the secrets to dressing my family

This post is brought to you by Big W

With a family of 7, there is a fair amount of shopping involved to keep us stocked with everything we need. Babies need things, they grow, they keep growing, seasons change, and that means new clothes, socks, underwear, pj’s, shoes and more. For everyone. And it’s not hard to write a post about Big W because I’m a regular there….and I love their online shopping here too.

I especially love Big W for the babies of the family – formula, nappies, singlets, Bonds gro-suits, muslin wraps, baby bottles, sippy cups, cot sheets, bibs, toys and clothes. It’s pretty much my one stop shop as I can also get a novel for keira, a cooking book for me, socks for school, presents for a kids birthday party and more.

I was given the chance to spend $100 in the baby and kids section of Big W and it was easy to get some clothes that suit my style and budget. I often get asked how do I dress a family of 7 and where I shop. And I shop at a few places because I do buy a lot of clothes for the little ones but I don’t have unlimited funds. So I’ll let you in on a few of my secrets that keep my family looking well dressed and save me money too (which is important when you’re married to an accountant…and a saver!).

You will never fail with navy because it’s such a great classic colour. It holds up well in terms of style and wear so it can always be passed down to the next little person. And I love passing things down to the next little person in this family! I have a lot of navy in my own wardrobe too as it’s just such a great colour.

Girls will always look pretty in florals so they are a great buy and go well with clothes in solid colours! This cute t-shirt from the baby section at Big W makes a perfect match with these cute coral jeans which I picked up for $7 in the kids section. Plus I just adore a little hand knit or cotton cardigan over florals. Love.

Always have a few things that are just for parties, church and special occasions. These clothes don’t go to preschool, playgroup or around the house. If you can do this then you’ll always look fabulous at special occasions. And if something good gets worn to preschool then just cross your fingers it’s not painting day.

I keep the licensed gear for undies, socks and PJs (Finn has a thing for Ben 10!) as it dates so quickly and chances are the next little person won’t be a fan and it could be a few years between your babies!

You can still have a bit of fun with colour. These coral shorts and striped t-shirt will be perfect for the beach, playdates and playgroup!

Polo shirts are brilliant for boys (and girls) as they are no iron and look smart for going out. They also wash and wear really well. I’m a big fan of the polo shirt. Big!

You can’t beat Bonds for jumpsuits and PJs and they always bring out new styles, colours and designs each season! Oh and they are priced really well.

I also try to keep to my preppy style for boys and pretty styles for girls when I make purchases so that they go with what is in the wardrobe at home. It also just makes it faster to choose clothes when I’m out and about. Gone are the days when I’d just wander around the shops looking at clothes. It’s all about the in and out shop and I took advantage of the 7pm closing time at my nearest Big W to pick out these clothes last week.

So I think you can see from these pics that I chose to spend my $100 well. I came home with 4 outfits and didn’t compromise on style! You can find all of these outfits at your local Big W and they are available in the current baby & kids sale that runs from 8th August until the 17th!

And it wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t get to share a $100 challenge with you. I have 3 x $100 Big W gift cards to give away. Just tell me what you’d buy for your little ones or perhaps why you love Big W for babies.

I’ll pick 3 lucky winners next Friday 23rd August. Full terms of my giveaways are here and this giveaway is open to my Australian readers only.

and with that emerson would like to say bye bye as we climb the stairs and head off for his afternoon nap.


  1. louise rowling says:

    i love Big W clothes for my boys there are always nice colours, patterns and designs! my Eldest son loves the super hero range they have, i would love to get them some more as a single mum i can only occasionally afford to get them new clothes.

  2. Cath Dean says:

    Wow too cute, love all the pics. Big W certainly is value for money when shopping for baby, got to love a bargin for clothes, they grow out of them wat too quick!

  3. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    I love buying from bigw with 5 people in the family and only a part time income it’s great to have good quality items that are affordable my friends only buy designer labels and my kids turn up kitted out cheap and cheerful and they always comment on how great they look so I would love a voucher to go towards the lovely new season clothes :)

  4. I love to shop at Big W also, so many great options for little people. I love the range of clothes that they stock, and not just that, but the quality is great too. I am about to head to Big W to start my summer shopping with my 2 year old daughter, and cannot wait to get her into some of the pretty florals, and melon colours that are out.

  5. If we were lucky enough to win we would buy outfits for all my kids. From shoes and socks to hats on top. I know we can find it all at Big W. The one stop shop that’s why we love it :):):)

  6. I love Big W too! I shop there all the time for my three, so affordable and the clothes last pretty well too. I would definantly pick up some new t shirts and shorts for my little boy, and tights for my girl!

  7. What cute outfits! My littlest has no clothes for this summer yet, so I desperately need to get some shorts, skirts and t-shirts for her.

  8. Narelle Rock says:

    when you have a daughter who is obsessed with twirly dresses, then updating her summer wardrobe is on my list this year, Big W have some gorgeous dresses!

  9. Stacey Kirsch says:

    I love Big W. With y first bub due in Nov, I spent much time at Big W and online, especially during their Christmas Layby period, and the Avella range for me is great, and I have found even though I am not a size 18+ I still buy a size 18-22 cardi, they are long and roomy and do their job by keeping my back warm and not exposed when I bend over!

    I would love get some Big W baby rompers and those OshKosh outfits are adorable,especially the navy one! That’s what I would buy, but of course I did just layby a bunch of Avent stuff and a Bumbo! :)

    Thanks retromummy for the Big W review…

  10. I LOVE BigW.
    My closest one is now an hour away and I always have a BigW list going so that when we head down I don’t forget anything. Toilet Paper, Kitty Litter and Dishwashing Tablets are always on the list.
    I also love BigW for clothes. They wash and wear so well and have always shopped for the kids there.
    If I’m lucky I would spend the voucher on Summer Basics.

  11. Now we have a Big W within a 30 minute drive im excited. I love the one stop shopping too. We are big music fans so T Shirts with music themes for us. We also go to the Book section for Tin Tin books alot cheaper than the bigger shops.

    Big W has a great range for crafts too, looks like it will be my new hang out place.

  12. Big W is great value for money! After having 2 beautiful girls, we are expecting a baby boy in a couple of months – a $100 voucher would come in very handy to start a little blue wardrobe off! x

  13. Fran Graham says:

    I love BigW clothes, they wear so well! I love the preppy style for little boys. My little man, Flynn is only a couple weeks older than Emerson, so I always like to see what you dress him in. My Miss 4 is very girly and the tops at BigW are so pretty this year!

  14. I’d be buying new swimming wear for my 2 boys. Going through their things last week, I just realised my 8 year old is wearing size 6 boardies!! They’ve lasted for so long but time to get a bigger pair I think. I also love the new boy’s shirts Big W have with the animals wearing the sunnies. They are just very cool, would get a pair of those for the boys too.

  15. Stacey Ryrie says:

    Big w is a fabulous “go to” store for all ages. My daughter has grown 2 inches in 3 months and as she is the oldest there are no hand-me-downs! So would love to spoil her this summer. We also LOVE a little boys polo shirt. They go with everything. I also have a 4 month old daughter who unlike my other 2 children has not been blessed with olive skin (living in western qld !), so will be keeping an eye out for cute hats and long sleeve lightweight tops for her.

  16. Renae Hambrook says:

    I was in Big W yesterday browsing their ‘Baby Sale’ items… We are having baby #4 in January (total surprise package). We had sold all of our baby gear, clothes, bath, cot – you name it, we sold it as we thought we were ‘done’…… I was making a mental list when I was there yesterday of what we have to ‘buy back’ – $100 would certainly be a big kick start :)
    PS – loving the outfits you put together for your children x

  17. Oh I would love a voucher and the answer is easy, BABY CLOTHES!!!!!!

    After our two boys we were done and I gave away lots of our baby bits, as much as I would have loved another.

