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For a few years now we’ve been putting our Christmas tree in another part of the house and away from toddlers….since we’ve pretty much had a toddler or preschooler over the last few years. This year I decided to just to go with it, embrace the decorations being pulled off the tree…………….and the kids have put decorations everywhere, santa’s hat also had to put up high on the tree as everyone was taking off with it and elf on the shelf has been claimed by finn so has been camping out in his room.

and we’ve had some lost decorations, there has been some redecorating, I’ve found a few missing their string, one ended up in the garden, another in the car but I do love having the tree in the room where we spend most of our time. Mind you I’m not silly enough to put wrapped presents under there. That’s a recipe for disaster so there are a few shopping bags, a few parcels tucked under there until Christmas Eve when I’ll do some rejigging.

you can actually see the top of my dining table as I’ve had a big blitz on clutter lately. Wow it’s so nice to not have it as everyone’s dumping ground………….for a while

the kitchen is still looking lovely…I shared a photo  on instagram yesterday and I can assure readers that it does get cluttered.

I was also asked about my jug, I do have a fancy one that can sit on the top of my oven but I still get a bit precious about it so for every day coffee I just use my $20 little jug and then pop it in a drawer underneath when I’m not using it or people are coming over. The kids can help themselves to ice and water but are getting better at making less mess. the oven is still a dream to work with.

Elodie has just got the hang of playing monkey preschool lunchbox on my iphone and it’s been a great game for helping her slide on the screen, matching and getting the answers right. Too bad if you’re trying to call or message me…….

this boy has taken over the Lion King program and there were fights over it. He really wants to go and see it now that Keira has……….

and I think I took one of my favourite photos of emerson this week who is still just the happiest and sweetest boy ever!

and slowly but surely my blanket is growing………………

and that has been a week around here…………………


  1. Nicole Romano says:

    Emerson is gorgeous and does indeed look very happy! Love seeing your family photos. Keep sharing! :-)

  2. Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one having to de clutter… I swear if you gave me a skip bin once a month I could fill it and there is nothing more rewarding than having your space (kitchen and sewing room) free from clutter even if it only lasts a few hours haha… Gorgeous photos as usual… cant believe how grown up Emerson looks now bless..

  3. Oh Emerson!!! You really make this girls ovaries flutter! Little boys, oh myyyyy! He really reminds me of photos of my husband at his age (is that weird to say?!) so this is not helping matters! What a gorgeous little boy. I just want to eat him up!

  4. Gorgeous photos of adorable kids!!!!

  5. I’m inspired. Today’s task amongst others is to clear the kitchen bench. My White Christmas cake is in the oven for 21/2 hours so time to declutter. Love the family photos and the beautiful coloured crotchet blanket. Enjoy the Christmas preparations :-)

  6. Hi Corrie,

    What great photos you take! Your house is beautiful, and your kitchen is a dream! Well done! Wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year. I’m sure Christmas lunch will be a delight! :-)

  7. Keeping it real.
    Was totally going to put presents under the tree but with a 2.5 and 8 month old I think I might not. 😉

  8. Your photos are great. Love your little people so sweet. Have a lovely Christmas. x

  9. Corrie I just love sharing in the life of your gorgeous Family! I am a children’s Physio, and would so love to work with your little princess if we lived in the same country!
    Have a super Christmas!
    Lulu x

  10. oh my gosh how big is Emerson now! Such a cute photo xx

  11. I love your ‘week that was’ – I’m thinking about doing something similar on my blog next year. Merry Christmas xo

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one having a blitz on clutter! I have about 4 washing baskets of things to go to the salvos today and I can fit everything in the unit again :) Your kitchen looks beautiful – I love the hydrangeas against the white. Don’t you love the way Christmas decorations get taken off the tree and played with – my kids all have their favourites that I put back on the tree at the end of the day.

  13. Lovely post Corrie. Emerson is indeed a sweetie, sooo cute. Mind you all your kiddies are super gorgeous. We are still in the process of putting up our tree and this year we have a playpen around it to keep Mr 1 (last week) away from those not-so-edible-but-so-tasty-looking decorations. I am also facing some serious decluttering which I can tackle now that I’ve finally finished creating the photo calendars for extended family.

  14. Emerson is so yummy I could eat him up! Can I ask where you got the gorgeous basket containing your crochet blanket?

  15. Gorgeous pics Corrie!!

  16. Wow, what a wonderful blanket!
    I am in the middle of doing one myself for my sisters baby in April.

    Gorgeous photos!

  17. Lovely photos and a delightful one of little Elodie. I hear there are many helpful apps available on the iPad too. Ask around at some of your appointments.

  18. Go Elodie! – My kids also love Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. Its such a great app. There are so many fantastic apps out there that are educational without the kids knowing it. I’m taking the twins to the special autism-friendly Lion King in June – can’t wait!

  19. Lovely photos You have been busy.Emerson looks so adorable just like the other children .Beautiful .

  20. All your kids are gorgeous but Emerson wins this week!! LOL

  21. My tree has always been in reach for lack of second living area to hide it. This year was the first time they wanted to decorate it and I let go of the reins (so hard for me to do) and let them show their decorative flare! I had to take a deep breath with every decoration that was placed ad-hoc on the tree….but they loved it so it is all worth while. I just secretly re-tweak at night every now and then 😉

  22. Beautiful pics Corrie. I love your reindeer on your table! I’m not too precious about my Christmas tree and have found it best when the kids feel like they can touch and feel and be a part of its making unlike the gorgeous trees you see in the shops!! Your kitchen is just amazing and you’ll be looking forward to using it over the festive season :) Loving that Thermomix too….went to my first party the other day and hoping it will be a purchase for 2014!! x

  23. Nancy Nelson says:

    I really enjoy reading your Blog. I’m a Grandmother from the states with ten Grandchildren. I agree that is a beautiful photo of Emerson…you can see the happiness in his eyes. Enjoy Christmas with your beautiful family.

  24. Wow what a great photo of Madam Thermo and Beautiful oven together. A match made in heaven I think!!!

  25. Oh Corrie such beautiful photos. I think I need to take a Tim Coulson class! Your pics have always been good but now they have really hit a new level. So glad (and this is completely selfish of me) that you’ve decided to keep posting pics of your children after the cyber terror of the past few weeks. They are the heart and soul of your wonderful blog.

    Now you say you’ve had a blitz on clutter. Yes! I would love a blog post on how you handle all the crap, no sorry, wonderful artistic creations the kids bring home from school, especially at this time of year. Much as I love what my kids create nobody warned me about the sheer volume of stuff that comes home from having twins in preschool. And they haven’t even bought most of it home yet or my son’s year 2 efforts. Every surface seems to be covered. Help

  26. Christmas is all about kids having fun and enjoying the tinsel and messiness that comes with the festive season. I love that yours are enjoying fewer restrictions this year and getting into the Chrissy spirit as only a child can do so well! Merry Xmas to the retro mummy clan! mwah heather x

  27. I read about a family who had a special “kid’s tree” in their dining room/kitchen area… was decorated by the kids and they could add to or take away from, whenever – I thought this sounded like a good idea, with an “adult’s-only tree” in the lounge room. Sounds good in theory…..

  28. Our tree is bare from toddler height down as little people keep stealing them. But they have so much fun I can’t get cross!

  29. I love the greenery on your bannister.. can I ask where you got it from?

  30. Gorgeous pictures, thankyou for sharing…they made me feel happy! Merry christmas from our family to yours xx

  31. lovely photographs, you have a really artistic eye! we sadly have no little ones with us this Christmas but after reading your posts I decided to put up the tree and decorations anyway.

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