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It’s been about 15 years or so since I’ve had an EasiYo yoghurt maker in my house. Back in my single days I loved to start my day with cereal and yoghurt and finish dinner with some yoghurt too. And over the years I’ve thought about buying another one but wasn’t sure if the kids would eat it, would it make enough for me and would I use it on a regular basis. And for some reason I hadn’t really noticed that they have a lot more flavours on offer that would appeal to the kids. I still had in my head that I could only make natural yoghurt and I don’t know about your kids but mine like their yoghurt sweet.

So here is the EasiYo….retro daddy kind of rolled his eyes at me as he knows I love my kitchen gadgets. But this is one inexpensive (about $18 for this one from Big W) and fabulous item for your kitchen and it doesn’t take up a lot of space but gets a lot of use.  We’ve used it every day since it arrived at our house and it’s proving to be a popular snack with the kids. And it saved me one night when I realised I didn’t have much to go in lunchboxes the next day, I quickly made a batch of strawberry yoghurt and went to bed happy that there would be fruit and yoghurt for morning tea in 3 lunchboxes and avoiding a trip to the shops.

Making up the yoghurt is super easy and takes no longer than it does to boil the jug to fill the yoghurt maker. Mind you it had been a while between yoghurt making sessions so I had to read the instructions to refresh my memory.  Simply fill up half the container with water, then add the sachet, shake well, add more water to the top, shake again. Now the kids could do that job easy for you. Half fill the yoghurt maker with boiling water, place your container inside the maker and leave for 8-12 hours or overnight. I left mine from lunchtime till just before bed then popped it in the fridge. Well not before I had a spoon to taste first. Delicious. Really natural and fresh yoghurt with a bit of a tang. You can flavour it while it’s in the big container, another great job for the kids or just eat it as is, use in your cooking or whatever you feel like.

And that’s the beauty and appeal of the EasiYo is that it’s natural, fresh, easy to make, cost effective and good for you. Each of the sachets are gluten free, halal, vegetarian and there is quite a variety to choose from. In fact the range has really grown since I last had an EasiYo. You can even get biolife organic yoghurt sachets, custard, yoghurt with bits and drinking yoghurts. I came home with the low fat greek, vanilla and strawberry satchets and gave the greek a go for this post.

And I decided to use it in some delicious dip that is perfect for summer entertaining and Christmas season…..and I had to google the spelling………tzatziki. I asked my readers over on facebook if they use their EasiYo yoghurt in their cooking and baking and they said yes…..if it lasts! So I’m guessing there might be days I am doing 2 batches a day if it proves that popular.

It was so easy having the yoghurt ready to go and you know that it’s fresh because you made it yourself. And oh the satisfaction of saying that you made the dip from scratch….and I really mean from scratch.

and then just fill up your container with lots of vegies and some crackers. I found some plain and gluten free wafers at the fruit shop that were perfect. And I think this a great dish to take with you to a barbeque, drinks or party. It’s healthy, colourful and tasty all at the same time.

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tzatziki using the easiyo
Recipe type: Vegetarian
What you'll need
  • 500g natural/greek yoghurt
  • 1-2 cloves garlic
  • 2 lebanese cucumbers, peeled and de-seeded
  • handful fresh mint leaves
  • salt and pepper to season
  1. Make up your yoghurt according to the directions on the pack and either use at room temperature or refrigerated.
  2. Place peeled garlic cloves, cucumber and mint into a food processor or your thermomix and process for a few seconds until finely chopped.
  3. Add in yoghurt and process for about 10 seconds - in my thermomix I did this for 10 seconds speed 4. Season and serve
  4. It's that easy.

Love to hear who has an EasiYo and what your secrets are…………favourite flavours, how often do you use it, does it save you money and what is the best thing about it in your house……………….

And I have 5 EasiYo starter packs to give away to some lucky readers. This will make a fabulous addition to your kitchen and a great time of year with summer around the corner. Just let me know why YOU need to have one at your house……………………and I’ll select 5 of the best answers next Monday 9th December 2013. Full terms of my giveaways can be found here.

And to find out more about the EasiYo just follow this link to their website……………………


  1. Natalie White says:

    I would love to win an EasiYo maker as i have a son with developmental issues and eating is a really hard for him, so having access to fresh yoghurt every day and by adding our own flavour combinations would really help with his diet and therapies

  2. I have been using an EasiYo yoghurt maker for a few years and absolutely love mine. More so now with the new flavours, such as Greek with Coconut which we love. The reason I would like to win one is to give it to my adult daughter so she can make her own yoghurt especially the fruit ones, and go to work with more than a cup of coffee for breakfast!