    Then we decided that we would love one more….. Sooo here I sit typing almost 32 weeks pregnant with a GIRL, and I have done hardly any shopping. She will have lots of handmade pieces but there are wraps, and basics that I still need to buy. Oh then there is the bouncer/ swing……

    Oh and because there is no way of getting three seats in the back of a Corolla, we also need to get a bigger car, Don’t suppose you can give one of those away too???

  18. Oh we love Big W. We buy most thing there, clothes, toys, books, garden & household items – pretty much everything. For my bubs the $4 t-shirts are wonderful, look great and so kind on the budget. I must put Elodie’s new flora t-shirt on my shopping list its gorgeous. Also nappies, baby rice crackers are always picked up there too.

  19. I love BigW and travel the 40 minute journey with a smile on my face just so I can shop there for my five kids as I can get everything in one place.
    My 8 month old is in need of some new pants as he’s growing like a mushroom and his are getting shorter my the day.
    Maybe he will be tall like his daddy who’s 6foot 4″
    My 2.5 year old would love some new gumboots as he loves being so independant and putting on his own shoes.

  20. Susan Whyte says:

    Big W is great, I shop there all the time. If I was lucky enough to win a voucher, I would stock up on summer gear for my three girls, 9, 5 and I, as we are attending a family wedding in Perth in October, where I hope it will be warmer than Melbourne!!!

  21. Having 8 kids and not a huge budget I like to buy things that are value for money. Little kids clothes from Big W are such good quality that they can be used for more than one child. Definitely value for money.

  22. I ♥ Big W! I’m always in there getting things for the girls – clothes, activity books, pencils, socks, pj’s, underwear, toys. If I won a voucher I’d buy them some new outfits for Spring/Summer.

  23. Tammie overy says:

    I adore big w!!!! Even though the closest store is 2 hours away I don’t mind making the trip. They have great baby items and always have amazing sales.
    If I were to win a $100 voucher I would stock up on bonds items for the new addition due in October, I’m a huge fan of wonder suits and the new stretch double zip suits! . ( great timing if anyone is after baby things as there having a sale on baby and kids at the moment to)

  24. Natalie Heymans says:

    My 22 month old boy has size 7 feet (yes that’s right!) he is going to be a giant like his Daddy! Big W has great value for money shoes that look trendy too and with feet growing so fast it really saves the budget. Bonds wonder suits are great as the feet fold up so he can still wear them even once his feet are too big for them and Big W always has Bonds products priced well. Oh how many shoes could I buy for $100 :)

  25. Kathryn L says:

    I love Big W for their toy sales! I also buy nappies and wipes as it’s cheaper. Most of all their kids clothing range is great (casual and going out clothes) especially when my 3 boys grow so quick that sometimes even hand me downs end up too small for the next one by the time the seasons change! Ooh, shoes too! :)

  26. Some new summer / spring clothes for little man and little lady! I love the classic look and can’t stand the “in” things like Dora or Ben ten, I keep it to undies too. Pjs have to be cotton not tshirt material… I’m picky but classic and love to keep it that way for as long as I can. Thank you for the chance to enter!

  27. I’d love to win the voucher, as I have bubs number 3 due next week! My little girl looks a lot like Elodie and would look gorgeous in the Osh Kosh t-shirt and coral jeans. And lastly, something for my big boy who seems to be outgrowing all of his pants!

  28. Bonds clothes! They have a fantastic range and also great multi packs of undies. Especially great during the toilet training days…. they’re well priced so they are disposable to me after accidents!

  29. My big girl has grown again, and needs new clothes for the warmer weather. I’d buy a few pretty dresses for her, and something pretty for the little one to keep her happy as well.

  30. Bree Vallance says:

    With baby #4 on the way budget is a big factor is clothing the family. However its been 6 years between babies and browsing what Big W has on offer i just love the style with lots of mix and match options. For my 10 yr old i would by new underwear and pjs and my sons some new cargo style shorts and tshirts and a new hat each. This little baby due in October needs some bonds suits. Thanks

  31. I’ve learnt quickly that colour is the key – buy too many white tees or shirts and they last one wear and then look tired or stained! So I’d stock up on colour polos for my two year old, shorts…. and undies as we’re about to start the toilet training process!

  32. I am on a very tight budget this year due to missing a few days from work due to little miss Rose (1yr) being sick which means i am on leave without pay, as i am only part time, to shop for summer clothes, winning this would mean i can purchase a whole summer wardrobe for her as she is now into a size 1 or 2 and we have nothing in those sizes, she will need hats and shoes and all things in between.

    Thanks so much for the opportunities you are able to provide for people i love reading your blogs and find all your tips very helpful. being from a small country town we dont have opportunities like this come up and social media and the internet have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for myself and others around the world!

    Thanks so much

  33. With a new baby on the way I’d probably buy some Bonds gro-suits and nappies. (since it’s been 15 years since my last baby…..I’ve got nothing for babies and need to start from scratch)

  34. I’d stock up on socks and undies, then some T-shirts and long pants all for the kids. With all boys we go through the knees of pants at an alarming rate. My beautiful sewing machine is now darning on darning, (there is no fabric left at the knees) so really it’s time for a refresh.

  35. If I was fortunate enough to win the voucher I would buy some new summer clothes for my boys. I would particularly buy some size 3 shorts for my 3 year old, as he was very upset yesterday to discover the size 2 tag on his shorts. He just kept saying ‘but I’m 3 Mummy, not 2!’

  36. we love big W as it value for money! you can still get cute clothes that are decent quality without the price tag. With a family of 5, we have to make to $$ stretch as far as we can! so lovely of you to share!

  37. Kristy Mccoombes says:

    I would love to have $100 to spend at my new big w store in my area due to the recent heat wave I would love to purchase a new summer outfit for each of my four boys. I try to up cycle, buy cheap secondhand items but we all love something new sometimes ;). If there be anything left over i might treat myself to a new book! That would be nice!!

  38. jeanette tranberg says:

    With 4 children and a 10mth old big w is the best for kids clothes, the voucher would come in handy for some new summer clothes for the kids, especially my 10mth old as it has been 10 years between children and I have had to start again for my little bub!

  39. Big W is a great place to shop for kids clothing! It’s the logical and affordable thing to do! I really appreciate that they not only have super cute ‘Dymple’ clothes but they also stock Bonds and Oshkosh, it makes for good shopping and great variety. I have 2 boys under 18m and we are moving south from the Top End so, I would love to use the vouchers on some warm clothes for them both. That are going to need them in SA I think!

  40. I love buying kids clothes at Big W as they have clothes that my kids are happy to wear both plain and licenced! My son loves the angry bird range with the little miss loving disney princess so those would be top of my list to make their day :)

  41. Love big w for grabbing bargains & great for all the basics. Definitely a one stop shop! Would love to spend the gift card on my kiddies (7months & 3years) with shoes, socks, pjs, outfits for preschool & play.. Oh the possiblities are endless :-)

  42. Victoria Morgan says:

    I always try to get a head start on the coming season before the weather changes, so summer pj’s would be on my shopping list for sure!

  43. I was just at Big W yesterday, the quality of clothing is what I like most closely followed by variety and price. Nothing better than going shopping and knowing the clothes shoes and accessories will last.

