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It’s a big year in our house. The twins start school for the first time, my baby girl starts preschool and my big girl keira starts year 3 at a new school. It’s all happening here this year and I’m just glad I’ve still got my little buddy emerson at home to keep me company with all of these big changes.

And it’s a really big year for Keira as she makes new friends, learns a new language that her classmates have been learning since kindergarten, starts choir and also has NAPLAN. Now we’ve never done NAPLAN before but we’re not making a big fuss about it. Keira’s best subjects are english and art and we’ve been working on her maths behind the scenes with Kumon and Mathletics.

As a mum you want to prepare your kids for everything and I’ve seen that you can buy workbooks and preparation for NAPLAN for a range of school grades. Now of course technology is making things easier for us and exclusive to Samsung is SkillsBuilder where you can do practice NAPLAN questions and get detailed answers. And I have a confession to make, I had to read the questions properly in order to help keira understand the question. Ahem. Now these questions are written in the style of NAPLAN but are not the exact questions that they’ll find on the paper but you already knew that. But I certainly felt that I could help keira prepare by doing some of these questions with her. And best of all it is free on all Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note tablets. We love free apps.

In SkillsBuilder you’ll find the questions set out as language, numeracy, reading and then a sample paper with 20 questions. This is great if your kids have strengths and weaknesses and need to work on one area more than another as they can focus on that area and then do the samples. You can also ask for a hint which is great if you are teaching your children to work independently or are working with another child at the same time (or cooking dinner!). We loved the hint button.

Ahem I got this question wrong. But let’s just say that I wanted to show you what it looks like when you get a wrong answer. Yes let’s go with that.

And a little plus, kids love getting an excuse to play on the tablets so it’s a great incentive to do some homework if you suggest they take the tablet and do some questions. They think it’s fun so it’s a great way to do your homework or some extra work when it’s fun. And the S Pen is lots of fun for kids. Everyone loves the S Pen except when we can’t find it. Always a tip to look under the couch or behind the cushions.

We also love Mathletics on the tablet too. Oh no wait, Keira doesn’t love Mathletics as that has been part of her homework each week but it’s kind of nice to get comfy on the couch or sit where she wants to sit instead of at the desktop and do some mathletics. There are over 500 activities on the Mathletics app which you can find in the Samsung Apps and I’m sure we’re not the only school doing Mathletics.

And a little word about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I have been lent the 2014 edition and it’s fancy. It feels more substantial than the other tablets we have and has the S Pen which is so great for marking answers, doodling, highlighting, taking notes and just having some fun. In fact elodie loves to do memos with the little s pen and is her favourite activity on the tablets. One of these babies will set you back over $700 but you know me, always got to do something good for my readers and with much thanks to Samsung I have one to give away.

So tell me how the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 could change things in your life? Who would use it and how?

Leave a comment here on this blog post to enter, be creative with your answer and I’ve got retro daddy and my lovely assistant Lisa helping me choose a winner. Terms of my giveaways are here, you must be an Australian resident to enter, one entry per person and the giveaway closes 5pm Friday 7th February 2014. Best of luck………no idea how we’ll choose a winner but I’m thrilled to have this giveaway for you because we have just loved this tablet at our house. Come back next week to have a second chance to win a tablet as I have another one to giveaway.

And the best thing about having a tablet in the house is that when the kids are in bed then the tablet is mine! all mine! I love downloading the latest magazines to the tablet and reading them. The picture quality on this latest tablet is just fabulous.

Good luck everyone…………………


  1. I have my big little girl starting school this year! It has been a hard road the last two years – she was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and low muscle tone. So we have been doing the OT thing, then someone decided she has speech issues (has a very funny American accent and no one in the family is from the US!) Then a few month’s before the end of last year we got the ASD diagnosis.

    It came as a shock but all you can do is hold your head high and just work the OT more :) We have done two school readiness programs for her and she big starts school on Tuesday (and I think I may vomit as I am that scared for her) so as we have a big school year coming up and I can see she will need all the extra support she can get and hopefully the tablet would help her out as we don’t have anything like it yet

    Thank for you for the chance to win it

  2. Tablets are the way forward it seems. We have a grade 4 and 6 in our house and the school has recently signed up to the Mathletics program which they LOVE. Rather than hassling mum (asking nicely????) for access to the internet via my laptop, a tablet would make that section of homework so much easier. And as you say, homework has to fit into the same time that music practice, dinner prep, house tidying and my work – so ease of use and accessibility would be fabulous. And we are android converts in our house so the Samsung would feel right at home

  3. Home work is mayhem in our home. I love the idea of mathletics on the tablet, a great distraction for the one child as the other has one on one reading time. Dreaming…….

  4. Let’s be brutally honest here – I COULD tell you this would be used by year one aged daughter to continue with her reading skills, or I COULD tell you I’d download apps to help teach my preschooler son his alphabet & numbers or I COULD tell you this would be perfect with certain apps on it for my autistic 13yo music loving step daughter, heck, I COULD even tell you that hubby would find this perfect for his IT job building apps BUT the honest to goodness truth is I WOULD totally hog it at any chance I got!!

  5. Amanda Nellist says:

    I have a son starting year 3 this year, and I am concerned about him doing the NAPLAN tests (he isn’t though!). He struggles to complete his work, but loves technology! That NAPLAN app looks like just what he needs! We have a clunky first gen ipad, which is generally either being wrestled over amongst my 3 boys (and their father), or out of reach in a time out….as the fights have just got out of hand!
    My second son is starting Kindergarten tomorrow, and he has a speech delay and is very shy. He also has had OT for fine motor delays, and although he can now use scissors very well, writing is still difficult for him. This is going to be a massive year for him, and I am very nervous for him! (Though he is looking forward to it….) He also loves technology. His speech therapist has wondered if his struggles with speech might improve as he learns to read. My kids go to the local public school but it is massive, with over 1100 kids. The day when kids can do most of their school work on tablets or computers cannot come fast enough for my boys!

  6. I have a feeling it would change our life in the way where I am always asking the kids to stop fighting over the tablet and or put said tablet down because they have been on it all day. LOL. (and mummy wants a turn) However I would like to think we could use it to keep in touch via skype or video chat with my husbands very spread out family. My kids would love to talk to their grandparents and aunties and uncles more and they are so far away. I have a feeling I would really enjoy the magazine aspect of this and the kids would like the apps. Some of the best educatioal apps are difficult to play on the phones.
    In a nut shell its a great family gadget.
    Thanks for the wonderful give away.

  7. I would love a samsung galaxy for my boys especially the youngest who is just learning to read at 11. We have struggled and battled and done reading recovery and then private reading interventions in order for him to acquire this reading skill which the older he gets is impacting his life. We have trialled a few online reading programs but one app which he loves is RAZ KIDS and it would be fantastic to have a tablet dedicated to him and his reading apps

  8. Oh please give it to Mel C above!!! Our tablet has made a huge difference to our little man with special needs, he uses speech software and OT apps on it and it could do the same for her little girl! xxx

  9. Tammy Watson says:

    Jack, my youngest of five sons who is 11 & in yr 6 this year, unfortunately is still a very incompetent reader. He is at a grade3 level at the moment & because of that, he simply thinks that he is, for lack of a better word plain “stupid” & as a parent, that is gut-wrenching to hear your child think those things of himself. He has had extra tutoring at both school & at home. While Jack is ok at mathematics & actually enjoys it, he struggles with the written questions, & having seen the result of both his yr 3 & yr 5 Naplan testing, things don’t seem to be looking any better as he heads to High School next year. I know that he likes to try & read his older brothers iPad …shhhh yes I know that’s a no-no ( his big brother works in the Apple store) & also do Study Ladder at home on this old fossil of a PC,none the less, he would love to have his own Samsung Galaxy Note & yes Corrie…at the end of the day as you say, I could download all the free apps & play as well :)

  10. I’d love to win one! We are big Samsung fans here with both mobiles. Love to try the tablet.

  11. I have a son in year 1 this year who hates to write, but loves technology so getting a tablet + a writing app may be the best way to help him improve.

  12. Kirstin Hansch says:

    After some terrible new for our family I would love to win this just for something positive to start this year with.

    Thankyou for another great competition.

  13. Kelly Thomson says:

    I have my 10 year old starting year 5 , my twins year 2 ( my girl twin goes to special school ) and a 2 year old and 1 year old at home , all the kids love technology ( im a little behind still lol ) , thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win !

  14. Well I’m not really a big one for kids having tablets in general. However we are going on a few big holidays in the next couple of year. Taking a few weeks away each time. A tablet would be fabulous for the kids to keep up with their homework.
    It would certainly make blogging while we are away much simpler.
    I’d be able to keep my crochet patterns on hand too and wouldn’t have to print as many out which is much greener for the environment.

  15. Isabelle has just started high school so I am sure she would find it very useful, and when she finishes using it I could use it at night instead of being stuck at the computer desk which is next to her bedroom so she hears me tapping away on the keys.

  16. I would love a tablet. I’m currently going through chemo for bowel cancer and spend some very long days at the hospital. It would be great to read books or magazines and play games to fill my day. Also have 3 children at school and a little one at home who could take advantage of apps for reading and pre reading skills.
    Thanks for the chance to win one.

  17. A Samsung tablet would be great,
    especially for our eldest who’s soon turning 8.
    The youngest is turning 6,
    but I’m sure she’d be in the mix.
    Hopefully I’d get a chance to play,
    Though up late I’d have to stay.
    The S-pen sounds like fun,
    I wonder if we can get a spare one?
    ps: I’d make the Samsung note
    it’s very own cute tote.

    Thanks for the chance to win a Samsung, it’d be a great addition to our household :)

  18. This would be for me, me, me, as you know as Mums we put ourselves on the back burner and I did that for years, my girls are now adults and note living at home and I deserve a little something special that is “just mine”, thank you for Samsung for this wonderful opportunity, we are already a Samsung friendly household….

  19. Jo Joseph says:

    Crossing fingers for a new tablet! With one child who has been battling a range of OT & Speech issues + another that is starting Prep with Speech issues, a new tablet would mean a greater range of apps that we could access for their development! (+ it would help solve the ever lasting fighting over MY IPad with them both being in the mood to work @ the same time)

  20. I think I would use it most to be honest. At the moment our single computer is in use most of the time by the kids to do homework, play games or look up info. I would love a tablet that I could use to look up recipes, check opening times, check the map and play music (and read blogs with a cuppa) on while the computer is in use.
    It would also be so handy on long car drives. My kids have a new app that they love, Little Alchemy. I think that they could be happy playing it for hours on the tablet on a long drive.