  3. My son loves Yoghurt, it is a staple in our fridge. He loves to make things with his daddy, so I couldd make this with him. mmmmmm Berries and yoghurt would be a big hit in this house.

  4. I would love to win an easiyo starter kit as both my 2 kids love yoghurt and I spend a small fortune buying it every week so other then saving money I thing making it would be a lot healthier option and better for my kids are there will be less preservatives.

  5. I would love one. I’ve been looking at these the last few weeks for my little man as he has a restricted diet but loves yoghurt.
    It would maybe develop his taste for wiser variety of food.
    I start my day with Greek yoghurt drizzled with honey and slivered almonds and of course a cup of tea! Thank you for the chance to enter.

  6. I would love the opportunity to make my own yoghurt for the ‘fussy people’ in my house. They would be able to make up their own flavours for their taste and enjoy the flavour and goodness.

  7. I’m all about home made and we consume a ton of yoghurt in this house every day. To have my own EasiYo yoghurt maker would be amazing! x

  8. Hi Corrie…I would love one of these as yogurt is a daily occurence here especially with JoJo who starts her day with it! Thank you for the recipe! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas xo

  9. Andrea Easton says:

    with 3 little yoghurt eaters in the house and their daddy too I am always running out of yoghurt ( at least 2kg a week) and it is our go to snack when nothing else has been eaten so would love one to be able to make yoghurt when popping to the shop with three little ones is just too much work :)

  10. We have three monster yoghurt eaters in this house! The reason I would love to win an EasiYo starter pack, is I happened to look at the back of my kids’ yoghurt pack the other day. I was horrified at the list of ingredients on the pack, so many things yoghurt just shouldn’t contain!
    I would love to make my own healthy yoghurt for my kids that doesn’t contain unnecessary additives.

  11. I have three little girls you eat yoghurt like its going out of style, plus hubby and I are trying to be super healthy. We replace yogurt in cooking, baking and for salad dressings so as you can imagine we go through ALOT of yoghurt. Would LOVE the early Christmas present :)

  12. I would love one of these! What a great and economic way to keep healthy snacks and sweets for the whole family. My dad used to make yoghurt with the EasiYo, gosh it takes me back! I’d really be following my parents’ example then. :)

  13. My two year old would absolutely love to help me make yoghurt. He doesn’t always like to eat so this would be a great alternative. His baby sister is starting solids today and I have a feeling she will love it too.

  14. I love having yoghurt at home and we strain the curd to make a thick yoghurt that is spreadable. It would be so convenient and fresh to make our own. I’d make mango yoghurt if we could, mmmmmm.

  15. Since starting my diet a few weeks back I have been buying lots of Natural Yogurt and Low Fat Greek Yogurt to have for snacks. I would love one of these please Corrie, it would be so much cheaper and also I would love to try I’ve seen them around for years. Thank you to EasiYo for the opportunity…..

  16. Hi,

    I have never heard of Easiyo before. It sounds too good to be true. I live on a farm & I seem to be constantly running out of things. We are 30min away form the nearest shops which aren’t always open so to be able to make fresh delicious yoghurt when we need it would be amazing!!! Even if we were out of bread & milk, we could have yoghurt – now that would be fantastic!

  17. I never realised how easy it was to make yoghurt at home This would be ideal for our home so I could make low sugar yoghurt for me being diabetic, and a great breakfast /snack for our son who is gluten intolerant. Then I could take it away when we go remote traveling for 3 months and just use powered milk instead of fresh milk. Bonus !

  18. Ally bithell says:

    I would love to win one because I am vegetarian and its so hard to find yogurt that doesn’t contain gelatin. It would be amazing to make my own. In other sad news I also can’t eat lollies with gelatin in them so not jube lollies for me :(

  19. I need to have an easiyo in the house because I love making things from scratch. I feel a sense of pride in making things from scratch. That and we love yoghurt here in our house. It’ll also help when feeding the little mister (9 months old). A lot of food ends up on his face or on the floor. It’ll be nice to know that what’s being flung on the floor is more cost effective (and delicious) than the usual yoghurt fare in the house.