  44. At Big W $100 goes a long way.
    With Christmas racing towards us I would delight in setting my kids up with Summer clothing for Christmas. Underwear, cotton nighties, bright coloured bathers, “dancing” skirts…they must twirl, Going out dresses, shorts and t-shirts for fun garden play.
    I would love to buy some plain white shirts and get fabric paints so they can release their inner artist and create their own one off.

  45. Oh I just spent ages in there yesterday getting things for baby number 3 due in 6 weeks. She will be my third girl, so I would love to get some summer outfits that will be worn by all 3.

  46. I’m also a huge fan of Big W for kids clothes, and baby clothes (when mine were tiny!). If I had $100 to spend, I’d be choosing a couple of swimsuits, rash shirts and sun hats for my two beach babies. Can’t wait for summer!

  47. How fun! Your pictures are lovely :-)
    I’d love a voucher to spend on my three little ones. They grow so fast and I love to have them looking well dressed as best as I can. I love my local big w, it is our only department store and like you said it has all the bases covered… Books, clothes, appliances, DVDs, music, gifts, school and office supplies, toys, gifts and Manchester. It’s my “go-to” store! Just don’t tell my hubby how often I “go-to” big w…

  48. I would fill my little bos wardrobe for summer. I was in BIg W last Sunday & got some tshirts and shorts but there is o much more. Also having a newborn means that they grow so quickly and out of their clothes that Big W makes it very affordable to dress them well.

  49. LOVE Big W and seeing as I have very fast growing boy you can’t go past the bargains you can find without compromising quality. As we are transitioning out of winter into the next season I need to stock up this lil man’s wardrobe. Bonds PJs are my favourite as are cute t-shirt/polo and shorts combos :)

  50. I love Big W, great price and longevity in the clothing that stands up to my Mr 4 who has just decided to have a growth spurt and is in need of a new bunch of clothes. Winning a gift card would be a massive help in this at the moment.

  51. Leah Elston says:

    I have a big family too and with their clothes being so affordable I do a lot of my shopping at BigW also! I love navy and cream – their new summer stuff looks delicious for my Mr 10 day old

  52. Big W is always the first place I go when i’m looking for clothes for my 15 month old son. I find it hard to get trendy boys clothes but Big W baby always have cute boys stuff. I would love to buy my son some summer clothes as he has outgrown all last years, and some bathers and a cute bucket hat. I would also love to get him a pair of cute sling back thongs and little sandals as I am hoping he will be walking by Christmas and he’ll need them to protect his little feet from the hot Australian ground we get in summer.

  53. I dont have little ones anymore, mine are all teenagers now but i still find Big W to be the best place to shop for alot of things. Underwear and socks seem to just get demolished around here at the speed of light and the bIg W prices and quality are fantastic. Im loving the fact that they are selliing some dressier clothes for the boys now, Suits over the last few years have been a major expense with school formals and footy gala balls and I love love the Peter Morrissey range they are now selling. Babies, toddlers, pre teens, teens, adults they have it all.

  54. Jessica O says:

    I would buy my third daughter a summer wardrobe – because Big W makes clothing affordable for families and means my littlest doesn’t have to be stuck in hand me downs all her life!

  55. Michelle stringer says:

    I love shopping for kids clothes at Big W because the quality is good and it’s great value for money! And these kids sure do grow quickly! I’d buy clothes for my kiddies particularly bonds baby grows and pj’s for my oldest… We def need warm ones this winter!!! and a couple of DVD’s a The weekend night in with popcorn!!! If there’s any left maybe a treat for hubby and I too!!! :)

  56. My new baby girl and her older brother are nearly exclusively “day to day” dressed by Big W. I love being able to buy sweet and handsome little outfits at a fraction of the cost of other phases and not have to worry about it if my boy decides to play in the mud that day or my baby girl ahh…Explodes. Ahem. Big W is so affordable that it lets your kids be kids!

    I was in Big W last night picking up some “Zoo” inspired tshirts (another incentive in the ever challenging toilet training mission) and saw the new Osh Kosh floral tights and shirts. If I was to win I would definitely be stopping there first. So sweet and vintage looking.

    – Laura

  57. I love Big W for the one stop shopping too. Especially for bulk nappies cleaning products and sanitary items. just so easy to get every thing at once.Also love their budget friendly clothing and shoes for the whole family. If I was to win I would probably start stocking up on summer clothes for my eldest girl and bubba boy no hand me downs for them :(

  58. I would love to buy our family either a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 or an Apple iPad mini (can’t decide which) for Christmas. This voucher would take a huge chunk out of the total which might actually make this family gift possible! You’ve had some great giveaways lately, thank you!

  59. Socks, socks and more socks! With 8 children and the ultimate sock-eating-machine that lives in my laundry, I am frequently at a loss as to where the pairs have disappeared to! I could do with a few dozen pairs to fill up the sock box with matching sets again 😉

  60. I have 3 children whose taste in clothes vary wildly so I would love a voucher to take them shopping as a special treat. It would be their idea of heaven to choose an outfit all by themselves without any input from mummy (and with Big W’s gorgeous clothes, I don’t think I’d have to worry!).

  61. My daughter starts school next year, so $100 would be well spent going towards her shoes, hat, clothing. I live 2 hours from the nearest BIGW so sadly miss alot of specials/bargins, and also every time I enter BIGW I leave spending a fortune, decking out the family making up for lost time :). I love how you can buy household items in bulk – saves alot of money and time for me at least.

  62. Megan Magill says:

    We love Big W it’s especially great for clothing my four children BUT it’s also really good for getting other things too. Like you Corrie I get birthday presents, nappy wipes, shampoo, clothing for me, hats, underpants, sunglasses, photo’s developed and any crafty things I might need. I had a look at the kid’s clothing the other day and I think that each one of my kids could all do with new swimmers for summer and a hat. Thanks for the give away.

  63. I must say I always head for BIGW/Kmart when I need to get items, I’m a male and I don’t go from shop and shop searching/looking. At BIGW you are able to get almost everything for the family in one stop. My kind of shop. The prices are very reasonable and so is the quality. And if I have extra helpers (ie: daughter) we leave with a few extra items :)

  64. Oh these little outfits are so cool for the summer. I have been wondering what to buy for the little twinnies next door. It is their 3rd birthday next month and as they are my only God daughters I like to spoil them – being on a limited budget I think a visit to Big W is going to be the way to go.

  65. Nicole Scott says:

    I would get my little girl all sorted out for summer. I love big w as their clothes are super cute & super affordable!

  66. There isn’t a BigW for 1500km from here, and I miss it so much!
    The range, the price, heck even the lightness of the stores lol.
    The thing I miss most is their range of clothes for girls who aren’t babies, too tall for the little girls range, but too you for the preteen range. SO that’s what I’d buy, clothes for my big girl, though I’m sure a bit for the baby girl and the preschooler would sneak on in there too 😉

  67. I love that Big W has a combination of affordable clothing in both generic, which is great for playtime, but also some great brands for kids like Osh Kosh, Paul Frank and Bonds. This summer I’m looking out for a unisex outfit so I can dress my one year old triplets in identical clothing a few times for a little bit of fun. The navy Osh Kosh polo actually looks like it would be perfect – navy is great for either sex. So, that is where my money would go. Maybe I would throw in a few accessories for them like co-ordinating but not matching sandals or hats so they still had some individuality. I’m getting excited just thinking about it, and wouldn’t it be the cutest photo when they were all dressed up? (I’d be sure to show them off to you in their Big W outfits!)