  21. If I was the lucky gal to win I would not be telling the junior members of our family – Mr 5 & Miss 3. I would keep my new friend under lock & key in my home office – where it would be safe from grimey little hands, having multiple games downloaded, pictures taken of anything & everything, being dropped, being coughed/sneezed upon etc
    There my new best friend would be used for good and not angry birds!

  22. what a wonderful surprise this would be! I’ve been looking into buying one of these to use for work. I didn’t realise how expensive they were!
    as to how this would change my life, well I’m a paediatric physiotherapist and would love to use it as a reward for the kids I work with, to motivate them when having a stretch, or trying different activities/positions, to look through equipment ideas with parents, to write notes of sessions, and to take photos/videos of the kids I work with as visual records.
    If I’m honest though, I’d also use it for perusing magazines/e-books, for online recipes and knitting/crochet patterns (quite tricky on my phone, the screen is tiny!), watching a movie snuggled up in bed when this crazy summer heat calms down, and definitely for some web browsing and reading my favourite blogs!

  23. Angela Mitchell says:

    WOW! Another great giveaway. I’d love one for my son, he has speech delay and while he is receiving therapy, a tablet would be great to help with as well.

  24. Elizabeth T says:

    Ooooh – this would make homework time at the kitchen bench so much easier. With 4 under 7 after school time is a little crazy as you would know. I can’t be eyes & hands to everyone so with a Samsung tablet I can have the three older ones sharing it with their school work or speech homework. Every bit helps. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

  25. Jocelyn R says:

    A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would be great, it would help me organise my social life and by that I mean my kids social lives… swimming lessons, parties, little As, school concerts, I’d be kept busy while waiting for my busy kids!

  26. sam santillo says:

    My daughter has just started teaching children with Autism. There are wonderful apps on the Samsung for development and encouragement. This would be a valuable tool for her to have . Being able to utilise the camera features is also helping the kids to adjust to new people and places.

  27. I think it’s wonderful you are offering this. There are plenty more worthy recipients than me so this entry doesn’t count. I can’t imagine what some of you go through. Good luck.

  28. I would love to win this, my partner is my carer (I have bipolar disorder) and we’re both studying full time this year and finances are tight! we’re on the dsp allowance and are both doing senior year 12 vcal for adults and a certificate 3 in Animal studies. it would so help with studies and my health issues as well just to keep an easy record of things and the llike. Thank you for this!

  29. Melanie Gray says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! We have 2 boys going into Years 4 and 1 this year. My eldest has reading difficulties and it was suggested we subscribe to the reading eggs program. It has a fabulous library and I’d love to utilise it more by having a tablet so we can be mobile with it, read together in bed or on the lounge instead of being restricted by a desktop computer.
    That’s just one of the benefits I can see for my children. Personally, I’d be downloading patterns from Ravelry rather than having to print them off, and also using ebooks. I recently discovered the app borrow box where you can borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks using your library card.

  30. Oooh! I’ve just been looking into something to do communication with my 5 year old. Lara has Cerebral Palsy and a few other ‘foibles”. She has just started prep this year and I’d like her to have something she could use both at home and school. This would be a real help in my house!!

  31. We are a Samsung loving family here & winning a new tablet would cause a bit of musical chairs, or musical tablets maybe. The new one would go to my husband as he is the biggest Samsung fan & I would love to see the look on his face if I told him I had won him one. He would give his older Samsung tablet to our daughter who has just started year 6. The smiles on both their faces would be priceless :)

  32. By day I am sure my daughter, Miss 3.5 would love the educational apps, she loves them on my Galaxy S2 Phone. I really want to give her the opportunity to be “tech-savy” before she starts school. I guess no parent want’s to feel they have put their child at a disadvantage.
    By night a tablet would be perfect for me. Reading Blogs and having tutorials on hand when I am sewing. It would also be fantastic when shopping for fabric and notions for projects and for taking to my sewing group at night to share ideas and have patterns on hand.
    Thanks for sharing your review, I feel confident now that if I don’t win this will be the tablet I am saving up for.

  33. Thanks so much for the opportunity Corrie! I have homeschooled all 5 of my children for their education and this year my number 4 is in year 12 and number 5 is in year 7. I spent the last year enjoying everything about my last child in primary school because this year brings many changes….and then next year there will be only 1 until he finishes his schooling. I have just started my 20th year of teaching and would love to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. We looked at one for my birthday this month but it wasn’t within the budget. Reading your blog actually made me think about getting one in the first place to read my recipes and patterns from. I would love the portable nature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to keep in touch with my daughter as she leaves for Africa in 3 weeks to volunteer in an orphanage (my eyes don’t quite manage a mobile phone screen very well these days). Anyway, I can see it will be a hard choice for you to make with many people that actually have needs far greater than mine.

  34. Stacey Ryrie says:

    My family would love nothing more than to win this tablet! With the drought hitting us hard, this would be perfect for lifting our spirits.

  35. Tablet – true portable,untethered computing & entertainment, without unwieldy keyboards and lap-top designs – some of which are even pocket friendly. What is there to complain about?

  36. If I were to win this it would become my hubbys, he is a sports trainer for our 3 senior football teams. I watch him every weekend during football season carry around and try and sort through wads of sheets he uses to keep a history of injuries and treatments. If he was to have this tablet he could have all his records in one place and be much simpler to find,.He could also then just bluetooth injury reports to the patient, ambos or hospital instead of having to writing out multiple copies. he is also a member of SMA and attends events such as Pan Pacific Masters and Uni Games where he could use the tablet as well.

  37. A scintillating Samsung sounds super to snare :)

  38. What would it change not a lot but boy would it enhance my life. Having moved south of the border to Melbourne I miss my little granddaughters in Sydney and Mildura. If I had access to a tablet with Skype on it I would be able to talk to them no matter where I was, I could take photos and send them to girls, shop on line without the barriers of having to be at home with a laptop.
    We have been thinking that this would be a way forward for us anyway, to win one would mean that I could spend the money somewhere else.

  39. Goodness me, what wouldn’t we do with this tablet! Firstly my Miss A is starting school & we’ll be finding it hard to access Speech Pathology I’m led to believe, so I would use it for apps to work on her speech – just like her last kinder-funded Speech Pathologist did – so much more motivational for Miss A who finds speech a bit of a drag with me, no matter how fun I try & make it. Next I’d use it for my handmade business: I’d have it with me at markets for processing online payments, updating my records and my Etsy store, I’d do all my social media on it, I could even design on the go with it with the s-pen, and I’d use it for all my pdf sewing patterns at the sewing machine with me! No more having to go in & out to hubby Mr Sow who has the laptop of an evening while I sew! Sounds like a dream!!!

  40. This would be all mine. And I would hide it so it wouldn’t get sticky fingers or a run down battery every time I wanted to use it. 😉

  41. I’d love to tell you all the reasons why I think I should be the lucky winner of the new Samsung Galaxy Note . . . . . . like how much it would help my 7 year old with his maths and English skills, with homework and general learning. How I would let my little one play with the learning apps for her alphabet and numbers. How I’d love to have it to upload books, recipes, quilt patterns!!!! However, after reading everyone else’s reasons why they would love to have it as well, I think the first person who commented here on your post, Mel C, deserves it so much more, for her little girl who’ll be starting school this year. Thanks for the chance to enter Corrie, if you want to choose me, choose her instead xx

  42. Sarah Latham says:

    I would hide it. Keep it all for myself so when the four kids are fighting over the computer I could sneak it out and pinterest to my hearts content…… Oh maybe with wine and a bubble baths… Ohhh and chocolate………

    Oh well a mum can dream cant she!!

  43. Karen Muller says:

    I would use it to get up with technology as I have just started my first teaching job and at the age of 47 not up on all this new stuff but the children that I will be teaching will be. It would give me the opportunity to learn and step into this century . Though like Melissa said Mel the first response really needs it more and make me feel that my needs/ wants are selfish.

  44. * * * VOTE for MEL C * * *
    I agree with previous responses……
    If I won I would give it to your first reader comment Mel C.
    My three sons are all at school and already benefit from the use of the three they have. Mel will be surprised at all the educational and beneficial apps available, and many free. I have my fingers crossed for Mel C.
    Thanks Retro Mummy and Samsung

  45. I always love your posts – particularly the ones that make me chuckle (great idea to show readers what the app looks like when you get the wrong answer. I love a good what-not-to-do example!)!

    The NAPLAN app looks great!

  46. Vanessa Plummer says:

    Hi Corrie,
    Wow what COULDN’T we do with a Samsung galaxy tablet?!!!!. My 8 yr old is now at the stage where it would really help him on his way. We didn’t quite manage to fit one into the Christmas budget – but it’s the next thing on our agenda. I think for him it would be great for his learning – anything gadget & technological wizardry based and he’s there! He just started yr 3 and has struggled socially a little – so a boost from an amazing opportunity like this would help with his NAPLAN prep, and more importantly it would make his decade!My youngest is 5 and just started today – she’d also be able to use this in so many ways. Thanks for taking time to read my entry – good luck to everyone!
    Vanessa Plummer :)

  47. As I have MS I spend a LOT of time in bed. As well as keeping up with my daughter, who lives in Townsville, on facebook, I also download ebooks from our local library to read. At present I’m using a laptop my son has lent to me & prop it up on my adjustable bed table. But it would be so much easier to be able to lay down & read with the tablet! I’d also love to use it as a diary with a reminder, so I can keep track of all my doctors appointments instead of constantly forgetting them……receptionists hate me!! :(

    So pretty please pick me…..pick me…..pick me……pick me…..pick me….. :)

  48. Denise Thomas says:

    Corrie, what a lovely give-a-way. If I was lucky enough to win it would be shared by my 3 grandchildren – they would think it was Christmas time all over again.

    Love all your posts, and look forward to reading them nightly.