  20. Ok, so I NEED one of these! Here’s why: my husband is a yogurt maniac. Well a dairy maniac. I blame the dairy farm upbringing. We go through SO much milk and yogurt, I might as well have five kids! Also, we live a 2 hour return trip to the nearest supermarket. Yup. No popping down to the shops for me. It’s quite often I go weeks between shopping trips (although I can get milk and bread sent out on the mail run if I’m desperate, which is twice a week). Since living out here we’ve changed the way we stock the pantry (which is luckily a massive big walk-in larder in our big ol’ farmhouse). I bake a lot of bread, we kill our own meat and have a big veggie patch. But things like yogurt and milk etc. I always stock up on, being able to make my own would change my life! I don’t think that’s an overstatement. Maybe it is. But it would be GOOD! Husband dearest is a huge tzatziki fan also so I’ll be making that one for sure too.

  21. How have I not heard of this? I would love to win one and here’s why…my grocery order has to be completed by 10pm Sunday night, they package it up on Wed to take to the port on Thur ready for the barge to leave on Fri. They unpack the barge on Mon for us to pick up on Tue (we have to travel by dinghy to another island to pick up our groceries). It is such a hassle I only do it every three weeks. I buy 4kgs of yoghurt as by the time it arrives there is normally only a few days left on the use by date and we eat a kilo a day for four days then seventeen days of no yoghurt :( though there has been too many occasions when that has passed before we even get it. This is the answer I never knew existed. Our family of five would be rapt to receive one.

  22. My kids love yoghurt. But when we go to Pakistan to visit their grandparents I have to ban it as the kids could get illnesses from consumption of dairy products. When I travel there I take 10L of long life milk and 10L of water (for a 4 week stay). I would even take yoghurt if I could. That’s why I would love to win The easiyo so that I could make the yoghurt for my kids when we visit their family in Pakistan and they can still enjoy some raita with their meals as they do here, and see how it is made and it doesn’t just grow in supermarkets 😉

  23. Hi Corrie,
    I didn’t know much about this product so thanks for the introduction, I checked out Easiyo website it’s a great product and a convenience at that. Yes our little one must have Greek style yoghurt with pretty much with every meal and of course we ran out the other night so off to the supermarket daddy went! Now that’s when your idea from an earlier post for a drive thru store to get the households essentials would come in handy! :-)

  24. Libby Ryan says:

    I would love to win one of these. It would make my life so much easier as I have a dairy free daughter and the dairy free coconut yoghurt is soo expensive, so would much prefer to make my own yoghurt for her.

  25. I would love an easiYo. Having 4 kids and myself that love yoghurt this would be much cheaper. By the time I get all the shopping out of the car and inside my 2 year old daughter is already searching the bags to find her yoghurt, she absolutely loves yoghurt.

  26. Dianne Whittle says:

    I’ve been thinking about making my own yoghurt but not really knowing how I would go about it, plus thinking it would just be another expensive kitchen appliance that got used for a little but then sat in the cupboard – see, I’m with you Retro Daddy! It’s great to see this is so reasonable, I think hubby might be getting one for Christmas. My question though is, how much are the sachets?

  27. I’ve been tempted by these for a while now, but I got the eye-roll from my husband too! But my 3 little people love yoghurt & I am often doing the pre-school dash through the shops, so I like that I could make it up the night before. We go through so much yoghurt, so I’d really love to try this. Thanks!

  28. I would LOVE to win one of these! My 8 year old son has recently had to go gluten free which has been a major challenge for him & me! I think this would be a great little thing for him to be able to get involved in and have a healthy snack available when he can no longer grab biscuits etc! He gets quite disheartened some days! Would LOVE to give this a go for his sake! :-)

  29. To make my own would be such a treat. No more artificial additives to beat. Yoghurts good day and night the kids will think it is a delight

  30. Belinda Fletcher says:

    Big yoghurt fans in this house but I find myself having to buy so many varieties to keep everyone happy. I’m vegetarian so not all yoghurts suit, my daughter loves Greek yoghurt and my son is a Plain Jane as far as flavours go so his can’t have too much tang! The Easi_Yo would cater for us all much more cheaply and simply I feel. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter to win :)

  31. I would love to win an EasiYo yoghurt maker as I have a lactose intolerant toddler and another toddler who also has problems with full cream dairy. I find the store selections are pretty poor and neither of my boys like the yoghurts out there. I think making our own yoghurt would help me boost their dairy intake and cater to their tastes better. I would also love to experience home made yoghurt and experiment with different flavours :)

  32. I would love to win a Easy Yo Yogurt maker. I find i’m running to the supermaket every Thursday as we run out of yogurt for pre-school on Friday. They have a healthy food policy so my daughter gets fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers for recess. My kids only like vanilla yogurt so this would cut down on waste .This would make life so much easier.

