Day 7 of our 2nd Kitchen Renovation

OK so I know that it’s been a little bit quiet around here with the kitchen photos but we’ve been waiting for the kitchen cabinets to arrive before installation next tuesday. Retro daddy has been away for business (and looks like he’ll be doing lots more of that – insert sad face) so there has been no painting, that fun is saved up for this weekend. And he’ll be painting the skirtings and trims around the cabinets.

Those big long doors are for my double pantries. Yes that’s right, pantries not pantry. I’ve managed to put 3 doubles into this kitchen as I really needed more storage after doing our last kitchen. With one spare wall gracing our kitchen I decided to put the fridge and 2 pantries along it. And then at the other end of the kitchen is another pantry. I’ll probably use the two next to the fridge for food and the other one for platters, appliances and big stuff.

I thought we had drama with the kitchen cabinets, when they arrived they appeared to be glossy not a matte finish but turns out that was the just the full sun in the morning and actually by the  afternoon light they were looking like our last kitchen.  Those 3 little cupboards there are to go above the oven with a small/modest/not too over the top mantle which will have the rangehood hidden underneath. I wanted something a little bit different but not too traditional that it might be off putting if/when we sell the house.

And we have a dishwasher……………..very exciting. 18 months of washing dishes by hand is about to come to an end. I went with the Samsung as it had great reviews, an adjustable top tray and was priced middle of the range. I did start out looking at the basic dishwasher models but they all seemed to come with criticisms of glasses falling over and a few problems like that so worked up a bit in price without going over $900. I’ll let you know what I think about it.

We’ve had a few dramas with the oven but nothing an email to the owner of the business didn’t sort out and we’re all good. The oven was finally delivered and I’m going to put all the drama behind us. I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for it to arrive and I always knew that it would be worth it. The oven is an ESSE EC2i which is an electric range cooker with an induction cooktop. The induction top is under some big stainless steel hob covers which give it a traditional look. It is a big investment, I won’t lie and I’ll devote a post to the oven once it’s in and running but once I started looking into the range cookers there was no turning back.

I do think that when ordering a big heavy cooker like this one that you factor in ahead of time and ask those important questions about delivery. How will it arrive, who will bring it into the house and move it into place and ask all of those questions at the time you order and then confirm those details again. Unfortunately installation is not an option if you live interstate so at the moment the oven is on some foam and retro daddy is going to find a trolley to help get it into position next week with the tradespeople. But boy it is beautiful.

And that my friends, was day 7……………………


  1. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    So exciting reading all about it :) we are just staring to organise our home renovation as with bub number 4 on the way our little 10sq 3 bedroom home is a bit cramped :)

  2. So exciting Corrie, you look like you’ve got so much space and lots and lots of cupboards. Hurry up Tuesday! :-)

    • yes! lots of space, I knew when we bought this place that I didn’t want any walls to knock down again and that the kitchen had to be the kitchen whatever happened so it’s worked out nicely and yes tuesday will give me such a better idea of how it’s going to look

  3. I am loving being able to see you kitchen come together again Corrie.

  4. I am looking forward to seeing this one [kitchen], especially the cooker!

    • yes me too! I had to look away when they were bringing it into the house as it’s so big and heavy and I was terrified something would happen! once it’s in it is staying in….didn’t realise how heavy they are:)

  5. Looks gorgeous already! Love reading about it all. What type of door is it i.e. vinyl wrap, painted wood etc Lovely profile on the doors.

  6. Jeanette tranberg says:

    Are they a vinyl wrap door or painted?

    • I have to check, sorry I just did the same as the last kitchen but it’s definitely not a traditional wooden kitchen. I just choose the finish on the cupboards and leave the rest to the guy:)

  7. Wow, It is looking gorgeous already-the white is so smart and the cooker looks like it’s going to be the star of the kitchen. I couldn’t live without my dishwasher!!

    • I think so, I was a bit nervous about spending so much on the cooker but I think it will really shine in the kitchen and be lovely to cook with too. It’s been tough without the dishwasher but you just get used to it BUT when I went to the dishwasher hygiene lunch I realised that it’s definitely more hygienic to use the dishwasher so bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now let’s just hope people will pack the dishwasher and not leave plates next to it or in the sink

  8. Talk about suspense!!! Can’t wait to see your oven installed in its new home. I love kitchen renovations xo

  9. I know how excited you must be feeling. A cooker like the one you have bought will be well used and I can imagine you teaching all of your children how to bake in that gorgeous kitchen. Fantastic idea to have the three pantries too.

  10. If there’s spare room in the 3rd pantry could I please rent a shelf? Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I thought I’d have more storage in our new kitchen… time to cull some schtuff me thinks! Either that or give DH a heart attack when I suggest that big reno we’ve been playing with… or a new house!

  11. I am definitely caught up in your kitchen Reno ‘series’!?!!! Looking forward to the end result…as I am pretty certain you are too!?!!! x

  12. Corrie,
    I LOVE this kitchen – it will be beautiful. Now about that 1/2 Vanilla Quake – the names are different in North America but the numbers are comparable. So… when you have time :) could you please let us know the number. I really want to check out this colour as I hate the one I have – sort of a purple grey.

  13. Hey Corrie happy to see you come by my humble little blog,lol yes Saltwaters are the “bomb” as the boys would say and I have an orange pair on the way from a shop in Sydney I think,found them on FB A few people here are looking sideways as they are a bit different in this area! but I love them. Love your new kitchen plans too

  14. Wow looks like its going to turn out really good, what a LOVELY stove!! Love the old fashioned style!

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