a week of emotions

Phew…….emotions are running high with me at the moment. And it’s like a rollercoaster. Last thursday I had a great night out with retro daddy………..dumplings and shopping. Two of my favourite things to do. In the early hours of Friday it was a serious low point and as the day progressed I had my very first moment where I thought I could walk away from this. Just switch off the blog and walk away. I’ve never had a moment like that before but it was awful. I felt sick about it all day, didn’t eat (until dinner when I realised how hungry I was) and had to seriously think why. Why do people have so much hate for me and what I do. I mean it is unbelievable the lengths that people will go to and they see no wrong in it, there is no accountability, no name or photo to what they say, what they google and share in their free time. The things written about my beautiful baby girl, the suburb where I live, my weight according to photos (am I underweight or overweight or pregnant) and so on….they just keep going…nothing is off limits to these people.

I don’t know what the direction of my blog is or what it will look like next year. Elodie is off limits. You don’t just say things like I knew from the moment I saw a photo of her as a baby that something was wrong and I made my husband come and look at the computer to confirm it for me. Why did it take her 3 years. I mean who writes that stuff. But then it just got worse.

At the end of the day there are tens of thousands of good readers. So many beautiful people out there. And at the end of the day I have a beautiful family and life and I live for them. I am 100% devoted to my family from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed….and get woken by a little person and get them back to sleep. That is my life. And I share it because it inspires others and because people relate. I’m not perfect but I’m a good person. I prayed about what I could do or say about this and everything came back to turn the other cheek. To love your enemy. That wasn’t working for me last Friday. Or Sunday. Or today.  Trust me….I’m working on it.

And my mind can’t get around the fact that our kids today have a problem with cyber bullying and yet mothers are doing it to other mothers. How on earth can we protect and teach our kids about how to deal with it when mothers are doing it. If it is hard for an adult to be on the receiving end then imagine someone who doesn’t have the same maturity or perspective trying to deal with this kind of hate. I don’t understand. I can’t even comment on the facebook posts where there is hate for a woman posing after a baby in her swimsuit. Who cares. Don’t leave your insults about her. It doesn’t concern you. We are turning into nasty people because we have no face on the internet.

I threw myself into family life this week. Bursting with pride over preschool reports, helping with the school concert and dressing the kids and seeing my gorgeous girl perform, seeing my big boy go up a level in swimming after a short time and just hanging out at home with a bit of craft and the kids. Whatever happens I’ve got a great life and if that upsets you or makes you want to spew out your hate then I think the something that is wrong is with you. Not me. Life is too short to spend your time on the internet concerning yourself with me…..you worry about your own life and your own kids and you leave the rest to me. What is that saying about watering the grass on your own lawn…….something like that.

Oh and the universe is funny…..this week I was contacted by a popular magazine for an interview and I went up a tier with my agency. Life really is about the highs and lows………….and my week has been all about that.


  1. Joanne Hutchison says:

    I could not read and not leave a message. Let them stew in their own juices. As you say, they are the ones with the problem, not you, and certainly not your children. You are doing a great job, keep on doing it and everything will turn out right. As for Elodie, she has a Mummy and Daddy who love her very much. You will get to to the bottom of this and you will get your answers. She is a gorgeous little girl as are all your children. Don’t walk away though. I for one, love reading about your day. Chin up xx

  2. Oh Corrie my heart goes out to you.xx You are such a wonderful giving person with your blog and you truly inspire me. I love what you wrote tonight, the honesty with what you shared. I cannot beleive how nasty some woman can be. I have seen it first hand this year at school. It became so bad that I just thought that’s it Im done with friendships no more. Got so hurt that I wanted to shut down. In the end I didn’t but just had to cut out the people who weren’t right for me. In this day and age people say things on a post that they may never say to your face. You have a beautiful family and a big heart. Family does come first and we to need to protect them. Bless you Corrie xx

  3. Corrie, I am a long time reader but first time commenter.
    Your a wonderful wonderful mum an inspiration to me and many many others.
    Ignore the negative comments and focus on the good i know this is much more easily said than done.stay strong.

  4. Oh Corrie I was speechless reading your latest blog post – it never fails to amaze me the awful things people will say on the internet that they wouldn’t dream of saying to you in person. It’s hard to turn the other cheek, especially when the comments are about your family, but I love reading about your family, your crafting, your life – please don’t give up!!!!! I get awful comments on my blog and emails too and I used to get really upset, but now I just delete them and think they’re the ones with the problem. Please please keep blogging!!! :)

  5. Aisling O'Toole says:

    Hi Corrie I don’t usually comment on things but I just really wanted to lend you my support! My mum always said to me people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! I whole heartedly believe in this and that also if you don’t have anything nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all :-) You are an inspirational person and I enjoy all your posts your blog is just that yours and don’t let anyone ruin it on you!

  6. anne seery says:

    Corrie, I’m sorry that this is happening to you. You deserve the utmost respect and you have my admiration. It’s an absolute joy to read about all the wonderful things you are doing with your life and your gorgeous family. Please maintain your safety and your sanity. Lotsaluv xxxxxxxx

  7. Oh Corrie what a week you’ve had!!!im sure I will be only one of many people to tell you how wonderful your blog is and how much I enjoy reading about you and your beautiful families adventures. I too cannot understand why people feel the need to judge and pass comment on other peoples lives. Please take heart Corrie that your blog touches many people and I am one mum who, though are lives are totally different thoroughly enjoys reading your blog. I must also add I used your rocky road recipe as gifts to the nurses at my daughters chemo and when I said it was retro mummy’s recipe one of the nurses knew exactly who I meant, so Corrie you touch many people from all walks of life. Take care and stay strong

  8. some people can be so mean. sending you love and calming prayers xx

  9. Natalie White says:

    Elodie is beautiful, i am very encouraged by her progress, i messaged you and you gave some some wonderful advice about my little boy. We are now in the process of being able to know what is wrong with him. So please keep writing you are an inspitation

  10. And this is the reason so many of your readers love what you do Corrie. So beautifully written.

    It is truly worrying the world our children are growing up in today. You are so right about some of the things people say online today and with no accountability whatsoever. The best we can do is to raise our own children with the goodness, kindness and love to realise how wrong it is.

  11. Sorry to hear this is happening, I do hope it will stop. It worries me the direction our society is heading in, best wishes to you and your family

  12. Corrie it sadden me to read your post please hold your head up high, you are a wonderful mother and wife. You have inspired me and many others, I love your blog I look forward to your every post! May god bless you and your beautiful family.
    P.S I bought my first sewing machine I have you to thank for that, and I don’t know how to sew yet, booking a class for next year. :-)

  13. Hi Corrie,
    I also read your blog and have never made a comment.
    Very sad to read

  14. I too could not read this and not post a response. I really do feel saddened that someone could be deliberately hurtful to you and your family.
    Dont stop Corrie, and dont change a thing, never never let bullies win xx

  15. Karen Blount says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter from across the pond. The world is a mean place, but it’s their problem, not yours. I know you aren’t fishing for compliments but you are doing an awesome job. I’ve raised two kids and have one grand baby with another on the way. We all make mistakes. There aren’t manuals that come with these little people. Hold you head high and keep on keeping on. I for one really enjoy reading your blog.

  16. You are amazing! And your beautiful family is aMaZInG!!!! I wish you a wonderful Christmas, and, lots of crafty time!! You deserve it :))) x Take care and God bless.

  17. Don’t stop blogging!
    I love reading your blog and think its wonderful.
    I’m sorry people are awful. I guess they are just missing out on something in their own lives and want to brink you down to their level.
    You are great just the way God made you and you are doing a stellar job being mama to all those kids!

  18. wow its so upseting what people will do! like so many others long time reader first time commenter. I have followed your blog since doing a sewing class of yours years ago in the notebook days! i’m now living in Germany with my family and look forward to dipping into your blog when i can. All i can say is that the generous way you share your life with us has allowed me to feel supported, have a laugh, and share a common interest of crafting with you in your blog. Your so right when you reflect on how mothers post such hateful things and yet we are trying to protect our children from the same. I think of someone sitting in their home spending their time writing vile words to hurt and I know that they are the ones with family and personal issues. Not you and your wonderful family. Keep sharing if it is right for you and try and remember all of the readers like me out there who get so much from your blog!

  19. Hi Corrie,
    You are a really gorgeous person. I have met you in real life and you are as sweet in person as you are online. You are genuine, your are kind, thoughtful and generous.
    Like everyone you are blessed in some ways (your beautiful home) and have it tougher in others. (your dear mum). I know how hard you work to achieve your goals and I admire your ethics and stamina.
    Im sorry someone has upset you with ridiculous and thoughtless comments.
    Ive been with you since before Elodie and would never have guessed she was having a few challenges unless you mentioned it. She’s so freaking adorable!
    Chin up lovely lady, sadly some people suck but rest assured they are paying for it in their sad and bitter lives
    god bless xx

  20. Corrie my eyes are all blurry with tears now as I write my comment to you. I couldn’t read your post today and not leave a comment. I’m so, so very sad to know that someone could be so vindictive. So cruel to you and your beautiful family. So cruel to anyone for that matter! You are such a good person. You’ve got such a kind heart. You strike a cord with so many of us, your trusty readers :-) everyday and make us think that we can try to bake that, or sew that! You’re kids are absolutely gorgeous and shame on anyone who dares badmouth someone else’s family. ” Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye and not notice the log in your own”. Keep your family close to your heart and don’t let these sad people slow you down, you’re doing just fine xx

  21. Hi Corrie, I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with this. I agree, the Internet gives people a faceless forum to say awful things. I will never understand how women, especially mothers, can be such bullies. It makes you wonder what a miserable life some people lead that they feel the need to pull other people down in such a hurtful and cowardly way. I have no idea what’s been going on, but I can imagine. I can’t believe people think they have the right to say anything negative about sweet little Elodie.

