We are loving the Aussie Animal Collectable cards from Woolworths

This post is brought to by Woolworths

We are right in the middle of school holidays at the moment and we are right in the middle of collecting these Aussie Animals cards from Woolies. Last week the lady in front of us at the check out gave us her 5 packs of cards, retro daddy had 4 packs in his pocket after ducking out to get a few things and then I got 5 packs from my own shopping. That’s a whole lot of packs to sort out.

And I like that. The packs get ripped apart and the cards laid out and homes are found for the cards.

And it’s kind of addictive. I found myself ripping open a few packs…..keira was saying to me ‘Mummy, I’m supposed to be doing the cards, not you’ and I was like ‘oh just wait a second I’ll just get this pack put away in the right place’.  The cards are numbered and the albums ($5 each or 2 for $8) have plastic sleeves. The animals are sorted by habitat and each page has some info on that habitat. I found it quite fun matching up the numbers and homes for the cards and had to remind myself that it wasn’t an activity for me but the kids. And yes we have 3 albums in our house to avoid any fights.

And purely for the purpose of this post we bought a few animals which have made themselves right at home. We have no shortage of stuffed toys in this house but I know these will be made welcome in bedrooms and on beds and we’ve done some holiday shows with them.

So ask for your cards when you’re at the check out at Woolworths. It’s one pack of 4 cards for every $20 you spend and start collecting because I can promise you that it’s lots of fun and you might even find yourself slotting the cards in and trying to complete your habitats. And for more fun be sure to visit the Aussie Animals website here.

p.s. To celebrate, Woolworths is inviting everyone to attend Woolworths’ Aussie Animals Trading Days and swap cards with their fellow collectors, with trading days taking place on Saturday 5th October at Woolworths stores nationwide. Head to your local Woolies store for times. 



  1. I started collecting them to but I try to spilt it between 4 kids even though the youngest isn’t 2 yet. On Monday my son came home from visiting my mum and he had 15 packets that he’d collected in 5 day. We’d also been given 13 packets from the kids uncle on Sunday and he left a whole heap at home in Canberra so he’s posting them to us this week :). I think I’ll go buy an album each as I’m trying to get a complete for each of them and we’ve already had our own swap day which was lots of fun. NOW TO JUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO STOP MISS 3 FROM BITING THE CARDS AND DISTROYING THEM :(

    • 15 packets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my guys would have gone nuts over that! well done! I must say I found myself slightly addicted to putting them away and didn’t even notice it!


    • Tatjana Johns-Dunlop says:

      15 packets would have sent my 5 year old cousin over the moon

      I am 16 and all of the cards that I have and she doesn’t, I have to give to her – that is before I started to collect my own cards for MY collection, because we were battling to complete ours first, but she completed hers first

      She has a very good vocab for a 5 year old, for example – ‘my collection is going to be the most tidy and educational for my cousin’

  2. Our kids are going nuts over these cards too! In fact most of the local kids must be because all of the folders are sold out at our closest Woolies!

    It’s worth keeping an eye on the catalogue for bonus pack offers too. When you buy certain fruit and veg etc you earn some extra packs of cards

  3. My daughter is obsessed with them and bugs me to ask for the cards on our shopping trips! She’s loving Woolworths trips at the moment :) I think she’s more excited about taking her album in for ‘Show and Tell’ once preschool holidays are over.

  4. My children are loving the cards too!! Miss 9 and Mr 10 are both reading out facts and figures about the animals and quizzing me constantly, ‘Hey Mum, did you know??!’ Loving that they are actually learning about the animals along with the fun of collecting the cards. I will have to get an album soon….. And get them sorted out.

  5. We like them in our house too but I was disappointed that I spent $97.45 the other day and was only given 4 packs. Surely that’s close enough to $100 to get 5?

    • oh no!!!!!! we’ve always had the generous check out person giving us more than we paid for:)

    • We’ve been lucky, like Corrie, and have had the generous checkout staff who give us a few extras, particularly if the kids are well behaved and smile nicely! I’m sure there will be heaps left over at the end of the promotion (I used to work for Woolies so have seen this sort of thing before) so I don’t see the harm in giving a few more packs to the people who are actually collecting the cards!
      Hopefully next time you get a nice, friendly checkout chick and she gives you a heap extra! :-)

      • If I hadn’t been a little short for time I would have queried the 4 packs, rather than 5 but I thought “It’s something for free. Don’t sweat the small stuff.” And like you say, I”m sure there will be leftovers at the end … or will there? :-)

  6. katherine says:

    My sister and dad are collecting them too – so all the cards I get are going to them. They will make a great teaching resource.

