holiday knitting

I love school holidays….I know not everyone shares my love but no early starts (oh except for today when the appliances arrived at 7am and I was still in bed), no school run, no activities, no routine…just doing our own thing. And that means getting a bit of time for my knitting while the kids play. I just bring my knitting with me and then put it in a high place when I head off to do something else. We also have a week of swimming lessons and with the exception of wednesday when I’ll have all the kids with me I’ll be knitting away and watching the kids in the pool (see that knitting while watching tv is a great skill with many applications).

At the moment I’m doing a test knit for someone on ravelry here and it’s fun to see my progress via my instagram pics. Keira was only too happy to model it and hopefully I’ll have it finished this weekend. Super cute little cookie stitch marker was a find on etsy a few years ago, we were moving house and I tucked them all away and then discovered them recently. Super cute but you’ll still finding me using safety pins when I need something quick and on hand.

It’s been a while between test knits for me…..the other test knit I did was when elodie was a baby here. I am now thinking about making a few of these for people who’ve just had babies……somewhere in between the handmade goodies that I want to make for christmas this year. Don’t laugh, I always start out with good intentions…………..don’t we all.

Happy knitting everyone………………….

edited to add that I’m a failed test knitter! I’ve done the join in the wrong place on the yoke and it should be at the shoulder seam……………insert pretend crying. I’ve decided to soldier on and finish it and then do another one with the correct placement of the buttons and buttonholes. 


  1. I too love school holidays Corrie… :)

    Your holiday knitting is simply gorgeous…

  2. I too love school holidays, I don’t put my kids in any school holiday camps, so it is all about staying in PJs for as long as possible (unfortunately I still get up early care of Master Jack!!), inviting friends over for an afternoon play & spending the majority of the day in the pool. Not looking forward to next Tues. Happy holidays Corrie.

  3. I always looked forward to the school holidays when my girls were young. It meant a relaxed start to the day and seemed to get even more relaxed as the days wore on. So much so that occasionally I forgot I would have to feed everyone dinner and hadn’t planned ahead. It was a good excuse to go out for Chinese or settle for baked beans on toast or the man’s standby, omelettes.

    Must get those needles clicking again now too! Thanks for the push…

  4. My goodness that last pic is ridiculously cute!!!!! Happy hols and knitting!!

  5. Gave me a laugh! Keeping it real :-)
    I would love to attempt something like that, but i am very much a beginner knitter.
    It still looks great.

  6. The test knit looks good on you little ‘gummy’! LOL Such a cute pic of Elodie….she looks so little :)

  7. I’m with you with the no school mornings and no routine! I love your knitting too, I’m a total knitting maniac myself lol

  8. the test knit you are working on looks lovely Corrie, even with the join in the wrong spot. Though I can picture how it is supposed to be too and hope we get to see the next one if you go ahead with it :)

  9. Love school holidays too and its been lovely to have our newborn baby born just before the holidays as the kids have had a wonderful time getting to know him :)

  10. I think your knitting is gorgeous! Right or wrong :-). I just wish I could click my sticks together as fast as you!! I too absolutely love school holidays. Our Tilly May gets woken early on school mornings so we leave the house on time. Letting her sleep that little bit longer until she wakes naturally in the holidays (even if its only 30 minutes) means more time in bed for me!!

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