    I first came across your blog a few years ago when I was going through the most difficult time in my life. It was such a blessing for me to see that happy families still existed. It was the little bit of sunshine I needed at the time. I love your outlook – you keep things real but in a positive way.

    I pray that no matter what direction you go with your blog, that you are able to find the perfect balance for you and your family. Also that you’re able to continue to rise above whatever negativity has been aimed at you.

    Love & blessings
    Jasmine xx

  22. Susan leach says:

    You a such a positive person, well done on a great blog. Try and ignore the bad stuff. You have a beautiful family and I wish you all a beautiful Christmas and happy holidays

  23. oh my God,Corrie…my heart is breaking for you.you are such an amazing person..so inspiring to so many people..xoxo

  24. Please don’t stop blogging. I love your inspiration and uplifting thoughts. I have found that people are very mean right now. I believe they are jealous. I have who I thought was a blog friend come down on me about every area of my life, I was moving and she said I was lazy, never did anything, had no follow through and much more that I will not repeat. I don’t dislike her now but she did hurt my feelings which I’m sure knowing that would thrill her. She went through her tough times and I walked with her through them. But come my time she laid me out good. We are no longer in contact thank goodness. Do as you have been. Many of us love you and find so many neat ideas on your blog. Hugs….just in case you need one. Bless you.

  25. Hi Corrie. I’ve been reading your blog for several years but i never write. I’ve always thought that it was very brave of you to show all your life and family in such details. I think that if a person lets other people so far into their private life, this very person MUST be well prepared for nasty comments. There will always be people who are envious, letting their complexes and unsuccessfull lifes out in such a way. I guess it’s very unpleasant to read such things, but you shouldn’t take it so close to your heart. You mustn’t LOVE these people. Just wish them all the best (coz they really in need of something good to happen in their lives) and let them go. And if you feel that the comment is a bad one, just stop reading it after you’ve felt it. :)
    You’re great, I like you and your family very much. And i wish i will be at least half that good mom as you are.

  26. Just because you didn’t post about Elodie until recently doesn’t mean you are a lousy mother OR that you missed something for years. It means that you didn’t write about it until recently. That’s called discretion. And I say, “good for you!” We are not required to share every nuance and happening of our life. Even if we desire to, there is no way we can.
    Also, I think you are right. Jealousy and envy fuels most nasty comments. You are an amazing woman with an amazing life AND an amazing blog. Haters will hate-anonomously-any time they can.

  27. Hi Corrie,
    I too have just had tears for you reading this, some people are just so nasty. You do a wonderful job with your beautiful family and you are so well grounded and centred that I just know you will come through this and be stronger. I love your blog – it is the first blog I ever came across (after buying some fabric from you just a couple of weeks before Elodie was born) – and is the ONLY blog I read everyday despite having discovered many other fantastic blogs. I am sending you love and prayers across the wire to help you get through this,
    Allie xoxo

  28. Liz Sparkes says:

    I have never commented on a blog before. I am a 62 year old mother of 4 and Grandma to 6. I love reading your blog you are an amazing wife and mother. I did not work after I had my children, gave all time to them they are four amazing adults with good jobs and wonderful families. Please do not feel bad, sad, unhappy people who make negative comments have problems in their own lives. Your children are happy (looking at your photos) your husband is an amazing hard worker and you are a loving caring mother. Have a great Christmas and New Year ignore the negative people.

  29. Cheer up, Corrie!

    When I am feeling frustrated, distracted or just need to get my mind clear, I always turn to reading your blog. Your sharing of simple daily life helps to calm and balance.

  30. Hi. I’ve been a long time reader not much of a commenter but I had to say something to this post. I love your blog. Your daughter, Elodie, is beautiful and perfect. There are a lot of unhappy people in this world who try to make everyone else unhappy. They are cowards who hide behind their computers… Ignore the negativity. Life is too short. :-)

  31. Andrea Easton says:

    You are inspirational!!!! Don’t forget it :) xx

  32. Never commented here before but I love your blog. I get so inspired to work on crafts when I read it, and love how happy your kids look. Thank you for being such a positive part of my day.

  33. Cheer up miss. Not only should they not worry about your life, but you shouldn’t worry about them :) the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s only green where you water it. Just remember that if you ever think about deleting your blog again :) even if you deleted it, there would be many of people such as myself who would miss you. Or even if you have to, change your blog to a Facebook group so you can moderate who is in it and who isn’t :)
    Have a good day tomorrow as it’s a new one :)

  34. I too never comment but I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog and I am so sorry you have been subjected to nasty and thoughtless comments. I believe it to be pure jealousy. I always tell my kids that there are people out there who try and make themselves look good, by making others look bad. I am afraid you have come across such a person. Please continue to allow us to share your life through your blog Di. x

  35. Oh Corrie, I just long to give you such a great big hug and tell you how much you mean to me and so many others who read your blog. You are truly inspirational and I await your latest postings with eagerness from the other side of the world. don’t give up, or those nasty, faceless people have won.You are doing a fantastic job bringing up your young family. Their smiles and laughter in your photos are a testament to that. There will always be people who are jealous of what you have , but you work hard and give out so much love. Just remember that you have far more cyber friends than you have cyber enemies.

  36. Stuff them! You and your family are inspiring!

  37. Hi Corrie, you are a brave and beautiful lady with the most gorgeous family! Don’t take the horridness of other people to heart (I know…easier said than done), but their comments say a lot more about them as a person than it does you. Don’t stop blogging as you give me a lot of pleasure and inspiration when you share through your words and photos.

  38. Debbie D. says:

    I continue to be amazed at how cruel people can be. This sort of thing happens on Facebook, too. All you can do is chock it up to these people being just plain mean. And they have no meaningful life, apparently. Otherwise, why would they feel compelled to tear someone else down?

  39. Oh Corrie, you deserve so much more than what is being dished to you. You have the most amazing energy and I love visiting your blog so much. And you are right it is bullying…………anon commenters are nothing but cowards. Stay happy and strong, with your beautiful family beside you. They are what matter the most. xoxo

  40. Sounds like a tough week. My kids and I talked about your post and the issue of nasty comments online. It’s sad you know because it takes time and care to create a blog like yours. You’ve made a huge investment here, and it only takes 30 seconds for a thoughtless unkind person to do so much damage.

    I wish I knew the right answer. Doesn’t it seem like people have lost all of their manners? One reason that I don’t blog is because I don’t have a strategy for dealing with negative comments. It does seem to be a common occurrence online and you are not alone in your frustration or hurt feelings.
    Some people block all anonymous comments. Others create private blogs with password protection. Some people seem to just have a thick skin and don’t let themselves be bothered. I don’t know if I could get to the place of not caring, but maybe caring the way you do Corrie is what makes you a successful blogger in the first place.

    All in all, I hope that the positives outweigh the negatives and that you will continue to post. We can’t control what other people do or say but we can let them own what they are doing, and choose to live the life we want to anyway.

  41. I discovered your blog about a year ago and have been an avid reader since. I love your style of writing, the diversity of the subjects you cover and the stories you share about your lovely family. You are absolutely right when you say that it is those who write the hurtful comments who have the problem and not you.

    I agree that the anonymity of the web seems to encourage some people to try and see just how nasty they can be, safe in the knowledge that they can’t be held accountable.

    It is so easy to say rise above it and turn the other cheek (and if it was only comments about you you might be able to do that) but when they start targeting your family that changes everything.

    Just try and take some comfort in the knowledge that there are far more people out there who enjoy your blog and love the stories of your family you share.

  42. Corrie,
    As a fellow mother of millions of kids (yes somedays it feels like I have millions) I love reading your blog, you keep it real. Keep up what you are doing which is being a lovely mum to your gorgeous kids. Xx

  43. Corrie, this is just so sad and my heart breaks for the hurt you are experiencing. In the real world you could and would quickly distance yourself from a person or people like this but unfortunately in the cyber world some people think that because they are hiding behind a mask they can get away with saying anything. Clearly they have never heard of the old saying…”if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Keep doing what you are doing. The vast, majority of people are all there with you and loving what you do as demonstrated by all the comments you receive when you bring up various issues. The support you give to people and visa versa is fantastic and everyone learns so much from each other. You and Retrodaddy are doing an amazing job with your beautiful family. Continue to hold your head high, your values in life are impeccable, unlike the person behind the mask. x

  44. Jemima Champion says:

    Hi Corrie,
    I find it difficult to understand why people feel the need to make mean comments on other people’s lives,. I love your blog and love reading about your family. You inspire me to bake more and get back into my craft and sewing. As a parent of a child with a disability I understand how hard it is when people think they know all about it. Please keep writing your blog. I love hearing about Elodie’s achievements – I know how much work for both of you goes iinto them.

