in the mix 2 – a giveaway

I have a love affair with cookbooks. I’ve had to cull the collection a few times but there is something so lovely about cookbooks and getting inspired to get into the kitchen. Now I’ve reviewed a few of the thermomix cookbooks in the past (you can read them here, here and here) and it’s great to see some really fancy ones coming out. I’d say Tenina and Dani Valent have the fancy thermomix cookbook department covered.

Dani is a food writer turned thermomix cookbook writer/recipe creator and her first book has been in my collection since it was released. I have to admit that I’ve only made the okonomiyaki with homemade tonkatsu sauce but it is one of the kids favourite dinners and I love to make it for them.

In the mix 2 is similar to ‘in the mix’ in that it has recipes with fancy ingredients and steps. But there are more recipes than the first book….in fact the back of the book tells me that there are over 100 new recipes from 74 contributors in 20 countries. There you go. And so I sat down and looked at the recipes that I would easily make on a weekday – can do muesli, hedgehog rice balls, tomato soup with egg noodles, jerusalem artichoke risotto, fish cakes in lettuce cups, lamb cutlets with freekeh, bagels (hanging out to make these), granola bars, double chocolate pretzel cookies (made them here).

for weekends I’m already planning the oat and pear pancakes,  ziao long bao, tunisian fish stew, mussels madalfini, ricotta gnocchi, chocolate almond tart and carrot layer cake.

and for special occasions I’ve got my eye on the ocean trout blini, sardine rillettes, stilton bacon beignets, vodka prosecco sorbet, roasted capsicum tart, quinoa salad with pear, dried cherries and walnuts, piccalilli (great for presents!) and the flavoured butters.

And I love to share the love and have one copy of this fabulous book to giveaway. Just let me know why YOU need this book to add to your Thermomix cookbook library. Entries close 5pm Monday 27th January 2014. Full terms of my giveaways can be found here and I will post to Australian/New Zealand addresses just so my kiwi readers out there can enter this one. Good luck.


  1. Wow, I would love to win this. Firstly, I am so new to thermo-cooking and so far I haven’t ventured any further than the Every Day Cooking book. And secondly, those macarons. Yum!

  2. I need this book to force me out of just making spaghetti Bol in my thermie! I find the recipe books it came with uninspiring (and a little like slop…)

  3. Sara Maree says:

    You know, I’ve owned my Thermomix for well over a year now & still don’t use it that often..give me a reason to use it more Corrie!! 😉

  4. I would love the opportunity to win this as I do not own any other Thermie recipe book other than the EDC and I really love the look of those salted caramel macaroons!

  5. Christine says:

    Thank you Corrie for your generous give-away – I need to graduate from the EDC and explore the Thermo possibilities, all the while being comforted by the knowledge of healthy and tasty outcomes – hopefully!!!

    C x

  6. Amie Taylor says:

    Ooh how exciting I only have one thermomix book and that’s teninas, so it would be in good company.

  7. Elenore Charalambous says:

    Would love in the mix 2 because I absolutely love my Thermomix, I love experimenting with new recipes, I love entertaining and using my thermomix to wow guests and at the moment the only recipe book I have is the every day one, I use the internet and blogs to find some new recipes. But I would love to own this beautiful cookbook.

  8. Ooo I’d love to try some new recipes, I am pretty new to the thermo way of cooking and would love to try the in the mix, my tummy is rumbling just at the recipes you’ve listed here! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these fab books

  9. My boyfriend think I’m a superstar when I use the Thermomix! (Usually he’s the cook… heh)

  10. Wow, those recipes look to die for. I would love the mix 2 book as I need some inspiration to use my Thermomix more, in a more fancy way :)

  11. Please pick me. I’m having a bad day and have had my phone stolen. Other than all the photos of the kids that im obviously devastated in losing, it had a list of all the Thermy food I’d like to try in the notes section and where to find the recipes. If I won this I could just go through the book page by page trying new things each day. Please…

  12. I’d love to win this – maybe it would make weekday meals with three kids just a little more exciting and a little less stressful?