  33. Three kids, two adults and a dog in our house who all enjoy yoghurt! An Easy Yo would prevent to catastrophy of running out of yoghurt and in-opportune times, and the kids could choose their favourite flavours – make it before school and enjoy after dinner!

    And I love tzatziki – making it from scratch would be the bomb!

  34. I’d love to win one of these because my 4 year old boy (2nd of our 4 kids) has started to show an interest in making things in the kitchen and this sounds perfect- not only is yoghurt one of his favourite foods, but there are no sharp knives or hot stoves involved! I’d love to show him the joy that can come from making something from scratch and I can just imagine how proud he would be to serve up dessert that he had made himself!

  35. Belinda Milne says:

    I am forever buying yoghurt and if there is none left then my 2 boys eat their fathers yoghurt which he takes to work with him. My boys love yoghurt and to be able to make it everyday would be great and they can also join in on the fun by helping my make it for them.

  36. Hi Corrie, that looks delicious. Can you tell me where you buy the sachets from please. Is it the supermarket or online?

  37. Hi Corrie,
    Not sure if I’m eligible to enter with no children (not through choice, through cancer) but I would love an easiyo. Regardless, I love your blog and all the cooking and craft and all the things you manage with your beautiful little ones. I reall admire you.

  38. Denise Thomas says:

    Would love to win and Easy Yo maker. No children at home, just a husband who has heart problems but loves his yoghurt. Being able to make my own would save us running out, and he would definitely enjoy the input of what flavours we could make.

  39. I would love to win a easiyo. Maker I have never had one before . I have four children
    And my son who has a restricted diet due to sensory issue related to his autism loves yoghurt and eats a lot of yogurt everyday . This would help so we would never run out .thanks

  40. I tried to make coyo at home (coconut yoghurt) and I could not get the damm thing to thicken! I had to boil it just right and add this and that and it still did not work. It was slightly thicker then I started hahaha. I had to use a saucepan and buy some plastic tubs to put it in, then a water bath on the outside then wrap in a towel to keep it warm….Kids didn’t like it anyway so a wast of good coconut cream 😉

    But both my kids love normal yoghurt and we are going through it like crazy so would love this for my home. Thanks so much

  41. I would love to try make a vanilla. kids fav and I am always haveing tubes go past there date before we use it so fresh would be so much better.

  42. I would love to win this to be able to make homemade yoghurt for my kids. The amount of times I have had to do a late night dash to the supermarket is unbelievable!
    Also, thanks for the dip recipe. It’s my favourite and I was thinking just the other week that I would like to try making it at home. It’s always nice to know a recipe gets a tick of approval prior to making it. (I have pinned this recipe, I hope that’s okay.)

  43. Rebecca Simunic says:

    Hi Corrie
    We would love to win an EASIYO as we all eat yoghut, Mario eats it with almost everything!!! I think it is a great idea as I too am sick of all the additives in yoghurt.

  44. I would love one of these! With six young kids to shop and cook for, it has become increasingly difficult to afford many items on our shopping list! I have stopped visiting the supermarket now too as I can no longer manage my trolley! My feet slip out from under me! (Hubby does it now)! Anything to save dollars, make our lives healthier and make shopping more convenient is something that I would love to win!

  45. I have walked past these EasiYo sachets at the supermarket many times and have even picked them up to read the instructions considering whether it is worthwhile and that the kids will eat it. My four young children would consume truck loads of yoghurt if I let them! Now that I have read Retro Mummy’s blog I know that it is tasty and easy to make. I would love an EasiYo starter pack at my house :)

  46. Ohhh!I would love to win this..My kids,actually not just the kids,but both hubby and I also eat yogurt with almost every meal.We easily go through a 2 L yogurt tub in less than a week’s time..sometimes in just 4 days.
    This is going to save me some serious grocery dollars-we are building a house(finally!!) and every dollar counts.
    so pick me pick me pick me !:D

  47. I would just love to win one of these. I use a lot of yoghurt, this would save time and money. Thank you for the giveaway


  48. Heidi Tomlinson says:

    I am currently on a health kick and have lost 10 kg! With only a couple of kilos to go I am looking for ways to create delicious snacks at home with low cals and lots of variety. This Easiyo sounds like a fab addition to my kitchen – yummy breakfast yoghurt topped with my quinoa and amaranth sprinkle, Greek yoghurt to top healthy wraps and make yummy dips, not to mention healthy fruit yoghurt and drinking yoghurt! I would so love an Easiyo!