  45. Constanze says:

    Dear Corrie,
    I am possibly one of your most distant fans – from Germany! I have never commented any of your posts before, but every evening when my 2 kids are in bed, the very first thing I do is check your blog, even if its only for 30seconds. Your blog is like a big bunch of flowers to me. I have never met a person or a Blogger in the whole world who has such a positive attitude about live at home and motherhood. I think we love you all just because you are such a loving and honest Person, who does not pretend to be super perfect in every detail, but thats the reason for that you are “perfect” to us.
    Please ignore those silly People and go on just as you did.
    Many Greetings from Germany!!

  46. Ditto what everyone else said! Sending support and love

  47. the cyber bully… I love how rude we’ve become and not only just on line but in real life too. The internet is a wonderful tool, it is also really evil and powerful. It gives power to people who think they deserve it. You have a plan and 6 people who adore you and thousands who admire you. You are an amazing mother, wife and individual!

    You are AMAZING Corrie, I’m lucky to be able to share your life, the high’s and the low’s, the blue knickers, the GF baking and the hopes and dreams you have for your family.

    How you do what you do in the hours you have to do them is beyond me. I don’t think you’d know how to do nothing. I struggle doing nothing and my life is a fraction of yours.

    That little girl of yours is one special child. I have said it before and will say it again, she has been here before and will make you so proud. She has been sent for a reason yet to be disclosed. Your faith and love will bring that to light all in good time.

    God Bless you and yours Corrie. A big hug and a smile to you from me, with love xx

  48. Hi Corrie, I don’t usually comment either, but I have to add to all the above comments to tell you that your blog is such an inspiration for me with my little family. I love reading how you still make the effort to take your family to Mass – I’m finding it hard enough with my two little boys!
    Those people who only have time to write negative things will not get very far in life, your life is already so much richer than theirs and God will certainly bless you for all that you do. Sharing your life on this blog is God using you to help others and bless them in turn.
    Thank you!

  49. Hi Corrie,
    I am sad to read that you have been having a very hard time recently. You are the first blog I read every morning and often just like to check you out before I go to bed each night! I love hearing about your life!!! There is no b…sh.. about you-you are true and sincere. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and there are some nasty people out there. Yes, you are right the internet and facebook are faceless. I don’t do facebook-just happy to make a comment via a blog or two.
    Keep up the great work and enjoy the run up to Christmas!

  50. Hi Corrie, I am a new follower of blogs and after searching yours was the one I chose to follow because of your fresh open, honest way of communicating. Already have (adapted, you gave me confidence to try) peppermint bark & rocky road in fridge ready for Christmas gifts, have sent some of your gluten free recipe posts to a friend working this issue out. (But when showing others directed them to your blog)
    I have heard it takes 3, 50, 100, or 1,000 positive affirmations to outweigh a negative. Words do hurt, especially when you are a caring soul. Please be encouraged in your journey as you overcome this pain…….

  51. I think with the internet being ‘faceless’ we have lost the rule ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything nice at all’ people think as they are not saying it to your face it isn’t bad. Corrie ignore the haters. What they fail to realise that you are showing snippets of your life – the good parts. Do they think you want to show the ‘ugly’ parts when you deal with, like every other parents, sickness, tantrums and meltdowns. Don’t let a couple of ‘want-to-be high school mean girls’ ruin your life or your business. Elodie, such a beautiful girl. Yes she may have her issues, but that means she just deserves more love from everyone.

  52. Congratulations on moving up a tier with your agency. That shows how beautifully you write and how much your readers love reading your blog.
    I look at your 5 children and see how loved they are and how happy they are. It’s no ones business except the retro family about anything else. You are doing what is best for your beautiful family and yourself.
    I myself have endured a difficult week questioning people’s lack of compassion and Christmas spirit. I have faith though that the majority of people are kind caring people.
    May I wish you a fabulous weekend with your divine family. I for one love your blog and from one mum of two to you, a mum of five; I salute you.

  53. Nicole hall says:

    Hi corrie, what can I say but sorry we live in a world where we are slaves to our sinful natures. You have your trials, but your beautiful blog is designed to lift us all, and makes you an easy target. Forgive those of us who envy your highs, without seeing the full depths of your lows. Thank you for sharing your journey with elodie, I know others with similar trials, and the hope they live in that those fears will be unrealised as development milestones are unreached. She should be off limits for criticism, I will be praying that the right people can find the dignity to apologise to you and your family. All the best for your continued successes, ignore the critics,


  54. Corrie, you are amazing, a wonderful mother and an inspiration to us all. I don’t normally comment but just needed to send you my love and wanted to thankyou for your blog and all the effort you put into it. If only more people in the world were like you. xo

  55. Corrie, I read your blog everyday and have never commented. Your children delight me even though I have never met them, your recipes inspire me, even though I have never made any of them, your design and decorating skills encourage my own and your quilting and knitting give me new ideas, your faith reminds me that I need to be my resolute with mine and your poignant posts about your family and loss of loved ones give me strength. Please know that you touch many lives, even ones who sit quietly in the background.

  56. Stuff them! I know easier said than done but as you point out you are the good person here. I hope for your sake you believe in karma. Obviously their jealousy of you is oozing out in the form of hatred. You have to pity them. I hope you have strength to go on and rise above them as we all enjoy your blog immensely. Let’s face it, those so called haters love it too otherwise you just wouldn’t read it would you. Oh and for the record, we need more stringent laws on cyber bullying.

  57. You are beautiful, Corrie. All our love.

  58. I too am a long time reader and first time commenter on your blog. I love your blog it provides me with inspiration and light every day. I think my hubby thinks I am a Retro Mummy groupie when I serve him up a caramelised onion tart here or I randomly say things like “Retro Mummy loves Trenery too”.

    Through your blog you have become a friend I am yet to meet but already admire very much

    Congratulations on the blog and your success at the agency


  59. That is just truly heartbreaking and terrible and yes I too have been posse’d upon by mothers who attack very restlessly and insidiously…..I’ve called them on it when they won’t stop but sometimes the only relief is to shrink back into the shadows…whatever you decide you will have our admiration and support…beautiful family, beautiful mummy and gorgeous blogger x

  60. Corrie, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. You’re a good person, and these are nasty people. Everyone has opinions and is entitled to them, but there is no need to put nasty opinions in writing. It is only intended to hurt, and adults should know better. I’m sure this isn’t the kind of behaviour that they would want to encourage their children to engage in. Much love to you all xx

  61. Oh Corrie, how horrible for you!! I find the issue of cyber bulling and inappropriate commenting the hardest and ugliest part of social media! Such a cowardly thing to do…. Hide behind your words…. Argh makes me so sad and angry how ignorant some people are. I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE ready your journey through life. You are an inspirational lady and mumma! Take comfort that there are many more who love you! Xx

  62. Beautifully written. I also don’t understand how some people can be so cruel to each other, sometimes the internet has a lot to answer for. You are right about the internet being a faceless society and makes it easier for people to criticise each other but what they don’t see is the hurt they cause others. I think your blog is wonderful and you are a devoted to your family 100%, I also enjoy seeing your posts everyday on here and facebook. Keep up the good work Corrie and I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas :-)

  63. Hi Corrie, as I’m reading this post I am hearing the lyrics of Jewel’s ‘Hands’on my Christmas music. The words are particularly poigniant for you I think at the moment, if you have a chance to listen to it will uplift you :-) Warm hugs Corrie, Jetts ox

  64. Dear Corrie,
    I am so saddened to hear about all this hateful stuff and I’m even more sad to say that I’m not surprised. If I didn’t like something about your blog or your weight or your parenting or your suburb, I’d unsubscribe – no one is forcing me to read it. I wish these awful bullies would do the same rather than hurting you with their vile words.

    As for me, I really look forward to your blog & wish only the best for you, retro daddy and your gorgeous 5.

    May His peace be with you,
    fee xx

  65. Hi Corrie, Its really sad you’ve had to go through this. What I love about your blog the most is your positive attitude and can-do approach. I can’t sew or knit (wish I could!) but I was particularly inspired by your positive attitude during Elodie’s diagnosis, which understandably you’ve chosen to keep private. Your attitude during this difficult time and your enormous love for her really encouraged me. Its a shame you can’t inspire other parents in the same situation because of internet haters. Congratulations on going up a level and the magazine interview. You really deserve it.

  66. It saddens me the direction society is taking and the lack of community spirit evident in some people. Reading your blog is part of my day, a very happy and good part, please don’t stop because of a small minded few. Though your blog I found ravelry, another daily love, learned about the thermomix, went to a demo last night and came home happy that finally I have purchase one and look forward to its delivery, have decided that making yogurt could be fun and easy so off to buy an easiyo today. Mostly though I just love reading about your beautiful family and your life as a stay at home mum. As one myself I love how real and honest you are. Please don’t stop writing about any of your beautiful children, they are each their own gorgeous individuals with great personalities and Elodie makes me smile, even on a sad day, she is just a beautiful loving little girl. People to often try and to project the image that everything is perfect and the reality is far from it, people love your honesty Corrie and admire your commitment to your family. Merry Christmas

  67. Sadly these people have nothing better to do. We need to not give them what they want and that’s a reply. If you stand up and defend yourself to them it just gives them more ‘amo’ so to speak. If I ever (and I do ) get negative or confrontational comments left on my blog I just delete them. Not give them another thought. I am not giving them what they want so they move on to someone else, sadly.