  13. OK, if I win this, it would not be for me (I don’t have a Thermomix). I would love to win one for my sister. She is new to the Thermomix community. She is due to have her 2nd baby in a few weeks (her first is not yet 2). And she has a husband who comes home and expects his dinner made every day…. basically she needs all the help she can get, lol.

  14. Ruth Leon says:

    Wow, what a lovely looking book! I’d love to have it, not because of hardship or any other deserving reasons, but just because I love to cook in my Thermomix and my Every day cookbook has just about run out of room for all my comments that I have scrawled all over the pages. The everyday cookbook is like a diary– when and who I cooked for and shared with–
    As a widow, books like this one keep me interested, healthy and vibrant as I make the effort to prepare and share food and love with those around me. Cooking is GREAT for my soul. New challenges keep my mind agile and improve my spirits.

  15. Haylie Weingott says:

    I just love my thermomix! I love to be creative but just haven’t ventured that far yet to do it with a book like this would be amazing.

  16. Corrie your first paragraph got me. I’m a cookbook tragic. I take them to bed with me. Now what I really need to know is how you could ever cull your collection. I’ve tried but I just love them too much. Every book holds memories of the things I have made. Even the indexes are highlighted so my girls can find the favourites just in case, well you know.
    I’m still working on my collection of Thermomix cook books and like most of us need to step away from my traditional ways and out of my comfort zone with my Thermomix. I guess I’m saying a copy of In The Mix 2 would have a good home and a happy kitchen with me! Ta, please.

  17. Susan leach says:

    Would so love to win this, as a new thermomix owner, I am slowly learning all the tricks and amazing things the thermomix can do. This cookbook looks like it has creative food to make with te thermomix as your partner

  18. Please pick me, I’m counting down the days until my very own Thermomix lands in the kitchen, I’d love to do a bit of showing off to the family! ;p

  19. Nicole Stephenson says:

    Like everybody, I have been making the same ol same old meals and would love to venture into the world of beautiful and scrumptious food. Fingers crossed.

  20. Sarah Olencewicz says:

    I’d love to win this! It’s on my mother’s day gift list (already). My cook book collectionis in need of thinning out as it’s nearly 6 foot long! Eek!

  21. I think you should pick me to win because I don’t own any of the the thermomix recipe books , proberly because I don’t own a thermomix YET but I’m working in it just have to convince hubby :)

  22. I would love this so I can impress my hubby and prove to him that it was so worth buying the thermie!

  23. Crystal Prior says:

    I would love to win these books! My new thermomix needs some pretty food love!

  24. My gosh I really need this book
    I badgered my hubby and promised id cook
    For a while there the kids gobbled their dinner
    And he started to believe Id bought a winner
    But the thermie has been on the go slow
    And I couldn’t bear an ‘I told you so’
    Some fresh ideas and a shiny new book
    And I’ll be able to give HIM the ‘told you so’ look.

  25. We have had our thermomix for 2 weeks now with mixed success. I love the concept but definitely need more inspiration than the cookbook it comes with but just not sure which one to start with!

  26. I don’t have a thermomix myself but would love to win this for my sister who just received one for Christmas :)

  27. I would love to win this as it would help me take my thermomix cooking to the next level! My family could do with a change from the risottos, pastas and curries I cook in my thermie!

  28. Thanks for such a generous give away! I’ve had my thermie for over 2 years and only have the EDC cookbook! I’d love to branch out and try some new recipes and this looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!!

  29. Liz Beckett says:

    I need it as I am struggling to come up with new recipes to try that inspire me in the thermomix, either making the same meals over again in the thermi or have gone back to old stove to cook old food I cooked before the thermomix. I need inspiration! :) please

  30. Sandra Fowler says:

    With the mouth watering recipes you have described RetroMummy I would love to treat my (self &) unconverted thermomix husband & kids that its not just for steaming a chicken & making pizza dough. This book looks like it could having many persuasive things in it.