  49. YUM YUM, I love yoghurt, the kids love yoghurt, hubby not that keen – might have to do with the fussy little ones not eating the flavours he buys…This would solve everyone’s problem. Yum for the dip as well

  50. I love my easiyo too! I use plain Greek yoghurt to make Labneh, a delicious middle eastern yoghurt cheese/dip. It’s delicios and really easy to make. I use this recipe – and place the yoghurt in a new chux (I was given a stack) which I tie to a wooden spoon hanging over a large bowl, the longer you can leave it the better :-)

  51. A Red Ham says:

    Would love to win, we go through heaps of yogurt at our place, and I am sure it is all full of sugar. Thanks for the opportunity Corrie

  52. This reminded me, we had one of these years ago. I have just dug through my cupboard & found it ! It got put in a cupboard when we moved house & I forgot I had it. I will be stocking up on the sachets when I go shopping & yoghurt making again. We use so much of it I can’t believe I managed to forget about my yoghurt maker…..thanks for reminding me :)

  53. Natalie K says:

    I would love to try EasiYo. Why? Because I don’t eat yoghurt and my husband is always trying to get me into it. When my husband and toddler have their yoghurt I kind of feel left out! But I just can’t take to commercial ready made yoghurt. After reading your story I am keen to give it a go because it sounds like I can finally make yoghurt to suit my personal taste! The spin off to this is that the whole family will be able to enjoy eating yoghurt together!

  54. We have two easiyo makers in our house as I find I need to have the next batch on the go before the first one runs out. These are great and so simple to use. I highly recommend. In fact, I’m very annoyed Coles has stopped stocking the Easiyo brand of sachets. I order mine online.

  55. Dawn Burgess says:

    I would love to win one of the EasiYo, yogurt makers. I am lactose intolerant and I buy either soy or lactose free yogurt and its quite expensive so to make my own would be beneficial in two ways, on my pocket and my tastebuds. I can try different flavours and find what i like. Thankyou for giving your retro fans the opportunity to win one. Good luck to all.

  56. I would love a easiyo! Pretty sure the man in my life would roll his eyes too!!! Anything that helps gets my 2 babes interested in food and healthy eating is a winner for me. And if they can make itself themselfs then that’s a win, win! Thanks for sharing :)

  57. Sandy Norman says:

    I would LOVE to own one of the easiyo makers… why.. I have lost 25.5 kilos and LOVE to eat low fat yoghurt everyday.. This would save heaps of money making my own.


  58. Oh you won’t believe it but my husband dislikes gadgets so much we don’t really have any, except my low cooker ! No toastie sandwich machine, no electric frying pan, no kitchen aid, I am working on him for a thermomix… Ha… in fact my girlfriend bought me an electric beater as I bake so much yet didn’t own one!! I COULD of course buy these but over 10 years of marriage I have just.. Forgotten to really been look in gadget part if shop .. I make everything from scratch and am such a Yoghurt mad fan I would love love love to win one & show hubby my prize!! Thanks Corrie.

  59. Tracey mayhew says:

    Uuuuummmmmm. Because my baby boy won’t eat any other yoghurt than the organic squeezy packs and it’s costing me a small fortune. So if easy-yo does organic and gluten free I could try adding my own stewed fruits. And stil buy presents for christmas. Ha ha. Thanks Corrie. Xx

  60. I would love an Easiyo yoghurt maker. My little bub has eczema and homemade yoghurt would be so good for his tummy. I’m so inspired by your homemade tzatziki recipe. I buy good quality yoghurt all the time and it’s so expensive! I serve the greek yoghurt with meat and my kindy loves it that way. It would be great to try the flavoured ones for an after school snack.

  61. One of the wonderful things about making one’s own yoghurt with is that it minimises waste thereby reducing environmental harm. Buying commercial yoghurt means throwing out a plastic container and lid, and sometimes cardboard wrapping as well. Imagine how much less would go into landfill if we all used an EasiYo?! That’s why I need one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Charlotte E says:

    I already have one that I use all the time but I’d love to win one to put in the shared family caravan. With a few outback and remote trips planned amongst ourselves the Easi Yo would ensure there is plenty of fresh, healthy, yoghurt available when very little else is.

  63. Simply because I go through 2 x $10.95 Barambah natural yoghurt containers a week. $20 a week in yoghurt? That’s crazy. Help me save some dollars Easiyo.

  64. We love yoghurt in this house and Coop insists on the very expensive gippsland dairy, with easiyo we could create our own!!!! Yum!!!