    Stay true to you and your family. You are doing everything to the best of your ability and you know, that’s all that really matters. Continue to share the joy in your heart. Xx

  68. Oh Corrie…I just want to give you a big bear hug. As much as this blogging caper is about building community, it can also be a very lonely, isolated place. I’m not a mum, not your regular audience, but I know you are a flipping fantastic mum! It’s must be SUCH a hard choice in putting it out there, keeping it in, being real, being true. What a kick in the guts when I know how much work you put into not only your blog but being this fantastic, warm, fun, loving mother. I think you’re so right – it is NOT you with the problem, haters gonna hate, people need to look within themselves when they react or behave like that. To react the way you have to this kind of stuff says more about the beautiful person, blogger and mother you are as well. Hold your head high, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job. Big love xxxxxx

  69. I felt sick as I read your post at how hateful people can be. You are amazing and I LOVE reading your blog, and about your beautiful family. It is deeply upsetting how hard women can be on each other instead of building each other up and finding joy in others happiness. We should be supporting each other, not pulling down. I feel so sad that this is happening to you, I hope you know how many of us think you’re fantastic, you are an inspiration to us. We relate to you, we might not be in the same circumstances, or have the same amount of kids, but the majority of us are happy for you and love looking at your lovely kitchen, perhaps wishing ours was as lovely, but not thinking you don’t deserve it. Thank you for enjoying motherhood, for loving your life, your craft and cooking, you are so positive about it. Thanks for inspiring us.

  70. I too feel the same as other readers have expressed, your blog is great and you are an amazing person! Unfortunately we have become rude both online and in person, online though is so much easier (for cowards), to be mean as it is anonymous.
    The internet has become a blessing and a curse in that regard and I don’t have the answer but things need to change otherwise society, particularly our childrens worlds, will be so negative in years to come
    As hard as it is, keep going and as you rightly not, people who make horrible comments often have something wrong with themselves.

  71. I hope you read all these beautiful comments Corrie! Your blog, your writing, your photos bring so much beauty and happiness to people from all over the world. When I first discovered the world of bloggers, the likes of you and Babymac, I didn’t understand the point of them. Then I started reading….and reading……and reading! Its about sharing your view of the world, the beauty and fun in your everyday lives. Its not always sunshine and roses but as a reader it feels like we share those journeys with you and you with us. And through your pages I have discovered and learnt about so many other beautiful things in the world!

    I often wonder if people like you, Babymac, Edenland, woogsworld etc stop and think about the POSITIVE effect you have on the world. Inspiring others to write, to share their own story, providing a place to escape when you need it, a place to share our joys. I love the way you view the world and your family and it inspires me.

    You ARE a good person, valued by so many and most of all by your family I’m sure. Don’t stop writing!

  72. The amount of beautiful comments you have received shows the beautiful soul you are and the impact on lots of your readers who have commented today for the first time .love always wins

  73. Corrie, congratulations on the progress all of your children have made this year. They are all amazing.
    Congratulations also on the success of your blog and the connection with The Remarkables.
    Hang onto the good and discard the rest. xxxx

  74. This is so prevalent now. I was just saying to my husband yesterday, it seems like every Youtube video I watch there is someone just waiting to leave the nastiest possible comment about it. It’s never warranted – as you say, if you don’t like something, don’t say anything, or if it’s morally wrong either leave a constructive comment or report it to a higher authority. But that doesn’t apply here anyway, does it :)
    I’m glad you shared this, it’s important to talk about things that are happening behind the scenes and perhaps it’s a relief to you just to share the burden.
    I don’t know exactly why people do this, but I do know that modern human behaviour, whether it’s on the internet or in general is a direct result of a society that has left God behind.
    You already know this of course, but it’s good to hear it – your family is beautiful, you’re doing an amazing job and your blog is a great place.
    God bless :)

  75. Sorry you have to go through this.Stay strong and god bless you and your lovely family.

  76. Ann-Michel says:

    sending you heaps and heaps of love. Thank you for what you do.

  77. Dear Corrie, I have been following your blog when you had only 3 children. At first, I too was a little concerned that you put your children’s faces on the internet. But I come to your website everyday (up to 3 times a day). I love reading about your children, I love your knitting, crochet, sewing etc. I am an overweight mother of two, one with severe Autism, I have no energy and am absolutely stunned by how much energy you have and what a great inspiration you are to ALL mothers. I wish I had found your site before I had kids of my own. DO NOT allow some pathetic woman put you down. This person probably stands at their windows watching everyone else live and is seething with jealousy. She wants you to feel upset because she is an emotional vampire. People like this feast off negative emotions. Your life is wonderful and a lot of us are grateful that you share your ups and downs with us. You are not the only woman out there with a website like this. I go to at least 4 other mommy blogs who are just like you, only American and English. Jealousy is a terrible waste of energy and time. I look forward to seeing more about your family as I think your children are hilarious and a lot of fun. Good luck to you and your family for the future.

  78. Don’t concern yourself with someone else’s preoccupations. While it sounds as if you have been subject to more than just “garden variety bile”, in the end some people really obsess about knowing things before anyone else, and perhaps some of the stuff said about lady E is about wanting to come across as some kind of authority and claim that “I’m superior because I knew first”. Yes, because in the end when a child will need special support and love for a lifetime, there is a prize for who picked it first (eyeroll). When you choose to be authentic, instinctive but also beautifully and naturally protective, there will always be things that you keep closer to your heart for a while. Don’t lose that!

  79. 2 words: Fuck ’em!

  80. there is people out there(unfortunately)who have nothing better to do and are so consumed with jealousy and bitterness,please please try and ignore them..you have a beautiful family and i love reading your blog,have for years now,we lead very different lives you and i but something draws me to your blog almost every day,I’m in awe how you manage to do a blog post nearly every day,craft,cook amazing dinners etc etc i have one child and feel i get nothing done:) you inspire me and i love how you mix it up too!! iam certain that you have by blogging about elodie helped so many parents out there and she is gorgeous,you all are!!please don’t stop blogging because of this,if you still have a passion for it you should continue,if you don’t i would totally understand but don’t let the nasties win!!

  81. I feel so sad that people are being so cruel. I love your blog and I truly enjoy reading about your crafts, activities and family. Take care of yourself.

  82. I’m so sorry you are going through this Corrie. As you have said, this person is a bully who must be envious of your life and how happy you (normally!) are. They wanted to hurt you and anybody knows that the way to rip a mothers heart out is to say something unkind about their child. I really don’t know why people like that want to hurt others but unfortunately they do and on the computer is the easiest way to spread their poison. Elodie is a beautiful little girl. Just remember that for every horrible, evil comment there are 100,000 nice ones. It just seems that getting the odd nasty comment is the price you pay for having a popular blog and a happy life – I hope this doesn’t put you off blogging because yours is one of my favourite blogs.

  83. Corrie, I cannot say how upset I am reading this post, and between the lines. You are so blessed with your lovely family and thatis what shines through

  84. I have followed your blog for quite sime time now, but have never commented. I just want you to know that you are an amazing person and I am grateful for all the things you have shared on your blog; I have learned so much from you. Do not take these cruel and mean comments to heart, even though it is difficult to ignore them. I think it is there own misery that makes them try and bring others down. You give so much joy to your family and to others and that is what counts. It is people like you who make a difference in this world and we need more of you.

  85. I’m relatively new to your blog and have never commented on any other blog before, but feel compelled to. Everything you wrote on this post is spot on. This is just cyber bullying. Your life need not concern her. She has a choice to not read your blog. She must be one of those perfect mothers with perfect children and a perfect life who feels the need to judge everybody else.

    To keep you inspired Corrie to continue next year, I want you to know that I enjoy your blog, even though I am probably the exact opposite! I can’t knit, sew, crochet or cook, even though I do enjoy attempting to bake! I work four days a week and have 2 children. My husband does most of the cooking as he finishes work earlier in the day than me. Yet I enjoy reading your blog, and love your recipes (never to difficult or gourmet!). So you obviously appeal to a variety of people! And I enjoy hearing about Elodie, because we all know someone who has a child with special needs (in my case, my cousin) and you never know whether something I read on your blog might help my cousin and her child. But I will understand if Elodie no longer features on your blog. Like you say, children are off limits.

    Keep up the great work, as a mum and a blogger. Your achievements speak for themselves.

  86. Don’t give their negativity the victory Corrie. You are doing a great job with your blog and keeping it real rather than just showing the high points is very important. You are a great inspiration to so many people. Hold onto your faith. Stay strong and don’t take their negativity to heart. They are the ones with the problem not you. Keep up the good work with your family and your crafts and blog.

