looking back on 2013 – part 2

Ok what happened from August onwards? the twins turned 5…what a milestone

I fooled a couple of you that I was on the front cover of the IKEA magazine, I wasn’t really……………

I took one of my favourite photos of my little miss

I knit the cutest little cardigan

and I knit a size 7 kina for keira that tested my patience but was worth every stitch because this is one of her favourite things to wear.

I made my first very retro pineapple upside down cake

I let emerson help me make a quilt……

I did finish it eventually

we had the best holiday in noosa

I met Fast Ed and had my lunch cooked in the dishwasher

we renovated a kitchen

I knit a cute t-shirt for keira

and I made yet another baby kina

I made a doll for my littlest miss that didn’t last until Christmas

and I made ice cream sandwiches

a new rocky road


and a delicious vegetarian tart



I went to williams-sonoma for a cooking class

I made pumpkin pie after the class for the very first time and loved it.

and I’m still working away on a crochet blanket

and that was 2013…………..in a nutshell.


  1. Seems like good times all around – love the fake IKEA stunt! :-)

  2. Merry Christmas Corrie to you and your family. Enjoy the blog break and relax. I plan to try a couple of your awesome looking salads this Christmas season. Nancy

  3. Lyn Lindsay says:

    Thanks Corrie for sharing your 2013 with us all I enjoyed the ‘share’ oh and by the way I so love the dress you wore to Pottery Barn it suits you to a ‘t’ and thanks for introducing me to Pottery Barn I hope they come to Brisbane.
    Blessings to each one of you for this Christmas time, what a gift eh, and blessings as you enter 2014, may it offer you hope, peace, love and prosperity, we have a very generous God.

  4. Pumpkin Pie is the most delicious thing! I love it – my best intentions to make one…just one….this whole year….well…..let’s just say that I have yet to taste delicious pumpkin pie this year!

    This year seems to have gone by so fast, I cannot believe it is Christmas tomorrow!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. you have had a busy year. Your photos are gorgeous too.

  6. Phew! I don’t know about you Corrie, but that just about wore me out reading about your whole year!!! I need to a sit down and a cuppa! I bet you felt like you hadn’t made much until you look back! So many gorgeous knits this year!!! I think one of my absolute favourite things of all is the dress you made Tillie, that fabric is just divine! Here’s to a relaxing break between Christmas and the New Year, enjoy having RD at home with you and count those five blessings you have filling your home with love and laughter. Here’s to 2014!! xx

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