    I found the same thing with the Earn & Learn Stickers in some cases Littlemissairgap. It really depended on how generous the checkout person was because at others times I got heaps of stickers.

    • YES! yesterday the kids got one each and she just asked how many packs we wanted!!!!!!!!!!!! look for the most generous check out person not the shortest queue:)

  7. Pepper is collecting these and has everyone we know collecting them for her too!
    She knows which ones she has and its great for literacy development and learning! She managed to get 20 4 pkts the other day from a lovely lady :) thanks for the info about the swap day too! We might have to send you some in the post! Bron

  8. So funny, we had the exact Same cards and albums 2 years back in our dutch supermarket. In dutch obviously(-;

  9. ive cottected 25 packets woohoo

  10. i love these cards there so fun to see

  11. I am obsessed with these cards i onley have 8 to go. I really want to win so i get the free trip to Taronga zoo.

  12. Hi everybody loving Aussie Animals Swap Cards,

    Here’s a great link (hope it works) if your kids colour it in and take it to the local Woolies they get a free pack of cards (if your kids hand it in themselves with a Smile and a please they might even get extras)


    Their website has this info for Bonus packs:
    Between the 2nd of October and the 15th of October you can get a free bonus pack of cards for every product purchased from these brands: Rexona, Streets, Colgate and Vaalia.

    Between the 2nd and 8th of October, you can receive a free bonus pack of Aussie Animals cards for each kilo of fresh loose or pre packed apples purchased.

    Bonus happens automatically…on your receipt.

    A lot of Woolies are having a swap your cards day tomorrow (5th October) check with your local Woolies.

  13. my mum thought that these cards would be crap but when she sore them they where fantastic. i love them i hope i collect all of them and win a free trip to taronga zoo

  14. now it has come to end i have finished collecting them all but i say to my parents don’t forget the cards. these cards are fantastic. i love collecting the cards

  15. Hi Ladies,

    Does anyone have an album available? I have called about 20 stores I am willing to drive to and everyone is sold out. I am desperately looking for one for my son to keep his cards. Please let me know if you have one you would be happy to part with.

    • Yeah we have been trying to find the album for my niece as well, so far every Woolies we have tried in the Carina / Carindale / east brisbane area has all sold out.. and we got told they’re not getting anymore :( not good

  16. Yes, I’m desperately looking for the album too I have the complete set of cards (didn’t think I would get them all) and then when I went to get album none available anywhere. I work in childcare so decided to collect cards for the children to enjoy. Need the album to display and protect the cards from lots of inquisitive fingers. Can anyone help?

  17. Jill bentley says:

    Desperately would like an album have tried everywhere in tassie and melbourne, please can one of your stores help me to purchase one

  18. We’ve collected the whole series of cards too and think they are great cards. However, we’ve been trying to buy an album but cannot find one in any local stores. We just rang Woolworths to be told that they are sold out pretty much everywhere and there are no more available. This is extremely disappointing! I wonder if Woolies will be able to do anything about this for their customers? After all, the promotion has not even finished yet so there will still be LOTS of people seeking albums. Please let us know how you go if you are able to speak to Woolies about this. Much appreciated, Kim.

  19. I have been looking for the albums too but I keep getting told they have sold out in Australia. :(

  20. I’ve been looking for the album desperately too…
    omg… sold out everywhere..
    how can I buy that album?

  21. Rosphotoalbum says:

    Where can I buy an album, desperate to find one. All seem to be sold out.Have been to numerous. Please advise or print more.

    Rumour that they have been withdrawn because of an obsenity in one of the puzzles. Is this true?

  22. if you have the whole collection, do you win something?

  23. Desperate for an album also. Can’t believe what they are being sold on eBay for $$$$

  24. Lea-Anne Abbas says:

    If there is anyone just as upset as me for not being able to get an Aussie animals album don’t worry. Just go to the woolworths website go to there FEEDBACK section and make a complaint. I was advised if they get enough complaint they would recall the product on demand . Come on everyone I’ve done my part lets all get together and try to bring these aussie animal folders back for our kids. Do it today.

  25. I missed out on a aussie folder for my little one please how can I get one

  26. According to the canberra times, the folders are being reprinted and will be available in December. You need to preorder to get one though!

  27. I have 102 cards (not inclueding doubles) so i am missing six cards does anyone know how i can get the rest i need 40 giant dragonfly,59 spotted couscous,64 splfur crested cockatoo,85 box jellyfish, 86 luna lionfish and 104 booroolong frog

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