  87. Good on you for speaking out and making a stand. Small minded people are drawn to making small minded comments, so let it go. I reckon a mother-of-the-year award should be up there alongside that magazine interview! Well done you!! mwah heather x

  88. Your blog was the very first one I started reading all those years back and still today it is the one I love the most and look forward to reading each day. This is also my first comment but I wanted to let you know that you are inspiring and to turn your cheek to the negative jabs, as you said it’s their issue not yours. From one mother to another x

  89. Oprah always said, Never look over the fence and think I want a life like that, I wish I had a fancy car or house. Live your own life to the fullest be kind to everyone you meet as you might need them one day.
    Stand proud of yourself, only you know your life. You give us just a part of it everyday, and I Love to read all about it.
    You are a wonderful mother and wife and blogger.

  90. Small minded people are just idiots. You are an amazing mother, blogger and woman.

  91. Cyberbullying has come to an all new low lately. I watch a lovely family on Youtube called the Sacconejolys and the things cyberbullies say to them is beyond horrible (wishing harm on their child, reporting them to welfare etc). I agree it is because the anonymity of the internet creates a feeling of security for them. Disgusting.

    Anyway, I love your blog and how honest and positive it is! Happy Holiday :)

  92. Corrie, I am one of the ten thousand or so who read your blog as part of our weekly/daily routine. The pleasure and joy it gives to hear you talk about your beautiful family, your life, your trials, your tribulations and your faith. It makes us all feel that we too are normal. Stand tall with the quiet firm dignity you possess and know that everything you do and say is for the right reasons and with the best of intentions.

    There are always people out there that we will never get on with, we used to call them bullies in the playground. Now they just use the internet and resources like Facebook etc as their playground. Delete their comments, and just ignore them as you would have in the playground.

    Always remember who you are, where you have come from and how you want to step forward. Those that love you will take you there. The rest don’t matter.

    Share what you are comfortable with and not a penny more!! We may want more, but it’s your family.

  93. Corrie,
    So sorry you are going through this. Sending you much love today.

  94. Denise Thomas says:

    Corrie sending hugs your way. You are doing a wonderful job with your family, don’t let the “knockers” get you down. They just have nothing better to do, so must lead a dreadfully boring life.
    Mega Hugs,

  95. David Chapman says:

    Hi Corrie
    Don’t let the negativity of others bring you down. These people have nothing better to do with their time but be critical of other people’s efforts. It is like complaining about a TV show or Movie that you don’t like. If you don’t like it, change the channel. If you don’t like someone’s blog – DON’T READ IT!
    As they say, “haters gonna hate”. Don’t let yourself be dragged down to their level.
    People who actually know you, know you are a good person. People who don’t know you, don’t know you.
    Keep up the good work as a wife, mother and blogger.

  96. I’m so sorry to hear about the lows in your week. It’s incredible how vicious some people can be, however, as you said, there is something wrong with them and not you. I love reading your blog and I think you’re very brave and generous in sharing all you do with your readers. I love to grab a coffee and have a few minutes to myself reading your blog. Try and focus on all of these positive comments instead :)

  97. Fashionista says:

    Dear RetroMummy and your lovely RetroFamily,

    I love reading your blog, seeing your family grow up, cooking your recipes that you share, wishing I could knit, peeking into your blogger outings.

    I hope the support shown here gives you spirit to keep on keeping on. These trolls are tools and you know what, every dog has it’s day, I am a fervent believer in karma.

  98. Oh Corrie!
    I don’t read your blog much these days, as I’m in a different stage of life with all our 5 out of the nest (and having babies of their own!) I come back every few months to check in and see how you are all doing. I’ve known you from your very first blogpost when I lived in Sydney too, even before Keira was born and I’ve delighted in how your family has blossomed. I was so saddened but not surprised to see this post. You have a nice life in one of the best cities in the world, your standard of living is great and your children get everything they need. It is indeed a beautiful life.

    You have both made good choices and should be applauded not criticised. We all make choices in our lives, I think these people may be trying to justify their own bad decisions. I believe people who say hurtful things do so because they hurt inside and putting others down makes them feel better. I hope that they find the help they need to heal.

    Have a wonderful Christmas my dear x x x

  99. You truly are an inspiration Corrie. I have followed your blog for over a year and amazed what you can fit into one day of your very busy life. With 3 children I can only do half of what you do! I absolutely love your blog, please don’t stop! Cyber bullying is awful, and you of all people don’t deserve it. If only you could find out who hurt you so much. Forget about them and move on. Life is far too short. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas, you have thousands of admirers and I’m a big one! I’ve never commented before, but felt compelled to do so. Sending my best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. X

  100. Hi Corrie,

    I’m also an avid reader but rarely comment. So sorry to hear about the negative comments. I really enjoy reading your blog and you have inspired me to do some lovely sewing for my children and also some yummy baking. Thanks for sharing your blog, I hope you continue. xx

  101. Hi Corrie,

    Some people are just shits!!! What goes around comes around. Look at all the positive responses you have gotten. Keep on blogging.

  102. Kylie Bowers says:

    Hi Corrie
    I am a reader of your blog and take great inspiration from you and your energy. So much so that I started to believe I was capable of having a third baby and am blessed to have fallen pregnant. Life is so complex now and busy and it is so sad that the sisterhood of caring and supporting can be destroyed by negative, nasty keyboard warriors. Im so sorry your week has been so low, hugs, Kylie

  103. Corrie,
    There is so much I could say to you, but I will try and make it short. Reading your blog makes me happy. You have changed, for the better, how I look at things. Your energy is inspiring. Your children are precious. I am a teacher and when I read what you wrote about the twin’s report cards made me think of the power I have as a teacher to uplift or tear down. I know we have never met, but I feel like I could come for tea and have so much to share with you. I know it is hard to tune it out. I recently had a celebrity (I have his son) go on the radio and the internet and call me names. I cried for 12 hours. He didn’t think I would read it. Imagine a teacher with a radio and internet. It hurts. I check in on your everyday. Please know you make a difference.
    With appreciation,

  104. Corrie I’m so sorry to hear that this happened. I love reading your blog – your life is very different to mine but I love your recipes, seeing the reno’s, reading about your gorgeous kids and most of all just your beautiful positive attitude towards life. Haters are gonna hate and it’s awful but, as one of my BFF’s said to me a long long time ago… Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  105. So sorry also to hear how you have been treated. Your blog inspires and illumines and makes me want to become a better person. Far more good in this world than crap. Best wishes and please keep sharing.

  106. You may not get to read this comment as I’m way down the list of people who believe in you and your blog. I would certainly understand if you did walk away but then that would satisfy the bullies. I love to read about your lovely family and crafts.

  107. Hi Corrie,

    As a new mum I have just started reading your blog and enjoy it every week. What an amazing family you have and positive attitude to life. Keep up the great work! As a strong believer in karma, the negative vibes others have will come back to them in the end… Stay positive :)

  108. liveseygirl says:

    Corrie, the way you parent Elodie (and your other lovelies) is an inspiration. No parent wants their child labelled without just cause. It’s all about balancing help with balancing individual development. I hope you carry on writing but I know you will make the decision that is right for your family. Thank you for always taking the time to reply to emails and for opening your heart and home to all your readers x

  109. Stuff them Corrie, I am so angry for you. I understand your feelings, I too was bullied & stalked through my blog & decided to stop blogging, so I understand your consideration of that step. It is no one’s right to intentionally & maliciously hurt another. You do what is right for your family, there is nothing wrong with how you have approached your life & those of your children & as a mum of a special needs child those who make disparaging comments are ignorant, these children are gifts who bring more to our lives than can possibly be imagined. Shove off bullies.

  110. It never ceases to amaze me how horrible people are… I am sorry to hear that you have been the victim of such nastiness. ps Elodie is gorgeous!

  111. This post made me teary… and then furious! Like you say, it is bullying and hiding behind online anonymity – I just don’t understand how anyone can think it is ok to try and make other people feel awful. You are so generous with what you share, and I am sure it helps and inspires so many readers. So sad that this is what comes with success these days. All the best to your beautiful family.

  112. Oh Corrie, I have been following your blog for a while now and think you are an absolutely amazing person! You have a beautiful little family and it’s sickening how these people put you down. How dare they:( you carry on the way you are, there is so much love and support out there for you. Take care lovely lady and I look forward to many more blog updates of your amazing family xx
    Vicky (NZ)

  113. Hi Corrie

    Read you post earlier this morning and am still shaking my head. I only have on 16yo daughter and I find it hard. How you have all 5 of your children up and out the door each morning astonishes me. There are times that I am in awe of what you do with renovating and such, I would be in a heap on the ground. They are so jealous that they have to lash out with such trash. It’s just so unfortunate that they are teaching their children that this is the way to deal with social media.

    We have a couple of family members that are bullies, which hurts more when you are related to them (in-laws only thankfully!!!). After a lot of professional (psycological) help we have overcome it. As horrible as it sounds it has been so much better for myself, huband and daughter just to cut them off completely. The fire is extinguised and I now hold my head high as I pass them in the street. There lies are slowly coming back to bit them but we still just say northing because they are showing others what they are truly like.

    You obviously cant cut them off but hold you head high and know in your heart that what you do works for you and be proud of yourself and your beautiful family.

