So much to share from ProBlogger Event

I’m home, I’ve slept in my own bed, Elodie and Emerson have fallen over each other trying to hug me and climb on me when they saw me this morning, I’ve made scrambled eggs and coffee my way, I came home to an amazingly spotless home, everyone is happy, no one fell down the stairs, the house did not burn down, no one was left in the car, no one got sick, children were fed, they visited the shops, they had fun, they missed me and I missed them.

I used to think that having conferences in my home town of Sydney was always the best. But after going away for 2 nights to the Gold Coast (QT, what a fabulous hotel!!!!!) and totally throwing myself into the conference and my people (the bloggers!), I realise that getting away is fabulous. A year or so ago I would have never left home for 1 night but I did it and everything was fine. Gosh we think we need to stay home 24/7 and never leave for a night or that it’s wrong. Well it’s not and I’ve got so much to share with you. I would be taking notes thinking oohhhh my readers who run their own business or want to start a blog or are feeling stuck in a rut in their life right now are going to love that little bit of information.

There were some simply amazing speakers this year and they really were the star attraction for me. Amy Porterfield who I’ll call the Facebook guru. Polished, entertaining, straight to the point, told us exactly what we had wanted to hear and charming and sweet all rolled into one. Gorgeous. Trey Ratcliff let’s call him that guy with the google glasses. A camera and google guru who entertains with his life stories, motivation, simply amazing photos and was just fabulous to listen to. And a real favourite of mine and I know you would have loved her too, Tsh Oxenreider who runs Simple Mom. Tsh hails from Oregon and is a homeschooling sweet mother who had so much to share and teach us and was so relevant for me and what I like to write about. Loved, loved, loved her.

Yes I also realised I do have the confidence to go up to speakers and ask for a photo with them. I so would not have done this at the last conference…..who is this person. I don’t know but I’m loving wherever this confidence is coming from because it’s not usually me.

Being away from the little ones was a weird experience but also a fun one. I never have time just to myself yet I still found myself waking up early. After the drinks on the Friday night we came home to the hotel and danced for a few hours in the hotel bar. I can tell you that I wouldn’t have done that since before the little ones came along so that was lots of fun and maybe I had a little sleep in on Saturday morning before hunting down a hot breakfast.

It was nice to dress up a little. I wear jeans, jeans and more jeans at home so wearing dresses each day and night was lots of fun and a great way to get out some new outfits. And have the time to do hair and makeup and relax while doing it. Such a treat.

Anyway it’s 6.35am on Sunday morning so clearly there was no sleep in here. I have a confirmation group to prepare for at church this morning, bags to pack for our holiday tomorrow (yes I’m getting back on a plane which is just crazy because I usually fly once a year and now it’s twice in a week) and so much to share with you so look out. I’m going to share everything I learnt and tell you to think about ProBlogger next year. As a friend said the ‘pro’ might put people off but I met the most fabulous people at the conference and it is for everyone.

Oh and I had some embarrassing moments. Better share one where I thought oh my gosh that’s my friend shae and I did the big wave, smile and hi and half way through my wave realised oh my that is not shae that is someone else who looks like shae and I turned my smile a little less excited and started to walk to the food table then realised I need to tell this lovely lady I’m so sorry I thought you were my friend Shae. Turns out I did know who this lady was but was also so embarrassed as we chatted about the last session. So turned it into a meet and greet but oh the embarrassment.

So come back tonight and I’ll start with the first of my debriefs………….


  1. Sooo looking forward to reading what you have to share on the Problogger event.
    I would be the person a little nervous to walk up and say Hello even though I am usually very outgoing.(I believe I am outgoing once I know people,ha ha)

    Good on you for going for 2 nights,Retro Daddy is competent in the father department and sounds like he did a great job.
    Have fun being with the kids today and enjoy the start of your family holiday tomorrow.

    -Your posts will make so excited for next years event.
    Jess x

    • Oh you have to come. It was really fabulous and there were so many lovely bloggers and you know 95% or more of the attendees are women so it’s a great place to be :)

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Totally get you on the confidence thing. Since finishing work and staying home with my children I find I’m a lot more introvert now. I’m going way with Mr H in December for 2 nights. Excited and terrified at the same time. We mums need that push every now and again. It’s all about stepping outside of our comfort zone. Elaina xo

    • I know! it was totally stepping out of my comfort zone! Totally but now I”m home I have no regrets that I didn’t ask the speakers for a photo! hilarious!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time and everything perfect when you arrived home. Looking forward to reading about your experience at the pro bloggers conference.
    Enjoy your family holiday and all Noosa has to offer. Enjoyed the lovely dressing up pics so will there be bikini ones next week?

    Just kidding!

    • Ahhh yes there will be no bikini shots! not that confidence:) I had such a great time and the gold coast was just fabulous and now I can’t wait for Noosa!
      thanks so much Lesley

  4. Sounds like lots if fun! I haven’t done the night away thing yet, but I do the day away now so I’m working up to it. I’m glad you had a great time, and are writing about it. I so wanted to go this year, but it clashed with a big Mountain Bike weekend and it’s The Vegemite Kid’s first big race, so kids trump pro blogger. And just quietly, I don’t really think I had he confidence to turn up, but I am desperate to attend next year, working on that confidence. I’m looking forward to reading your pots. Enjoy that holiday, Queensland is perfect at the moment!

    • oh you need to go! I wish everyone who blogged or wanted to go because it’s just so fabulous and inspiring

      • Having a bit of a giggle here because apparently I’m looking forward to reading your pots! Of course I meant posts. If I manage to go next year I’ll be the one asking if I can have my photo taken with YOU!!

        • awwww look at you, I like you already! the people that you meet really make the conference and I’ve got some fab ‘new to me’ blogs to share over the next few days too:)

  5. Next year! Next year! Have they announced the location for next year yet?!

  6. Oh looks like so much fun Corrie!! I wish I had the confidence to book into one of these one day! I am such a scaredy cat! xx

  7. I wish I had your confidence! I only really spoke to one or two new people (other than those I knew from our Facebook bloggers group). I actually wanted to come up and say hi to you but didn’t ever find a moment. Maybe next year. :)


  8. Sounds like a blast – I was watching everyone post such great photos on Instagram and I think I’ve really got to make the effort to get there next year (just too hard this year with a breast feeding baby)…

    So I’m really looking forward to your upcoming posts in which you’ll share your golden nuggets from the conference.


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