  68. Elise Fleming says:

    I too love that Big W is a one stop shop; you can get so many things in one trip which comes in very handy with an active 2 year old. If I had $100 to spend we would stock up on some new swimming clothes ready for summer plus some new summer pjs.

  69. I buy most of my kids’ clothes from Big W. It’s just so affordable and you can mix and match to get lots of different outfits. And the best part is, after stocking up for the kids, I always grab myself a few tees and maybe a book or three and it doesn’t break the bank!

  70. Amanda Howard says:

    I love Big W and can always find what I need for my two year old daughter, whether it’s mix and match basics for playgroup or something pretty for a special occasion. And with baby number two due in October I can rely on Big W for some new cot sheets, wraps and onesies. Oh and nappies, nappies and more nappies!

  71. We love Big W for all of our kids items! I would buy my third child my only daughter some new items for herself as everyone has been extremely generous and passed on their clothes for her and I am extremely grateful. My boys have gotten everything new and I feel like it is now time for her. With thanks

  72. Danielle Grech says:

    At Big W you can keep up with the latest trends and colours without spending a fortune. I would use the voucher to buy some new outfits for my 10 year old son who is the middle child. He has to put up with hand me downs that are generally 5 years old and way too big from his 15 year old brother who had a different build at his age. Is it worth keeping clothes from older siblings when there is such an age and size difference?

  73. Rachelle Placek says:

    I always duck into Big W for the new season with my girls, great for basics, We especially love the Minnie Mouse range at Big W and always seem to come decked out in Disney.

  74. I love Big W for babies and also for my boys, you can always find something to suit your own personal style for them without resorting to licenced clothes. I’m with you Corrie, I stick to pjs and underwear with Ben 10, Spiderman and the like!

  75. I would really cherish the $100 voucher for my baby boys Thomas (3yrs) and Marc (16mths). Having said that I think I would attempt to make my first online order with Big W. I also believe that the money amount offered could also buy some Xmas gifts for my very much loved nieces and nephews! Hope it’s me !!

  76. I love Big W! I find that these days they have such a great range, and at such fantastic prices too. Plain tees, pants and skirts with a few of the classy, classic prints and patterns are so easy to mix and match. I don’t mind mixing a few of the Big W basics with something else from Country Road or the like, it’s a great way to dress little ones!

  77. I love going to BigW for my kids’ clothes because everything is in one spot. I can get some plain t-shirts, hoodies, and trackpants for around the house; and I can also get some nicer polos and jeans for going out. Mr Almost-5 is growing like a weed at the moment, so it is also nice that the prices aren’t too high. I would use a voucher to buy up on some new, bigger clothes for him, as he has officially been in size 4 for 2 months now but decided its time to grow again!

  78. I used to always shop at Target but have found that their quality of clothes are gone really cheap and fall apart and they are still expensive! I now love and recommend BIg W – not only is it cheap but the clothes are good quality for money and they do seem to last. I have found some great clothes not only for preschool but this year was my 4yrs old first year for preschool parties so we needed a lot of dresses and found them all at Big W!

  79. I have miss 13 & fingers crossed number 3 will be with us soon (we’ve just had to say goodbye to number 2 :( ) & so for us having to style miss 13 in her way without needing to re mortgage the house & buy what we need for our rainbow baby is important to us. $100 would be a huge gift to us & I’m sure miss 13 would love it too!!

  80. Suzie Love says:

    I love Big W for babies, the clothes are always colourful, affordable and comfortable. I especially loves the range of Bonds for babies, always beautiful cotton fabrics and the sweetest of colours.

  81. Samantha Marshall says:

    I love the variety available at Big W. Given the time of year (seasons turning soon!) and the fact that I have a brand new baby, I’m needing new wardrobes not only for her but for my toddler as well. I’d love to get in and kit my little boy out with some nice spring weather clothes and he desperately needs a pair of gumboots! And my baby girl needs all the dresses. All of them. I have spent years staring sadly at the beautiful dresses on my way past to the boy’s section! I am not going to pass up my opportunity to get gorgeous skirts and dresses on this baby girl now that I have her!

  82. I love the fact that you can get good quality cute baby clothes for good prices at Big W. My son is nearly up to size 2 clothes, and has hardly any, so I know I’m going to need to do a shop for new clothes very soon! Looking forward to the cute summer outfits too!

  83. My 5 year is desperate for new clothes as since she’s started prep she’s always in her school uniform & gets around on the weekend in old kindy clothes. Somewhere in the last few weeks she’s had a growth spurt and literally nothing fits her! I’ve got 3 girls so I always get my money’s worth with clothes as they are worn for many years & like to pick clothes I don’t mind seeing (& washing) for years (& years).

  84. I have discovered your blog lately and I love it. Still learning English, I am in Australia since 2007. I woul like to choose so nice outfit for my little
    Boy ( My step son) and another one for my little girl. We love big w and next.

  85. We’ve been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs but after 2 wears, they are starting to get a bit ‘how-do-you-do’ for my littlest (and if the 4th is a girl there’s another one to wear them!), so I’d boost their wardrobes with some lovely girly things as well as some practical things like shorts and leggings to wear when playing outside.

  86. Love love love Big W! Very excited when one FINALLY came to our regional town.

    My little man is about to celebrate his first birthday and since I donated all our previous boy’s clothes to a Cambodian orphanage, I have nothing in size 1 for him! I am holding off until the sales start as he is really an in-betweener! No waist, no bum but a nice little belly :)

  87. Belinda Kwan says:

    I loved Big W when the kids were little. Bonds, Bonds, Bonds. I don’t buy as much now with one at school and one off to school next year, but I always make sure I pick up a few pieces from the Mambo swimwear/clothing range each season. Always very cute! Oh and Bonds underwear.

  88. Tania Chaplain says:

    Being a family of 9 has it’s challenges but I can ALWAYS shop for less at Big W. They have such a great range to clothe all my children from, aged 1 – 14 and at a fraction of the price of other stores. They are great for school supplies too. Although what I would probably buy at this moment, would be camping gear for the next school holidays – soooo much choice!

  89. Corrie, I like your blog and loved it on

  90. Love big w! Since I have moved though I have to find one close to me! I always loved that the W is one of the letters my daughter could recognise early as we went so often! I love that Paul frank also has his designs at big w and that they are great quality and really cute on my littlest monkey! Thanks for the chance corrie I know I could deck the girls out in some cute outfits and because I can’t work since the move and there is no available spaces for child care for the girls this money would help out immensely!

    Thanks corrie

  91. I love Big w and with 4 kids to cloth, wherever I can save money I will, I would by Bonds and Osh Kosh for my little man to look super cute in as well as some new t-shirts for the bigger kids for spring!

  92. Big W is fun! The little girls section is so lovely and the bonus is there is no need to be sad when they are out of all the size 2’s, as the bigger girls section is just as pretty! I would be stocking up on cute swimwear for my two little mermaids……this weather is too good to say no to beach splash!

  93. There’s nothing I love more than spoiling my 3 kids with affordable & fashionable clothes, and Big W always gets a tick from me! I would buy my youngest some new clothes, as she’s always stuck in the hand me downs!

  94. Also like Big W for the same reasons! Would prob buy new summer Jammies for my big girls and some new boy clothes for my son, as his twin sister has heaps of great hand me downs from my big girls. Like you said if you buy things that don’t date they make great hand me downs!

  95. I love the kids’ clothes at Big W – just did a big shop there this morning in fact! They are really cute designs – I much prefer them over the other big shops! I especially like that most of the kids’ stuff doesn’t have silly writing all over it. I get a big fed up with that at other shops!

