first hat off the needles

Well thank you for your support and excitement over knitting hats (you can find out more here). I’ve done my first hat and a few rows onto my second as I type this. I found a fabulous pattern in one of my fave knitting books, more last minute knitted gifts by Joelle Hoverson (bargain price on amazon at the moment here for $11 if you can grab it). It’s a great book of patterns for the family, gifts and more. I love the original too here.

And of course every girl in the house wanted to model it and we have very big heads in this family so think it will suit a girl/teen girl. Luckily I’m washing the hats before I send them off but elodie has taken a real liking to this one. In fact a little warning that once you start knitting hats you better be ready to take some orders too. Daddy wants one in navy blue, finn also wants one in navy, keira wants one in a girly colour and I’m sure the rest will want one.

This was 2 days on the needles and according to the book is categorised in the 2-4 hour project section. But everything takes me longer. It was knit on 4 needles (aka double pointed needles) and was a very simple knit 2 purl 2 rib. The pattern comes in 3 sizes (child, womens and mens) and was so quick and easy. Ravelry details for my project are here and I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 12 ply Stellar which is super soft and a bamboo/wool mix and perfect for hats. This hat didn’t even make a dent in the 200g ball.

I wound a new ball of wool and loving this one and thinking would be a great colour for winter and for teens. This is Osprey by Quince & Co (purchased here) and the colour is Carrie’s Yellow…..mind you when I look at the label from a distance it looks like Corrie’s yellow to me.

If you have any easy patterns you’d like to share with my readers let me know. I think I might whip up a few of this pattern as I’m on such a roll. You can find similar free ribbed hat patterns on ravelry here and here and just by putting ribbed hat into your search for patterns on ravelry.


  1. The hats look fantastic and a great cause too. Happy Australia Day to you and your family. cheersxxxxx

  2. I just wish I could knit! Do you think you can learn by watching a video on Youtube?

  3. Hi Corrie!! So cute. Did you use the child or women’s size for this one? Happy Australia Day to you and yours x

    • I did almost the women’s size as I knit for 6 inches before decreasing:) womens size was 6 1/2 before decreasing. really happy with how it turned out

  4. Looks great! I never seem to have the motivation to knit when it’s warm outside!


  5. A great tip is, when you have finished knitting a hat weigh it on your digital kitchen scales. Then weigh your left over wool, and you will know if you have enough wool left to knit another hat. Saves running out of wool before your hat is finished.

  6. I have a good basic beanie pattern up on rav that you are welcome to use (and share!) :) xx

  7. That hat looks so soft & scrumptious! Thanks for the pattern links, the biddlev looks like just what I’m after! Some for us & some for your cause is the plan!

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