let the kitchen renovation begin

Let’s get this party started! Today at about 10.30am the kitchen rip out team will be here, they will make noise, there will be dust and they will rip out this old kitchen in no time. And tomorrow I will start blogging and sharing each day of the renovation. And all things going well on the 18th October I will have one beautiful white kitchen……..a mixture of hamptons and english country style. To say that I am excited is an understatement…..

Now I’m a little sentimental when I look at these photos and I was emptying the kitchen drawers (oh man that is one crappy job because of the crap that gets stuffed in those bottom kitchen drawers). But I found all of the original booklets and receipts for the kitchen appliances when the kitchen was installed back in the early 70’s.

We bought the house from the original owners so everything was still there and I liked seeing the original owners name and the fact she didn’t even put the house number on the docket for the fridge because the house opposite hadn’t been built yet.

But it’s time to move forward. I’m sick of wiping away the chipboard flakes from the kitchen counters each morning or finding them in my jug or thermomix. I want to break out into Andrea Bocelli, ‘tiiiiiime tooooo say goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee……….’.

So let the kitchen renovation begin……..and please let everything stick to budget and spare me any unforeseen dramas!


  1. amen to all that

  2. Good Luck Corrie! I hope you have a drama free renovation and are installed well before the 18th October! I hope your new sink isn’t on a boat that is dekaled coming from China and when the sink is eventually arrives it isn’t bent meaning your husband has to drive a 3 hour round trip to the local warehouse to pickup a replacement and be back before the plumber is booked to be back to install it. I hope the installers don’t drag a box of tiles across your ‘not what I wanted but I will compromise and get laminate’ benchtop and scratch it delaying the sink installation while we wait for a replacement bench to be made. I hope you dont’ discover rodent nests under your existing cupboards. I hope there isn’t 4 layers of lino under the top layer and that your floor is level. That your site foreman doesn’t end up in hospital for a blood transfusion before co-ordinating the last of your tradies and that you can indeed find someone to lay your flooring before the mums from school drop their kids off for your daughters birthday party and have a sticky beak… Oh and that the installers and men who drill through the double brick wall to install your range hood ducting CLOSE THE DOOR to the rest of the house to limit the dust layer that followed! My next reno, I am going to be SO much better prepared and if you need to bake a pie or a cake or a lasagna, you knwo where I am :-)

  3. Awwwwwww but you’ll miss it…..like the green swirly carpet……SO excited for you!

  4. How exciting! I can’t wait to see how the renovations go! As someone who loves spending time in the kitchen I totally understand you wanting a beautiful space! And really… the kitchen is where a lot of us spend a big majority of our time so it should be gorgeous! Good luck! :-)

  5. It’s so exciting. You’ll have to take lots of photo’s while they are pulling it all apart. It’s going to be so amazing when it’s all done.

  6. Wonderful news, hoping the reno goes well & look forward to seeing the beautiful new kitchen

  7. Can’t wait to see the new kitchen. Although I do love a 1970’s kitchen, quirky appliances and all xo

  8. I’ve only just noticed the “wine storage” cylinders above the fridge….. LOL, great place to keep wine, with the heat from the fridge motor! Kitchen design has come a long way since the 70″s! All the best!

  9. What are you going to miss most the yellow laminate or the light fitting above the corner of the bench or the lino (possibly none of it)? We had a house with a 70’s kitchen that like yours used to shed little bits of chipboard all the time. It had the lime green laminate with the faux woodgrain doors. Certainly didn’t miss that kitchen when we renovated it. I’m sure things will run smooth you seem to be very organised and you know from last time what to expect. I am looking forward to seeing it getting done and best of luck.

  10. so exciting….I love the sound of your new kitchen! I think our current kitchen was built at the same time as your old one….chipboard everywhere lol ! and orange blah !! will be watching !!

  11. I’m moving into a house with an almost identical kitchen at the end of the year but no renos for us just yet. I think I might have to diy myself some lighter coloured cupboards and try to work with the bright yellow bench tops.
    Will be good to see how you go.

    • I’ve been cooking for about 18 months in this one! thought I’d get a few years out of it but chipboard was flying everywhere every single day this year! if you’re going to be in it for longer then def look into painting and covering up the chipboard under cupboards and things that are above countertops

      apart from that I think I’ve proved you can cook anywhere:)

  12. How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the change that takes place in your kitchen Corrie. You are going to love it when it is finished.

  13. Best wishes on the kitchen reno! Like the floors and new paint, it’d going to be fabulous.

  14. Good luck on your renovation! Looking forward to seeing the pictures…..

    XXX Wendy

  15. Maybe u could cook your family their first renovated kitchen meal in the dishwasher? Thanks so much for the invitation the other day – we had an amazing time. Shari xo

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