loving our home time

Well it’s wednesday and we’re midway through swim vac so that is kind of keeping us busy this week……………….but apart from that we’re still taking it easy here. Enjoying our sleep ins, home time, craft time, play time and just not having a schedule to keep. Here are a few snaps from our time at home….I may never want to resume school life in a few weeks……………..but ask me again in a week or two and I might want to send a few of the big kids back off to school. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays too and if you’re back at work then I hope you’re taking it easy.

and of course instagram takes a few happy snaps too…………..


  1. Can I ask where you got your fruit bowl? It is just lovely!

    • thank you! it’s by Pip Studio and domayne stocked it about 2 years ago but haven’t found in oz again. You can try searching online for Pip Studio, it is so pretty:) :)

  2. Good morning Corrie,
    It is so good to not have a routine for a few weeks. The photos are stunning as always and the children are looking very happy and relaxed. Enjoy the break-busy times will soon be here again!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I am loving your handbag! xx

  4. Your family are just lovely. Thank you for sharing your photos. x

  5. Happy, happy! Glad to see you are enjoying a little break from routine. Like you I used to love the school holiday times with my girls. Relaxing mornings….visitors and visits to friends and interesting places.
    Emerson is growing so fast. Take it all in now…..before you know it they will all be off to school…Uni….working….married….and then…..you’ll be a grandma like me.

  6. Oh Corrie! You’ve been playing that gorgeous piano! We’ve been playing ours here too, even my 2 year old has a go! Happy holidays to you all.

  7. How do you keep you kitchen so neat and tidy? Mine is in a constant state of maddening mess these holidays!

    • hahaha well that corner that I’ve shown always looks good as I don’t cook much down that way but trust me there is usually a toaster, jug, some mail, dirty dishes and stuff in the rest of the kitchen. But a shiny new kitchen does make it easier to keep clean:)

  8. Lovely photos! We’re really enjoying these hols too, so nice not having to rush around sticking to routines, we didn’t get dressed till 11am today :-) So glad now it’s cooled down, even managed to bake today!

  9. Beautiful pics!! What camera do you have and are the pics edited/photo shopped in anyway?

    • thank you! too kind! no editing of them. I use an olympus omd em-5 which they kindly gave to me for the year and am loving. I’m a huge olympus fan and before this one used an olympus e-620. I do use a fixed/prime lens and the one I’m using on this camera is a 45mm which is the equivalent of a 50mm lens on a DSLR. I take all of my photos in manual as well so I can adjust the light. Thank you, I’m still learning but enjoying taking photos:)

      • Aww they are gorgeous! I have a Canon SLR but need to learn to use it properly. It is on my to do list for 2014! Love seeing all your pics and reading your blog :)

  10. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos!! I love your handbag too!

  11. Linda Mason says:

    Can’t believe how much emmerton has grown!!! You have such a beautiful family.

  12. These look like pages from a Country Vogue magazine! Those Lego creations are great, can I ask if some are from the Friends Collection?

  13. I wish my days were as leisurely as yours…a bit too chaotic here for my liking.
    Your dahlias are looking sprightly x

  14. anne seery says:

    Beautiful photos of the children xxx

  15. Beautiful family photos. Great you can get in some relaxing days with the children.
    Make the most of it as soon it will probably change after the holidays.

  16. Laurelle C says:

    Hi, Just found your blog :) I am a mother of five all born in the space of nine years, and I must admit I never had much white in the house when they were young like your little ones! OMG the finger prints and dirty marks would be horrendous! Hat’s off to you :) Your home looks beautiful.
    I have discovered a love for quilting in the last couple of years consequently trolling the internet and finding you a fellow Aussie. My kids range now from 21 to 12 my baby starting high school this year so make sure you enjoy their young years because before you know it they will be at University and still living at home but much BIGGER!
    Looking forward to checking out your blog :)

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