  65. Dear Corrie – what a great giveaway. I would love to win one, everyone loves yogurt in this house and I end up buying a lot of each week. Having gone back to basics its a lot to spend each week within the grocery shop – so good for everyone though so buy it I do!! It would make a difference every week for me to win one of these fantastic makers. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed….I might receive an early Christmas present from Santa Corrie:) Have a great day.

  66. Pauline Stewart says:

    I have a hungry teenager & an even hungrier 4 year old! I’d love to have something healthy to be able to fill them up with

  67. I’d love an Easiyo. I can’t buy yoghurt where I live, and I have a non-milk drinker so yoghurt is our calcium solution. The only solution I have is to make my own, and quite frankly, the whole stirring the milk until it coats the back of the spoon and leaving it a spot with consistent temperature wrapped in blankets etc thing is neither fun for me or remotely child friendly! Thanks!

  68. Carol James says:

    My dad has one of these and i have tried the yoghurt and it is beautiful .I would love to win 1 of these and try for myself.

  69. We NEED one of these in our house because yoghurt seems to be one of the very few things that my 1 year old will eat!

  70. To experiment with different flavours, coming up with all the taste sensations I’ve often longed for but the manufacturers for some reason don’t come out with them.

  71. Being a tight ass, I find yoghurt prices ridiculously over inflated. Be nice to have pretty much a self serve situation in my own home, without the hefty costs, so I can gorge myself stupid on what I adore: YOGHURT, strawberry, banana, mango, or maybe a blend of all three!!!

  72. I would love to win one of the Easiyo Yoghurt maker as my grandson has been diagnosed with digestive problems as well as his mother so we have to be careful
    of the foods that he eats and he loves Yoghurt. All natural foods and gluten free also.
    Different flavours with no extra additives.

  73. I love the gadget value of the EasiYo! We have cows milk protein allergies in our household so we are nearly dairy free but we can tolerate yoghurt. I’ve always walked past the yogurt makers in the supermarket thinking I really should try it!

  74. I would be so grateful to win the EasiYo as I get so confused as to which yoghurt to buy my 3 daughters aged 4 and 2.5 years (twins),. Low fat, full fat, pot set, Greek, natural, fruit or plain. If I could make it myself then I know it’s fresh and healthy. They could also assist me in making it which I know they would love to do and makes eating it more fun as they helped make it.

  75. My mum used to make yogurt with her EasiYo when I was a kid and I would love to carry on the tradition. I would love to have an EasiYo at my house especially now that I’m expecting my first baby and have been craving all sorts of yogurt-y treats – having an EasiYo would make it super affordable and more healthy too!

  76. Wow. Loving this. I have just been told I am coeliac so this would be a fantastic starting point to know I have one at least thing in the house that I can eat. Thanks for the chance to win. Kids would have fun helping keep mum (and them) healthy too. :)

  77. I’m trying to give my children more natural foods like my mother did. They love yoghurt and knowing what goes into it would make me feel better about giving it to them. Simple and honest.

  78. Lauren Broadbent says:

    I remember my mum using this product first when my brothers and I were younger. Now that I’m a mum I would love to be able to have healthy yogurt options for my son as he grows

  79. Jessie Hay says:

    With 8 kids aged from 6 months up to 16 years in the house and me breastfeeding our youngest yoghurt disappears in a flash around here- I can honestly say this is something I would use every single day!
    With 12 kids all up this is an expensive time of year for us, saving money is huge around here- we economise where we can and cheap yoghurt would be a real help :)
    I love that the yoghurt is a more natural product than supermarket brands and free of all the nasties that I try to avoid in their diet. The range of flavours look amazing- I would love to try the lemon and caramel and my littlies love banana :)
    This would also be fantastic for my baby who has recently started solids. A more natural yoghurt to feed him would be great, I already make the rest of his food from scratch both to save money and because then I know what goes into it.
    So yes, I really do need an EsiYo yoghurt maker here, it would be a fantastic help to my family :)

  80. I used to make it all the time, and recently made a delicious vanilla yoghurt after pulling it out again from the back of the pantry.

    Sadly, there is no yoghurt making happening in this house after I unintentionally split the plastic holder yesterday. I may, or may not, have been clumsy and stood on it after I dropped it.

