day 9 & 10 of our 2nd kitchen renovation

Well now we get to the good stuff……..the cabinets are in and cupboard handles are on. This is much more exciting than looking at the kitchen after a coat of paint. Now I was going to be a bit mean and drag it out with day 9 of just cabinets but here we have both day 9 and 10 progress shots in the one post. It’s also kind of nice to see the morning sunlight in the kitchen for the day 9 shots and the late afternoon sun coming in after 6pm for the day 10 shots.

I was shooed out of the kitchen until the mantle was just right. It really is just what I wanted….something a little traditional but not too traditional or over the top. I wanted to really show off the oven space and I think it adds a nice little classic touch.

Can I just say that going from all brown and yellow to shades of white and grey has made the room brighter and also bigger. It’s just a gorgeous gorgeous space and I can’t wait to get in there………..

the caesarstone was measured at 4.30pm where I was advised that they are all out of snow. Come on people, why are you all using Snow….that’s my colour. And there really isn’t something close to it in the caesarstone so looks I might be doing another stone brand in a similar shade to snow to get the right look. Thank goodness!

So now we’ll sit around and wait for the stone to arrive and then it will be a flurry of activity to get everything finished and get cooking!!!!

More to come next week………………………..


  1. wow, this looks fabulous. You must be thrilled.

  2. Nice, I can see where I’m going to sit on the stool whilst you make me lots of cups of tea :) hahaha

  3. Love the white and grey. Look forward to seeing the finished kitchen.

  4. Wow, it really does look like a different kitchen already! I love the second shot with all the light coming in the three windows, it’s going to be such a beautiful sun-filled kitchen!

  5. Looking spectacular! It will be a wonderful happy place for you all and of course your guests too.
    The small cupboards on the island are a great idea. I did that 20 odd years ago and the cabinet maker thought I was nuts. All because he hadn’t seen it done before. I kept all my entertaining stuff, glasses, platters and the things you don’t use on a daily basis in there it was brilliant. We moved 18 months ago and boy do I miss so much about that kitchen.

  6. My absolute favourite thing so far are your cupboard handles, so perfect xo

  7. Loving the handles on those cupboards. They remind me specimen drawers in museums and really old school laboratories. You have almost inspired me to get the paint brushes and rollers out to repaint our place. Almost.

  8. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Love it! So exciting for you all :)

  9. So jealous of all your cupboards! Looks amazing.

  10. Gosh, so much space, that’s awesome. love the white.

  11. Just staring in awe at your kitchen! Scrolling up and down. So beautiful! My kitchen arrives on Monday. Exciting times. Are you going to do some feature tiles above the cooker like herringbone with a pencil edge border and then subway everywhere else?
    Looks pretty.

  12. It’s looking good. I have a white kitchen with grey wall paint. It is the best colour combination. Hope you are happy with an alternative to the caesarstone snow. We went with a different stone to caesarstone, only because we were renovating to sell and are happy with what we chose. Can’t wait to see the finished result. Jacinta

  13. I love it Corrie! I follow you on Pinterest and have been loving your kitchen reno board – it’s very similar to the style I was after when we did our kitchen 6 months ago.

    Can I just say…we also got an engineered stone bench top. It’s absolutely gorgeous, pale speckled white. But there are two things that I wish someone had told me before I chose it: they chip fairly easily, and you can’t place hot pans directly on them. I was carrying heavy bags of shopping into the kitchen a few months ago, lifted them onto the bench, and a glass jar caught the edge of the bench. The jar was fine, but the bench lost a chunk out of it :-(

    Here’s hoping that Caesarstone is much more durable than the brand we used!

    The reno is coming along so nicely by the way, it must feel amazing for you to finally get your dream kitchen.

  14. Arctic in Q stone is just beautiful!

  15. Gorgeous! I have been looking at all the little details, inspirational! (I am a veteran of 2 DIY kitchen renos!). Our new house has Essestone, not sure if available in the East, we love it!

  16. Oh and PS: how are you gong to reach the highup cupboards? little ladder? :-)

  17. My favourite part is the cupboards on the other side of the island! Love them, lol. I would love more than one pantry too…. Heaven!

  18. Did you use vinyl wrap or were they sprayed with Tupak (not sure of spelling)? The satin in amazing, so much nicer than glossy white!

  19. Was wondering if you could give us more details on the cupboard doors e.g. colour name, what they are made of etc… thanks

  20. Its looking so gorgeous Corrie!. I love those doors and have a mind to do mini makeover in our kitchen with a door change, coat of paint and new knobs/handles. ( I’m dreaming really ) In your island do you have storage cupboards on the side where the seating will be situated? It looks that way, I have a terrible time trying to get my two angels to keep their feet off the doors when they are seated at mine.I’m looking forward to seeing your stone :)

  21. Oh I am loving all the white!!! It’s perfect! So gorgeous! Congratulations!

  22. I loving it… especially the lights :) Nancy

  23. Looks beautiful, so excited for you.

  24. it looks amazing!!!what a wonderful palace this is going to be!!i also just wanted to say i follow quite a lot of blogs out there but no one posts as often as you do!!and for that i say a big thank you!!how do you do it???…

  25. Theresa V says:

    You are all class & cleverness here;
    Where I would have none!

  26. oh yes yes yes!!! Even lovelier than the last renno – i am so busting to see that stove in (and like you aren’t)!!!

  27. Amazing already and it’s not even finished! I can envisage your family enjoying many happy days in that lovely kitchen and living space. Just beautiful!

  28. Loving seeing your kitchen come to life Corrie!! Looks fantastic so far. I can’t wait to see that whopper of an oven in situ, and the tiles you’ve selected.

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