  96. I love BIG W for everything, they are a great variety store and I’d be very sad to see them go the way of the “oversized $2 shop” like their competitor with the Big K, who don’t really seem like much of a competitor anymore. I’d have to spend $100 on tiny frilly dresses, little baby tights and cute sparkly shoes.

  97. Well my little ones aren’t so little any more, but I still shop at Big W for them all. I love that it’s a one stop shop. So I can get anything from underwear & socks to dress shirts & deodorant. I can just whizz in there & know I don’t have to shop around for everyday needs or gifts as well. I also use a walker & scooter for mobility & it’s really important that I have room to manoeuvre around when shopping. I never have any trouble in Big W getting around….it’s great that they think of these things….also for young Mums with prams.

  98. Me please, could do with some shopping for size 8 and 4.boys and 5 and 1 girls.. spring is coming .

  99. Benjamin Travia says:

    I’d buy my nephew some shoes, for actually walking not just for show, because he’s getting closer to taking off soon.

  100. Erin Cody says:

    It is just a big one stop shop at Big W. Everything is there that you need and always well priced. I have a 2yr old girl and new born boy so love the navy as well, we have so much navy but it is so good to be able to pass down. It also looks amazing on my little red head.

    I would love to win the voucher so that I can go in (hopefully late night shopping without bubbas in tow) so that I can get some little boy shirts which always look smart, some cute floral for my daughter and maybe a little treat for myself. This may include a little chocolate to get me through my shopping spree ‘-)
    Thanks, Erin

  101. Kelly Smith says:

    I LOVE BIG W for my kids clothes as they’re so cheap and continue to stay up with the latest trends :)

  102. I love the Osh Kosh range at Big W, but the gorgeous preppy clothes for boys are my favourite. Like you, navy is a favourite of mine for boys and girls but i love being able to mix and match, and Big W does that so well. Elodie’s jeans are so cute! I would love to pick up some of the latest new season fashions – I’ve been seeing them in Big W and am in need of some Bonds Baby pj’s.

  103. My girls are 4 and 7 and this means shopping is no longer in the babies department! Like you Corrie, my children are well dressed and always look presentable and people usually think I spend a lot on their clothing – this is totally not the case! Kids grow out of clothes so easily and sometimes clothes can’t be handed down due to food stains etc so I love shopping at places where I can get quality without the price tag! This includes Big W, Kmart, Target, Coles Mix and Cotton On. Oh wow, if I was lucky enough to win a $100 gift card, I would be shopping for new PJs, pastel coloured shorts and bright coloured tops, frilly and floral dresses and hats and accessories to match. My girls love dressing up! Thanks for the opportunity Corrie!

  104. You must spend a lot of money with your brood. I’d love a Big W voucher for my two babies: their nappies are so cheap, some clothes, some puzzles and I’d love to get a few more books for my eager beaver. I also love getting my photos printed so would also use it for that and of course stocking up on some lollies for the Daddyman

  105. My daughter is expecting her fifth baby in January, with children ranging from 12-4 years old. This is a complete surprise, and after giving away all her baby things in February this year when they moved to a new home, she has to start from scratch again. It would be so lovely to be able to give her a gift card from BIG W to start shopping for our new little grandchild (we shop there all the time and love their clothes – from baby through to older children and even adults).

  106. With summer around the corner and a spare 100 in loot my boys would be stylin in mambo boardies and paul franks tops to boot.we love bright pops of colour that big W have for boys as I can coordinate several outfits as being family and budget friendly makes shopping at big W an ease!

  107. Would love one of those vouchers as my 2 grow like weeds and having already worn spring summer outfits for the last 2 years we have definately grown out of our spring summer wardrobe here. I love their clothes for kids as they are good sizing, priced well and wash well too. We are moving house shortly too, and this would be a major help as moving is expensive : )

  108. I love, love, love Big W for baby clothes. Just before i had my first baby I moved interstate to a small country town where I knew absolutely no-one! Big W was my only local store for kids clothes. Before I started meeting friends through Mums’ groups, ECG, I used to stroll around Big W every other day just for something to do! I would always buy something, a new sippyy cup, a board book, new cot sheets, a Bonds onesie. I could always justify my purchases as the prices were so cheap! Both my girls are now pretty much exclusively dressed by Big W now – they have everything you need – from PJs to trackies for day care to frilly dresses for parties. I’ll say it again – I love, love, love Big W!!

  109. We love Bonds at our house and it’s all be purchased from Big W! And with weekly swimming lessons I think my kids are going to be due for replacement bathers soon – and the range at Big W is great (love the Mambo stuff). Oh, and my 7 year old daughter needs some new nighties for the summer.

  110. I love Big W for good quality, well priced kids clothes. I’d buy some more jeans and pants for my son, who keeps wearing the knees out of pants at the moment! For my 2 school girls, I’d buy jeans and tees in solid colours, so they don’t go out of style too quick. Then maybe some socks, as all the kids ones seem to have holes, be missing a mate, or have been outgrown.

  111. I’d stock up for my 2.5 year old. About time I got him out of the size 1 clothes which we are trying to get every inch of use out of! Those pants are just too short now… hmmm, maybe he can wear them as shorts this coming summer! :)

  112. I love BIG W too – you can always get a good outfit for the little people and they are trendy and cute – I would spend my $100 voucher on clothes for my grandson who is 14 months and very cute :)

  113. Having twin boys (7) the same size we don’t get many hand-me downs (their brother is 20) – I love BIG W gear because I can get a lot of mix and match funky clothes they both like without dressing them identically.

    Anything that passes their rough and tumble we pass down to two different friends/my cousin with one boy each.

    Woven Coloured 5 pocket shorts $7 x 2 =$14
    Striped FunSpirit Woven shirts x 2 = $23.64
    Character Rashie And Boardie Set $25 x 2 = $50
    Striped Polo x 1 $8
    Monkey with print T x 1 $4 = $99.68
    (still have .32cents change)

  114. Can’t go past bonds. Love their designs and fabric. I have 3 little ones and always find something well priced to suit them.

  115. Kylie Graham says:

    I would LOVE $100 from Big W to spend on my kiddies! We have 4 daughters and 1 on the way!! We were generous and gave all of our beloved baby items away last year…now were expecting again…and have to start from scratch! So $100 would be a godsend!

  116. I love shopping at big W, gifts for little ones – 3 granddaughter, are always a great price and I get so much more for my money. The bargains are there for me too, I love the plain coloured T-shirts at $5, I can buy one of every colour

  117. Our closest BIG W is 2hrs away and every time we are in the area I stock up! I love BIG W for babies because it stocks all the brands I love and trust like Bonds, Osh Kosh and Paul Frank. I would buy my twins some summer clothes and my big school girl some new school shoes a school jumper and stock up on tights! xx

  118. Big W is great for so many diverse eveyday items. I often go there with the intension of buying a few things and come out with a lot more than expected as everything is very reasonably priced and value for money.
    If I was one of the lucky winners I would buy some new spring outfits for our little girl. (Especially that adorable OshKosh outfit shown in your blog) Fingers Crossed :)

  119. Narelle A says:

    Big W is great for children’s clothes. I have 4 princesses and often buy clothing for them from there. The quality of the clothing is quiet good too, with the 4 we do lots of hand me downs and they last at least a couple of kids.

  120. I love big w for babies and kidlets because it is so darn cheap! the quality of the clothing is great as well, i love it for basic t-shirts and track pants for my son.
    also awesome when the baby toys are on sale – lamaze half price? YES PLEASE!