    I never said I was light footed :)

  81. Haha what a nifty little machine :) I would so love one! Would make my life a heck of a lot easier :) I entertain lots, especially with my home-based Mothers Group every second Wednesday. And well my son had quite delayed early development skills. He didn’t talk until he was 2 1/2. Now he is 3 and quite pepped up now that he can talk, his fine motor skills are still a little lacking, but he is loving helping me cook and garden etc. I think this would be something new for him to try, as well as my little girl who is 5, (she loves making cakes) so it would be a whole new adventure for them I think :)

  82. I’d love to have a yoghurt maker in my kitchen because my youngest likes yoghurts in a tub, the eldest likes yoghurt in a squeezy container and the husband like greek yoghurt for his smoothies… I seem to have loads of kinds of yoghurts in the fridge. It would be great to just make our own and get everyone involved rather than complaining that they don’t like whatever’s in the fridge!

  83. My 8 y/o son has been eating me out of house and home – I shudder to think of what’s going to happen when he’s a teen!
    Weekly grocery shop includes a 12 pack of kids yoghurt – which he will devour in 3 days!
    Bring able to make my own yoghurt will save me a few trips to the shops and I will be happier knowing exactly what’s going Into the yoghurt and in turn into his hungry belly :)

  84. I’m doing Weight Watchers and love to bake for the kids. I have all the dry goods on hand, but most of the baking recipes require yoghurt, so it always results in a last minute run to the shop! I would love an EasiYo. I’ve been looking at them, eyeing them off!

  85. Emma Adma Weda says:

    Well I was so inspired by your post and made yoghurt yesterday in my thermomix. Well its lovely yoghurt but it is so time consuming. I added manuka honey as my daughter gets ulcers on her tongue and always seems to have a sore tummy. She will of finished all the yoghurt in two days and I can’t see myself every 2nd day spending 2 hours making yoghurt when i have 3 small kids (i don’t know how you fit it all in with 5) It seems so easy with the EasiYo so I desperately need one pretty please xx

  86. I would love to win one – would provide a good answer to the wails of ‘more gogurt, more gogurt, more gogurt’!! from my little one :)

  87. I Have three kids who love yoghurt and would love to make their own. We are hitting teenage years in our house where they are all constantly hungry, as soon as they walk in the door from school it’s ‘I’m hungry – what can I eat’

  88. Michelle Gray says:

    I pay $6 a kilo for yogurt and my kids eat about 2kgs a week, image how much I could save with a EasiYo!!!

  89. Michelle Buckton says:

    If I told you how much Greek yoghurt I eat on a daily basis, you wouldn’t believe me! I used to own one of these but after my mother-in-law decided to “help” by cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, the lid to the thermos mysteriously disappeared. I think I even have a few mix packets in the pantry still waiting to be made. I miss my homemade EasiYo yoghurt. :(

  90. Iam Lactose intolerant but can eat yoghurt… I LOVE it and would love to try EasiYo and make yoghurt for my family

  91. Leanne Biddle says:

    I have been wanting one of these things for ages! We go through bucket loads of yogurt a week in our house and I like the idea that I can flavour it to how we like plus also reduce the sugar amounts that a lot of the store brought yoghurts have.

  92. melanie w says:

    I have always wanted to make my own yoghurt im obsessed with kitchen products and gadgets anything i can make from scratch i love to give a go!I would really love to try this with my kids they always enjoy food they help make much better.

  93. Having a husband who eats yoghurt morning and night and me being a coeliac….enough said as to why I would like to win this! Thank you for the chance.

  94. Eeek one of these would be fabulous……especially when each of the girls likes a different flavour of yogurt (typical!!) which proves to be way to expensive at the supermarket… I’d be super mum if I could just whip up my own !!!!!

  95. Angela Fichera says:

    Hi Corrie, Thanks for a wonderful giveaway. Being gluten and dairy free, the one thing I miss terribly is yoghurt. Ten years dairy free and I’ve yet to have a nice soy yoghurt. This may be my on my list to Santa… and I’ve been good!

  96. Wow an easiyo would be greatly appreciated in our household, with two little ones who love yoghurt this would be amazing, and the fact that you can use it to also make dips, love knowing that making it yourself from scratch, that it is fresh and natural, delicious and nutritious, great prize to giveaway and thank you for the opportunity xx

  97. With 3 children under 5 having one of these means we’d always have snacks! So difficult, and not to mention expensive to just ‘pop’ into the shops! Healthy & easy best ingredients of all!

  98. Corrie, your giveaway has come at the perfect time for me! I have one week left of work, before I become a stay-at-home mum! I’m so looking forward to having the time for making healthier snacks for my boys. They love yoghurt in particular and I cringe every time I hand them a tub of sugar-laden, store bought yoghurt. I’d love to be able to make it from scratch for them so I’d know exactly what I’m feeding them!