  49. tashana purkis says:

    i think everyone in my family will i have 3 kids 11,8 and 4 each of them would be able too use it too help with there schooling my eldest will be in high school next year so she could use for assignments etc me id love too win it just so i can read a book or watch a movie laying in bed

  50. Oh wow, this looks amazing thank you so much for such a lovely give away!
    This would be just perfect for us, as the youngest of four my Ruby has just been diagnosed with Dyslexia and we are about to start therapies for this.
    Cheryl x

  51. Yvonne benson says:

    Oh please please! Today was a terrible afternoon. I missed Medicare being opened so sat in the car and checked my account to find I have been fraudently charged for $100 by a company I had used to order from several months ago, and then my phone decided to freeze and won’t turn off or on or do anything! Now my iPad is playing up big time. Aaa argh. Winning the Sam sung will make my day, week, year. I need to replace my iPad for work (I teach) but can’t afford to. I would also use it for my sewing. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  52. Narelle Rock says:

    with my eldest in yr 10, next one started high school, 3rd in yr 2 and my baby who started in reception this year, this tablet would get a workout! From alphabet and spelling apps to in depth math challenges, it would allow all of us to learn and grow by using it to enhance our knowledge and help the kids succeed at school in 2014 and beyond.

  53. Reading blogs :) on the go would be amazing with this tablet. The stylus would make it easier to leave comments too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Julie Staley says:

    Would be just the shot for my grandson starting year six.
    Good luck to all who enter.

  55. Kylie Holbeck says:

    Our 3 1/2 year old son has Cystic Fibrosis so a tablet would be great for him to be able to keep up with learning when he has hospital admissions he uses reading eggs on the computer buthas trouble with the mouse to drag ad drop. It would be great to give him a head start this year before prep in case he misses alot of school next year.

    Thanks Retro Mummy and Samsung.

  56. I have read just a few of the comments above, and I can’t come up with a worthy reason why I need this. But I did recently move from Sydney to Canberra (because the cost of housing in Sydney – either to rent or buy – has become something way beyond me) and until I find myself a job in Canberra I am doing the long commute to work for a few days a week. I have a hunch it would get shorter if I had a tablet :).

  57. I have four youngest is in year 2.i would love to win this for her as she needs extra help with maths and reading. Being fourth in line is hard as the two boy,s had to have laptops this year and my other daughter uses her brothers .just once I would love to get her something new which no ones else has in the family and that can help her

  58. Amanda Dalrymple says:

    Never in this galaxy did I think I could win this amazing Samsung tablet! I would love to share with my two little men and make our lives easier. Wether it be used for work or play, the Samsung would be like a new member of the family.
    Thanks for a great competition!

  59. Jenny @ ohjoh says:

    When I left work to be a stay at home mum a blackberry was still a fruit.
    What more can I say ????
    We need all the help we can get 😉

  60. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Note! I would use it for reading and for viewing sewing pattern PDFs while I’m at my sewing machine (after the kids have gone to bed!). I am sure the kids would learn a lot with all the educational apps available too. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  61. My eldest son has just started high school & it is a requirement that he has a computer. Most of his class mates have gone with a tablet & he has saved money from his birthday & Christmas with the promise from his father that he will put in the remainder for his present. His father still hasn’t done this & I can’t afford to put in the extra money. He hasn’t complained at all & I really feel for him that he still hasn’t got his present from early December when his birthday was from his dad. This would be a wonderful surprise for him & very much appreciated

  62. Hi Corrie
    Thanks to you and Samsung for a great giveaway. We have four children in our family and our computer is always being taken up with Matheltics or some other homework activity. Funnily enough my son, who has just entered Year 3 hasn’t been keen on Mathletics either, maybe the tablet will just make the difference:) I guess they could be nice and comfy when doing their homework, which would have to be a plus!

  63. My fifth child has just started prep today. I would love to have some assistance to teach him to read! He is such an inquisitive little boy and he loves tech! Being in a large family means he doesn’t always get individual time allocated to teach him closely. This Samsung tablet could help not just him but all my children with their age and stage of learning!

  64. Sanity! I think a tablet would help keep the homework routine sane around here. My boy just started year 0ne in a new town, new school. My daughter started pre-kindy as well. The homework scene is crazy and a tablet has been at the back of my mind for a while. Thanks for the letting me know of the great programs available out there too!

  65. Tara Maynard says:

    My days are pretty lonely, with only one child left in high school, one going to UNI, and two have left the nest, one to fulfill her dreams in Marketing and the other I have loaned to god. So from being a mum of four little ones and now they are all in or entering adulthood, one wonders what to do with herself….. Well for me it is COOKING! Cooking has become therapeutic for me after losing my son who lived with Autism which kept me very busy. I love cooking and I have entered the world of Paleo for medicinal reasons. So the reason why I would love this tablet is because instead of running back and forward to the computer to read recipes it could sit with me in the kitchen and be at my fingertips. I have also started a cooking blog (no followers yet lol) and this little gadget would be handy to take photos of the finished product. So pretty please pick me it would make me happy :)

  66. Kathy Woods says:

    I would love to win this. I don’t have a tablet in the household, live a very busy life and I know this would make my life so much easier by being able to take it with me. great for some time management!


  67. Like you I have a range of ages represented at home and I love that this tablet suits every one of them. I agree that giving the kids a tablet to “play” with can make learning fun – we don’t have a tablet here at all so the novelty factor would be enormous…. now if you can send a conflict resolution expert over to resolve the fights that would ensue at the same time, it would be fabulous!

  68. My twins fight over everything and having a tablet for them would be ideal. They start kindy on Monday the 3rd of Feb so an extra aid to help them read and write would be amazing. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  69. Oh my you don’t realize how much this would help. I have just moved from a 700sq house block to 5 acres so I am now living my dream. And digital help is needed from designing the best Walk in pantry to figuring out the best size veggie patch design design also I can help our business grow on the run and we’ll then there is my preschooler and that ever learning mind. Good luck to everybody this would definitely be the best tool in my she’d.

  70. I would love some me time on my own device that is mine and mine alone. My hubby and my son are my world but every other action and activity I do is for them. I’d love to take my Samsung Glaxy outside to use Pinterest or just read some of my fave bloggers and focus on the lovely lady that sometimes hides behind the loving mum and wife. Thanks for the opportunity Corrie

  71. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would change my life because it would be TOTALLY mine! Sound selfish? Probably. My two year old son has pretty much claimed my Ipad as his own and ‘my’ laptop is open for all the family so this would be purely mine.
    After neglecting myself and my dreams for too long, this year is mine and this tablet would be the perfect tool to help me do this. It would help me write my Ebook that is in the works whilst out and about and keep all of my blogging and photography work together in one place. Putting it out there universe!

  72. Hi Corrie
    Seriously I would be the one using it.
    Thank you for your generosity.
    I would use it to browse blogs and update my own and get working on realising my dreams.

  73. My eldest daughter has also just started Yr 3. That app sounds great! We go to a school which doesn’t really set homework other than reading and having a child who is quite independent and a keen learner, she would really love this.

  74. Mary Preston says:

    I feel like the kidlets have enough devices, therefore the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would be claimed by me. I’d plan my perfect life, my perfect home, my perfect family – it’s a nice dream.

  75. There once was a Mum who appointed
    her daughter as chief organiser and wasn’t disappointed
    this daughter booked playdates so
    to keep us afloat
    it’s a must that we have a Samsung Galaxy Note!

  76. Lisa Schofield says:

    Thanks for the review. Looks like a great tool, I don’t have kids but working full time, studying part-time and crocheting it would be wonderful to have for work and play.

    Lisa :-)

  77. The pure excitement of having my mind boggled with new fangled electronics! To not share this tablet with my bub who bangs around my mobile phone like it’s a broken bouncy ball and tries to eat my parents while video chatting. To be able to use the multi-task setting while bub sleeps because time is of the essence and must be savoured like the last lolly in the stubbornly empty bag. And…I guess to share the Galaxy love with the hubby, who would drop his e-reader and want to play with it so that I could sneakily read the book I’ve been “reading” for 10+ weeks.

    Thank you for your giveaway, Corrie and Samsung and to your two helpers as well. :)

  78. Carol Lee says:

    This would be great to win. Angus is starting prep this year, If it helps give him an advantage with his learing we are all for it.

    There is some great apps that help teach the kids today.

    Good luck to everyone


  79. We do not have any technology in our home (well apart from my iPhone but no computer,Internet, Xbox ps3/4 etc nothing nada zilch as we didnt want to expose her to an abundance of technology that she really didn’t need until she needed to which is NOW)my daughter has just started prep today and I would love to win the tablet for her to gain the confidence using technology before she starts to use it at school. Thanks Corrie (fingers crossed) :-)

  80. Oh Corrie, this would be for me! The kids and hubby have their own little gadgets but not poor mum! I’d use it for FB, Instagram, paying bills and downloading cookbooks and use it in the kitchen. Thanks Corrie!

  81. Stephanie Cremin says:

    I would love to win the galaxy tablet as my daughter Mikayla is also in year 3 and has had some struggles with learning to read. It would be nice to be able to utilise different apps to assist with her reading. I am feeling a bit panicky about NAPLAN too.

  82. Beverley Priest says:

    Oooh Corrie I would love to win this Samsung tablet as it would be all mine and I would not share it (selfish hey !!), as I have to wait my turn at the moment with the PC with hubby. I would be able to stow it away and take it everywhere with me, oh what a delight that would be.

  83. I know it’s pathetic but we’d love to win it for our 6-yr-old, because her baby brother (2) jumps all over her when she’s using our Ipad and doesn’t let her have any time with it and if we won this she could have this and the toddler could have the Ipad and it would be happy families again! It’s not that I think it’s healthy for young kids to be around computers all the time but our toddler is very VERY high maintenance and sometimes I need him to be doing something other than climbing all over me screaming “Cuddle Mummy! Cuddle Mummy!”

  84. Would love my very very own gadget. Just for me.

  85. Owning this tablet is bound to make me more organsied! Right??

  86. Oooh, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would create a huge buzz in my house! My husband would want it to check work emails, my 9 year old would want it to take photos, my three year old would want it to watch Octonauts, and my one year old would want it to play Giggle Gang. But I would hide in the bathroom, pretend I’d eaten a dodgy curry and catch up on all my favourite magazines in beautiful, solitary peace!

  87. With the kida having tablets for school I need to up my tech skills and this would be a great chance for me

  88. Corinne long says:

    Well hello lovely!

    My hubby has a samsung galaxy which he absolutely loves and will never let anyone touch!

    My less than quality tablet is squabbled over by the rest of the family and consists of pepper pig aps and games of various sorts that help with education.

    It would be sheer bliss to use my own tablet that is not covered with sticky handprints consisting of content that reflected me as a person.

