you still have time to start a quilt for Christmas

As I was sitting at my computer (in my craft room) this morning, I was thinking to myself……..I still have time to whip up a quick bed quilt for Christmas this year. Tillie would love one for Christmas. It’s not impossible. Let’s go back to 2011 when I said I’d make my dear grandma betty a quilt for Christmas. I started on the 20th December, you can read about it here.

quilt in progress

making a single bed quilt for grandma

had the quilt top finished on the 23rd

Me And The Quilt Top

And it was finished in the early hours of Christmas Eve here.

one finished quilt for grandma betty

big quilting

and loved by grandma betty on the 25th December! So what are you waiting for…..get a head start and get quilting. And watch this space to see if I can get my own butt into gear and get a quilt done by Christmas.


  1. I think I can do it too! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Cheers Trish xxx

  2. Handmade Christmas gifts are just so special. I still have a few to make and will be working madly, right up until Christmas eve :)

  3. I’m struggling to get anything crafty done at all during this pregnancy. I’m just hoping to finish a nappy bag that’s been cut out and sitting on my table for the past 2 months!

  4. I started knitting a pair of socks last night as a gift for a friend – I can do it! I hope!

  5. Lyn Lindsay says:

    Go Girl!!!

  6. I totally have a quilt on my ‘to make’ list! So far I’ve done two dresses and a skirt. I’ve cut the fabric for four bags last night. I need to make a patchwork pillowcase and a quilt! Easy right?!!! Phew.

  7. Dianne Whittle says:

    There is definitely plenty of time to make a quilt before Christmas! The last few quilts I have made as gifts and procrastination, okay- laziness, has seen me go from start to finish inside a week, so starting now would give me plenty of time. It’s funny because only yesterday I picked up some fabric and wondered if I had time to make my son a quilt for Christmas. He joined the Army earlier this year and has just arrived in Townsville for his posting – I know he won’t need a quilt in Townsville but I have been trying to find something to give him to remind him of home and us, maybe a quilt is it! Knowing me I won’t start it till the 20th and will finish the binding Christmas Eve too.

  8. I’ve finished my sewing and quilting lessons last week. Made a sampler and I love it. Can’t wait to start chopping up my fabric stash and making my very first quilt xo

  9. I loved the quilt you made for Grandma Betty – in fact I think it is absolutely gorgeous. And in the insanity of the Christmas onslaught – maybe it would settle you to use the sewing machine to create something wonderful. I have been checking out Pinterest that fabulous time waster for ways to use my many charm squares – I love buying them – the only way to taste all sorts of fabric!! I saw some really clever ideas. Why do I like sewing so much more than cleaning.

  10. Serious quilt envy and maybe this year come NY will be my year to attempt a quilt! How do you do that swirly stitch? Is that on a machine? Can you do it on a normal machine? Do you trace the swirly pattern on?

  11. Google lemonade layer cake quilt

  12. I’m trying to get my doll made for my little girls 2nd birthday. A little red riding. By ric race. Such cute softies. Plus some handmad goods for my little boys first Christmas. A few late nights coming up!!! But so worth it. Happy sewing. :-)

  13. Doll by ric rac!!

  14. I hope to finish my first ever quilt before Christmas. A little cot quilt for my Great Nephew.

  15. tee hee! Why do we always leave things to the last minute? I was blog surfing as I took a break from the applique I am doing on a strippy quilt for my daughter for Christmas! I am two and a half owls feet, and 6 beaks from finishing!

  16. Im hoping to assemble my sons quilt. Got most of the blcks together,just need to do the starts,Its the Birchwood Lodge quilt,Moda Bake,Im very disappointed how dull it is,the picture had it a lot brighter,considering I payed through the nose for the fat quarter pack to do it and I dont think there was enough fabric and had to cut corners so to speak

    • Cath what kind of fabrics would lift it? Just tell me and I’ll pop some fat quarters in the post to you. I am having the clearout of the century in my craft room. Tell me what colours and I’m on to it:) :)

  17. I have a kitty quilt I was making for my niece – 6 blocks done… I am going to get to it! Good luck everyone!

  18. I’m in love with the quilts and quilt making – can I make one by Christmas if I have never made one and don’t own a sowing machine? Maybe I should ask for a sowing machine for Christmas?

  19. Hi Corrie, I am notorious for last minute crafting! On the go right now for Christmas gifts I have three tote bags, matching Christmas PJ’s for my three little ones (tradition at our house :-), an advent calendar that I decided to start on the first– nearly done! And a Waldorf doll kit that I am hoping to finish for my little girl….And did i mention I’m 6 months pregnant!! Phew! I can do it! I do love my sewing so much and feel so refreshed after spending time on it…also started crocheting this year and have taken a leaf from your book carting it around everywhere doing a stitch here and there. School pick up line is so much more fun and relaxing now!! Love to you and your sweet ones xxx

  20. I haven’t started the handmade teacher gifts this year – thank goodness I only have two kids at school at the moment!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. I’m a huge last minute crafter too! I was once in a production of Jesus Christ Super Star with about 50 cast and crew and I made them all beaded jewellery… 2 days before we closed. I was exhausted.

  22. Your quilt is so inspiring. I wish I could get my butt to the sewing machine but I just procrastinate too much. Maybe I’ll start off simple like with drawstring bags instead!

  23. I love it haha! I’m a bit last minute too… busy lives means you just gotta fit in what you can when you can!

  24. Lol. You nutter. That is such a crafter comment to make – start your quilt on the 20th and have it finished for Christmas. Maybe……. but not for me. I will just live vicariously through yours (and every other crafty blogger who I follow) … and see what gorgeous things you manage to create between now and Christmas. Ready….. set ….. go!

  25. Grandma Betty looks really chuffed :-) Gorgeous quilt!

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