knitting a doll for elodie

Edited to add that I’ve just found the pattern for free online, just go here for a copy of the pattern. It’s a great one! 

It’s been 5 years since I’ve knitted a doll but with Christmas coming I decided it was the perfect project…………..I must have forgotten how many ends need to be seamed in and the art of stuffing and getting your doll to look just right.

But she’s coming along nicely. Emerson woke me up at 5am this morning and I’ve been on the couch since 6 seaming in ends, making the doll and making a start on the hair which is sewn on two strands at a time. Yes that will take some time. Elodie has already tried to nab the doll from me so I think she’s going to be a popular present………………………..

The pattern I’m using is the rag doll pattern by Debbie Bliss, ravelry details are here and it’s a great one for beginners or any level as there is nothing complicated just knit, purl and a few slipped stitches here and there………………come back soon for a finished doll.


  1. You are so quick with your knitting (this coming from a non knitter!)!!

  2. It looks beautiful and Elodie will probably not be without it. I have trouble with seaming. Any hints?

    • oh yes seaming! not my best friend, I was just giving another lovely lady on facebook some advice on friday! let me get the link for you as I do mattress stitch

  3. I’m sure she will be very popular!

  4. she will be adorable!!

  5. Noella Hextall says:

    I love her…I’ve popped her in my ravelry library!! Thanks for the inspiration Corrie!

  6. Lovely!

  7. She is looking great so far! :) I like the striped tights/legs.

    • thank you! the hair really is a killer as think you’ve done so much and then realise you have big patches…another night on the hair tonight:)

  8. A Brunette! Love her. Cant wait to see her finished. The suspense 😉

  9. You’re so clever! I can barely knit in a straight line.

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