stealth health lunches kids love – a review

Just 2 days of packing a gluten free lunchbox for elodie and I was needing some inspiration! With an hour or two to kill at the shops while the twins were at school and little miss at preschool I had the chance to go and look for some new books. And I love when you find something a bit different and full of new recipes to try. And I should point out that it’s a rare treat to get an hour or two to kill at the shops….emerson and I had a great time!

Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love is full of gluten free recipes for kids lunches – and I think adults too. Recipes are divided into a few sections. Pita pockets has some great and different pita bread fillings with a recipe at the end of the section to make your own gluten free pita bread. This is great because it also helps me get away from bread with preservatives and if you’ve bought gluten free bread then you know it isn’t cheap so making your own will also be budget friendly too. Some recipes are egg salad pitas, turkey sloppy joes, Hello kitty roll (salmon, cucumber and a green spread), chicki – yaki (chicken teriyaki with cucumber cream cheese).

Chapter 2 is all about tacos and tortillas with a great gluten free tortilla recipe at the end of the section. Recipes include chinese chicken rolls, fish stix tacos with home made fish sticks, crispy chicken fingers with apples, chicken fajitas, vegie and cheese quesadillas with green slime (recipe for a number of spreads and fillings are at the back of the book using avocado and other natural ingredients).

Chapter 3 is about rolls like sweet and sour chicken wraps using sushi wrappers or some wrappers from america made using fruit or vegetable. They are called origami and gem wraps and I can’t see a similar aussie substitute but let me know if you know of one otherwise I”ll just be using nori which my kids love anyway. The cutest is this caterpillar roll which is a cucumber and avocado inside out sushi roll.

Chapter 5 is about onigiris and some rice sandwiches and great pictures for making your own rice balls. Chapter 6 is called sidekicks and snacks and recipes include cucumber boats, crispy rice noodles, sweet potato crisps, tempura seaweed chips and crispy zucchini chips. And Chapter 7 is dips and spreads and some great ones are cauliflower dip with broccoli bites, green cashew aioli, avocado butter, carrot cream cheese and a fresh tomato ketchup just to give you an idea

So as you can see its all about something different and it had to come home with me. I’ve seen it on amazon and I picked up my copy from dymocks for $25. So look out – next week elodie’s lunchboxes are about to get a whole lot more exciting and I’m itching to make my own pita breads for the whole family.



  1. That book looks really interesting and you’ll know if the food is a success when Elodie’s lunchbox is empty. I am wondering if you have heard of sinchies? They are little refillable food and drink pouches the same as the ones the little yoghurts come in. They have a lid and are able to be washed and reused. They are great for many things. I bet it was fun and a bit different just you and Emerson hanging out together!

    • thank you yes I got sent a few in the mail recently so I’ll have to try them

      thank you, hoping for some empty lunchboxes! she hasn’t been eating much so they’ve put out her morning tea and lunch at lunchtime so hoping she eats some more


  2. I’m definately going to have to get a copy, looks like some great stuff in the book. I’m finding it difficult to cook soy free. Ivejust sent my four year old off to preschool and have wondered how everyone keeps their littlies lunches cool?

  3. I have freezer packs in my freezer (they are a mini size and suitable for a lunch box.

  4. I second the suggestion for sinchies – yu can whip up a smoothie and freeze them for lunches. I do ,ine with rice milk, banana, quinoa flakes and peach. Yum!

    Also hayley – have you seen coconut Aminos? Great substitute for soy :) yu can get it at health food shops usually. We are gluten, soy, dairy, nut and egg free, so this book looks fabulous for us too!
    I pack lunches for two littlies with these restrictions, and I do a LOT of bento style lunches. Does Elodie like boiled eggs, sausages, veges? We use yumboxes to round out a balanced lunch for the kids, and even my picky, allergic kids can have a great selection – super picky 4 yo even tells me what veges to put in the veggie section! He doesn’t necessarily eat them, but at least it’s a start!
    Can’t wait to see your new inspired lunches :)

    • yumboxes, I’ll have to look out for them! she does like eggs and sausages so that’s a good idea. It’s just a different way for me to look at lunch because the other kids have sandwiches or wraps! thanks for those suggestions, so helpful to me right now:)

  5. Have to say thank you for this one! Fab recipes. Not just for kids either. Picked it up as an e-book for $10.99 from the iBook store though available for other devices too if you google. Best thing is it hyperlinks to the spreads and pita/wrap recipes in the back. Starting to be more selective about which cookbooks and craft books I get in hard copy as I’m running out of space!

    • yes aren’t online books the best! I’ve done that with a few books for quilting and knitting! plus you can sneak them into the house:) :) I’m so glad I found it because it wasn’t on my radar and was just the best gluten free book at the bookshop!

      enjoy! just wish I could get my hands on those gem wraps!


  6. Oh cute I love this book. Would totally help my neice she doesn’t eat anything ever!

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