the santa photo is done and dusted

For once I am early with the santa photo! Usually I do it a few days before Christmas but the invitation to have our photo taken at QVB today was too good to give up. Especially after last year’s photo which I wasn’t really in love with because I decided to try a different place to beat the queues. But before I share this year’s photo I think we need to go right back to the beginning…..when we had our first baby, Keira. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and my love of the santa photo……well it’s kind of love hate because as the years go on it’s getting harder to get everyone to smile/participate/look nice by the time the photo is taken but I do love the santa photo.

this was before I realised that I might actually have to get in the photo… only make that mistake once and now retro daddy dresses for the occasion.

christmas 2009

santa photo 2010

and drumroll please………….introducing the santa photo for 2013……………complete with the most gorgeous dogs and a boy who didn’t want to have his photo taken and didn’t want to stand out of the photo either………………………………………………….but a huge improvement on 2012!

I love it! It was the best of 47 photos (no I’m not kidding you) and elodie was just so taken with the pups and was patting them and oohhing and ahhing over them. They were so gorgeous and well behaved. I think I might have found my favourite photo destination…….but the gorgeous pups were just for today I’m afraid. Just visit the QVB website here to find out more details and I love that they are using SMS this year so you can get a booking, do some shopping and come back for your photo. Genius idea because I’ve done my fair share of santa photo queues in my time.

A big thank you to Santa (the happiest I’ve met), QVB and everyone involved in today as we had a ball and the kids had a fabulous time………..even finn who is now laughing at the santa photo and said he did look at the camera once.


  1. Such a lovely photo:) definitely going there this year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emmaonafarm says:

    Do you think elodie needs a puppy for Christmas? She looks like she loves puppies!

  3. anne seery says:

    Thanks for sharing ♥ Maybe Finn wasn’t too keen on the idea this year? xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Belinda Catt says:

    Corrie, Congrats on your wonderful photos. I love that every year takes on more babies and changes in the children. We have been doing Santa photo’s since 1993 and the last few years have been the four teenage boys in front of our tree with a photoshopped year above. Every year I bring them out and place them on the mantle and everyone looks and remembers when another brother arrived or when Mum or Dad or both were in photos. Like the lounge photos they are the fabric of life. And go Miss Elodie for having the affinity for the doggies.

  5. Just loving the look in Santa’s eyes in the 2010 photo – not so much of a twinkle but a scowl!! Maybe this year’s Santa is so happy because it is only mid November and just the start of the festive photo shoots!!!

  6. 2010 Santa looks like a psychopath! xx

  7. The QVB photo is fantastic! The Santa looks very merry! Unlike Finn, but isn’t that one to laugh at over the years! You are now making me wish I took a Santa photo each year. We’ve never done it. If I lived in Sydney, I’d be tempted to head to QVB for one!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous-those moments are never to be repeated but always treasured memories.

  9. What a great photo, Finn is a classic. A great moment in time captured. Hope I have as much luck as you when we do our Santa photo in a couple of weeks!

  10. Ohhh, Corrie, you look gorgeous in this years photo! I love all the photos you have included. I can’t wait to get ours done now xo

  11. Oh how I dreaded the Santa photo each year and I only have one child who is now 16. She did not like Santa and every year we would walk past him in the lead up to Christmas to get her used to the idea. A few were taken with her standing beside him. When she got to about 7 or 8 I was over it and decided not to even bother when out of the blue she asks why aren’t I seeing Santa this year!!! Needless to say it was a quick trip to see Santa and all was good for the next couple of years.

    We saw Santas cave at the QVB when we were in Sydney just before Christmas last year and it looked like a magical place.

    You certainly a photo to cherish this year.

  12. Priceless Corrie – so fun to look at the stream of photos over the years. It is easy to see that the children are growing. Everyone has a “horrible” photo in their life. The girls found my old school photos when we were looking through family photos for ones of my dad and family for his “Celebration of Life.” In kindergarten we were all lined up and the photo was clicked just as the photographer cracked a joke – everyone is smiling except me. I have my head back roaring with laughter. There are 30 copies of that evil picture in peoples homes around Canada… Hopefully they have forgotten who I am.

  13. All so gorgeous. 2013 a stand out and no doubt Finn will tell a good tale about it. Aren’t they gorgeous doggies. Good taste Elodie. These ones don’t even need bathing would you believe! Still have to feed and poop scoop though.

  14. How fantastic is that,just beautiful!!The last photo I tried to get of my boys,the youngest screamed his head off,lol havent been back since

  15. These Christmas santa photos are priceless! Thank you for sharing. You all look happy and lovely.

  16. So darling! You can tell by Elodie’s hands that she is about to pat those pups. Finn will show this to his kids someday. Your family is beautiful and the photos always make me smile.

  17. Lovely photo. I used to get upset if we couldn’t capture everyone smiling. Now when we look back on previous years, we laugh. Shame the dogs where only there for one day.

  18. Love it!
    I have a “Finn” shot, except I went one step further… my undies are on show!
    I love a BIG family photo, you are blessed.
    Liv x

    • I may have just cried tears of laughter at that one! you win with that one

      I do love santa photos and hope the kids play along with me for a long time to come

  19. What lovely family photos and the QVB setting is gorgeous! Having our first Santa photo this week. Great tip on being prepared to get in the photo!!! Good one!

  20. Gorgeous family and such a great tradition to keep doing each year!

  21. Great photo. We jsut had ours done at Big W the day it was for free. I took the very first and only photo they took of me and the kids. The youngest was afraid of Santa so I had to stand and hold him and he didn’t look at the camera but I didn’t care cos the other three were looking fine and I said “Yes, that’ll do” and ran out of there! Lol.

  22. It’s always fun looking back on Christmas photos past. We’ve done ours already to. Normally left up until the last week or even last day, the boys had their photo with Santa yesterday.

  23. I really want to do the Christmas Photo with my kids when I have some. I love your picture and the quality is super good. The dogs are so cute. I have just noticed that you need a new addition by next Christmas because in every second picture there is a new little face. :)

  24. Thanks for sharing ALL the wonderful photos, Corrie. The older girls have grown into such lovely little ladies and I bet Finn’s not going to fit on Retrodaddy’s knee next year. It’s wonderful to see Elodie so happy and relaxed with the dogs. Emerson is so big already! He reminds me of my sweet-natured youngest brother. Happy Christmas to you all.

    • oh thank you Joanne! I hope you are doing well:) Emerson is huge isn’t he! wearing size 2 and busting out of some of that….some people ask if he’s elodie’s twin…can you believe it!!!

      take care

  25. Come on darling, show us no. 47!!

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