the first hats arrive

You can tell that I’m settling into the school routine as I’m not so regular with my blog posts lately. Having 3 at school is definitely a big change to 1 but we are adjusting. Everyone is loving school and I’m quickly getting used to our early starts and trying to be organised. The first load of washing for yesterday went on at 6pm last night which is always a sign that I’ve had a busy day coming and going. However I have also been taking advantage of the time in car line in the afternoon to get some knitting done and have almost finished my second hat for Westmead.

I’m using the family ribbed hats pattern from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts and knitting it in Lark by Quince & Co in Carrie’s Yellow. The most stunning colour I’ve used in a long time and it’s lovely to knit with. I had good intentions to finish it last night so I could blog it today but my eyes were getting tired and I fell asleep getting my little miss to sleep.

Also in the mail yesterday I was lucky to receive our first hats in the mail. Thank you so much to everyone who has been knitting and I know some of you are powering through them. Thank you. This one is from Toni and she knit (crocheted……derrrr) 2 slouch hats that are gorgeous, she told me that the pattern is here and it’s a free one. Thanks Toni.

Back to the knitting……… and I hope you’re all adjusting to the school routine too.



  1. Thanks for sharing my hats Corrie! Oohhh I love your ribbed hats. My plan is to learn how to knit hats this year. I love that yellow too….beautiful
    Thanks too for being so thoughtful and helping others like you do. You inspire me to be a better Mummy :)

    • Beautiful hats Toni. I can never get a crocheted hat to fit properly because mine have no give at all. What’s your secret?

  2. Hi Corrie,

    Just finished my first hat for granddaughter Miss M five minutes ago. No pictures yet. I have also remembered I have at least two hats already made in a bag somewhere. Will dig them out. My first priority is for my granddaughter and then I’ll knit some others. She has had a month in hospital, been home for a few days but is back today for fifth bone marrow biopsy. General anaesthetic for that.

    What was lovely was that she was able to have school photo taken with her classmates yesterday, although she is not back at school yet. That little trip exhausted her for the rest of the day.

    Am loving the 8 ply organic cotton from

  3. Gorgeous hats I need to learn how to make them.I keep making them too big I worry it won’t stretch then it does too much!

  4. Wouldn’t it be quicker if everyone just mailed their hats straight to the hospital?

    • the person collecting would love to take them in person as her child was treated in the ward. Thank you for your comment, you are most welcome to send them in yourself but I am acting on the wishes of my reader.

  5. Lovely hats

  6. Toni Huggins says:

    It is a bit of a fine line when sizing crocheted hats. I keep to the average size dimensions for age remembering that it will give a bit more as time goes on. Its important to remember to sc the last row of your hat with a more relaxed tension because it can really make it smaller if its a tight tension.
    I would never ss the last row either, very very tight!!!
    I wish I could knit hats!!!

  7. Toni Huggins says:

    Jan, I was going to say the same to Corrie. I have been using pretty much the same yellow in the ecoyarn fairtrade cotton from Peru. Its a gorgeous colour.
    Thanks again Corrie for helping to organise this venture :)

  8. Hi Corrie, how long have we got to get hats to you? I’ve got a Kina I’m almost finished before getting onto hats – I need to remember to take my knitting with me so I can take advantage of those little bits of time in the day!

  9. Corrie I have two here ready to go and hope to do another over the weekend. What address are we mailing them to?

  10. Corrie could you send me the address too. I’d like to be involved as well. Thanks

  11. Hi Corrie,
    Ditto for the address. I’ve got three here to send and may even get another one done this weekend.

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