I made a Christmas bunting

I’ve been really productive lately….I’m not sure what is going on but I do know that spending less time online and more time doing things and having family time is really paying off. Did you know I have Friday’s blog post, a cookie recipe, all written up, photographed and ready to publish. I know. Crazy. Something good is happening with all of this output.

Anyway, last week I pulled out all of my Christmas fabrics……..I decided that at least if they were out and easily accessible that I might actually make a few things. Like the bunting panels that I bought last year from Spotlight with good intentions. But I just didnt get there…………………..you know how it goes. You just get caught up and say to yourself oh well there is always next year. But not this year.

Panels are such an easy way to get a bunting finished. All you need to do is cut out the triangles and go. The instructions talked about ironing on some adhesive and sticking them together or with a plain backing fabric but I just put 2 triangles right sides together, sewed down the long edges, trimmed the tip, turned them right side out, ironed, trimmed the top to make sure they were even, pinned them inside my binding so that the top edge of each triangle was completely covered by the binding and sewed from one end to the other, tied it up and let the kids admire it.

check out the fluff…………might be time for a clean

the kids just loved it when it was hung up……..retro daddy not so much as he is tall to walk under it but the rest of us are loving it!

I did have some pretty cute helpers come in at various times.

And how is YOUR Christmas craft coming along………………………..

p.s. each week before Christmas I’m running a little facebook giveaway, just go here or the Giveaway tab on my facebook page to enter. This week’s prize is some festive fabric and next week is a reindeer Cake Pop Kit! Just helping some of you get crafty this Christmas. 


  1. Lovely!

  2. Jane Martyn says:

    I am making little Christmas Owls from wine corks and felt, fabric and buttons with my class. Cant wait to get started – just need to cut all the wings out!

  3. what a lovely idea. I have never made bunting. Maybe next year. lol. xx

  4. Susan leach says:

    I made some bunting last year from red and white spotlight panels. The nice thing is, you can use it each Christmas and it instantly lifts a space. I sewed 2 triangles together after using vile soffit, and then used pinking shears on the 2 long edges, which looked good as well. Love your colourful bunting.

  5. I loooove your bunting. Perfect Christmas decor when children are around.
    I so enjoy Christmas. Roll on December so I can get the tree up and the lights strung up. I’m thinking maybe I should dig around in the UFO box or should that be the never started box. I’m sure I have things in there from 15 years ago. Most likely fashionable again now.

  6. They are beautiful! I would like to make some right now except I have to quickly make some mesh bags to hang over our apples as I busted the parrots in the tree eating them this morning!

  7. Anne Stanley says:

    Hi corrie they look so wonderful especially against the new kitchen paint. You’ve inspired me to do something so thank you. And I loved your recipe for the caramelised onion tart may see if I can make it for christmas. Love your tips thanks Anne

  8. Fashionista says:

    Your bunting looks so festive. I’m not crafty by any stretch (even though I wish to be and have a sizable stash of craft supplies) however last Christmas I got this fabulous idea for bunting decorations for the Big Family Christmas we were having. I cheated and stuck the red & white printed panels together with some sort of iron-on sticky stuff (courtesy of my dear neighbour who actually knew what she was doing!) and then cut them out with the pinking shears. Then I made a string for each grand-child and Grandma & Grandad putting their name on, using iron-on letters, one letter per triangle and sewed them to green binding. On the back of one triangle of each string I wrote the year and place in permanent marker, mostly to win future arguments as to when the Big Family Christmas was. It looked fabulous, Grandma & Grandad and the children LOVED it as they had a momento of our Big Family Christmas.

  9. Laine Cusack says:

    I’m making a trip to Spotlight this afternoon so I will have to have a look for Christmas panels, you’ve inspired me to make bunting! I’ll also be buying lots of felt to make a kid friendly Christmas tree and ornaments because with my 14 month old daughter around I’m too scared to put our tree up this year and hopefully the felt tree will be interesting for my daughter. So with Christmas bunting and making a felt Christmas tree I think that will be my Christmas craft for this weekend…

  10. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie firstly your bunting is lovely well done! I so agree about time on computer I love to sew at present am painting a house we bought over 4 months ago and even though I am on here now I have been saying for sometime I need to do other things that are staring me in the face and leave the computer to only every few days.
    Have a great Christmas and yes you do have some gorgeous helpers, enjoy, Lyn

  11. Bunting looks fab but I must say my fave pic is the last one of that adorable pudgy little hand!! Beautiful!! x

  12. Hi. I actually found Corries blog when googling for Christmas bunting fabric! What a find – have now signed up for email newsletters and ‘liked’ on facebook. But still needs to track down where I can purchase some fabric to make my own fabric Christmas bunting? (noting that Corrie purchased hers from spotlight back last year) Any clues for me?! Thanks in advance.

    • hi there Karen

      do you have a spotlight near you, my readers have been telling me there are a few bunting fabric panels there at the moment. If you’re not near a store you can go to their website, find a catalogue, see if they are advertised in there and order via phone or email but I find the store is better:) if you’re after another fabric one of my advertisers, minky bear and me fabrics on my sidebar does have a bush christmas bunting panel from memory. Hope that helps, let me know how you get on


      • Thank you so much for your in depth reply! I have a 50 minute trip to our nearest Spotlight – but love your bunting idea so much, think I should make the effort. Will start with the Spotlight website and of course look at your Minky Bear & Me fabric before I leave home. Cheers, Karen.

  13. Corrie, beautiful bunting!
    We’re not planning on sewing Christmas craft this year as I’m back at work after family leave… But last year we made a great advent calendar, which was so much fun!



  14. My daughter & I had a quilting day today and worked on buntings…. yes spotlight panel $14.99 red 7 white but we stitched them wrong sided together and trimmed them with a PINKING shears looks fab no turning inside out, no trimming and getting the point right!. Yes I got my lefts over 2012 Christmas fabrics…strip quilting: 1 and half inch strips….. diamond shape within a rectangular table runner!

  15. This is such a gorgeous Garland. I might actually give this a shot :) I have been trying to make a lot of Christmas stuff myself, (so much cheaper) just like myself, my partner and the kids made our own decorations. Really want to do some on the baking side as well, I need some new things to bake :(
    But here is our Christmas Decorations if you want to check them out :)

    And no I’m not self advertising, haha I just love Christmas and sharing all of it! Plus I really need to make some other Mummy Blog friends :)

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