  89. S uch an awesome looking toy
    A toss up who needs it most!
    M athletics, Miss 13 would argue
    S ecures this prize for her
    U nless I decide its a family toy
    N ot just for one person at all
    G reat for me too, I’d love to get my recipes hapening digitally!

    Awesome prize, thanks for the chance :)

  90. We have a first generation iPad that we have spent 1000s of hours playing and learning on. It no longer holds its charge so has to remain plugged into the wall, and many new apps that our son tries to download only get as far as a pop up screen to announce the technology is old and not compatible with the features of the game. Please, help launch us out of 2010 and into 2014.

  91. H Corrie…this would change life for our JoJo who has special needs….we would look at the special ed stuff….music for her….basic number work and I should imagine that the list would be endless! Then at night I would gave a go!

    ThanksCorrie and also Samsung….not to forget Retro Daddy and Lisa!

  92. Michelle P says:

    We would use it for therapy and school work. My son has High Functioning Austism, and is a visual learner. He uses Study Ladder for school homework, the tablet would mean we could take it to use in waiting rooms, and when he needs some chill out time.

  93. 1 computer 3 kids, do the math. It’s not working! We would LOVE a Samsung Galaxy note in our house. My youngest has asphyxia of speech and i have found some fabulous apps to help out as an additional learning aids to further assist with the $$$ speech therapy that keeps us broke! i would love to have a tablet and keep my phone for me!

  94. I’m not sure I can be too creative with my comment :) With a 6 week old, 3 year old and 6 year old my brain switches off at this time of night!
    This may sound vey selfish, and I know it is … but I think I would use the notebook for …. me! My husband is a ‘mac man’ and has his ipad and mac book pro, which he uses for work. He is a pastor and preaches from his ipad at least three times a week. I have an iphone, which is choc-a-block full of games for my two oldest boys. As a pastors wife, I am often visiting people, counseling and speaking to women’s groups. The phone can be a life saver when I’m caught off guard, without activities and books for my boys.
    BUT if I had my own notebook, I would use it for my own purposes. It would be a little place of my own :) I would use it to read blogs!, keep my messages for teaching women’s groups, keep recipes in one place …… so many things!
    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  95. Wow, how we would love a Galaxy would be a fabulous addition to our homescool activities..esp that we have to do Naplan too..and to have this tool it sure would eleviate the stresses…the apps we could get would help schooling in our home take off esp as were a little behind due to some ill health last year…..thanks for the chance Corrie and Samsung.

  96. Edyta Gancarz says:

    honestly…I would love to get one for my 6 years old daughter 😉 we are going to visit mu Mum back in Europe, she is only living grandmother of Nicole…so my little girl is going to be away from school for a few months…this Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would help in staying in touch with English and all other subjects during our trip. Thanks for the chance to enter Cori, thank you so much .
    Good luck everyone!

  97. Kylie Ross says:

    Hi I would love to win the note 10.1 so I can help my kids get as much out of their learning this year, they are just beautiful kids and really nice people who are always helping out their friends and being kind and helpful in our family. As a family we would make very good use of the note 10.1 and would love the opportunity to make it part of our evryday living!

  98. We would love a Samsung Galaxy Note in our house. We have lots of kids too who would just love it but I think mostly I’d have to abscond with it and use it at the gym to access my workout program. L>O>V>E !!

    Thankyou very much Corrie for the opportunity.


  99. Jasmine Beaman says:

    I’ve been thinking about purchasing a tablet to begin teaching my daughter to read.
    I was a very advanced reader from a young age and I feel that it helped me develope both mentally and scholasticly.
    Reading, for me is a great bonding time. I think back to when my Mum read with me, and I have the fondest memories of those times.
    I already have books for her, but I believe the tablet will help her experience books and the stories they tell by coming alive! :)

  100. Hi Corrie, I’m having tablet withdrawals. Last week my 2 year old was on the couch watching Peppa Pig with my Ipad. When I told her that was enough Peppa, she had a grand tanti and threw(!) it off the couch with a Logie winning performance. Unfortunately, I was sitting on the floor at the time (yes, 2 year old on couch, mum on floor) and the corner of the Ipad hit my knee on the way down and lights out, it no loner works and mum had a grand bruise to show for it. It was a well used 2nd generation but was enough for us. So I would love a new tablet to entertain my little monster whilst giving me a break :)

  101. S-even… my boy’s just started high school;
    A-lmost a teenager;
    M-aturing every day;
    S-tarting to eclipse his Mum in every single way;
    U-ltimately he’ll know it all;
    N-ever frightened to try something new;
    G-rabbing every opportunity;
    N-ext he’ll teach me too;
    O-vertaken I feel so proud;
    grade 6 T-argets eventually met;
    now I’ll watch him E-clipse the rest:
    A Samsung Note has so much potential… maybe nearly as much as my son!

  102. Rebecca Costa says:

    This Samsung Galaxy Tablet could really help this household out. As a single mum of a 12 yr old boy I already struggle to give him what he needs, but now he has began high school and required to have a tablet or mini laptop on top of all other high school needs. The school has said the devices cost between $850-$1000, which is money I just don’t have. I can go on a payment plan but will end up adding a extra $500 to the total after the 3 year payment plan finishes. Please help me to be able to give him a Samsung Tablet, I then can use money saved towards the year 7 camp and his winter school uniform which we haven’t had money to get yet due to them changing to New uniform last year so that means no secondhand uniform as yet.

  103. It can keep the little one occupied and happy when we are out having a nice meal with friends! She’s happy, we are happy, we are all one happy family – with the Samsung!

  104. This sounds so selfish (considering the replies above) but I would love it for myself! I am a stay at home mum, and yes I love it but I really miss working! I am in the process of starting my own business at home but geeze it’s an expensive and time consuming task! The Samsung Galaxy Note would greatly assist me in setting up my business especially the website and facebook pages. Trying to do this on my phone is making me blind! ‘Retro Mummy’ would be so much easier to read also! The Samsung Galaxy Note is a savvy tool that would be greatly loved and appreciated in our household.

  105. Thankyou Corrie for a fantastic giveaway. I would use one of these to skye my children and grandchildren who live at the opposite end of the country than me. When the grandchildren visit they would be able to use it. I have 11 grandchildren so it would be well used. I would also use it for following blogs and reading magazines and watching online classes.

  106. Christine Cohrs says:

    Dear Corrie, thank you for the chance to with a Samsung tablet,it would be lovely as the 7th is my birthday, it would help to stay in touch with my four beautiful grand daughters who are at this moment hopefully stay safe in Townsville

  107. Kelly Arndt says:

    My beautiful daughter Maddison has just commenced year 7 at High School and I don’t know who was more nervous, Maddy or me! Maddy has dyslexia and has always struggled with her schooling because of that. She consolidated Grade 1 to try to give her a bit of a hand and started reading recovery at her then Primary school as well as sessions with a speech therapist and dyslexia expert. In 2010 Maddy started at Yallourn North Primary School, where there are less than 100 students and it was there that she blossomed. With great, interested and concerned teachers and a terrific reading support program, she jumped 2 years forward in her reading level in the first and second years she was there and by the end of last year was where she ‘should’ be, in line with her peers. Her end of year report card described her as ‘Reading fluently and with enthusiasm’ and her writing as ‘Imaginative and thoughtful’. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my determined girl! Now starting High School, she is worried she may slip back and I was also gob-smacked when we were given a bill for her to have a tablet that cost over $800, which I cannot afford at present. As a single parent and with 2 children in Primary school and 1 in Kinder, this is a very large expense. I am told she will be allowed to use the computers at school, but will need to have the tablet to take home to complete homework, etc. With Maddy already concerned about slipping backwards, it would give her great peace of mind if I can get her one sooner, to ensure she does not fall behind.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your comp.

  108. If I were homeschooling my children I would follow your blog closely. You have the very best ideas and your children are enjoying learning. There is nothing better than for a child to be happy and well educated. I taught first grade for 15 years and I know how important the beginning years are.

  109. We are not up with modern technology in our household. Some times I think it is a good thing that my children are not on computers etc but I also worry that they will get left behind in this day and age!

  110. In our house…. My 2.5 yr old would use it for games, namely Peppa Pig! And also some books (I’m pretty sure you could get books on a tablet?). I would use it for surfing the web, banking, reading, grocery shopping etc. It would be especially useful when I’m stuck on the couch breastfeeding my baby – morning, noon & night! Haha

  111. I’d love to win this tablet for my mum and dad. As I have just started working overseas, I have to live away from my parents. They have started to gradually learn how to use new technology in order to stay in touch with me. I have bought my mum and dad a Samsung android phone each so we can Skype, Tango or Viber each other. But I am sure the Samsung Note 10.1 tablet would def come in handy for them – bigger screen to help with their deteriorating eye sight and the abundance of apps that they can learn to use would also help keep them occupied. The S Pen would also be much more convenient for my dad who has big fingers – he can then bid goodbye to clumsy typo’s. I’m sure the camera would also excite my mum! I really hope I can win this for my parents! Thanks for the hosting this amazing competition! :)

  112. Linda Courtney says:

    With a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 my daughter will have the world and a great tool for knowledge in her hands.

  113. Eleni Nicolaou says:

    We would LOVE to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 … We have 5 children from 3.5 years to 10 years. Two with special needs (Aspergers and high functioning Autism) and it would work a treat during those hard times when they need to calm down and for some ‘currency’ when they need motivation to do things! It would probably be great for mum and dad too for our busy schedules 😉

  114. Jody Jones says:

    I would love a tablet to take to our meetings (church). Now that we can download the Bible and all of our publications off the net, I won’t need to bring a briefcase – just my handy tablet!

  115. If you are choosing randomly, I will be so happy to win this Samsung tablet. Wow! Awesome prize. But if you want to give it to someone who tugs at the heart strings, then there are so many others here who should win . Thank you !

  116. I would love to win this to give to my MOther in Law who watches my little ones while I work. She loves to read and I would love her to have a million ebooks at her fingertips!

  117. Bec Clarke says:

    A Samsung tablet would help to bring
    Some order to our house
    I could keep my list and keep the kids
    As quiet as a mouse
    I could help them learn and organise all
    With a swipe of the screen
    everything would be easy and peaceful
    no arguing would be seen.

  118. Diane Carlson says:

    I need a tablet to learn how to communicate with my kids. With BYOT (bring your own technology) now in years 1 and up at school I need to be “trained” so I can teach them. They pick it up so fast – they could teach me!!!

