Blackmore’s gold pregnancy in the big tub. I have it on my island bench in plain view but my family came over the other day and there it was. The big elephant in the room. They would be thrilled but I wasn’t ready to say anything yet.

  10. So sorry to hear of your recent miscarriages Corrie. I love the scan of your little bubba, are you thinking it’s a boy or girl?! My tip with remembering to take your vitamins is to leave them next to your toothbrush – I never forget to brush my teeth so that reminds me to take them, and sometimes they leave a yucky aftertaste, so this way I can brush my teeth after I’ve taken them. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

  11. We have two wonderful IVF babies, so there was plenty of preparation with vitamins and suppliments. We are now embarking on the journey of trying for a third ivf baby and I am so full of tablets I am rattling!! I have always taken Blackmores as they have been recommended to me by various health advisors. The giveaway would be most welcome here!
    Congratulations on your 6th baby and happy birthday. I understand the cheeseburger addiction, mine was a bigmac!

  12. We’ve been using Blackmores for our first child and hopefully for our second soon. I have to have it on my bedside so I can take it at night so I don’t forget and don’t feel sick after taking them. Works for me!

  13. Sending love as you embrace this pregnancy and deal with your heavenly babies at the same time. The same thing happened to me before we had my youngest, even down to a miscarriage the month before we conceived him. Go gently Corrie xo

  14. Yay – congratulations. I started taking blackmores conceive well gold when I got married and fell pregnant on our very first try. I picked up the supplements at the beginning of this year and started taking them in the hope we would fall pregnant at some stage this year…and guess what, we are pregnant again…yay for number two! Such blessings xo

  15. Beenish Mumtaz says:

    In pregnancy my memory always goes down & i forgot to take my vitamin’s but Thanks to my MUM who is here with me this year & give my daily Vitamins to keep me & bub healthy.

  16. Oh my! Look at that shelf will all those beautiful baby knits :)

    I don’t take multivitamins but I think I eat pretty well so I don’t need them. When I was iron deficient, I used to keep my tablets next to my bed and take them at night so I didn’t feel nauseated.

  17. I always forget to take them :( have had to sit them on a shelf in the kitchen that i can see when i make breakfast. wasn’t this bad with #1 or. #2

  18. Stacey Taylor says:

    My first pregnancy was a surprise and I had been really fit so decided against multivitamins. When my daughter was 1 and I was still breast feeding I started using blackmores multivitamins and became pregnant with number 2. After being sick all day everyday with my daughter I thought it was a good idea to start them as I didn’t want to be sick and chasing after a toddler. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at around 14 weeks. Now I have just found out I am pregnant again and have immediately turned to blackmores multivitamins. I also found taking the multivatins have reduced the nausea and fatigue.

  19. I take Blackmores too and keep going while I’m breastfeeding. I noticed recently I didn’t take them for 2 weeks (I ran out and couldn’t find them on special whenever I went shopping for them), I felt so much more tired and wiped out. And then taking them again really helped me regain my energy. Much better! I keep them in my bathroom and take them when I clean my teeth/do my makeup each morning.

  20. I have to take medication everyday so I thought I’d through in my tip!
    First, I get a really annoying alarm sound – once you do it a few times you remember easily! Then, I make sure I get a little medication holder (Monday – Friday), then you know if you’ve taken it or not! Also, keeping the medication somewhere common is really good.. I keep mine where I’m changing, so when I get out of my PJ’s in the morning and into them at night I have to take my medication!
    Thanks :)

  21. My babies are 16 months apart with my little one being nine months old. It took a year for us to become pregnant with our older bub. I’ve been taking the blackmores pregnancy range since. I feel whilst breastfeeding they give me the energy that I don’t know I have and I know that my babies are getting all the nutrients they need.

    My advice for being pregnant is try to eat as well as you can. I was fantastic during my first pregnancy but shocking during the second and consequently put on double the weight. I lost all my weight when I gave birth to my first. I still have two kilos to go from my second and a serious jelly belly.

    Good luck Corrie and I’m very sorry to hear of your losses.

  22. I’m a regular pregnancy vitamin taker, and I find the best place to keep them is next to where you prepare your breakfast. At the moment I make green smoothies for breakfast and I keep my vitamins next to my protein powder so I remember to take them! I’m trying to conceive baby number 3. It seems like everyone else is pregnant at the moment – it’s always that way when you are trying I think!
    When I get pregnant again I will take iron supplements in my second trimester. With both pregnancies I was iron deficient, no matter how much steak & spinach I ate! I found it made a huge difference with my recovery and energy when I took iron supplements earlier in my second pregnancy than my first.
    Good luck Corrie for your next baby & your even bigger baby, a new home!