  114. Hi Corrie just wanted to add my support to all the hundreds of readers who love your posts and I for one feel better for having read and shared them with friends. I work in the court system and also for a dog rescue group. Have ceased to be amazed by the depths that people can stoop to weather by physical or as in your case mental cruelty and cruelty it is. You can go no lower than attack a woman through her children. I also have 5 kids all grown up now, well they think they are but nothing is more precious to me, the thought of anyone harming them in any way makes me feel like!!! I just can’t describe it. These people will always be there and they always have been. The only scrap of comfort I take is that I think that they are without a doubt very unhappy people indeed. I also make sure I never ever respond or contact them however tempting it may be as it only adds a little more fuel to their poisonous actions. In fact I find that no response often angers them even more. I used to think it was unbelievable that someone would make death threat to someone who is rescuing animals from cruelty, It can be a sad world but it can also be beautiful so please don’t stop your blog as this makes the haters get one more victory!!!

  115. Bollyknickers says:

    Hi Corrie – I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years- I found you whilst researching Hamptons kitchens and stayed because I like your style. I have never commented before but today i could not remain a lurker.

    Why do people feel the need to post mean comments? it is really very simple- if you don’t like a blogger then just don’t visit their blog! Nasty commenters need to take a good look at themselves and ask why they feel the need to make someone else miserable- and if that makes them feel good, they really do need to get themselves booked in for some therapy!

    Corrie- you must do what feels right for you and your family. But speaking as the mother of a now grown up daughter who had special needs I think we need people like you getting the message out that having a child with additional needs is not the end of the world. Being happy and fulfilled and having the time and energy to do craft in addition to caring for five children is a positive message and why anyone would want to crush that is beyond me.

  116. As with a lot of others, long time reader, first time commenter. I was saddened to read your blog post this morning. As you stated these sort of horrible bullying comments come from people’s own insecurities and jealousies. Don’t let them win. You do a great job!

  117. Hi Corrie, it’s so sad that people feel the need to bring down someone they don’t even know, someone who only ever has kind things to say and obviously dotes on her family. I wholeheartedly agree with the other kind comments posted here. It’s a brave thing to write honestly about the highs and lows of raising a family, especially a large one, and you have many, many loyal readers who love what you write and pop in to see what you have been up to. I hope your bad experience was a one-off event and that person never returns. The internet blogging world is huge, so if you don’t like a blog, you just don’t read it! No one is forcing you to. I for one love your blog and hope you don’t let this experience stop you from doing what you love doing. Fortunately you can switch off the internet and take comfort from your family and the real world you live in. I’m glad your week ended on a high. I still have to conquer all of our costumes for the school concert next week and I’m looking forward to spending time at home with my kids these holidays. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

  118. Hi Corrie. I just wanted to say that of one horrible jealous person out there, there are thousands who love every word you write, every picture you put up, every recipe you try etc. I love your blogs and your amazing family. I am just your normal every day mum but my kids are adults now (18 & 19 years old) and I read your blogs and remember when mine did well at swimming, the pride I felt at their concerts, and I love reading how you view every day life. Please don’t worry about some person who has nothing better to do then try and hurt others. Just remember that you are the better person. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

  119. I was so very sad to read this. I love reading your blog & the incredible love you have for your family always comes shining through. After having a gorgeous little boy in care with us for many years, up until a few years ago, I remember the hurt I used to feel when people judged him or my parenting ability without knowing the full story (because it was none of their business !) People who make nasty comments on the internet are cowards, they do it because they can do so anonymously. I’m sure they would never stand in front of you & say these things because you would probably tell them where to get off (in the nicest possible way of course :) ) I really hope that this can be sorted out & that you will feel able to continue with your blog. I am sure I would not be alone in missing your family if you stopped.

  120. Just pray for her Corrie. The poor woman is just jealous of your success and the closeness you share as a family. It’s a beautiful thing you have and many people aren’t so fortunate.
    As for Elodie, only God knows perfection, and He creates every person for a special purpose, that’s why it is so important to protect life at all of its stages. Elodie is absolutely gorgeous, and I guarantee you, she will be the life blood of you family for ever and ever. You are a very blessed family to have her, but i don’t need to tell you that!
    Good luck responding to all of these messages! (i’m a little jealous too, i’m lucky to get 3! haha)
    Big Squeeze,
    Liv xx

  121. Just a quick thought . . . Have you ever considered hiring a virtual assistant to screen your blog comments before you read them? This could be one way to create a boundary between yourself and the negative posts. Take care.

  122. Love you and your blog Corrie! You have a real gift of writing and encouraging others. Let this person go. They have their issues and its not your burden to take on. I hope you feel encouraged by all the messages from above and how truely loved and valued you are by so many people!! xx

  123. Omg Corrie – I love reading your blog and love seeing your beautiful children and your wonderful life. I only wish that I could have a blog as successful as yours, but more importantly a family as perfect as yours. Haters are going to hate – but it is only because they are jealous. I know it is hard sometimes to read their comments – heck at least there are millions of positive comments … One week I had a hater who left a crappy comment on every post and I had no positive readers comment. Please don’t stop what you do – I enjoy it way too much xo

  124. Dear Corrie.
    I am a mom of 4 daughters living in South Africa ( I also have a set of twins). I have NEVER EVER commented on any blog as I am really pretty backwards when it comes to computers and technology etc (pathetic I know), but even I have been compelled to leave a comment. Quite simply I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. I admire you and your beautiful family more than I could ever say, and so appreciate the effort you make in your busy life to blog everyday and allow us to be part of it. I don’t know quite frankly how you do it, but I am hoping you are able to take a deep breath and put the nasty people out of your mind and just think of us who would so miss your inspirational blog!!
    Much love to you, a perfect stranger, but who I know I would love to meet and would love to know,

  125. I feel your pain sweetheart. A-M xx

  126. Hi Corrie, I love reading your blog in my down time and admire what you achieve as a busy mum of five. You have such a gorgeous little family. I am sorry you have had a rough week and been exposed to such venomous behaviour. The golden rule I teach my first graders….if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! Focus on all the people who you touch and who continue to love reading your blog. Unfortunately not everyone is going to like you for whatever reason but gee there are thousands that do!!

  127. Katherine says:

    They are just mean, sad, nasty people and please try to put them out of your mind as hard as that probably is. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air in a (cyber) world full of nastiness and judgement. I love reading about your cooking, home, craft and seeing those beautiful children – please don’t stop! X

  128. My love and support goes out to you and your family. Keep spreading the love and good feelings!

  129. Some people will say anything when they think they can’t be traced. I read about a girl who found out who had been posting nasty comments about her, and when she confronted them, they were all stunned that she actually read them! It did not occur to them that anyone would be hurt and that makes them pretty stupid in my opinion. I have read your blog for years, since before the twins were born, but I have never commented before. I feel very strongly about this, having a grandchild who is a little older than Keira and I worry about cyber-bullying and what is going to confront these children as they grow older.

  130. I love your blog!
    You are inspiring.
    Your family is gorgeous.
    You’re honest and keep things real :)
    Why some people choose to be horrible is baffling? Why? What do they get out of it? I just don’t get it….

  131. Corrie,
    I read your blog every other day, and I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but just wanted to let you know that I too (like all these other people commenting) love reading your blog.
    Your kindness and dedication to your family shine through your writing. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure will be the right thing for you and your family, but please know your work is appreciated.

  132. I’m so sorry to hear people are sending you such vile messages. They are disgusting! You are a positive, kind and sharing person and an incredible mother. I wish you could somehow block these disturbing messages. I hope you don’t stop blogging…we will miss your lovely blogs xx

  133. I am so sorry you have had such an awful time. Some people can be so nasty and it is shocking how bad the cyber bullying is getting. I love reading your blog, you are an inspiration to me with the way you deal with you children, hobbies and everything really. I have felt so much for you about the eliquent way you have been dealing with lovely little Elodie. I can slightly understand the stress and hard work you have been putting in. My little boy has been struggling with some problems since birth and I to have felt as if I always knew there was something, but getting medical people to believe this can take longer. Anyway chin up, you are doing a fab job. Don’t let them wear you down. Claire

  134. Some people don’t have anything to do but be horrible. I find it unbelievable that anyone would do that, so very sad. I love your blog – the photos, the fashion (I have bought a number of clothes that you have worn including the CR top in this post that I had 4 or 5 compliments about when I wore it this afternoon 😉 ), the recipes which I have tried so of and just generally reading your day to day stuff :-) Please don’t stop blogging xxoo

  135. I really enjoy your blog…and if I didn’t I would just stop reading it. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with such venom, it isn’t right and it isn’t fair. As I tell my girls the best revenge is success….you just keep enjoying your life and your family x

  136. Oh just ignore them,if we let people get to us like that we would never step outside the door,I had a friend once and I mean once,I found out she was winning my boss over just to screw me over,she also joined her son in calling my beautiful clever son names after he won two scholarships in his final year at own school where I work,simply because he was better at school than her son,yep bullying comes from all sources.The elderly lady on the school council suggested it was unnecessary to teach students with disabilities like my son because they were a burden on society. And to say they could see “something was wrong with ” your gorgeous little girl is preposterous,i never would have thought that and I have an autistic boy,I envy you the beautiful little girls you have,considering my brood of boys,chin up my dear,you are and will always be better than them,high five for an awesome blog,keep it up,I look forward to reading your posts!! You inspire me!!!