  99. Mum’s hands are full, she can’t talk now,
    The dog got into the garbage?! Exactly HOW
    am I supposed to get all the chores done,
    When the household setting is constantly switched to FUN…

    …aka madness, pandemonium, chaos and MESS
    A lot gets forgotten, I must confess…
    But at least when snacks in the fridge run low,
    No need for grocery shopping, Supermum pulls out Easiyo!

  100. So that i can set yogurt at home & serve everyone preservative & additive free yogurt everyday.

  101. EJ Cooper says:

    ooh this would be a treat for my 3 piglets hehe

  102. Rachel Pearce says:

    My toddler daughter is Yoghurt mad (as i write this she is yelling yoghurt yoghurt at me) I make a batch every 2 days or so and have been telling my sister to get one for my niece who is the same for over a year now so if i get this one i can give to my sister for Christmas along with that awesome Tzatziki (?) recipe for Christmas day!! ♥ it

  103. Mara Sabino says:

    I need to start a healthwise decision to start my day with healthy meal.I am a first time mom and I must stay healthy and fit all day round to be at phase with my 11 month old girl. Easiyo can be my partner to start and end my day. I am sure it will make my day special. Thank you and God bless.

  104. I love yogurt so much and this would be great to have it ready to eat the next morning! Love how easy it is and your yogurt looks delish!! The different flavors would be wonderful and my daughter likes to have yogurt each morning with fruit.

  105. Laura foote says:

    I would LOVE to win this on behalf of my Mum because she needs one badly! She goes through yoghurt like there’s no tomorrow!!

  106. Jemma Watkins says:

    We were lucky enough to welcome a new addition to our family this month but an emerh csection leaves me unable to drive. With an insatiable appetite (thanks to tje phydiology of breastfeeding ) I’d love to be able to maintain a steady supply of fresh healthy snacks, as I can’t always wait until DH gets home from work yo go shopping. As a dietitian, fresh snacks are very imporyant to me.

  107. This is just what we need I have 5 children that all like yogurt and we go through a lot of yogurt so this would be great as I can make a lot at one time and its all so good as its some thing I could get the kids to all do and then the fun of seeing the yogurt they made

  108. I need this yogurt maker at home as i have had mine for 10 years and it has just split down the side. Im missing the yummy creamy home made yogurt and im having to buy already made stuff and it not creamy and its expensive to buy. Please help me to get the yogurt taste back

  109. I would love the EasiYo starter kit because homemade is best, there is control over ingredients and the yoghurt would make great use of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  110. So I can make lot of yummy treats without all the extra additives

  111. Valerie P. says:

    We first heard of Easi-Yo from my Australian pen pal that I’ve known since we were kids. My mom purchased an Easi-Yo system for herself, and I need one of my own now! I’m always swiping canisters of delicious yogurt from her fridge to take to my house for myself and my kids. Not only is it delicious and free of nasty additives that are often found in our American products, but every time I have it, I’m reminded of my Aussie friend.

  112. I would love to make beautiful yougart a and yougart dips for my family :) a lot better than those at the shops full of preservatives ect

  113. Why do I need an Easi-Yo at my house? Well I buy Mundella natural for me, Mount Tamar flavoured yoghurts for my husband, Vaalia squeezey yoghurts for the boy and Vaalia first flavours baby yoghurts for the little one! I mean seriously?!!! What am I, crazy?! Four different yoghurts for four different family members. I think I need to simplify my life a bit!

  114. Yes, please. We are a family of 5, and all of us love yoghurts! Kids and hubby go to daycare/work with yoghur everyday, hence we spend a lot on yoghurs everyweek. With Easi-Yo, we could save some money, also it is homemade, fresher!

  115. Now I would love one….but I already gave one….got one for each of my extended family and even had old pop making easi-yo…..still going strong 17 years later and few new containers over time :)

  116. sue jowitt says:

    would love a chance to win a easi yo machine love yoghurt

  117. Tanya Ward says:

    I used to have an EasiYo maker but with its over use and moving house somehow its been misplaced or broken accidentally that its just disappeared and no-one seems to know where it is, i absolutely love yoghurt and EasiYo was so easy and with such simple instructions it is a family fav. I would love to win another one as i love the fresh flavours and natural cultures in it.

  118. I would love to win this to be able to show my daughter how it works, she is always commenting on them in the supermarket !

  119. I would quite simply love to be able to make my own yoghurt.

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