  23. Bec Gardner says:

    HI Corrie,
    Congrats on your news. I am also pregnant and even though they are super expensive I went with Elevit because they have twice the Folate of Blackmores.

  24. Hi Corrie,
    I have this beautiful jewelled wooden little jewellery box besides my bed and in it I keep my vitamins and tablets to give me the nutrients I need. It’s such a bright little box I cannot miss it makes it easy for me to take my vitamins everyday and I never forget. Goodluck and stay well. x

  25. Katie McManus says:

    After three years trying, three unsuccessful IUIs and a very successful ICSI (now called Hugo and trying to help me type) I was very, very, very sick of taking my pregnancy vitamins. I found the best thing to help was to set an alarm on my phone for just before bedtime to remind me to take my vitamin. And I took each and every vitamin with a Freddo Frog. That helped 😉

  26. Hi, pregnant with number 2, and currently taking the blackmores vitamins. I remember to take them every morning before I have breakfast or start everyone else’s breakfast. I suppose it’s the only thing that I am remembering to do at all at the moment :)

  27. I always take mine at night before bed, i have them on my bedside table. It helps with taking fish oil as you don’t get any fishy taste (burps 😉 ) because you’re asleep! Congratulations and wishing you a wonderful pregnancy :)

  28. Congratulations, Corrie!! Wow, how amazingly exciting for you. I, too am a HUGE fan of Blackmores Preggie Gold, I used it for my first pregnancy and I’ve been taking it again daily over recent months as we are trying to conceive again. I swear by Blackmores, it’s fantastic for all-round women’s health. I keep them next to the kettle so I never forget :-) xx

  29. Maree Smyth says:

    With two little boys, 3 & 1, I’ve been taking these vitamins everyday for almost four years now. They certainly help you to do something good for yourself in a matter of seconds!

  30. Hi Corrie,
    Congratulations! My baby is one next week & I just said to my Mum that I should really start taking some vitamins ready for number 2! I kept mine in the pantry last time, right near the vegemite so I couldn’t miss them when making my toast every morning. Best of luck :-)

  31. I am currently taking a multivitamin as well as extra Vitamin D by Blackmores as my docyor recently told me I was deficient. I starting taking the vitamins when we started trying to conceive which was October last year… I am now 13wks pregnant. I keep the vitamins on my night stand with my glasses. I can’t drive without my glasses so I find it makes sure I take my vitamins too!!! So far haven’t missed any.

  32. Congratulations Corrie on your exciting baby news! I recently miscarried too and wasn’t taking my Blackmores multi’s as regularly as I should have been, mostly because they would just come up soon after taking them :(
    But I will try that Blackmores Gold and see if they are better and try them at night instead. What a great suggestion! All the best for Baby #6!!! You Go Girl!

  33. After falling pregnant with baby number 3 one of the first things I did was to start taking pregnancy multi-vitamins. I’m low in iron and have a thyroid issue so the extra vitamins are so important for the baby and I. I always take them as part if my nighttime routine.

  34. I am pretty religious about taking my Blackmores pregnancy tablets. I take two first thing in the morning after my two pieces of toast with Vegemite. I experience nausea but I prefer to take them in the morning so I know that I’ve had them for the day while I run after my kids. I also buy the biggest bottle available because it works out cheaper to take.

  35. I’d like to say that I am regular in taking my vitamins, but I am always so forgetful. I have taken to doing the same thing you do and leaving them near the coffee and the breakfast cereals in the pantry so that I am sure to see them every morning.

    My nausea has been good at reminding me lately too! So I pop a Blackmores morning sickness tablet along with my vitamins most mornings.

  36. I’m using the Blackmores Pregnancy ones too, I found them to be really good. I take them in the morning with my breakfast otherwise I just forget through day, too many things to think about, haha! I ask my husband to remind me but he forgets too!
    I eat pretty healthy so I don’t normally take any kind of vitamins, except when I’m pregnant. I figure that, what with growing a baby, I need all the help I can get.

  37. Charlotte E says:

    I religiously take my multivitamins, both when TTC and now I’m pregnant. Its just become part of my morning routine. Leaving them out beside the kettle (for when I make my morning cuppa) helped me get into the habit but then I almost got caught out in the preconception and early pregnancy stages by unsuspecting visitors dropping by and me having to hide the tablets at the last minute. Thankfully they are now back in their regular spot as there is no hiding this belly any longer :-)

  38. Krystal says:

    I take blackmores pregnancy and breast feeding gold because I’m allergic to seafood and I find it really helps to boost my omega-3. I take it first thing it the morning.


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