  121. I love Big W and will have to head there real soon for my 3 rapidly growing boys and my 6mnth old daughters first summer wardrobe. The way method you dress your children is quite simalar to my own. A $100 voucher would be an amazing help to outfit all of the kiddies for summer

  122. I do a lot of my shopping for my son at Big W, great variety, style, cost and wear and tear.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Lara brown says:

    Big W has great value for money and its a great place to stock up on tho essential baby goodies like nappies etc. With 3 growing children , the youngest being a baby girl after 2 boys , I like gettng her some pretty things . Shame on me I can’t myself, however on a budget like everyone. It would be lovely to splash out and put something’s aside as she is growing quickly. Great for the big boy too who seems to outgrow things in weeks at the moment!!!

  124. My daughters were born in different seasons so it means I haven’t been able to pass on clothes to my youngest because they are the wrong size. Having said that I love Big W for their onesies and gorgeous girl outfits. I love florals on girls too. I’d use the voucher to get some tees and shorts for everyday use.

  125. Hi Corrie,

    We love BigW for their range and bargains. I picked up some Bonds leggings and OshKosh hoodies for the girls in their end of season sale. Good points about florals and solid colour, will keep it in mind for the girls.

  126. I love Bigw for choice and quality in babies and little kids clothes.
    They are the only place that I’ve found with Bonds clothing up to a size 2 as well.
    I love Bonds suits and I’m sad that my toddler is almost grown out of them.
    I’d buy some of that Oshkosh range, and maybe a Nicer Dicer Plus for me.

    Keeping the licensed items restricted to socks and jocks is an excellent idea!

  127. I’m the same as you Corrie. With six little people to dress, even with handing down as best I can, I am always needing to size up for the big ones…. and there’s just some things that don’t survive the hand-me-down years so poor little baby girl (who is one in two weeks!) ends up with a few (okay, a lot) of items that have seen better days.
    I would love to go and splash out on her, she’s my last little one and I’m thinking a sweet little dress with some tights, shoes and cardigan to celebrate her very first birthday, and to show her she’s not going to be in hand-me-downs for the rest of her life!
    Thanks for the chance! x

  128. I would buy up on bonds gear for my girls, and maybe some cute summer dresses. Saw some cute I Ed when I was in bigw today!

  129. I love BONDS for my basics – babies, school kids and adults!

  130. OzKnitter says:

    I have my eye on some Small Paul PJs and undies for the little ones in my life. Just can’t resist the cute monkeys!

  131. With my youngest child just about to turn 5, I haven’t needed to shop in the baby section at Big W for a little while. However, I have just discovered that baby number 3 is on the way and I no longer have any baby goodies at home as I donated all of my children’s baby clothes to some local families in need and St Vinnies. So with a $100 voucher I could begin to stock up on some goodies for this long awaited baby number 3!

  132. Big W always has an awesome range of bonds gear…buying for twins it is often really hard getting two of the same size! The shoes seem really on trend, so it is less painful to deal with the amount of “shoe abuse” that goes on :-)

  133. I was just in at big W today to buy swimmers for my youngest two – I can always get a practical swimsuit for my daughter there for use at swimming lessons. I did see some wonderful summer outfits I would love to go back and buy including a lovely Minnie mouse shift dress with matching leggings!

  134. I would stock up on some larger sized clothing for my growing twin boys. Jeans are something I always like to have as they can be dressed up or worn casually to suit any occasion. They have such a great range of clothes I always find it hard to choose but would definitely have to grab some more pyjamas as well.

  135. Hi Corrie! Gosh another lovely opportunity thank you! I love Big W as do you! It’s mainly clothes that I buy for the 3 littlies there and as mentioned by others I have two winter babies and a summer baby-so different season means trickier to make the hand me down situation work! Little Emerson’s outfits are just gorgeous! I’d be heading straight for that Osh Kosh summer outfit for my littlest man if I were to win the $100 Big W gift card :-)

  136. Hi! Well with 5 kids under 10 I could certainly find a lot of things we need with that gift voucher. My first stop would be summer pjs and swimmers and rashies! Big W always have a lovely range and I really like that the older two kids can find stylish pieces that suit their age and aren’t either too babyish or too old for them. I find that Big W items are made to last too and dont shrink or lose their shape. Love it!

  137. I’d buy as many dummies as I could manage (little man only has them at night but must have a hidden cache somewhere cause I can never find one at 2am!!).

  138. I never used to like Big W for clothes but in the last year or so their stuff has become awesome, especially the new Peter Morrissey range – gorgeous and so well priced!
    For my little one I’d love to get her some new shoes, underwear & everyday wear (leggings, skirts & tees) for the warmer weather {it’s coming right??}

  139. Amalia Prokupets says:

    Did Big W choose you as their blogger because you named your little one Emerson or did they copy you? Big W Is fantastic for Bonds. I’d stock up on undies and socks and also lots of Tshirts-
    great quality pain to embellish and also some cute prints.

  140. I’ve never had to buy any baby/kid’s clothes at BigW but with my first niece or nephew due the day you pick the winners I’d love to give my sister a shopping spree!

  141. Hooray for giveaways to Big W — spending $100 there would be easy-peasy!

  142. Our shopping centre only has Big W ! I find lots of great items at great prices
    No shame in shopping at Big W :-)

  143. I LOVE BIG W!!! With a family of 7 also it is one of my favourite places to shop on a budget! If I was lucky enough to win this voucher I would buy my kiddies some new SUMMER outfits :) I love BONDS and the Osh Kosh brands as well as Mambo at BIG W. They also have gorgeous everyday wear at great prices!
    I would also love to buy my kiddies all a little present each with the voucher :)

  144. cec maher says:

    My eldest is nearly 9 and growing like a bean so it would be great to visit our local Big W and get her some funky new clothes as she is starting to get interesting in fashion and her younger sister who has always been SO tiny with her coeliac disease is now growing and shooting up and could do with a makeover as well into some more Miss 7 fashions… I would love to have a big day out at Big W with my now two very growing girls x Oh and a spot of retail therapy for me too

  145. I love shopping for clothes at Big W because the range of clothes to choose from is unreal! And for THAT price – how could I resist?? Having 4 under 7 and all growing like weeds, you’d want to be smart buying when it comes to clothes. And I normally try to think ahead so that the clothes I get are able to be handed down.

  146. I’d stock up for my littlest girl. Her 2 big sisters were summer bubs but she’s come along in winter so despite the boxes of hand me downs she’s short quite a few staples in her wardrobe. And now she’s on the move and feeding herself (she’d be just older than your Emerson) we’re going through outfits pretty fast!

  147. After three boys we have just welcomed a baby girl to our family so I am excited to have a reason to buy new clothes after so many hand-me-downs! The Big W voucher would provide some beautiful clothes for our precious girl.

  148. With a new little bundle to cuddle soon (and two little ladies to dress) I’m going to need to hit the Big W Baby and Kids section up soon for the new season outfits. A $100 would make that so much fun!

  149. Catherine W says:

    I love big W! With the change of season on its way everyone’s wardrobe needs a facelift and with a family of 7 it’s great to know I can get quality but affordable clothing at BigW. If there’s anything leftover I could get a head start on Christmas !

  150. wow i am from a family of 16 d
    same mum and dad so mum was like you thats amazing big w covers my family from nbos to baboes toddleers and amy shape and size i have 3 boys of my own and i love the womems 16-24range so much to choose from and cheap…

  151. Well, my Mr 13 is growing so fast at the moment, and his lllooooong legs are stretching, so I plan on buying some denim shorts and new jeans. And I’d love to sneak in the latest Michael Connelly book, if I can. :-)

  152. I love shopping at Big W, they have awesome clothes for daycare that still look really cute! When my daughter was little I used to spend hours in Big W picking up things, and can still be found wandering the baby aisles despite her being 2!

