just keep knitting….

Well it’s been a bit quiet here on the old blog as we’ve got our second case of tonsilitis and when elodie gets sick she really knows how to go down in style. We do the panadol and nurofen around the clock so that she always has something on board which has helped us keep convulsions away. And with some nasty tonsils she is getting lots of ice cream. Luckily I was easing myself into the gluten and dairy free with her because it’s all she will have.

When the little ones get really sick I pretty much camp out on the couch with them so I can keep an eye on them in case they get worse. We watched a few disney movies and napped until I had to be up this morning for a meeting. Because something I do know since having children and trying to work from home. The one, THE ONE, time that you need to be somewhere……..there is a very good chance that someone will get sick. I know this because I’ve flown home from a conference early when elodie needed to go to hospital and I’ve left little ones with medicine and instructions with daddy. The thing is that I only have a meeting or something to go to once every 2 months or so but it’s just the way it always goes.

Thankfully daddy is the fun machine so he rejigged his morning meeting for me, turned some delivery boxes into cubbies, took them for a walk to the park and kept them all happy and entertained (and medicated) while I went out to Woolworths HO for my meeting. And I did have a little laugh when he rang me just before I went in to tell me that the big kids were telling him that they hadn’t had any breakfast yet………….men and women, we do things a little differently.

But this morning’s meeting made me realise that I can’t do it without him. It is a true blessing that I get to work from home, pay for all of the kids activities, all of elodie’s medical bills and day to day expenses for our family. I feel so lucky that I get  to work from home (even if it means that sometimes I’m up till all hours to get things in on time) but I absolutely love what I do. And when it comes to the crunch and I do need to be somewhere it’s nice to know that I have my co-pilot who can pick up when I need him.

And when everyone gets sick, when the washing machine is working overtime to clean the sheets, towels and quilts and when you’re running back and forth getting things and making sure that medicine is given at the right time…………well there is nothing better to do than just take 10 minutes or whatever you can get, sit down and knit quietly. Sometimes I think to myself – just keep knitting, just keep knitting – (inspired by Finding Nemo) as it’s such a great way to de-stress and just take a little time to yourself.

hope things are a little quieter at your house……….I am seriously kicking myself for telling another mum last week that we managed to get through winter without anything major! I jinxed myself………………………


  1. Oh mine, you have been really busy with all these happening! Do take care yourself! And seriously, we all jinx ourselves at times….
    Have a nice cup of coffee, sneak in some cookies or cakes just for yourself, and give yourself a pat. I feel you are managing all these ups and downs so well:)

  2. Samantha Marshall says:

    Oh Corrie there must be something in the air today! I have just now at 5pm sat down to read this with my knitting in hand after a similarly long day! Poor princess piper decided to get an infection at slightly less than four weeks old. It is so stressful! Here’s hoping poor little Elodie gets better very soon – tonsillitis is just awful.

    • oh no it’s so scary when they are that they little, hope it’s all going to be ok. I’m a mess when they’re really little babiesxxxxxxx

  3. So sorry that you have had sick kids this week Corrie :( I hope they’re all better soon :)

    I know what you mean about ‘just keep knitting’!! As I’ve said before I now live with a disabilty…..& when I think I just can’t possibly live one more day with this & the pain…..I too say to myself…..just keep knitting. :) It’s such a cheap form of therapy isn’t it!? LOL

  4. Sick kiddies in our house too. We are just taking things slow and simple. Thank goodness for panadol and dad’s who come home from work early to help with the evening routine. Hope little Elodie is well soon and everyone stays healthy. Elaina xo

    • oh yes! I got some help coming in thank goodness, so hard to get food on the table and kids bathed when someone is so sick! hope you’re all better soon

  5. Noella Hextall says:

    I’m just getting my knitting mojo back after a very long break from it, and after a particularly trying day today, the first thing I felt like doing is sitting down with my needles and new yarn. I hope Miss Elodie has a speedy recovery, and I hope your day tomorrow is completely boring (in a good way!)

  6. Fun times! My little girl had two nights of high temps, an ear infection. we camped on the couch and I put Finding Nemo on for the first time, the look on her hot, tired little face was priceless. It brightened her up till she fell asleep in my arms cuddled up under her quilt. little memories I can share with her when she’s older. I’m now working on a quilt for ME, no one else just mummy. For when I need to have a nap on the couch. Hope little Elodie is feeling better very soon.

  7. I am about to pick up the knitting. I have been on the go all day. Two visits to my husband in hospital. One in the morning to keep him company & again in the afternoon so someone could see Daddy after school. All I have to do now is stay awake long enough to finish a row.

  8. Wishing darling Elodie a speedy recovery and hoping Mummy gets some well deserved rest soon. You are doing an amazing job Corrie, and on top of it all manage to share some daily inspiration with all of us. Sending you a big hug and prayers for some peaceful days ahead xxx

  9. I am itching to sit down with my cuppa and knitting! One baby in bed and one boy son to be in bed and hubby out at a meeting. I’m so close to jumping in bed and clicking my needles together!!! I’m making a kina (yay!) in Bendigo’s spring cotton . . . oh it’s just gorgeous!! Enjoy your knitting Corrie and I hope everyone’s well again soon xx

    • oh you will love spring cotton! it’s just so springy and perfect for the kina! enjoy! I’m doing a kina too and it’s my happy no brainer knit


  10. I know that jinxed feeling. It’s usually when I feel pretty chuffed with myself that I’ve managed to do x, y & z in record breaking time and because I think about it smugly just a nano-second too long, that’s when it all usually goes to pot! Not to worry, these kind of situations usually make the best topics of conversations over a cuppa with some friends … or a good blog post 😉

    • hahaha I think you’re right! I should have known it would go downhill after I admitted it:) :) but then at least when everyone is healthy you can enjoy it

  11. I love how you keep it real and do it together. Good men are treasures.

    Hope Elodie is back up and having fun soon. No wonder she didn’t want to do that physio session!

    Knit one purl one knit one…….

    • oh I do try to keep it real! so hard to write a post and keep it all going when someone is sick and needs your full attention!!!!!


  12. I found it distressing when mine were little and sick, I hope Elodie recovers quickly and you enjoy your knitting breather :-)

  13. Hope she feels better soon. When you have more time to play around with new recipes, you might want to try out some of the coconut milk ice creams (GF/CF) and see if she goes for any of them. They’re thermie recipes :)

  14. I know what you mean about jinxes! Two weeks ago I was telling a friend that this year we (all 5 of us) managed to make it through winter without even as much as a sniffle. Dun, dun, dunnnnn… Three days later, my 5yo comes down with a chest infection and by the end of the week, I’ve got a sinus infection!

    • oh no! it’s always the way! chest infections are nasty and sometimes they sneak up on and you put a healthy kid to bed and then they wake up with it

      hope you’re all better!

  15. Freeze bananas (peeled) then pop in the food processor, or thermomix, and it turns into delicious, creamy sorbet that really tastes like ice cream. A great dairy free alternative that is really easy, although you need to eat straight away.

  16. Poor elodies tonsils :( Frozen bananas mashed up make a wonderful ice-cream alternative. Or even half a banana on a stick and frozen makes a yummy and soothing popsicle :) Hope she is feeling better soon

  17. That’s a beautiful post Corrie. I wish all the sick little souls in your household a speedy recovery. I have to ask… What is that divine yarn you’re working with? Thanks, Debbie.

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