  137. Corrie – keep smiling and staying positive. You are a good example of a devoted mother, wife and contributing member of the community. You are fantastic at expressing a lot of the things other people also feel. Forget the negative and those that are not worthy of the emotional turmoil that they spread around. I love your family, your communication ability and your honesty. Someone once told me “Remember that the One who knows you best, loves you most” and pass it on in prayer….as you have done too.

  138. Corrie please dont stop blogging about yourself and your beautiful family – as you can see from the barrage of comments you have so many supporters – it’s a shame that one bad egg (or a few) has snuck through and put cracks in your heart and hurt your soul. As someone who has read your blog, stalked your on facebook, shopped from your shop and have been lucky enough to win a prize – your trials, tribulations, recipes, crafts and more have given me so much hope and joys at times it has been overwhelming. You have made me realise it is ok to not get things right, to have picnics in the lounge room floor, pj day is a good day, let the kids get in and play with you and it’s ok to dream and dream and dream. THANKYOU

  139. Oh corrie it’s just good old fashioned jealousy! It amazes me that people can be so horrid but don’t waste your time and tears on negative posters – they really aren’t worth the effort, you have much more interesting things to be getting on with. Like your wonderful blog for starters! I stumbled across your blog recently whilst googling “fourth cesarean” (so far you’re braver than me!) and was immediately hooked. I find your posts about large families, cooking and house renovations totally inspiring and am sure for every single person that has something nasty to say there are hundreds of others who feel inspired too.

  140. Shelley Wong says:

    So sorry for you corrie! But you have so many supporters of your blog and I’ll be so sad to hear if you stopped writing. Please keep going! Like someone else said- your blog is like a bunch of flowers to me everyday:)

  141. Suzie MacKay says:

    Darling Corrie!!! I am sitting at my desk at school. I teach junior high in Chino Hills, California USA. I have never responded to a blog post ever in my life, but HAVE to after your sweet post. I am a mother of 4 boys who are now 21 yrs to 12 yrs old. I have a fabulous husband of almost 25 years who is in law enforcement. I and my family can relate to the fact that people suck. I am so sorry! I have thoroughly enjoyed peeking into your life with your terrific pictures and commentary. I love seeing your delightful children and ‘hearing’ about your Australian life. I have kept a few of your posts to show to friends-whether about the gluten free info or your scrumptious quilt was lovely! And I have been inspired to try recipes, fix my fb banner and I get joy out of watching your young family. I totally understand how hard life can be while your children are young-it is sooo exhausting-but I want to encourage you to persevere and keep the faith. Press on! You CAN do this! Keep living out God’s purposes for you. Gideon only fought a battle with 300 warriors, but with God’s plan they won against a much larger army. You ARE a warrior princess. Thank you for what you do!!!!!!!

  142. I work in the media and people think nothing about phoning and abusing us over the phone. It is part of having a public profile. Fortunately in a newsroom we have the support of each other, but you are on your own Corrie. Just do what we do, delete them and know that they don’t matter in the big picture. Don’t give them another thought. Re the mummy wars, one thing I’ve noticed is other people can be very threatened by someone just being themselves and seem to take it personally when its nothing to do with them. It really is sad that this has developed and the internet has allowed it to thrive. Those of us who can see it for what it is should start banding together to help stop it by supporting other women online even when they are the absolute opposite of what we want to be ourselves, whether its the woman posing with abs a week after giving birth or the attachment parenter or Gwyneth Paltrow being a vegan. Look at all the flack she gets just for being herself and writing about it.

  143. Kathy Woods says:

    Hi Corrie

    I too am a long term reader, but have not commented before now. This is not fair – you do a fantastic job as wife and mother and don’t ever let anyone make you doubt that. People who make unsavoury comments usually have difficulties in their own lives and it is envy based. The best thing you can do in these circumstances is delete their comment and live your life as you do. Easier said than done I know, but try! I loved to see that you said you are a good person – you are and that is something to be very proud of!

    Thinking of you


  144. OMG… I have read most of the comments and they are all positive and as a few have said *&^%$ them… and as you have said “how can we teach our children about bullying when the Mums are doing it too” but they must be a very small group of people as look at all the wonderful comments from positive people…and you are right ”your kids are off limits’… Elodie is gorgeous and I have loved reading about her progress and you a blessed to have her in your family… her smile melts a million hearts each time… I to don’t generally comment but I read your blog all the time and have even passed your blog onto my daughter as her hubby has a gluten problem and who knows if their future kids will… keep blogging and delete ”them bitches”… love love love your blog xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  145. Tracey Mayhew says:

    I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times corrie and it won’t make any difference to your feeling angry with the nasty things you’ve had to deal with. Yet you have inspired me and it appears thousands of others. Its always ‘ reflection of self ‘ whatever form that may take. You’re the good guy and i thank you for that. xx

  146. This is terrible Corrie. I’m not on Facebook. It can be a nasty world out there. Since I started reading your Blog you have inspired me as a Mum to create for my little ones. I know I’m a good mum and wife and I don’t care what anyone else says..

    Your doing a FANTASTIC job.
    You have a wonderful , healthy beautiful little family. :)

  147. Hi Corrie,
    I am so sad to hear of this! What a sad sign of the times or of the way some people feel they can act. What are we doing to each other? We need a worldwide internet movement that shames the bullies and encourages the message: “Unless it is supportive or positive, don’t say it at all!”
    Anyway, I am sending you all of my support and love. I know how I would feel if it were me and I hope that you continue but at the same time wish you the knowledge to know what is right for YOU and your family. Sending you all the love in the world.
    Kim x

  148. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Corrie

    Like so many others who have posted above, I read your blog far more often than I post (this being only my second ever post). Funnily enough it was your post regarding Elodie’s diagnosis that prompted my only other previous post. That post and this one moved me to tears.

    As I wrote then, I believe that the world is a far richer place for having Elodie and my brother Luke in it (and all the other wonderful people who might not fit the ‘perfect’ model modern society seems determined to strive for), Your readers are enriched by every joy and sorrow you share on the blog, not just about Elodie but your beautiful family and your life in general.

    The thing that stood out most for me in your post was the comment that the internet troll had made about knowing that there was something wrong with Elodie. How wrong she is. There is in fact nothing “wrong” with Elodie. She is perfect as she is. Just because Elodie may take a little longer to learn some things or not be quite so capable in specific areas does not make her “wrong”. I am a bit Catholic ‘lite’ these days but the phrase ‘created in his own image’ comes to mind.

    I am sure the outpouring of positive and supportive comments is not the pathetic, faceless internet troll who did this to you ever envisaged or hoped would happen but life and karma can be a funny thing and I can only hope that one day soon she realises the error of her ways – for her sake as well as yours – imagine being consumed by so much bile and bitterness – what an utterly horrid existence she must have.

    Turning the other cheek for yourself is hard enough but when one of your babies is attacked it is no wonder that at best it is a work in progress.

    Thank you for all that you share with your us. The word ‘inspiration’ has been mentioned by others already and I agree wholeheartedly with that description of you.

    Wishing you blessings, peace and a joyful heart as you spend the festive season with your wonderful family.
    Kindest regards
    Jacqueline x

  149. Amen to the comments from everyone who has got in before me! Some people have nothing better to do than to bring down others. Luckily you’re not one of them. Thankyou, I love your blog and reading about your family.

  150. I don’t understand nasty, but unfortunately there are always those who try to make themselves feel better at someone else’s expense. Thankfully there are lots of other gorgeous people out there Corrie who have a kind heart. Glad you have had some wonderful positive moments to balance out your week. Jacinta x

  151. Corrie, I hope you can keep on blogging. I’ve always been overwhelmed by how much of your family you share with us, how generous that is, and how fortunate we are to be included in this way in so much of your life. Your blog is inspirational in so many ways and connects so many of us as women. I don’t understand why people waste their time if it’s not their thing, and to go so far as to write hateful comments, just crazy. Thanks so much for sharing xo

  152. oh people are just horrible
    ..I had no idea this sort of thing happened .. not by other adults
    I just want you to know your blog is such a help You and I lead very similar lives, lots of kids, a bit of craft, constantly busy – but I could never do what you and put it all out there
    So thank you that you do but it’s also ok to to walk away

  153. Corrie – please keep going!
    It really is the internet at its worst when people bother to write things like that. I always wonder why they keep coming back if they don’t like the content on your blog.
    You’re a fabulous mum

  154. You are an inspiration to every mother out there. Somehow you seem to balance home, work and still squeeze in some crafting and time for you. There is nothing easy about that and I’m really sorry to hear that there are people out there who have forgotten the lessons they should have learnt as children… to treat other as they would wish to be treated and if they haven’t got something nice to say then they shouldn’t say it. Hang in there, I love reading your blog, I hope that as years progress and my children grow I can still be as connected to crafting as you seem to be.