  119. love your blog !

  120. Wow. If I won the samsung galaxy note 10.1. I would give it to my daughter. She is a teacher at a lovely little school and resources are tight. I am sure all the children in her class would benefit from using this amazing tablet. Naplan is very stressful for teachers too and technology is changing quicker than we can count. So to have another resource in the class room for the kids I would be wonderful.

  121. We are currently computer/tablet-less in this house. Anything to so with the online world comes from my lil ol’ phone, and honestly when it comes to research for assignments or school work, it just isn’t very kid friendly with the tiny screen. Until I can pinch a few pennies in this very tight budget at the moment, we will continue to be without. So while we would all benefit from owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I think my boys school teachers might benefit the most so my kids can complete their homework a bit better.

  122. This year Amelie is heading to big school and Clementine is starting pre-school. I’d love to load up the tablet with education games to help Amelie through her first school year in a fun way.

    I’m sure a few non-education games would slip in as well but I am sure the Lego games are helping build creativity too!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  123. rebecca scarinci says:

    With 8 children ranging from 18 years to a 2 month old,its hard to keep up with everything that goes on during the week.I am forever forgetting birthday parties,parent teacher nights,interviews,assignments and even immunizations.I would use my lap top but the kids are constantly using it for their homework or to play games.

  124. Bernadette says:

    I too am a mum of 5. My youngest is my only school-go-er now and he is in Year 9. We have been through many NAPLAN tests and I have to say I am not a fan! I have always stressed to my children that these tests actually test the teachers! They will show us how well the teacher has been teaching them! They should do their best but not be stressed by it! I can’t believe little ones are now “preparing” for these tests! When my eldest first did NAPLAN it was just another exercise in the school day – now schools use it for marketing and put enormous stress on their students to do well! Don’t buy into it!

  125. Poems are not my forte but i thought i would give it a go:
    I have a little step son Noah
    who is a champ and a real goer
    to see us he has to travel
    a samsung tablet would certainly dazzle
    and make his trip all the better.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, this would certainly make a constant 2 hour trip more enjoyable.

  126. I still get in a cold sweat and have nightmares over exams so this Samsung offering is a perfect way to be up with the latest for all the family and a way to take away the fears-and yes a lovely look at the magazines sounds divine!!!

  127. Well, this comp couldn’t come at a better time!! Our only ipad’s screen is cracked in 3 places and is on it’s last legs :( It’s also been dropped on the volume button, so that doesn’t work properly!! (I had a case on it and everything!!) We have wanted to get a new tablet for the kids for a while, and decided the next one we would get would be an android, but unfortunately funds haven’t allowed it. My 5 and 3 year old are desperate for some Educational Ipad time, but due to it’s fragility, and the fact that my monsters won’t sit still, ipad time is limited!! My son is going to school next year, so I would love to prep him with some math and spelling apps:: My little Miss is pretty switched on, so will participate alongside her brother, and be ahead of the game :)

  128. My daughter started secondary school yesterday. A very big day for both of us and emotional for me. She will be starting Kumon next month and combined with homework it is going to be a struggle. Having her in the kitchen with me means I can keep an eye on her and having a tablet would probably entice her to do plus the incentive of playing for a short while on it for a short while. Needless to say, Dare I say, I would play around on it as well.

  129. Regina Lambert says:

    Hi there, i have been reading your blog for ages now after I heard about it on Hope 1032…keep up the great work and I will keep on telling my friends!
    God Bless

  130. Beth Payne says:

    I know a family in my street who could really do with this samsung tablet. The family of 8 decided to foster and just before Christmas became a family of 11! There are 9 children, six of them under 9 years of age. The fostered children’s Mum is critically ill and is in hospital long term. After our street Christmas party the neighbours set to work with a whip around for donations and a meal roster.Those not on holiday continued catering assistance and managed to acquire a reconditioned computer for the family. Apparently, homework time is a big challenge so this give away would be truly treasured by my neighbour and the children. The tablet would be perfect for Skyping when the fostered children’s Mum is well enough. Thank you for this opportunity.

    • Hi Beth I’ve been trying to email you! You have won my Samsung tablet giveaway so please get back to me ASAP so I can send out your prize otherwise I need to select another winner. Thank you so much. I have been emailing this account several times. thanks:)

  131. Alison Wilson says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    My girls (8, 5, and 3) are left-handed, and I struggle to teach them to hold a pen properly! (Have you tried with your other hand, it’s really hard!) With the tablet and S Pen, they wouldn’t even know that they are practicing and strengthening their hands. Win win!

  132. Cathy Atkinson says:

    A Samsung Tablet will help me get my “Grandma” on when the grandchildren come over for a little bit of help with school and just plain old Fun. Being a little bit technically challenged I’d say that the Samsung looks like being more than capable of making me look like I know what I am doing. IF not I’m sure the littlies will help.

  133. A kiwi here, so good luck to everyone else. :) Involved in the NZ education sector and NAPLAN scares us hugely. we are fighting that we do NOT go that way to standardised testing and teaching to the test. We do have similar tests here, but they are just given out on the day and no student has any idea they are doing them until they arrive at school…We also teach to a child’s level (say year 6 but at year 3 level) . Parents just get given a stanine level and that is the only feedback from these tests. Do you have to do them? Can you refuse your child from sitting them?
    teachers know where students are without tests like this. And I’d be horrified with parents judging a school on its performance/test scores….

  134. I am often unwell, this means I spend quite a bit of time confined to bed, with a only a desk top it means I am unable to keep up with my blog or keep in touch with what is going with friends and family. Thank you for this opportunity, best wishes Wendy

  135. I could write a sob story, but the truth is I just want it for me….not to share with anyone else, just mine, for me to use by myself and not let little or big hands touch it. I already share everything else, and I know sharing is caring, but I just want something for ME!!

  136. Ohh!!! I would be able to cut out the middle man (ie the printer) when searching recipes on the internet! How cool to just look it up on the Samsung tablet and then BAM! on the bench it sits and into the baking frenzy I go :)
    Then of course I could also imagine the relief it would give me when one child is doing a sport after school and the other is sitting next to me whining, grumping and generally not amused with the “bag of tricks” I call the little bag of toys and goodies I take for them. I’m sure it would be easier to negotiate with them some quiet play with their toys and then some fun on the tablet with some age appropriate apps.
    Oh the possibilities! lol.

  137. Susan Whyte says:

    My 18 month old has recently been diagnosed with an auto immune disease, so we are spending many long days at the children’s hospital. A tablet would assist me in entertaining her whilst waiting for doctors, physio etc. She especially loves Peppa Pig and Giggle and Hoot so we could watch those whilst waiting. My 6 & 9 year old would find endless apps they could use on the tablet also. Secretly I might even get to use it when they all go to bed! Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. Wow Corrie, from reading the comments above, you’re going to have a hard time choosing a winner! Homeschool would be tricky & I imagine a tablet would be beneficial. The apps are apparently great for littlies with OT needs.
    Your readers shouldn’t be overly concerned about Naplan Corrie, it really is just a government gauge. As long as kids have a positive experience with the ‘test’ environment then that’s great. Just think, if too much pressure is applied in the young years then how will they feel about exams come VCE / HSC.

  139. I’m definitely not worthy of the tablet after reading some of your readers comments above Corrie, but just wanted to say that our Apple iPad just smashed recently (half the screen), it glitches all the time and I’d love try out the Samsung Galaxy for comparison of quality. I have an iPhone, but Paul gets his new Samsung Galaxy smart phone next week, so that comparison will be interesting too.
    I’m keen to hear more about it before I buy a new one….pros cons etc
    Liv x
    Ps. Good to see you this morning, sorry in ran without saying goodbye, the boys were literally pulling at my arms.

  140. I dislike comps like this because I’m not needy or deserving. I’m not a parent either so I often think that automatically disqualifies me from anything on a mum blog anyway.

    Then I read Mel C up there and thought how mad I was to think I should win something I really have little need for. Please give it to her. And the other one to that family of 11 who are fostering. The rest of us can do without.

  141. I have no creativity whatsoever so this Samsung Galaxy would really change that for me. I could be organising MY mummy chores (cos really, he doesn’t help much) such as cooking, sewing, school work, and everything else in between. Then I’d be staying up to have my own me time while the rest of the family are asleep.

  142. Alison Stone says:

    As sad as this seems, a tablet would be such a blessing to my family so my son (2yo) could watch his favourite show PEPPA PIG! My hubby work away a lot, so he likes to watch Peppa Pig in our room while I have a shower in the morning. It gives me peace of mind that he isn’t getting into mischief somewhere in the house. I would also love this tablet to check my emails and read the latest magazines. Love your blog xxx

  143. With this in my life it would mean more delicious dinners and desserts, all the yummy recipes I find online would be easily accessed in the kitchen. No more having to mess around trying to print them, scribble them out or remember how the finished product should look, it’d all be there along with so much more.

  144. It’d change our lives by amusing us, games for him and mindless browsing online during my down time……bugger the kids, they have enough mod con gadgets these days, and I’m long over due for something to bring me into this millennium.

  145. I could use it to help me with keeping track of all the fundraising I do. I am in the midst of 4 big projects and my laptop has to always have the power plugged in or it won’t work lol, so I am always waiting for the racv after I have drained the car battery just so I can check my calender/emails on the run. Alternatively I could give it to my tech challenged 74 year old father for giggles as I have seen him try to answer the phone by talking into the tv remote so that could be fun too.

  146. I have one of the first iPads and it is now a bit of a dinosaur compared to all of the other tablets out there now. The kids even feign embarrassment using it; it’s sooooo slow mum, it doesn’t even take photos!, etc, etc. A Samsung Galaxy Note would bring us into the new age of tablet technology.

  147. I’d use it because I have no family and no friends :'( THOUGH, once I win this, I’d use it to get plenty of (jealous) friends! Woohoo!

  148. Oh wow what a wonderful chance to win brownie points from my eight year old granddaughter with a tablet. Thanks

  149. With one daughter facing yr 7 naplan this year I could certainly use a samsung galaxy tablet to prepare her! My other daughter is year 10 and very musical. She would use Sybelius app for writing her compositions. For me it would be fantastic as the past year has seen me on a fitness regime, losing 11kg. This has had a great impact on my whole family, with my hubby losing weight without trying (simply because of our healthy eating), and our children actually complaining when we have junky food. So I would use the samsung to continue with our healthy living: recipes, retro mummy inspiration, fitness apps to keep us on track for a healthy, active and mindful life.

