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Last week I was invited to breakfast in the botanical gardens. I can tell you that it was rather nice to get dressed up on  a friday morning and head into town. Of course that was after I had made lunches, packed bags, laid out clothes and made sure everything was fine before I left the house. And I had the pleasure of meeting the very stylish Deborah Thomas former editor of the Women’s Weekly. She is tall and I am short. She is super glamorous and I am not. That is all.

The event was the launch for a new online forum for women called Equal Choice and it coincided with the launch of Equal’s new sweetener range, Naturals by Equal, which uses Stevia.  Now I don’t know about you but I have an opinion on everything! And I love being asked my opinion so I got a bit addicted to the questions on the Equal choice website here and I didn’t want them to stop popping up on the screen and seeing how I compared to the others.

Questions like reality TV – addictive or aggravating – I have to say addictive except when it’s done to death and is hanging on by a thread…, oh I don’t know…Big Brother. But give me Real Housewives and I’m there on the couch while retro daddy is out of earshot.

Social media – trivial banter or meaningful dialogue….well for me and my gorgeous readers over on Facebook it’s definitely meaningful dialogue. Love those ladies. Unfortunately the majority of those surveyed did not agree with me. Clearly they need to spend some time over on the retro mummy Facebook page.

Skinny jeans – tremendous or torturous. Again as I was going against the grain with my answer as I love my Trenery skinny jeans, so much so that I have 4 pairs and 2 pairs are the same colour because I live in them. It’s all about the rise of the jean.

Breakfast…never or always….I’m an always and went with the majority on that one. Unfortunately the panel decided to debate this question at about 10am when I was hanging out for my hot breakfast……….it followed soon after. Phew.

Now to make it a bit more exciting there are 5x$1000 cash prizes up for grabs if you register with Equal Choice and share your answers before 2nd December. And the more times you enter the more chance you have to win. Love that. Who wouldn’t want $1000 before Christmas, that would be my Christmas shopping sorted. And I would absolutely love for a reader to pick up the prize.

So to be a part of the fun just go to and register. Share your answers and you’re in the draw, share them more than once and you’ve got more chances. Go………………..


  1. Thanks I’m with you on most of the above – skinny jeans and I are however not friends more likely fiends…. 😉

  2. thanks for that – I use equal every day so will pop on over. Skinny jeans – not for me.

  3. Can I just say Corrie, you pointed out differences you see between yourself and Deborah but really, you’re both stylish women and height doesn’t even come into it.

    At nearly 41, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans… 2 pairs in fact and having lived through high waisted, tapered leg, paperbag waist, straight leg, bootleg and all the various ‘wash’ finishes, I love my skinny jeans!

    • I know! it’s all about getting the right pair! for years I thought I couldn’t wear them but it was just getting the right pair

      and thank you, you are too kind about that photo!


  4. Hi Corrie, I’ve met Deb Thomas a few times, she was kind enough to launch the first Australian Autism Handbook for us, and she’s a very, very impressive and charming person. I’m in awe of her confidence and long experience in the media… and her great sense of style.

    Breakfast?? Always!!!

    • she is very stylish and very charming, I agree! There were readers there of the magazine and she was so lovely with them. Definitely has a presence about her

      how lovely that she did that launch, just shows what kind of person she is!


  5. Oooooooooh Thanks for the heads up on this Corrie! I’ve just put the babies to bed and am sitting down with the laptop and a cup of tea. Sounds like the perfect time to do some online questions and increase my chances for a little Christmas bonus!!! By the way, I’m totally with you on the Facebook is meaningful dialogue!!! How else would we stay home mum’s get any decent conversation in our lives!!

  6. These are brilliant ideas for christmas time, especially as busy mums. Thank you for sharing!

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