heading off to problogger

Well the day has arrived! My bag is packed and I’m heading off for a couple of nights to attend ProBlogger. I always tell other bloggers that this is the biggest and best blogging conference in australia and it seems to be getting more popular each year. 450 bloggers in the one place this Friday and Saturday. Huge. 2 days of conference and 2 night time events in my diary requires 4 dresses, 4 pairs of shoes, bandaids, panadol, knitting, my tablet, camera and phone.

I’ve never left emerson before so nerves are running high. I’m going to miss our cuddles and having him wake me up before 6 each morning with his sing song voice and big smile. But daddy is the fun machine and the kids are excited. Keira told me this morning I need to go because I’m always home and it’s time I did something for myself. Thank you miss 7 turning 17 for those words of wisdom. It is hard to leave but I know once I’m sitting on the plane with my knitting and can enjoy 1 hour and 40 minutes of knitting with some lovely crafty ladies that I can relax…….until I think of home and then I’ll probably send a few text messages, then retro daddy will say please stop texting me, we are fine and I’ll get back to it……..until dinner time when I think of home again and maybe something I forgot to say or write down. Yes, I can be annoying.

Oh dear. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be off the blog for a few days but there will be plenty of action and sharing on my facebook, twitter and instagram. If you really wanted to go you can still buy a virtual pass which I did last year (little note on the top right side bar which says virtual pass) and definitely follow the twitter stream from home. You will learn lots and I’m always excited about what I can learn and seeing all those familiar faces that I see on facebook but haven’t seen since the last blog conference. Ciao for now……………………….


  1. Sounds like alot of fun for mummy. Speaking of dresses i was looking for a dress for summer and what do i find but a dress beautiful navy smock dress at a little place you May know country road!!! Ha,ha. Can’t wait to wear it.

  2. Enjoy the break and have lots of fun

  3. Have fun! I have not left my three for more than 24hours ( its been 8 years) as yet but just booked a week in Japan child free. Sometimes we need to be ourselves which makes us better Mums xx bron

  4. Have an awesome time Corrie! So sad I won’t make it this time but am looking forward to reading all the blog posts about it. Naomi x

  5. Beverley Priest says:

    They will all have a great time with retro daddy and Kiera will be a big help also so enjoy your time away Corrie xx

  6. I just checked where it was… I live not too far away, but never heard of it. Shame!! Seems intimidating for little bloggers though (would be good for all the tips though) I really should look more into this type of thing.

  7. Every mum needs the wisdom of Keira! Have fun and no fretting!

  8. You are so teeny Corrie! Anyway, have a great trip. I would love to goto something like this. Looking forward to reading all about it. Elaina xo

  9. Have fun!! I am hoping to go next year :)

  10. I´m sure it will be super fun!

  11. Have fun! Enjoy your knitting time too :-)

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