day 11 of our 2nd kitchen renovation

I love being able to share a bit of progress with you all……..and just so that you know, you are usually getting to see the pictures and how it’s looking before retro daddy does. So there you go. Life is so busy at the moment so it’s one less thing to worry about when I have a blog post for the day. Today it was the plasterer’s turn to pop in for a visit and work some magic.

In our last kitchen we just had a gap above our cabinetry but wow this has made a difference having a cornice put in around top. I just love how it really finishes off the cabinets.  Keira makes her confirmation tomorrow and it would have been so fabulous to have lunch in the kitchen but we can show off the progress and just enjoy it.

We had a slight drama with the caesarstone but thankfully Snow will be back in stock next week and the schedule is out by a day but what is a day when you get your first colour choice so we’re all good and can’t wait to share more photos with you next week.

oh and hopefully I can rescue elodie from the room….lots of cupboards to open and close. Emerson loves to do the same too and there are great acoustics in there too.


  1. mylittlemod says:

    Looking fab! We starting building in a week’s time so investigating kitchens now to go in after Christmas. Checking out a few companies but have given Belrose a call too!!

  2. I love seeing the updates Corrie! when I see you have put one up I grab a coffee and sit down and enjoy….I know sad! Cannot wait to see it all finished x

  3. David Chapman says:

    I wondered what the brown strips on top of the cabinets were on your previous posts and now we have an answer. A good plasterer can really make a difference with the finishing touches, plus hide any little imperfections. Remember the plural of “cornice” is “corni” and the best plasterers are from France.

    • I read this comment not realising who it was from and was like who is that telling me how to write things! oh it’s you!!!!!! I need to email you by the way

  4. So glad you did the cornice, it looks great! We made that mistake in our first kitchen, if you leave the gap if just looks cheap and unfinished not to mention the dust that collects there!

    Looking good :) loving the Reno posts.

  5. Great progress. Yes no gaps equals no dust catching. Plus no ugly let’s shove it up there to store.

  6. Anne-Louise says:

    Love love Love! the kitchen updates and watching your progress so exciting! You have great taste!

  7. it is looking just fantastic!

  8. Looking good.- love the cornices and all the cupboards.

  9. Wow looks great, how much longer till you are finished?

  10. Looks so lovely. An unexpected update. YAY!

  11. I’m not ashamed to say it, I wake up every morning hoping for a kitchen update. lol. It’s just so bright and newww!! just my colors too.

  12. I love this kitchen – it inspires me to do something with our ugggly one. You have great taste – and I agree with filling in the space above the cupboards. Terrible place for junk and dirt.

  13. It looks fantastic. Love the all white! Are you having the white subway tiles as well?

  14. WHAT a transformation!! Absolutely amazing and so inspiring!!

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