    I’d buy her some cute clothes for summer, some cute floral shirts and some shorts are always winners!

  153. I love Big W for bulk buy BabyLove nappies, the bulk buy Curash nappy wipes, baby toys/rattles, Bonds clothes for baby. Also great for cheap clothes for child care as I know they’ll get paint or food stains on them. Great for books for the little man. And whilst not for babies, but baby related – their Emerson stretch tanks were great value during my pregnancy, instead of spending heaps of money on maternity tanks, I just went a size up and didn’t care if I stretched them. They were $8 then but now they’re $5! I’m about to get some more this time around for this pregnancy.

  154. I’d love to get PJ and shoes for my crew!
    I love Big W. Like you said it’s a one-stop shop where you can grab birthday party supplies and presents while getting clothes before the toddler has a melt-down!!

    Thank you!

  155. Karen Edwards says:

    I’d pick out some cute little floral or polka dot clothes for My little miss 5 months old I’m loving floral or polka dot at the moment. :-)

  156. Charlotte E says:

    I got my daughter a wonderful winter coat from Big W that she wears all the time but hopefully soon some sun and heat will be coming our way and I’ll need to update her wardrobe. Our nearest Big W is over an hour away but I’m happy to make the trip because I know there are some gorgeous outfits to pick up that are easy on the purse strings too.

  157. Hi Corrie – I’d love to buy some of the fantastic clothes that Big W has to offer. I find their cotton to be lovely and soft and washes very well. For me I’d be getting ready for the change of seasons and buying some shorts and t-shirts for my fast growing children!! It would be a lovely treat.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of these giveaways.

  158. Bree Katsamangos says:

    I love classic colours navy, taupe, red. They look smart and timeless. The darker colours are particularly good at hiding dirt. If I don’t have to iron them – all the better!

  159. Anne Davis says:

    With a new granddaughter to spoil, I would give the voucher to my son and his partner to spend on tiny Kasiah Jayne, nearly 3 weeks old :))
    Thanks for the chance

  160. I live 2 1/2 hours from our nearest Big W, so when I get the chance to shop there, I always go crazy! Such great, stylish & affordable clothing for the whole family, but especially the littlies. We will be a family of 5 very soon (2 weeks time!), so a $100 voucher would be a lovely way to have a bit of guilt free shopping post-baby #3!!
    Thanks for the opportunity Corrie, (and Big W)!

  161. Marcia Coventry says:

    The reason I love Big W for babies is simple, great range at affordable prices. When I know someone is expecting I love to build a gift hamper with quality items. Big W makes this easy!

  162. I would LOVE this, things are quite tight at the moment so this would go a long way to buying some things for my girls & love what you have picked, your kids always look gorgeous! PS I have a giggle with Big W as I have 3yo girl called Emerson (Emmy) and just after we had her Big W bought out their ‘Emerson’ range :)

  163. We have a Big W now so I’ve got a chance to check out their selection. I didn’t know they sold Oshkosh? Wow, it looks pretty cute and I love those colours and prints. If I won I would buy the kids some summer clothes, especially for my little two year old who is growing up so fast. Yes, we are always in need of church clothes too.

  164. Big W = great value for money! My kids love to play outside and get very dirty. I love that the kids can still look great but I don’t have to stress about them ruining their expensive clothes!

  165. christine morris says:

    Big W has a great selection of Baby clothes, i have recently become a Grandma and being on a tight budget i can still afford to buy my Grandson good quality Baby clothes from Big W without outlaying a grand amount of money. Thanks for the chance :)

  166. It’s always affordable and BIG W always have great designs. All their clothes makes me go ga-ga :)

  167. kerry santillo says:

    BIG W for babies has the largest range,Onesies, bibs, shoes, socks and tops.
    Its very hard to walk out of there without a great bargain :)

  168. These clothes are beautiful Corrie. I too love BIG W, it is my most favourite shop ever and If I was lucky enough to be given the $!00 voucher I would give it to my son and daughter in law who are having their 3rd baby. They are such a happy family, with little money as he is at UNI full time studying to become a school teacher. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)

  169. I love that Big W is so reliable – the really do have everything you need (while flowing over into some of the ‘want’ list!). I love that Big W has the Osh Kosh brand too. Actually, I think Big W is the only place where I can outfit my entire family in affordable sleepwear that everyone is also happy to wear (got to love that!)!

  170. Having just discovered Big W kids clothes (thanks to you!) it will now be my first stop when shopping. Love the colours and the selection! I am about to become an aunty again so if I am lucky enough to win, just imagine the baby gifts I will be able to give :)

  171. Love Big W, especially the gorgeous Osh Kosh range! Have just gone in this last week and put all our swimmers, rash shirts and board shorts on layby, ready for the September holidays! Great basics range of swimwear for the children and great value too! For my 3, the layby was just nudging $100! Easy to pay off in time for our holiday! :)

  172. Oh, I could really do with $100 to spend on kids’ clothes at BigW. I had my boys too close together, so they wear the same size clothes, and then I had a girl, so there isn’t a lot of passing down going on in this house at the moment. Amélie wears a lot of “boy” pants with some pretty tops. Most of her pretty things I have made for her myself, but I just can’t keep up with these kids growing so fast! It would be great to be able to grab all the kids some new things just in time for spring!

  173. I would love to go to Big W and deck out my two girls for summer, both need new swimmers, hats etc. We are very lucky to be given ” hand me downs’ which are great but it would be nice to have a few NEW outfits for summer.

  174. My number 5 is the only one I buy clothes for now. He’s 11 and his older siblings either have full time or part time jobs so they look after their own clothes shopping. The days are drawing to an end too quickly where I will have no one left to shop for :( I love the polo shirts and have decided that will be his everyday wardrobe this summer to keep him looking neat and smart!
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  175. I love Big W because not only can I shop for the kids, I can also pick up stuff for myself and hubby. They always have new stock and I find it washes up well.

  176. Suzanne C says:

    Love Big W for everything! I love the Emerson range of clothes for me, the great little girls outfits, the Guy Leech fitness range for my husband and the Michelle Bridges range for me. I would also love to get a start on the Christmas shopping! Thanks for the opportunity !!

  177. bubble936 says:

    I would love to buy few T-shirts, jeans and shorts for my little boy who is going to be one year old this month end. I love Big W for babies because their clothes are of good quality, easy on budget and are available in different colours and styles throughout the year…

  178. Big W – one of my fav’s, and not just for my daughter!! I think of all the stores I’ve purchased at in the last 5 years since having her, BigW has been the store where, without fail, I can always find what that I am looking for. You’ve got several gorgeous outfits there for the kids!! The two little ones look absolutely gorgeous in theirs! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  179. Kate Inglis says:

    BigW is one of my goto shops too. With a very skinny son their adjustable waist jeans are a must buy and my 8 year old daughter always has to browse the clothes. Having sorted through all my kids clothes yesterday they could do with some new pieces for summer so the chance to win a voucher is fantastic. Thanks!

  180. In my family, Big W means safety, quality, affordable prices and great choices! $100 would buy some great newbie outfits (you can never have too many of those), particularly the Mint Dymples Terry Coverall and the old-favourite Bonds wonder-suits. I also love the Polo-shirt outfits, would be great to have a set waiting in the wings!

  181. I love colour for kids and the outfits you have choose reminds me of spring and sunny days ahead. I have not been to Big W for a long time….but thats about to change!! And with two little girls the later closing time is very welcomed as shopping is otherwise too stressful!!