  150. I would love to say that I would use it for the children, but secretly I would up hide with it and download my favourite magazines, look at Pinterest & keep up to date with the latest blog updates ! Oops, I forgot to mention I have four very active children under 6 …… So I think I’m dreaming about having the time to do anything !!! Something I know Retro Mummy certainly understands (& I wouldn’t change it for the world x)

  151. Ariel Richardson says:

    This would be the excellent motivation tool to get rid of the clutter and useless junk that’s sitting around my house and needs to be sold.

  152. Dual purpose:
    1. Keep our ‘spirited’ 4 year old entertained so I can give our 7 year old my undivided attention during her reading homework.
    2. Let my 7 year old practice her maths skills while I bath our 4 year old!

  153. Peter Simpson says:

    There are many fantastic comments here, and I sympathise with your decision on choosing which ticks the box to win. As you can see from all the fantastic comments above, there are so many reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note is such an amazing product and introduces so much fun in any house. I don’t really think I can say that much different to anyone else. The Samsung galaxy would be amazing, and teaching my 3 year old and 2 year old girls to share their tiem on it is really the only thing I will need to focus on I think.

  154. I would love a samsung tablet in our home so I could read your blog posts. It would be great in the kitchen as the go to recipe book too.

  155. Please, please pick me not becuase I have been reading your blog since day one or because there is no way I could afford a tablet and even if I could I would get sidetracked with craft stuff but because I want to keep up with my almost 8 year old. The kids know how to do things faster and easier than me technology wise and this will help my case. It is a lost cause with the stepkids aged 17 and 15 so please help me to not feel like a dinosaur.

  156. Lisa Miles says:

    Hi Corrie, I would give this to my daughter who is in year 11, for her school work and homework, as its so portable and lighter than a laptop ( who can carry a school bag, laptop bag and a folder ?) Then no arguments between kids on who’s turn it is to use the computer ! Thanks to samsung for the giveaway, and to you for hosting it. I’m sure whoever wins it, will treasure it :) Love my samsung products

  157. What a great prize for two lucky people! With 3 iPads already in our house I would donate it!

  158. Šimon Slávik says:

    This tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will change my whole life completely. If i win i would surf the web everywhere i will be and playing games.

  159. How I’d love to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as my first tablet – it would make me so happy! It would allows me to pursue my passions — even if only in my imagination. It would distract me when I was feeling blue and even get me laughing.
    It would help strengthen family relationships as we play and learn together (OK, not entirely true, there might be the odd quibble about who’s turn it is!). It would even allow me to scribble down those funny little observations that float through my head. Perhaps I might finally even “conquer” a device!
    Best of all it would get me immersed and delighted in the digital world. Thanks to Samsung and Retro Mummy I’d experience a richer, more comfortable, fun, productive, convenient, delightful experience. The only thing we’d need to watch is that it remains a servant and doesn’t become the master of our lives where we don’t have time for anything else!

  160. Because I write.
    Because I draw.
    Because I play, and I sing.
    Because with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I do it all.

  161. Thank you for chance to enter, I would love it for paying it forward, I would gift to my lovely mum who won’t take gifts especially expensive ones, but if I had “won” it she would possibly accept it. I love my mum, she’s the best mother and nonna and just a wonderful lady. Thank you Corrie!

  162. I’d really like this galaxy, I hope that I can win. I’d love retromummy forever, and I’d have a great big grin.
    I know, not great but I thought I would try! We would use it for games, I would try to get school work onto it, I’d use it for news, to do lists, pinterest, instagram and reading retromummy! Might even do my blog on it but it is easier on the desktop to do that. Save the note for fun stuff! I also want to take it to restaurants so we can get some peace and let the kids play with it between courses – how modern!

  163. I travel all the time and I think a tablet is the way to be accessible and also for me to relax whilst away from home.

  164. A tablet would mean that the rest of the family would have access to one without having to all share mine!

  165. Chris Anthony says:

    I am a Grandma to 5 (4 girls, 1 boy) and feel the need to keep with “the times”. Winning this would be awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

  166. Karrie Smith says:

    I would use it to help while I’m sewing and quilting. My laptop is old and big and takes up a lot of room. I would LOVE to have a tablet. I had a tablet that was mostly a reader, but it was accidently left at the home where I provided homecare, and another care worker stole it. There was only 2 people in the house that weekend-the client and the other worker. I HATE to blame her. It’s old news, but it was really expensive birthday present. I don’t have an ipad or even a mini tablet. I would LOVE to be able to design my own clothes and work on patterns using the drawing applications!! It would really open up my world so I can be able to learn what I love doing the most! Of course I would have to share it with my family, but I don’t mind at all. What you are doing is beyond generous, and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart even if I don’t win.

    With Love,
    Karrie S

  167. It’s so cool when websites run these kind of comps, it must be so encouraging to see how many “lurkers” there are who don’t comment but enjoy your website. I am one of those, I am usually so late to comment, everyone else has said what I wanted to say, and it was a couple of days ago you posted anyway! I would love to win a tablet for my eldest who is always on MY ipad, plus I kinda like a tablet that isn’t an apple.

    Thanks for offering such a cool competition, but seriously, i LOVE your blog. Haven’t tried pincurls in public yet but soon!

  168. This would change our life in SO much! We have an old iPad my 4 yr old son uses for speech however it has reached a stage it needs to be plugged in after a half hour use so doesn’t last too long through his school day (can’t believes baby started school!) I could also do with a new way to store cross stich and crochet patterns/books for when he is asleep and it becomes my toy!

  169. 3 kids, hubby and wife… who ever got their hands on it first! We have a couple of ipads that are always in demand around here, for homework, gaming and… shopping. When I’m on night duty I’d like to have it for reading as it has the back light versus a conventional book… an extra tablet around these parts would be great! And I’ve never used a samsung product… would love to give it a whirl. Thanks for the app tips!!

  170. Marcia Coventry says:

    I’d be tempted to be a little selfish… least for the first few days! I’d wait in the car for my children to finish school and browse recipes, meal plan and read my favourite blogs. With a desktop computer that’s not possible!.

  171. Corrie, I could tell you about Master 10 and his new diagnoses on the austism spectrum but really it seems in our house, the boys (big and small) always get the new toys and mum gets the practical things. And really I’d just love something for me! Cheers, Natkat

  172. I would love to win simply to give it to my pensioner parents. It would be a fantastic way for them to be able to connect with my family and for us to send regular photos etc (we live in different States and only see each other once a year if we are lucky). I know there are lots of other needy people out there too and we all just love our families and want to better things for them. A lovely giveaway for whoever wins – thank you!

  173. Wow. Good luck with picking the winner. I’m heading back to teaching one day a week and would love to use the Galaxy to guide me in the new changes at school. I’d also love to be able to help my children with their learning as they grow and keep them up to date with technology without it being a daily focus.

  174. deborah risley says:

    Wow most of these comments have almost brought me to tears. But I might as well try. If I won this tablet it would be used for our junior sunday school programme in little old Adelaide.
    PS This took me forever to type as my kids changed the language settings sigh! Xxx

  175. Our family needs one so I can learn how to be more creative when I enter competitions! But seriously, what a great prize for the entire family to use ( mum, dad and the two kiddies in this one).

  176. What an awesome giveaway…and how I would love to win, not for me though. I have a 4yr old daughter who has Down syndrome and she would love this, esp with all the apps available now to help her develop. She is off to Kindy this year (I am scared silly about this huge step) she is already far behind all the other kids and this could be the boost she desperately needs. She hasn’t even got to the talking stage yet (just one reason why I’m freaking out a little about school) and I know how much these help kids with language delays. Would be awesome if I could win for her, the developmental gap may just close a little bit. (And she can amaze her 4 siblings with her awesome computering skills haha)
    Good luck with choosing a winner.

  177. Leanne Hawkins says:

    Wow Corrie another amazing giveaway. My two girls (9 and 11) would definitely use this as we don’t have any tablets in our household. Truth be known they would use it for games and like you when they are in bed I would use it for some ME time because that’s very important too. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  178. My little guy (20 months) isn’t yet obsessed with our phones or computer and we do try to be careful with what, when and why he uses screens. Of course, as he gets older, he will only want to play with these devices more so we’re trying to be really conscious of how he does so. There are so many great apps out there – both fun and educational – but the sheer number confuses me sometimes! I am excited with the changes and improvements that technology will bring to our kids’ generation as long as we’re careful with it. Such a tricky balance!! (As with all parenting and life in general…) I would love to hear more about which apps/games etc your littler kids have enjoyed! My boy isn’t quite up to Mathletics yet :)

    I would love to be able to allow my son to discover new things on a tablet like this! (I would of course share it with him – I most want a tablet for recipes in the kitchen, blogging, patterns next to the sewing machine, and magazines in front of the TV. If only there were an app to give me enough time to get to all those activities as much as I’d like!)

  179. deborah neill says:

    hi, one of these would be great for me and my cake business, i have an ipad but my three big kids and one little kid have taken this so i rarely get to use it. It would be great with the pen to do designs and quotes and keep with me at all times for checking recipes and keeping up to date with online stuff. oh please please please!!!!something for mummy!!!

  180. Im a uni student and mummy so this would help keep us organised and have my uni note taking be a breeze. I could stay on top of all my uni and mummy responsibilities together in my hand on this tablet with apps like LectureNotes and firstaid App. No more carrying heavy textbooks or notebooks. We also have two big international trips for my hubbies work and this would help keep our preschooler busy on the plane and at the airport with educational games like tracing ABC, Wheres Perry and Trace Me.

  181. I would save this one for me. Only me. We have 2 ipads in the house with various kids educational and game apps. I sometimes find a good app that I would like or download a magazine but next time I go to it it is gone or hidden. The kids like to hid my apps or delete them all together if it is something that doesn’t interest them. Argh. It then takes me ages to find what I’m looking for I give up. So this one would be used for all my craft, looking up patterns ohh I can see it now, getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, sitting on the lounge with a cup of tea opening the last browser page I was looking at the day before and thinking of the next craft project to make…. I would be heaven….

  182. I have a little girl who has just started Grade 1. With a gifted older brother, it is tough when things like reading don’t come easily. My daughter is struggling to just get the basics right with her reading and I would love this to give her a helping hand.

