crocheting a baby blanket

I’m loving our weeknights at the moment, no homework, everything winding down for the end of the year and I’m crocheting on the couch surrounded by the little ones. They love to read their stories, write another santa list, play with lego, watch a Christmas movie (Mickey’s twice upon a Christmas is the most popular at the moment) and we are just taking it easy.

And I forgot how addictive granny squaring can be! I’ll think about going to bed and then I think well I’ll just do one more round or finish this colour. And it’s growing rather quickly.

I’m determined to shrink my stash so will be making this as large as I can for a baby size and using up some Bendigo cotton at the same time. I’m using 8 ply cotton with a 3mm hook and loving the result. Often the Bendigo cotton can lose its shape easily so by using a smaller hook it’s not doing that. And there is something nice about making crochet blankets in cotton which is a nice natural fibre over acrylic but it still washes and wears really well. You could pop this in a dryer and it would be great. All new mums need things that go in the washer and dryer so I think I’m on a winner with this one.

It is for a boy and I thought I could get away with the lilac but then decided perhaps not so I’ve kept the first lilac in and moved on to grey instead for the subsequent rounds. The pattern is very simple and I’ve shared it here. Bendigo 8 ply cotton from here and I have a set of Hamanaka hooks which are great to use and worth the investment. Just keep them in the one place and away from the kids who think the bright colours are lots of fun. Speaking from experience of course…….my hooks are all together now with my needles. Safe and sound. Oh and I’m also admiring the hooks over at Tangled Yarns…buying a set of hooks is just a great way to always have the right size hook at home when you want to start a new project………..

Happy crafting if you’re enjoying some craft before Christmas……………..and may the force be with you if you’re madly trying to get craft done for presents, decorating or markets at this time of year!


  1. Ha ha!! Yes I’m needing the crafting force at the moment…madly clicking away trying to get stockings finished whilst dreaming up yet more fun and fabulous creations that I could do for Xmas. Which is only weeks away!!! Ambitious or stupid???!?..,, xx

    • ambitious! you’ll get there! about 2 Christmases ago I promised my grandma a bed quilt! It just about killed me but was wrapped and under the tree for christmas day so never say never

  2. Nicole Hester says:

    I knitted a baby blanket in Bendigo cotton and the mum loves it. I also crocheted a washer with it too (I used your pattern).

  3. Granny squares are addictive! I love your colours and it’s nice that you are all winding down and enjoying the end of the year!

    • thank you! yes we need a bit of winding down and I can’t wait for Christmas to new year as I’m taking a blog break and already thinking of how many quilts I might be able to churn out:) :)
      take care

  4. anne seery says:

  5. I am preparing some things for a market on Saturday. Hoping to sell some things to make some space in the craft room.

    The blanket is looking good. There is a little patchwork cot quilt coming along slowly here. It is my first attempt at patchwork but I think it will be ok.

    • oh wow! good luck dianne! hope it’s a good one, I love markets and the nicest thing for me is meeting lovely people and just getting out and having a good old chat! but I’m hopeless with the money by the end of the day!

      good luck with your quilt

  6. What a co-incidence,I am making a colorful granny too..only mine is a lap-ghan for a friend :)

  7. What a coincidence that the day I flick over to your blog, you writing about this!

    I am currently trying my first hand at crocheting a baby blanket for my sister who is having a baby in April.

    There is nothing better than a gift made with love.

  8. I am hoping to finish a granny square blanket too but chose to do it in those small individual block type. Now I have to face the boring task of joining them all up!

  9. this is just gorgeous. I taught myself to crochet in August this year, and have been enjoying spending my evenings crocheting presents and a few things for Christmas. Such a lovely hobby. I am making some granny circle christmas coasters this evening, experimenting with different types. :)

    • oh nice! it is very addictive, I think that is the thing that surprised me. I love my knitting but I always find myself crocheting for longer just to get a bit more time to do it

  10. It is looking lovely Corrie . someone is going to be very happy to receive it. Something I never learn’t to do was crochet. I enjoy my knitting and quilting.

  11. Mmmmm, soft crocheted goodness :)
    Needing the force my way! 3 unfinished crochet projects, SEVERAL unfinished sewing projects…


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