a quilt at the last minute

I like to think that I’ve perfected the art of working at the last minute. Memories of staying up late in high school and printing off assignments while the rest of the family was having breakfast. Remember those old printers that would go back and forth and you’d have to walk away and find something else to do while the  printer was taking it’s sweet time. My mum was always telling me that I left everything to the last minute when it came to my assignments and studying and she was right.

But sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes my best work happens at the last minute. Like buying everything I need for the kitchen at the last minute. It’s an art. Like starting a single bed quilt for my little niece’s birthday. Two days before the party. I knew I couldn’t say I’ll make you a quilt, I never get around to those quilts but I knew I’d have to knuckle down and make a quilt

and so while the rest of facebook was going on about the elections I was quilting…………….we had a jammed bobbin, a broken needle, some unpicking – all the joys that go with machine quilting. Sewing on the binding with a machine is not one of strong points so I hand stitched it on.

by about 11ish my eyes were getting really tired and I knew it was time to stop. Back up at 6am to finish the rest of the binding and take some photos and I was done. Start to finish time? One weekend and a severe reaction to a bag of chips (gluten, that is a whole new blog post just about that) thrown in the middle too.

One layer cake from Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Some wool/poly batting, some $5/metre fabric for the backing and lots of love from aunty corrie went into this quilt.

And something this pretty just needs a strip of fabric to wrap it all up……………..ready to go to the party! It was great to be quilting again after months and months of knitting.


  1. Gorgeous Corrie, simply gorgeous! You have one very lucky little niece x

  2. beautiful work Corrie

  3. That is just beautiful. I really need to learn to machine quilt! To date it has been outsourced or I’ve just ditch stitched. Very inspiring! Can’t wait to get back to sewing – everything is packed away whilst we do a major Reno.

  4. Samantha Marshall says:

    Beautiful Corrie! Really lovely work and I’m sure your niece will adore it.

  5. So gorgeous, I bet she will treasure it

  6. Stunning. Corrie, I’m loving the scrumptious fabric

  7. Beverley Priest says:

    One lucky little girl, gorgeous xx

  8. I’m a last minute person too. I always seem to work better under pressure. A leftover from my corporate days……….the quilt is just beautiful. You are so clever Corrie! xo

  9. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    LOVE it Corrie. Just beautiful :)

  10. Looks great Corrie. Do you quilt it yourself? I still haven’t mastered decorative quilting and just tend to go along the lines, which is boring me at the moment. Hence why I haven’t done it for a while!

    • hi there,
      oh yes quilted by yours truly! there are some great classes on craftsy but I just got out there and practised watching a few youtube tutorials on free motion and took it from there. It’s a lot more forgiving and fun….just try!

  11. This is simply gorgeous Corrie – your niece will love it!!

  12. That is so beautiful! If that is what you can make at last minute, I’d love to see what you could do with dedicated time. You are very talented!

  13. I love it! It’s so pretty…I need to start making one for my little girl ♥

  14. Corrie it is a really pretty quilt, I’m sure it will be lovely for your neice to cuddle up in.

  15. Lovely quilt Corrie. I’m sure your little neice loves it!

  16. Turned out real nice!

  17. Oh, yes! I have that last minute “art”. It’s a gift from God and must be used wisely though…..
    The quilt looks fantastic and the gift of love in it makes it superbly fantastic!

  18. I think we all work well under pressure…Very Pretty Quilt.
    Well Done!!!
    Take Care

  19. Absolutely gorgeous Corrie! Are these 5 inch squares? How many squares did you use for a single bed quilt? I’m quite new to quilting and so far have only done a cot size quilt and a picnic rug quilt. I’d love to make a single bed size like this for my four year old daughter. As always, thank you for your inspiration! xxx

    • hi there, these are faster! 10 inch squares and I used a pack called a layer caker! so much easier than 5 inch squares as there is less sewing. For a lap quilt I use one charm square pack, for a larger quilt to throw over a couch I use 2 packs and I use 4 packs for a single bed quilt with a nice border or around 190 (roughly) 5 inch squares. Let me check an old blog post where I did the squares myself and then a nice thick white border!

      • Thank you so much for the info! I’m off to check out some fabric in the layer cake from Etsy. Any online fabric sellers that you love/ recommend? xx Leanne

        • oh yes, I get most of my stuff from fat quarter shop! order a few things together to save on postage but they are great

          if you want it super fast just google the layer cake and fabric name and you’ll get a few aussie small online shops that offer them!


  20. It is gorgeous Corrie she is one very lucky little girl

  21. Oh my…..this is absolutely gorgeous! You are a wonderful aunty!!

  22. Fabulous Corrie………..I am sure you niece will feel so loved and cuddled by your gift. It is sooo pretty.

  23. I got Anna a sewing machine for her birthday. She decided to jump right in at the deep end (maybe that’s not the deep end?) with a patch work quilt. She purchased the material, studied the technique and yesterday I found she had ordered a patchwork quilt online. We now have lots of colourful hankies should we need them.

  24. Gorgeous! I love how you have just let the fabrics speak for themselves

  25. Stunning! Have been planning to quilt for years! Well done!

  26. Simply beautiful

  27. Just simply beautiful Corrie ♥

  28. Wow, that is amazing work. Do you have instructions on how you did this at all?

  29. What a sweet quilt!

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