Day 6 of our 2nd Kitchen Renovation

Paint! It’s been all about the painting. Retro daddy has been in there painting up a storm with the Dulux Vanilla Quake half strength on the walls. He hasn’t done windows or trims yet but I think you’ll agree that it makes a huge difference. Some of my readers who have been here a while will know that this paint is my all time favourite. It’s a pale grey and just looks lovely and is throughout all of the living areas of my house.

A lovely reader asked about the lights. No we won’t be keeping the lights. I’ve got 3 glass bell shaped pendants to go over the island (I might just use 2 depending on how it looks once the kitchen is in) and about 8 downlights to light up the room.

A bit of a quiet week with things just arriving this week and hopefully the trims will get painted too.



  1. Wonderful what difference paint makes! Congrats retrodaddy! Are you getting LED downlights? they are a lot more economical than halogens and have come down in price….. I am planning to replace mine (“sometime” LOL)

    • I used fluoro downlights at the last house and might use them again, worked really wel and cost effective last time but this electrician wasn’t as fussed so I’ll have to see:) great to know the led come down in price

      • LEDs are well worth it! We’ve just had our downlights replaced with LEDs and they are amazing! Great light, and so much cheaper to run!

  2. really beautiful – love the colour. It is so easy to live with and always looks fresh.

  3. We’re on a tight budget but were able to stretch it to LED downlights. They’ve definitely come down in price, there’s lots of light types to choose from and so much more economical in the long run. Will be putting them in the whole house over time- have currently done kitchen, living, dining and kids bedroom.

  4. I really love this colour Corrie, think I might be doing my place in this colour to replace the Hog Bristle my house was painted in by previous owners which I just hate.
    Can’t wait for next installment. BTW, go the LEDs the initial cost will be outweighed by the savings in not replacing them as frequently as normal downlights.

  5. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Wow looking great :) we have just put in led down lights too and they are cost effective since we put on solar power :) but very very bright though :)

  6. My hubby and Brother in Law have just finished putting in my new kitchen over the weekend. Just waiting for the electrician to come and install power points and hook up oven today. My hubby is a painter and one of his clients wanted a light grey and I showed him this colour on your blog, he showed his client and that is what she went with. I am seriously considering doing the same. :)

  7. Wow marks to retro daddy!

  8. Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint!! I love that 1/2 strength vanilla quake.

  9. My first thought was the window sashing purple tape looks like a quilt. The windows resemble patchwork squares. I like the idea of lilac sashing! Thanks for the inspiration! I admire the wall colour too!

  10. What a huge difference!! So lovely and bright! You must be itching to get in there!?!! x

  11. It’s really beautiful. What a transformation. You have done wonders so far. Hope to see it in H&G or Home beautiful in the near future???

  12. Looks so bright and fresh! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to paint a room with nothing in it?! Can’t wait to see the next point of progress.

  13. I see the corrie style emerging!

  14. Looking lovely and Retro Daddy is going for it with the kitchen painting. Looks great.

  15. Really love that Vanilla Quake!! Gorgeous colour, and how fresh and new it makes it look! I think I have the matching light fitting at my place! It’s in our kitchen too! We have wooden floors, wooden ceiling (tongue and groove panels) and solid wooden kitchen cabinet doors in our kitchen – very country, and very old fashioned. I mean who puts tongue and groove wood on the ceiling, very special……. One day we may get round to painting at least the cupboard doors and ceilings. In the meantime I will live through your dream kitchen installation :)

  16. Looking fab Corrie. I highly recommend the LED’s. Cheaper overall to run, though intallation is a little higher. A nicer “light” cast too IMO…

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