day 13 of our 2nd kitchen renovation

I’d also like to call this post…..almost there day! Today was a busy day….and I was up at 6 on my own with the little ones ready to go. We had the electrician, tiler, fridge delivered, plumber in at the end of the day and then Michael the lovely kitchen guy came to do his little inspection.

I was asked this afternoon is it what I imagined and I have to say that it is better. I always knew this kitchen was going to be bigger than the last one. I had more space to play and no building work meant a bit more budget too.

Today it really all came together and with a bit of painting, a good clean, the plumbing to the fridge and then we are really done.

oh yes and the oven finally found a home! I actually think it needs to come forward a smidge but it’s so great to see it in a space and not in the middle of the kitchen and on a piece of foam. Oh the oven was a big source of worry in this kitchen but I always knew it would be worth it.

More photos to come over the weekend and oh the joy of patching the ceiling and painting for retro daddy.

and yes there will also be a complete ‘everything you wanted to know about my kitchen post’ coming up too! And plenty of little trips from me into the kitchen to admire it some more. And do I have the best kitchen guy or what? Look what is in my fridge for the weekend……………………………

Thank you Michael:)


  1. Oh my! That kitchen is just divine! Corrie you have done so well in all of your choices. your oven is an absolute stunner and I’m in love with all that light :) Many happy cooking and baking hours will be spent here I’m sure…

    Sophie xo

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!! So classic and white and yummy!!!! All set off beautifully by the mini model!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!

  3. Love it!!!! Look forward to reading about all the details and Michael sure does have good taste in presents :)

  4. Corrie I love your blog and have loved following along in your Kitchen makeover!
    And it looks STUNNING!!
    You must be delighted:)
    Lulu x

  5. So deserved. Your vision now the realty. Such a feel good moment. Must say my cabinet makers have never ever given me a bottle of French Champers. I’ll have to show them that pic now.
    Hopefully retro Daddy will be moving quickly on that painting task so you can do the final before and afters.

  6. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Absolutely beautiful :)

  7. Wow that is so lovely. Enjoy!!!!

  8. Looks stunning, just like I’m imagining my new kitchen-to-be to look like. Think I might show my cabinet maker :-)

  9. Wow, it looks amazing, so light & roomy. I love it

  10. I love the “head shot” in one of your photos. I lived in a house with a white kitchen and hated it because when we sold the house it was a downturn in the economy and I had 80 showings and 10 weeks on the market. And my husband had left for his next military post so I was alone with 3 little ones (8, 5, and 2). I did nothing but clean every night. BUT… I have decided that I now have kitchen envy and I want one that looks like yours!

  11. Oh it is beautiful!
    I am curious to know the details of the tiles you used for the splash backs? We have a new kitchen starting on Tuesday and everything has been selected (including a Belling Stove!!!). But, I can’t work out which tiles to choose for the splashback and these look fabulous so I’m hoping you won’t mind sharing the name/supplier? Thanks Corrie.

    • how exciting! these are a spanish subway tile from Tiles by Kate in Manly vale, under $90 a sqm. The cheap ones come in at about $20/sqm but anything from spain or italy in the subway tiles that are more expensive will give you a thicker nicer look like this one and ask to have them arranged in a brick style like this which makes them more interesting!!!!! good luck, I’ll check the box outside tmrw if it’s still there for the brand

  12. Its stunning. You have done a beautiful job of choosing everything.
    I love your kitchen, but just as much I love your windows and all that light pouring in with the greenery outside.

  13. Wow….love it!!!! Just what I’d like!! It will look great in your recipe photos! Well done on the choices you have made as it all fits together beautifully!

  14. beautiful.

  15. Do you know what I love most? The view from the fridge down the bench to the trees outside. Lovely. That tree and the view would be one I’d spend a lot of time looking at.

  16. It looks fantastic and along with lots of your readers, I have 100% kitchen envy!!!! Love all the power points you have too! Thanks for sharing your kitchen reno journey (#2) with us! :)

  17. Great tapware but I just couldn’t do a sink in the middle of the bench. I’m just not a “wash up and dry it straight away girl”. I like to leave those things you do have to hand wash “air dry” = lazy :-)

  18. Is that an Aga I see before me??!! How fantastic, the kettle will never be off the boil. The kitchen looks great and even better with a wee person running around. A big job to get in a kitchen when you have so many little ones. Hope you have a great weekend.

  19. The Blog a House Built says:

    Our kitchens are scarily similar. Love all of it. Kx

  20. Kathy MacKie says:

    You amaze me and I so love your new kitchen. I have a friend who has fallen in love with her Aga and had her kitchen floor (an old house) reinforced to accommodate the weight of it. Thanks for sharing your family and love of life with us all.

  21. It’s been great watching your kitchen come together, and now that it’s pretty much done all I can say is wow wow wow! Well done,

  22. Corrie you have done an amazing job, congratulations. You must be very proud of what you have achieved. Can’t wait to see it all styled. You have definately inspired me to working on our renovations. I like the way you have injected the country feel, but still it has a modern look to it.

  23. Corrie, it is absolutely beautiful and those lights! WOW!!!
    It was obviously worth the wait to get what you want.

  24. It’s just beautiful Corrie. I bet you are busting to cook up a storm in the new space,
    Mel xx

  25. Corrie, I just love your glass pendant light fittings. Any clues on where they came from. I’ve been looking for just the right thing for ever. They are just lovely.

  26. Simple gorgeous!!! Soon you will have the nicest house with all that work you ve done!!!Well done with your designing!!

  27. Oh Corrie those lights are drop dead gorgeous, absolutely stunning!!! (I don’t normally get that excited about light fittings). My husband and I have jus had a few days away in south east Queenslan and I saw something similiar in a home decor shop during our travels. The kitchen is stunning.

  28. i’m in love!

  29. heee hee I just noticed the regular suspect of photo bombing! She’s been photo bombing since she obtained mobility!!!

  30. Congratulations – it looks amazing. I bet you can’t wait to put everything away and eat your first family meal there. Wow, love it.

  31. I absolutley love it Corrie. Well done to you on all the hard work and decision making. It has come up beautiful and I love all the white. Stunning! Looking forward to reading about all your wonderful family memories you make there. N x

  32. Corrie have you decided the first dish you’re cooking in the new kitchen? With no backsplash, are you worried about the tiles behind the cooktop? I love how the colors have made the window view POP! it’s like a treehouse :)

  33. It is so gorgeous Corrie! I am so envious of you, but I wish you many hours of fun baking and spending time with your family there too. The natural light from that window is just beautiful too. Enjoy! Fee xx

  34. I have just been looking at your kitchen reno again Corrie, your new kitchen is quite spectacular however there is no sink drainer, where do you put the things you’ve washed to drain ?

  35. workingwomenaus says:

    Corrie I’m so inspired right now! I’m trawling the net to find inspiration for my new house and your kitchen is simply divine. I’m lusting after an Aga but I think I’ll settle for an Esse if the prices I’m seeing are anything to go off. A girl can dream though… 😉

  36. Everything about this kitchen renovations is beautiful. I skipped back to your previous Day 1 post to compare, just WOW. The transformation from 70’s to country is amazing. Well done !

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