  183. My laptop is not set up and each time we want to use it, I have to take it out of the bag and then put it back when I am done. A Samsung tablet would be extremely handy for my kids to do their homework research on it. See, tablets can be educational too!

  184. I’ve been putting off entering this competition for days now, after reading everyone’s comments, I decided that I don’t really have a chance to win nor am I necessarily any more worthy than many others! Today I changed my mind and decided I am worthy and like everyone else I do have a chance! Although I may not have anything witty to say nor do I have any sad stories (I would like) to share. I just want to win this because well, I want to!! My kids love a good squabble and this would give them something worth squabbling over. We’ve never had any tablets in this house as we could never afford anything so extravagant but we could certainly afford to win one! Thank you :)

  185. I’m thinking about returning to some univeristy study this year, whilst working part-time and juggling the needs of three kids under 8. A tablet would be super-portable and would allow me to “study” whilst running the kids around. I can image doing some reading or writing while the kids are doing their after-school activities (like swimming lessons and gymnastics)! A Samsung tablet would certainly make this mum’s life a bit easier!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  186. Wow corrie… Great prize! I LOVE to cook and knit and sew and read but with 4 little people in my house including twin baby boys all I have time for is drooling late at night on the Internet over other people’s creations so the Samsung tablet would be perfect for me!

  187. Ideally the girls would use it for things like mathletics – I have one who is very smart but doesnt do things unless they are fun, and another who needs to try harder and have a bit more faith in herself. And then after 8:30pm, it would be used to find wonderful quilts, crochet patterns etc :)

  188. Having never invested in an I-pad
    I was convinced they were all a fad
    Then my grandma got one
    And my best friend’s newborn son
    It seems everyone is Facebooking
    Apping and digital scrapbooking
    Now my laptop is without Skype
    So i’m reverting to the ol’ type
    It seems I can revive the ho-hum
    By becoming the first with a Samsung
    It will match my phone in white
    Any surely make my life bright!

  189. I read today that one of the new high schools in WA will be using tablets in class for all students, it looks like tablets are going to become common place in education in the not too distant future. We would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet as it would be great to introduce the kids (7 and 5 year olds) to the tablet technology. It will be great (and I suspect sometimes challenging) to help them learn how to use technology for fun and for educational purposes and also more importantly to guide them early on in ways to balance their use of technology.

  190. My daughter started prep this year and she would absolutely love to use this, mind you so would her younger brother (who just turned 3 today. Happy Birthday Will). Charlotte’s cousins have iPads and every time we see them she hounds them until they let her use it. It would be great for her to have her very own tablet to show off. she would think she was the queen of the world…ha ha ha

  191. Wendy Morris says:

    Hi Corrie
    I am a grandma who is trendy but have my own tablet
    I would love to win it for my daughter and her little family who don’t have one.
    Not very creative grandma called Bibi ( Swahili for grandmother)
    But I do love your family and blog
    Wendy xx

  192. Tanya Clarke says:

    We would love the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at our house! Not having owned a notepad before, I think my son and I would both want to use it. I would love to store photos videos of my son on there and I’m sure my son (22 months old) would love to use it for the apps. I have an iphone, so I get the general idea of how they work, although the iphone is so small for playing games and such. Being a toddler, I would love to be able to download educational apps for him to play around on. He needs to learn colours, numbers and letters, so this would be extremely helpful. Other than that, I’m sure we could find many, many other uses for it. We would just have to have a play around on it. Seems like fun!

  193. I would love to win one of these because I’m home with a broken ankle, and it would be great if I could use it sitting on the couch with my leg raised, instead of sitting up to the desktop, which I can only do for short stints

  194. Hi Corrie
    I haven’t read any blogs for a while as my husband has been sick with cancer & passed away just after Christmas. He was 47, very health conscious & a lovely father & man. Cancer can often be so random in who it affects.
    Anyway we have 3 kids, the oldest is going into yr 9 and therefore needs a BYO device (as the government has withdrawn the free laptop programme that gave to every yr 9 student up until this year). The Samsung tablet would be perfect for her and not too heavy to carry to school each day. My daughter will miss her dad who was a wonderful maths tutor for her. A little extra help would be so appreciated.

  195. This would be fantastic for my dyslexic one .He is such a great kid and has overcome so many obstacles -reading for one,bullies for another and now has a focus on improving his maths ( i.e to pass a maths test ). This tablet would allow downloading of a maths texts and private access to mathletics .

  196. Tamara Tancred says:

    My 13 year old son has made it all the way to year 8 in NSW and still struggles with reading thus impeding all subjects. He suffered a year of bullying last year. He has finally been accepted into a special school to assist with his learning (maximum of 7 in his class) the downside he has to travel 1 hour on the train each way. Something like this would be very useful and the school could assist in putting school work on for the time he is traveling. Plus he could use at home for some fun time as well. Also we could look at installing books audio books he can follow while listening. This is a big way for him to progress. Even if we don’t win Thanks for your kindness in thinking of others and allowing all an opportunity to win a prize that is out of reach due to our budgets.

  197. pipsqueak says:

    I want what she’s having….!

  198. Charmaine Campbell says:

    We would all use it. Hubby would use it to read the news in the morning. My son after school for homework. My daughter as a reward for good behaviour. I would probably use it to Google recipes, currently I use my phone, but it’s a bit small while cooking!

  199. Hi Corrie, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would be multi-tasked (and overused :)) in our household – the kids would use it for educational (and not so educational) games, my husband and I would use it for uni study and taking advantage of the mobile applications and syncing for our new business – I’m sure it’s up to it with the fantastic multiscreen option!

  200. Thanks Corrie for hosting such a great giveaway. I have a son in Grade 3 who uses electronic devices to do all his schoolwork and help with communication. It’s a bit tricky and he’s not purely independent with it but it really helps people see his amazing mind behind a body that does not work typically. Anyway we would share the tablet around our house and like you I would enjoy it to myself in the evenings! Bron

  201. Pick me pick me… Please..I have five children ( need I say more.. Lol ) and no where near enough devises etc… Homework and research time is like a horror movie!

  202. Well I would like it for my children as one has learning difficulties and struggles with math and reading at school. She has done reading recovery at school and still is having problems with words. we have been to lots of doctors to get help and no one can tell me why. I am at my wits end with the school as RR only goes for 6 months and that was last year. I realise it is not the be all and end all of life but it would help so much with those apps to get her motivated and moving along.

  203. A short time ago at home not far AWAY….
    Fighting and crying are heard from the DRIVEWAY
    Winning the Samsung Galaxy TABLET
    Will make family sweet as CHOCOLATE

    This would be the perfect gift for my lovely wife, who not only co-manages a busy restaurant, working part time at a hospital but also supporting hubby and two young children age under 4 years old!
    The Samsung Galaxy Tablet would help her immensely with all her chores and also a great device to entertain the kids.

  204. OMG – so many worthy stories written above mine.
    Haven’t got any kid issues, haven’t got any health issues, no story that would tug at your heart strings. Just the fact that we don’t have any technology like this in our house and uses for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would be endless by my whole family :) Thank you for the chance to enter!

  205. We have i nexus 7 between all 3 of us pain in the rear trying to save up for one more lol Hubby uses it more as its bigger and needs it for his research on his medical condition. Fingers crossed i guess. Good luck to all x

  206. Natalie Heymans says:

    I’m a mum of a 2yo boy with another on the way. Working full time and also studying at university. This Galaxy tablet would make study much easier as well as coordinating work/daycare/doctors appointments etc. I stick out like a sore thumb at uni using a pen and paper! lol :)

  207. Brigette Barson-Cole says:

    My goodness, so many comments! I wouldn’t know where to start, Corrie.

    So many lovely people have been touched by your blog and kind worlds Corrie.
    Your family are just gorgeous. I originally found you through a quilting blog but now, your daily updates are something I look forward to reading.

    I would love the opportunity to win something as special as this,
    I’m not going to go into details or try to have the saddest’ story out there. I know everyone has a genuine reason for wanting each thing they have. And I’m sure some are more deserving than me! But I’ve had a tough few months with family situations and work and studying and would really benefit and truly truly appreciate such a gift.

    Love and kindness,

  208. Belinda Price says:

    A Samsung Galaxy Note would make my life so much easier (and more fun) :-) My big girl (4yo Olive) started 4yo Kinder this year. I also have 2 yo twins (Sam and Violet) who are at Daycare 3 days a week. I have started working again to make ends meet, so I am juggling work, Kinder timetable (3 half days a week), twin daycare drop off/pickup and all the household duties (my husband commutes 2 hours each way to work so is hardly at home). So I am constantly on the go. I am an interior designer, so I am constantly answering phone calls and having to look up information and needing to respond to requests straight away, whilst also being the primary carer for my children and husband! I recently moved to the country, so the only way I have to communicate with my friends and family is by using technology. My family are interstate, so the kids love to skype their ‘nanna’ who they adore and rarely see in person. In summary, with my busy work and home life and the need to stay in touch with family and friends (and read your blog!), the Samsung Galaxy Note would be very useful and welcome :-) Not to mention some fun at the end of the day for ‘mummy’. Thank you for considering my competition entry :-) x

  209. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will mean a happier family to us. I am a little bit ashamed to admit our family rely too much on technology & gadgets, but it is what it is. 😛

    So without further ado, let me tell you how Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 would change 3 important things in our lives:

    1. make homework time fun (yay!)
    2. improve kids’ reading, writing & listening skills (oh yeah!)
    3. save $$$ (coz it’s an entertainment device too – movies, videos, games) (yes!!)

    I put it in black & white too coz you know, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes in black & white 😉 ->

  210. Erin Goodman says:

    I’ve read so many comments above of truly needy and deserving families to win this tablet. All I can say is that our family would also love to be the winners. We are just a small family. I have two step daughters and had my first gorgeous bub in November. Bring on maternity leave, I had to return my iPad to my workplace and it is sorely missed by all, especially our 6 year old! We would be very grateful winners.