  155. Hi Corrie

    I really think that how we conduct ourselves on the outside is a reflection of how we are on the inside. So your less-than-ideal commenter must be a very sad individual indeed. She may need to take a long hard look at herself and realise that she can offer good to this world (as you do) or, through her words and actions, increase the negativity. It is her choice, and the best we can hope for after all this pain she has caused you and your family, is that she makes that active choice to change.
    Don’t change a thing about the way you communicate with all of us!! You are very inspirational and your contribution to the world add so much positivity!!!!!! :)

  156. Hi Corrie,
    Like many others above, this is my first ever comment.
    Please don’t stop your blog!
    I read your blog because you and your beautiful family are a point of difference in my life. Initially I started reading because I am a keen crafter/crocheter, but then I was delighted by your honesty, kindness and love of all things but most importantly your family.
    I have one child, we are a non-religious (but ethical) family from coastal NSW, and generally do things in a non-traditional way. What I love about reading your blog is that it gives me an insight into someone else’s life – so vastly different to my own – but somehow I feel completely “at home” in your blog, like I could be there in a heartbeat and feel content.
    Corrie, your writing style, honesty and compassion are the reasons so many people read your blog.
    The world (and the internet) are so much brighter because of you.
    Yours in crafting and with love

  157. You are an inspiration to so many of us Corrie! Keep on writing and just keep on being your wonderful self. It’s definitely easier said than done, but ignore those rubbish comments for what they were. I completely understand that you were feeling so discouraged and angry especially about the comments about sweet, darling little Elodie. We Mama tigers have a right to roar when it comes to protecting our precious babies!! Sending you love, blessings and an encouraging hug xxx

  158. I hate the haters. You, your family and your supporters are wonderful. Love and hugs. Natalie

  159. Dear Carrie,
    I know I don’t often post comments more because time is very lacking but I felt the need to post on this one. You are doing the best you can. I love reading your posts and hearing about what is happening with your family. You are doing the best you can and getting Elodie the help she needs. Some people need to just learn to keep their mouths shut. If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything!
    You are an inspiration and although my craft is different from yours and my skills in the kitchen are non existent I enjoy hearing about your achievements.
    Thank you for sharing,

  160. Aw Corrie, that is so awful to receive such hateful words. I love you and I love your blog. You are so inspiring and I love reading about your beautiful family. There are terrible terrible people in the world who have their own issues and have no hesitation in pulling a good person down. Keep that head high and fight like you have with this post. You have an army of readers and bloggers behind you that support all you do. Congratulations on the magazine interview and going up a tier with The Remarkables. You deserve it. xo

  161. Dear Corrie,

    I was shocked reading your post that you even had hate mail. What on earth could anyone hate about your blog! Gosh I love reading your posts and seeing all the cool stuff you have been up to. Your a gorgeous lady that has a lovely life and the only reason anyone would wrote anything nasty is because they are unhappy within!! Keep on blogging and shining!! xx

  162. Jealousy is a curse! You are amazing Corrie!

    ” great minds discuss ideas… Small minds discuss people”


  163. Anne Stanley says:

    Hi Corrie, it has taken me a couple of days to leave a comment, I think I have left comments maybe three or four times before. I read your blog regularly. In fact I took your advice about bendigo wool and I am so happy with I bought it for my grandchild who will be here soon. It was beautiful to crochet and knit with so thank you!
    I love your renovations and so envious of your ability to ‘easily’ put things together ( I’m sure you just make it look easy!) so I wanted to try and offer some words of encouragement.

    For all its pluses the Internet also allows nasty small minded people the ability to make hurtful awful ridiculous slanderous comments with anonymity. . I can imagine what horrible shrivelled people they are. I can’t imagine what bile lives where their heart should be.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your talent and life with me, and know there are some of us who are not horrible like this. Best wishes Anne xxx

  164. I can imagine how hurtful those sorts of nasty personal comments must be for you, especially when they are comments made about your children. I just wanted to add my support to all the other lovely comments. I hope the many, many kind words shared here help lighten your heart.

  165. Wow I am speechless! I could never imagine having to deal with such hurtful comments….. Take care and know that it is truly the minority that can act like that…

  166. That is just awful for you Corrie. Much love. There is a lot of hate in the world and I pity those who open their mouths only to say such terrible things. Keep on praying though as our prayers are always answered in good time. I will pray for you and your family. Sending much love and blessings to you and your wonderful family and lovely blog. It’s hard to turn the other cheek but with the graces we can get through the tough moments. Remember it’s only a tiny amount of crazy people amongst a huge ocean of great supportive and loving people. XOXOXOX God bless.

  167. Oh Corrie, I’m saddened that the trolls have come after you. But mostly I am so proud of you and your courageous response. Staying true to yourself, and YES, you do offer inspiration to others, thank you for being you. There aren’t words to take away the pain from those trolls, but I am grateful you are able to see them for what they are and not take it on board too personally. There is nothing WRONG with your Elodie, she is simply blessed in her own ways as we all are… every person big and small have their own battles, wins and losses, and that’s what makes the millions of us individuals… and our world so amazing! I am particularly moved by your comment in regard to cyberbullying, and how are we to protect our children when mothers do it to each other! Hold that gorgeous chin high and keep on roaring Mumma! LOVE your work. xxx

  168. Oh Corrie….your blog is the first one I read nearly every day…I love to read what you are you wonderful family have been doing…your raise my spirits when I am down….you are a wonderful mum and wife…you give me so much inspiration….hold your head high…. I could say many nasty words to those negative people out there….they should go and get a life…..you live your life to the fullest, you are one of the beautiful people…lots of hugs LindaB

  169. Nicole Romano says:

    Some people are just horrible and have nothing better to do than be negative and horrible from behind the computer screen.
    Try not to let those comments continue to affect you as so many people love your blog, me for one! I read your blog first thing in the morning, and read your FB updates each day. I think you’re amazing that you can blog, fb, look after 5 children, husband and house, cook and clean, knit, crochet and everything else you do. We are all really lucky that we have a lovely positive, friendly, creative, inspirational blog to read each day!.

    Don’t listen to the haters, they are just turning a very dark shade of green!! :-)

  170. raina babos says:

    I have been following you for ages and am amazed about how your life parallels mine in so many ways! My children are grown but I know what it is like to have 5 small children totally dependant on you for their every need. It is a wonderful and sometimes terrifying journey but oh so worthwhile. Perhaps the people who are being mean have their own sorrows and just don’t handle it as well as you? It is easy to be envious of another’s life but make no attempt to make your own better. You are lucky to have your faith and family and friends.

  171. Oh corrie, I was shocked to read this , but your blog means so much to me and those who read it and there are more of those kind people out there than the haters. They are starving for attention and green with envy over what you have created for yourself . Keep doing what you are doing and if it means taking Elodie updates etc off the blog so be it. I have read most of the lovely comments from readers above and they as well as I are loving who you are and what your about xxxxx

  172. Corrie, Let the love outshine the hate sweet pea! There are far too many of us out here that read your blog and love what you do. For me your blog is an inspiration and it provides me with some time out of a life which with 6 small people is often busy, chaotic, hysterical and just plain crazy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s nice to know that I’m not on this journey alone. As for the haters………. if they can put all their time and energy into bullying someone that they don’t even know or not know very well then imagine how much hate and angst they have for themselves. I truly believe that people only ever pick on others when they refuse to look at what’s going on in their own lives. Sad really. People need to love themselves more and hate other less. I’m so glad that you write a blog that is so very real and honest!

  173. Hi Corrie,
    I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Stay strong and stay true to yourself! Your many loyal readers are testament to your success, and you have so many supporters. I don’t understand how people have the time and energy to spill out so much negativity… I think one of the big reasons why your blog is so successful is that you do share a lot of your life, the ups and downs that we can all relate to – so don’t let that haters stop you from writing honestly and authentically x

  174. Hi corrie, I also call my husband over to have a look at photos of little elodie, because we both think she is the cutest most beautiful little thing we have laid eyes on. People that have so much hate in themselves feel the need to make others feel horrible. Ignore them because they are worthless.

  175. So sorry to hear this. I don’t comment, but I love popping in and getting ideas for recipes and craft. x

  176. I don’t blame you for feeling like calling it quits in blog-land. It is shocking to hear about these “trolls” who must be very sad, angry people who have no thought for other’s feelings. I haven’t read the story about your little one but I am sending prayers anyway. Keep doing what you love doing and don’t give a second thought to the trolls out there.

  177. Bless you Corrie ♥ I love your blog! And I hope this week has been easier for you xx

  178. Just keep doing what you are doing. You are doing a great job and a lot of people get a lot of joy out of your blog. It must be so so hard though. What sad little people…..

  179. Just coming across to catch up (i don’t read many blogs these days) and was so upset for you. Just wanted to say that I always enjoy your writing and photos and nasty people should keep to their own sphere and leave nice people like you alone. Bug hugs to you. Cherrie

  180. Rest assured Corrie, the troll posting the horrible comments is just that, a troll. And it’s very sad that someone who is clearly unhappy within their own life feels the need to lash out at innocent people. Your readers, who have come to know you and love you, know that you are just a regular person raising your family with a huge heart full of love…. We come to visit you here because we can relate. The World Wide Web would be a lonely, cold and heartless place without regular (special, beautiful, cheerful, open, honest, real) people like you :o) xo

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