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Yesterday, keira and I had a few hours together. Anyone who has a few little ones knows that one on one time is pretty special and keira loves it. We did mass then her confirmation group – of which I am the leader. Nervous? yes. Thankfully it went fine, we finished earlier than expected which probably has to do with my motor mouth speed talking and didn’t bother anyone. One of the things that I did have to do was set up a prayer table for our little group.

I was trying to find just the right fabric to go under it that morning…………….lucky for me one room of my house is fabric city so I settled on some nani IRO gauze to give it a natural touch.

And the idea is that the little ones then go home and set up their own prayer table to help them prepare for their own confirmation. I also said to the group that I knew my keira would love setting up a prayer table and have fun with it but I wasn’t so sure that the boys would be as enthusiastic. Perhaps they were going to be more interested in looking up saints and some of their not so happy endings. No sooner had we arrived home after lunch than keira was upstairs, rearranging the furniture (yes the furniture) in her room to make her bedside table into a prayer table.

Please take note of the pottery barn pot pourri ‘borrowed’ for the prayer table. Keira is very much a girly girl so of course it had smell just right. The crocheted blanket made by yours truly which was borrowed from elodie and emerson’s room.

The rosary beads are mine from my first holy communion – unfortunately the medal that I have saved all these years from my communion has been lost somewhere in the house in the last 2 weeks when one of the kids found my jewellery box. Here’s hoping it hasn’t been vacuumed up accidentally. I’ve had a lot of my jewellery go walkies recently and I’m just hoping that there is one secret hiding spot in this house where someone is stashing it all…………………………thankfully I do have my confirmation badge that I received which keira will be able to wear on her own confirmation day.

and here she is proudly showing me. She had so much fun she then went on to make a prayer table for tillie and I’m expecting my own one any day now. I’m just loving that keira is still my little girl……I know that girls are growing up faster these days so I’m treasuring it all now and hoping she continues to be the sweet little thing that she is.

And when she’s not creating holy vignettes in the house then you’ll find her reading………………….


  1. This is JUST like my two girls, Naomi the eldest is 9and a 1/2 so you should hopefully have a few more years to enjoy this particular sweetness! I hosted their confirmation group this year too.

  2. Beautiful. How lovely to share this time and event with your daughter – it’s very special.

  3. That is really beautiful. I love the way it is set out. The kids have this in their classrooms and I really should have one at home. It’s just difficult to keep the toddlers from destroying the pieces on it. It certainly is a very good reminder to be prayerful and the goodness of God and our mother Mary. Hope it all goes well for the Confirmation. She is growing up to be a beautiful little lady.

    • thank you! yes thankfully for keira the littlest members of our house don’t go into her room except after bath time and even then keira has a close eye on everything so I think this should be kept as it is! fingers crossed anyway:) :)

  4. Oh she is just so sweet :) I hope you do find where all your special treasures have been hiding too

  5. Congratulations for your blog and wonderful family I’m discovering !! It is very nice to see fashion & housewife mummy pass on faith to their children, I wish I’ll be as good as you for all of that :)
    Céline from Nice (in France !) & the baby in my womb :-)

  6. This is so very special :) Girls are growing up so much quicker and we do need to instill into our children the morals we believe in before they get taught otherwise! You are doing such a great job Corrie and its really encouraging to see other Mums who believe in values that will last a lifetime and eternity!

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