  211. Oh my goodness! I’d be doing a happy dance! It would certainly help us to get on too of a few things! What wouldn’t I do with it? I’d store recipes, notes for work and home (because every mum needs to write notes, right?), I’d download educational apps and give me children screen-time, download magazines, browse the web, shop (!), but most importantly, I’d HIDE the S pen from the kids!! That way it would always stay intact! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  212. Ooh yes please would love one..I’m sitting here at work & thought I’d have a quick sneek peek at your blog & saw this fab competition however after counting through so far 208 great comments my chances might not be that great!! My 8 year old son would benefit greatly and when he’s finished I might make a cuppa sit in bed and practice my Naplan skills till I drop off to sleep and my partner has to peel my glasses off, tuck me in and turn the bedside lamp off! 😛

  213. We would love to win this. I am a solo-mum nurse who works permanent night shifts so that I can spend waking hours with my 5 year old. ASamsung Galaxy would be great to keep us organised with work schedules, prep, dance classes etc. And Paige has just started prep and she could use some of the wonderful educational apps too.

  214. Susie Campbell says:

    Hi Corrie, I want to put my hand up for Mel C. My family and I are truly blessed and whilst the tablet would be a fantastic addition to the family I really think it would be more beneficial for Mel C and her family. After going through a recent health scare I am I awe of all those families that are doing it so very tough and I applaud their courage and determination as they live their day to day lives. Well done to you Corrie and Samsung for bringing a little bit of awesome into their lives xxxx. Ps good luck with Naplan the concept brings back horrendous memories of year 12 HSC!!!

  215. The Collies would love it!

  216. Megan Fegan says:

    With one child starting school this year and my other little guy off to kinder, now is the time for ME get get back into life. Being a primary school teacher the galaxy would be fantastic for writing a job application (and of course getting it first time round;), then once I have the job searching for fantastic lesson ideas, planning, and keeping life on track! Oh how fantastic that sounds! I adore my children, but now is time for ME

  217. Nicole White says:

    To watch Star Wars and to read me stories from another GALAXY…while I sit back and go HANdS SOLO!

  218. Jessica Sweeney says:

    Thanks so much for a chance to win a tablet!
    I have a 6 1/2 year old little girl in grade one this year
    And are 38 weeks pregnant with our second!
    It’s all a bit new to me as I have worked part time
    And have always had a work computer. I must be
    The only person in the world that does not have any type
    Of computer at home!! Would love one to keep in touch
    With the world!!
    What do they say….. You have to be in it to win it!!!
    Thanks again

  219. Sonia Nunan says:

    Hi I know you have heaps an heaps of applicants for this great giveaway , I have 3 at school yr 3 yr 2 an a kindergarten an my no. 4 is drama baby boy who if 2 yr an isn’t talking much or walking yet , we spend a lot of time in Sydney at the children’s hospital at Westmead where we have a great team of doctors an therapist’s but due to living in a rural city we are very limited with the needed Padeatric services too many to name , winter is scary for us as we have to be in Sydney if we are my little man is sick, we own our own transport business that my husband Erin’s an if I am awsy he has to step in an be daddy day care , a samsung tablet would be unreal for the kids at home when I am in Sydney to skype an see me an there brother an help dad with all the homework as well . The benefits are really to long to keep listing for the while family , even helping with the tap for mr 2 yr .

  220. This would be perfect for my 4 year old son who is heading to big school next year ;-( His big sister has her own iPad and doesn’t like to share.

  221. I would love to win this for my best friend as an early wedding present. They had a generic tablet that is no longer working and she would love to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab but unfortunately cannot afford it as they are saving up for their wedding this Winter. Would love to surprise her with this for all her wedding planning, and I know her Miss 10 would love to use it for school, reading and to play games.
    Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  222. With 2 boys 7 & 10 we are yet to own a tablet of any kind in this house, just a laptop. Needless to say, homework time with both boys trying to get their Mathletics done often turns in to chaos rather than calm! Not only would it help with homework time but I would love to explore some drawing apps for my budding artist, who is forever with a pencil and sketch book in his hand (oh and I wouldn’t mind using it occasionally to satisfy my newest obsession – Pinterest!)

  223. Check maps, e-mails, bookings, bank without stress,
    Skyping family back home would be PERFECTLY addressed…
    This SAMSUNG when away on work jobs is the DREAM tool to possess!!!

  224. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 looks so gorgeous that I feel like stroking the screen! I would love it for when the great nieces and grandchildren come visiting, would also put in some secret practice beforehand so I can really become one with the Galaxy!

  225. Karen John says:

    Wow, so many comments.
    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy tablet for my child . The high school she attends have changed to tablets this year with Digital books. She has wanted one for so long and on the first night as she sat “playing” with it she looked up at me and said “I can’t believe I actually have this”. The little green monster inside me said “I can’t either, I want one. ” Wasn’t said out loud, lol. But , yes I would like my own :-)

  226. I would love to win the Samsung tablet as my son has just started Kindy and this would help him with reading and maths. Would make homework time a lot easier and more enjoyable for him

  227. So many many ways, first and foremost for building on the learning the kids participate in at school, helping with those little areas that are challenging for them, such as Master 7 with expression in story writing and Miss 4 to create music and learn her phonics. For mummy to plan her dream cookbook and for daddy to play some escapist games. So many ways to use this incredible technology as a family!

  228. Emily Mclaughlan says:

    A galaxy tab could help me get some organisation in my household from doing budgets, shopping lists schedules, playing games and entertainment, internet and tv in the palm of my hand would make my life so much easier and less stressful

  229. Alicia Edwards says:

    How it could change things in our life? The Samsung Galaxy could add a whole new element to our family’s life because we do not currently own a device and we think it would learn more about the world – in particular; cultures and customs of our multinational country, the science in our everyday living, learn and update our digital skills and have lots of fun (with some sharing strategies along the way -1 Samsung Galaxy divided by two adults and three children!!!)

    Who would use it? All of us…. The kids during the day which would mean the adults would get a go at night?? Maybe??

    How would we use it? The Dad – would search and find gourmet but healthy budget recipes to cook and at the same time follow the instructions on the house cleaning app to a tee!! The Mum – would keep up to date with all the local & international current affairs whilst following you-tube videos on how to renovate the family home on a shoestring… The 11 yr old would only ever use it to set up a well utilised homework and household chore plan, whilst the 4 yr old would access the app to learn the alphabet and how to count to 100. The 3 yr old would utilise the art functions to practice her abstract art.

    No – the reality is we would all fight over it!! Dad would be searching for dream homes on, Mum would be window shopping for new clothes, 11 yr old would be working out which movie to download, 4 & 3 yr olds would be eyes glued to Peppa Pig on ABC Iview!!!

  230. Kelly Boulton says:

    Oh how I would love to win. 4 kids one old lap top and being a single mum this Wont change anytime soon. Oldest as started high school and the homework has already started, The other three need to spend time on mathletics as part of there homework. The second youngest has dyslexia and need to spend time on reading eggs while the youngest has low muscle tone and her therapist is getting her to learn touch as she tires easy and in latter years means she won’t fall behind. Imagine the fight in our house for screen time so i have beg and borrowed my mums iPad to make it easier but would love to own a tablet of our own so i can give her back. I would need to get up while the kids are still asleep to get a chance to use it but hey there education is so important to me.

  231. Vija Leitis says:

    A Tablet will stop my headache when everyone wants a dose of on-line time for the dreaded disease of homework or the cure of social interaction or brain stimulation

  232. Having a tablet for both the children to use would be wonderful in preparing them for school. Having trained in chikd development I have been a stay at home mum teaching my children through Montessori and intentional learning fir the past four years. I’d love to have the opportunity to used science, math, reading and educational programs that would encourage their continued learning. Poppy has such a thirst to learn and Tully just wants to learn and be like her so it wound be a great addition to our family home.

  233. Michelle Gray says:

    My daughter uses a tablet at school, it’s an important part of their learning. With a tablet at home she could practice, and no longer feel she is being left behind her peers who already have access to a tablet at home.

  234. Michelle H says:

    We seem to be behind the times with no form of tablets in the house. I would love to win a tablet mainly for the education apps for my children. My 3 year old needs assistance with his speech and confidence so I would love to try some apps that could assist him. Then, when the kids are in bed it would be really helpful to access the web and wold save my husband and I having to negotiate over the laptop!

  235. Crystal Donohue says:

    I would award this Samsung Galaxy to my mother. This would allow her to finally put herself first and receive something she immensely deserves! My mother always puts others before herself, doing everything in her power to make them feel special – now its her time to feel special! She would feel absolutely shocked, so thankful and delighted. It would be a joyous memory she would cherish forever and never forget. This would be the ultimate surprise, as my mum would never imagine something like this would happen. I can imagine a massive smile that would plant itself on her face, that would last forever. The Samsung Galaxy would allow her to kick back, relax, stay entertained and stay in touch with her family and friends.
    Thank you for this opportunity to make the most amazing, generous and deserving mother, feel loved and cherished.

  236. A tablet would allow me to attend school assemblies with Mr 2 and not have to worry about him trying to get on stage with his siblings. He can sit quietly and play educational games or watch Chuggington with headphones while I get to enjoy the performance in peace.

  237. I’d love to have a Samsung Galaxy Note,
    Just for me, would really float my boat!
    Checking my emails would be so breezy,
    Using my wifi makes it so easy!

    I think this tablet would be so great,
    I’d use it so much I might get to work late.
    There are so many apps, you see,
    Finding one you like is key.

    I’d use it to play a game,
    I’d download a few so they’re not all the same.
    Watch me sit back and put up my feet,
    Playing games is oh-so-sweet!

    So please pick me, I’d love to win,
    Even standing on the moon you would see my grin!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, Corrie!

  238. We currently have one tablet in our house and divided between 5 kids, it really isn’t a good equation! I now have 1 at preschool, 1 in infants, 2 in primay, my little girl has just started high school and my baby has made his start at pre school. In between this I am busy ferrying children to after school activities and squeezing in homework and readers when we can, often on the run in the car. This year I have 2 children who will sit the naplan and know it is important they are given some preparation to be familiar with a test situation and the types of questions so they feel comfortable and confident. Nothing worse than the thought of a little year 3 stressed out over a test! The Samsung note tablet would really help out with school work in our household. Between homework, research and study for tests and naplan, we would have all the kids needs covered. Our high school also has a bring your own device program so an extra tablet would free up one for my little high schooler to use at school. And when the kids are in bed, I would sneak the tablet for a bit of time reading, social media, ravelry and online shopping and if my hubby is lucky I may let him use it for his myswag forums and camping research!

  239. Very nice write-up. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!

  240. Frances Teri says:

    We have one iPad between two kids (9 & 10 years old) and at times it can be a bit distressing when they both need to use it for homework etc. It would be excellent if we could get another tablet to use especially during homework time!

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