  31. I would love to win this cookbook as we launch into the new school year, we now have two schools for drop offs and pick ups, and a lonnnnggggg drive between my workplace and home and school. Having lots more yummy recipes to speedily prepare in my thermie will make it that little bit easier 😉

  32. I’d love to win this as well. This cookbook looks fantastic. I was extremely lucky to receive a Thermomix for Christmas and I’ve used it at least once a day since then. I’d love to have some new recipes to try out.

  33. My thermomix is nearly on the bench, well I need a bench first.. The dishwasher is in the living room and the carcasses are in place.. Two weeks …delays in the oven and induction cook top. Going to be cooking up a storm next year.

  34. This entry isn’t for me but for my 5 month old baby (who I breastfeed) who just said his first word “macaron” while we were reading your post!!!! Ok, maybe not, but I’m POSITIVE he thought it. I’m literally ALWAYS hungry at the moment due to all the milk production, so if you can’t do it for me, please do it for the baby :)

  35. Libby Ryan says:

    I soo need this. My thermy has had a work over today, lemonade, raspberry jam, butter, kids lunchbox slice and just finished lasagna for dinner!

  36. Natalie love says:

    I Would love to win this book to learn to cook something a little more interesting than the mushroom risotto that I have been cooking and that my family is now totally sick of.

  37. Corrie I’d LOVE to win this book! My dear friend and I were just raving the other day about the yummy looking recipes! Absolutely love taking a new cookbook to bed with me with a cup of tea to flick through and bookmark all the easily achievable ones :-). With date nights non existent during this time of raising our 3 little boys, I think this book would be a great help to having a date night in. Picking a fab recipe and whipping it up in my thermie! Only trouble would be picking conversation topics other than our 3 little men!! X

  38. A Red Ham says:

    I need this book as I don’t know how to cook anything fancy in my thermomix. thanks for the opportunity

  39. Nicola Wright says:

    I would love this book as you can never have too many thermomix books and this looks fantastic 😀

  40. I would love to win this book as my good friend Jo has a thermomix and she has invited me to come and try hers before I buy or book a demo. We could whip up something fancy and it would be fun. Thank you Corrie for the opportunity in this great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  41. I would love to have this book – my Thermomix cooking has become a bit stale!

  42. Cassandra says:

    Hi Corrie! I would love this book as I’m due to get my thermomix in the next couple of months and I’d love to have a great recipe book to start using (and some fantastic recipes to try) as soon as I get that good thing on my kitchen bench! :)

  43. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    These recipies look fantastic I am slowly learning how to use Thermie and the inspiration from these would be great. , !

  44. Oh please pick me. We’ve not long brought our thermie and can’t afford anything else, so picking me would be amazing.

  45. Hi Corrie! In the era B.C. (Before Children as my husband and I often joke) I used to whip up many a fancy/exotic meal. However since our three bambinos have arrived meal selection has been based on the likelihood of them eating the food. It would be so lovely to have a new TMX cookbook that wasn’t pragmatically chosen for its family friendly focus. Liana xx

  46. The photos are delectable (I want to eat those figs on the front cover!)!

  47. What a great giveaway! This would be great as even though I get heaps of use out of my Thermomix, I do love to try new things and experiment on the family!! This books looks really lovely and since I got my Thermomix 1 year ago I haven’t purchased a cookbook (only used Google, YouTube and the great Recipe Community). Thanks for the opportunity Corrie :)

  48. I too am a new thermie owner and haven’t ventured far beyond the EDC and Corrie’s recipes (made Japanese chicken and rice last night). I am keen to use it more and as a busy working mum I need simple, healthy recipes that I can make whilst testing times tables, loading the washing machine and arbitrating sibling disputes. It’s not a kitchen it’s the UN high command around here!

  49. Wendy Hatton says:

    My daughter has a Thermomix and I need this book to encourage her to make me something totally delicious from its pages.

  50. Yay…everything thermomix is so expensive. ..I really have to plan each purchase. What a a lovely surprise thus would be !

  51. I NEED this book just because I WANT it so badly!!!

  52. Karri Brennan says:

    I’d like to win it to make the salted caramel macarons & it is my birthday this Sunday, Australia Day, so it’d be great timing. Even though I am trying to be healthy, I’m sure it’s full of healthy recipes :)

  53. I’d love to win this cookbook to inspire me to do some more gourmet cooking with the thermomix!

  54. Cheryl Wickham says:

    wow, love my thermie, but tend to stick with the more basic recipes, would love the chance to be inspired and try something with a bit more challenge

  55. Anne-Margaret says:

    Pick me please! Pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me please please please please please please!! Just got my Thermie and these look so Yummo! Even I could potentially make them!

  56. Oh my salted caramel macarons? That is the reason I need this cookbook. Also because I am still pretty new at using a thermomix so would love another cookbook to help me learn how it works.

  57. I would love to win because I’ve cooked my way through the EDC and I’m ready for a foodie challenge, my mouth is drooling at the recipes you have mentioned. Please let me have a copy so I can start a new thermo foodie adventure this year 😉

  58. “In the Mix”! Love it! It’s like a secret club – and I’d love to be “in the mix”! There’s only so much sorbet I can eat – ready to make some of these yummy things…

  59. As much as I would love to say that I own a Thermomix, I don’t, but my friend Helena absolutely loves hers because it has helped her introduce all sorts of new foods to her two fussy little eaters and they are now willing to try all sorts of foods they would never have touched before, so I would love to win this cookbook for her. And I am totally up for taste testing all of her creations (I tag along to the cooking classes)

  60. I need this book as I feel like I am stuck in a rut and am always cooking the same things in my thermomix over and over again.

  61. Thanks for the overview! Would love to win this to re-acquaint myself to my beloved TMX as it’s been a lil’ while since I’ve consistently used it. This would serve as another level of cooking delights & inspiration to feed the bellies of my loved ones & friends :)

  62. Jennifer L says:

    I’ve just moved house and gained a gorgeous country kitchen to cook in. Now I need the recipes to go with it!

  63. I “need ” this book to make those salted caramel macarons! Yum!
    Actually, I would love to start my collection with this book ( to add to the EDC that I have). Thanks for the opportunity.

  64. Hi. I am amazed at the amount of comments you have already and more so your email was sent at 2.06 am. My daughter (23) brought Thermy just befor Christmas and we have been having a lot if fun with it and we’ve been doing lots of Thermomix bashing…to our Friends, the ladies at Howard’s Storage world. I now realise how you deft when you brought yours. I remember reading that blog & thinking she must be a crazymummy…. Now I’m one. :)

  65. I have had this book since its release. Can I just say the fish cake in lettuce cups are amazing! A winning dinner in our house.

  66. I got my Thermomix just over a year ago and have tried plenty of recipes that I think tasted great but hubby hasn’t really been impressed with any of the main meals (ok maybe there was one or two he liked – oh the cakes and dessert ones are always winners) So I’d really love to try some of these yummy looking recipes from in the mix2 and hopefully find a few favourites to our family meals.

  67. Chami Lam says:

    Hi Corrie, would love to win this so I can justify to my husband the cost of the Thermomix. Have used it for a few basic things but really need help with showing him all the amazing and fancy meals I can make in it so he will understand the massive dent to our credit card was worth it

  68. Wow! Exquisitly Beautiful photo’s. Very inspiring. Would be fantastic to make some delicious chef quality food after years of mostly eating kiddie friendly food!!! So lovely that you shared with us.

  69. Because it’s my birthday Saturday and this would be a perfect gift! You don’t need to give me anything else Corrie! 😉

  70. Oh I would just love this book! I’m an obsessive cookbook collector too!

    I bought the thermomix last May and haven’t had the opportunity to use it much since we’ve had a busy year and we were living in a tiny unit with no bench space!

    I’ve just moved into a house with A REAL BENCH and have started using the thermie more and more.

    This book would be perfect for motivating me to use my expensive machine and get the most out of it. Plus, a few fancy housewarming dinner parties would be a breeze with the thermie and In the Mix 2!!

  71. Oh my goodness Corrie!! Those pictures look amazing! I absolutely love to cook and potter round my kitchen and so you can imagine how super excited I was to get my Thermomix for Christmas. I have been making lots of recipes from the EDC book, the recipe community and some great Facebook pages, but would love this cookbook to get my whipping up a few more fancy dishes! Oh and those macarons… I’m pretty sure I spent the whole time I was in Paris a few years ago eating macarons, so this cookbook would save me another trip back there! xx

  72. Oooooooooooo!! Pick me! I need this because I am in love with making breads in my Thermie! I’ve had so much success with dough. My 10 year old is a picky eater but she LOVES bagels, I could put them in her lunchbox! No whiney mornings at brekky! You would actually be giving me peace and sanity! So much more than just cookbook eye candy! It’s a win/win, I get to make bread, she gets to eat, our ears get a break!

  73. Would love this! I bought my Thermomix eight months ago for baby food preparation, and I’ve slowly become more adventurous. I love all books and have lots of cookbooks that I buy mostly for the pictures, as I am not a natural cook and find the recipes to impossible to decipher, but everything has changed since I’ve had Thermie. Would love to try out some fancy things!

  74. I would love to win!!!! I found out about Thermomixes from your blog and have wanted one ever since and finally got one this week! Have already made your jam drop biscuits (delicious!!!!!) and was just checking to see how you made them to try and use the instructions to make a choc chip recipe i have, when i saw this prize and had to stop the middle of my Thermomix making (pizza dough, choc chip cookies and pasta sauce) to enter! Loving how much simpler a Thermomix makes your life! A huge thank you for opening my eyes to such a fantastic machine!!!! 😀

  75. I got my Thermomix just before Christmas, so I’m excited to try new things. My partner is a chef and I’d love to delight her with the great things I could make… and take the cooking pressure off her, too! This book looks so gourmet, but also would fit in with the types of food we like to try

  76. I brought my thermomix the day after New Years, my mother and I have had our eye on getting one for over 12mnths now and I finally took the thermo plunge and haven’t looked back. I would love a copy of this cook book. I’m so excited to do anything with my thermie! It just gets my creative juices going! Cooking is no longer a chore but a joy!

  77. I don’t own Dani’s (or Tenina’s) books yet but they are on my ‘to buy’ list so I would love to win.

  78. My poor thermomix has been neglected of late. I find my only cookbook for it (the one it came with) very dull and lacking pictures. So this looks to be the perfect thing to get my thermomix out of the cupboard again.

  79. I’m inlove with my thermie I have a great affection for it. Amazing how it makes feeding families and elderly grandparents much easier. I’d love to win this to have some new recipes and much needed culinary inspiration.

  80. I am currently on my honeymoon, myself and husband are looking forward to returning home to get back into our healthy eating… challenge is to recreate dishes from our trip, using my trusty thermomix! My last night of the honeymoon is looking up wonderful websites and start my cookbook collection, salivating!

  81. What a stunning book!
    The recipes & photography look delicious! So innovative & all made in the Thermomix.

  82. Hi Corrie,
    I’d love to win this book because it looks like that there’s a big range of recipes in it, not just asian, just indian or varoma etc. The pictures look fantastic which is a big YesYes :) Thank you for another great giveaway!
    Much love, Jana

  83. Dear Corrine, we have 3 boys all under 6 and my mum has recently started having them all on a Saturday night so we can get some time to ourselves. We’ve started reconnecting our friendships and would like to start hosting dinner parties on a Saturday night and this book would be ideal to plan the menu from. Thanks, lisa

  84. Sorry that meant to read CORRIE – stupid auto correct

  85. My TM is due to arrive sometime soon… And I’d love to be able to jump in and cook something fantastic and sophisticated!

  86. Hi Corrie, I love my Thermie but I would love to win the cookbook for my friend. She just bought her Thermie, is a very kind person, works fulltime as a youth counsellor for Lifeline, has a big clean out each year (and motivates all of her friends to do so too!) to then donate to charities, has 2 young children and a husband who was injured in a work accident a few years ago and is in a lot of pain. I admire her and the way she took hold of the reins when her husband was injured; I would love to brighten her day. Thank you for your blog – I enjoy it so much and am constantly inspired by what you do!

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