  182. I love BigW for buying clothes for my little man. They have a cute range of clothes that are 100% cotton, because I hate synthetics. They have a great variety too. We have an overseas trips coming up in September so I’d buy things like nappies, nappy bags, disposable bibs and such.

  183. I’ve always been a Big W fan for clothing for me & my girls – really reasonably priced, so its easy to buy a few new items in this seasons colours/styles. I have SIX friends expecting babies in the next few months, so I’d buy baby clothes with the $100 and spoil the new arrivals :-)

  184. Jessie Hay says:

    With 8 kids at home,
    All needing clothes too,
    We’re on a tight budget,
    So what’s this busy mum to do?,
    I know where I can get all the basics,
    And super cute clothes as well,
    I can dress my kids for little,
    But you sure cannot tell,
    Babies grow especially fast,
    If this voucher I won,
    I’d buy 00 Bonds basics,
    For my growing baby son,
    No need to go out,
    I can buy them online,
    Which is great when I simply,
    Don’t have much time,
    Yes when they need clothes,
    Which is often, it’s true…
    I go where style is cheap,
    And shop at Big W! 😉

  185. I Love the kids and baby cloths from Big W and have got really value for money out my purchases with my petite miss who just turned 3 (I have taken the last of the size 1 outer cloths out of her wardrobe in the last month).
    I love the easy mix and match colours
    Most of all I love the fact that they are made to be worn by people who run, jump, climb, crawl, wrestle and play all day – they don’t stretch out of shape, seams are solid and they don’t fade quickly like some other brands/
    I might also have to call into my favourite Big W department the children’s books – they have the most amazing range of Beautiful Australian Children’s books.

  186. Love Big W! My 2 little grandchildren are very well dressed from mainly Big W so I would love to win a voucher. Thanks for the chance Corrie. cheers Lyn

  187. With $100 to spend at BIGW I’d get my Mr 2 some new things for the warmer weather. He who has just grown out of his winter PJs (in about 2 months) is eating me out of house and home. At this rate I’ll need to get him a job to pay his way too. (or win this competition at least) :-)

  188. Thanks for the post and the great tips Corrie. I LOVE Big W for kids clothes! They stock great brands and the prices are so affordable for a family with one modest income. With $100 I’d buy some ‘Sunday best’ outfits for my 3 year old and 6 month old as we have a wedding coming up and neither of them have suitable clothes. I’d also love to get them some swimwear and play clothes for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  189. Coming from a smaller country town Big W was the only store of that kind close handy! Even though I am now living in a city I still find Big W is one of my favourites for brands like Bonds & Osh Kosh! If I was shopping with a winning voucher I would probably start with pj’s, singlets, socks & jocks…maybe some books! What a great giveaway!

  190. My youngest is a Minnie Mouse fan and Big W have some gorgeous Minnie outfits so it’d be Minnie galore!! I love their swimmers so I’d pop a few of those in the trolley. And just last week I stocked up on kids undies at Big W with their 10 pack of undies for just $8…..think I probably looked a tad crazy carrying around 50 pairs of undies but you can never have too many undies !! This time I think I’d stock up on socks!!

  191. Melissa Kagie says:

    After having a baby girl after 2 boys I am addicted to all the cute frilly girly outfits.
    If I win I have an excuse to go out and buy her some more!

  192. I desperately need to get the summer clothes sorted for my two babies- so this would be so helpful! I love Big W for basics!

  193. Kristy Fitzgerald says:

    I don’t have kids of my own, but Big W is fantastic for buying baby shower gifts and birthday presents for the littlies. I always get a great selection of bibs, wipes, lotions and other bits and pieces for a hamper, gorgeous little outfits for the newborns and the toy section is hard to beat for the older kids. I also couldn’t pass up the chance recently to buy a “Grug” book and toy for my niece. I loved “Grug” when I was growing up and love sharing him with another generation.

  194. Big W is my one stop shop for my little girls clothes! The practicality and price is a sure winner for me! The Osh Kosh and Bonds brands are way too good to pass up!

  195. Gotta love Big W! Great prices and so much under the one roof.
    I would buy my little girl various items, mainly with Tinkerbell on them if possible.
    Also craft items, books are enjoyed 😀

  196. jenelle newton says:

    I cant go past a good sale, out of season normally works for me. I get a really funky fashion piece on sale then team it up with the great basics as I go everyday. With two girls a handmedown is great – Also dresses don’t need to be the correct size, if my daughter grows out of a favourite, it gets revamped as a swing top with jeans or leggings. I still have my 2yr old in a 000 dress that fits her like a dream as a top!

  197. Mary Preston says:

    I’d start with the basics from undies out to T-shirts and shorts and then something special to wear out around town.

  198. Maureen pilcher says:

    My message is always simple thank you for considering me in this give away..I make clothes for my grand children and would love to buy some as you have done for Elodie and Emerson in these photos….


  199. Rebecca Clarke says:

    I love BigW for kids and for me too, the quality is usually very good for the price and the sizes are very good too, I hate getting something that “Should” fit but it’s a very small sizing and I have to take it back.

  200. Great review – I am a huge fan of the BIGW babies gear which seems to be getting better and better. I really love the OshKosh range for an upmarket look without the upmarket price tag, it really is all about making our dollars go further these days! I find the Dymples range is great for everyday wear as it’s so affordable for anyone on a strict budget. $100 would complete my kids summer wardrobes with some nice new ‘going out’ outfits to complement the second-hand clothes that we have been given as ‘hand me downs’ – there would even be a few dollars left over for some toys or books maybe!

  201. Michelle P says:

    I would sort out summer T-shirts and shorts for my two growing boys. They love the Star Wars tees. Very cool for your Sci-fi fan. I love the look and wear of the Mambo range. Corrie & Big W, may the force be with you.

  202. Larabelle says:

    I love the bathers Big W stocks for little girls – Ava was lucky enough to get two pairs last year which she has conveniently outgrown. With $100, I would get her a new pair (or two) for this coming summer, a pretty beach towel and the boogie board she desperately wants!

  203. BigW clothes are perfect for my two little boys, for looking great when they’re going out, and keeping comfy around the farm helping feed the chickens, cows and looking after the garden… Gumboots from Big W are great too!!!

  204. Kirsten W says:

    I would buy all the clothes we need to take on our month long holiday at the end of the year. It would be great knowing that these items are good quality and comfortable.

  205. Hi, I would buy my daughter a bunch of new, bright, colorful clothes for spring. Big w have done cute Dora and Minnie Mouse lines that would bring a cheeky smile to her pretty little face :) Priceless!

  206. Our Shopping trips always start at BIG W!! I just love that I can find a good choice of quality clothes for our four daughters, especially when they were babies. The girls love being able to go in and find something pretty to wear knowing its in the budget. But the nicest thing is knowing it’s a family tradition – I loved shopping with my Mum for things at BIG W too while I was growing up!

  207. I have that same osh cosh navy polo shirt for my toddler! It is such a winner, always smart and looks so good with his blue eyes! We love big w in this household too, in orange we don’t have a lot of choice but we do have a big w and I have had to limit my walking in there as I always come out with more clothes for my boy! I would love a shopping spree for him and $100 in big w is a wonderful shopping spree!

  208. We are new in AU and still learning about the local shops and looking for affordable clothes for our kids. With only one income it will be a big help for us and a great opportunity to get familiar with Big W products.

  209. I would love the voucher to spend on my 3 kids. Shirts for the 8 year old boy, summer dresses for miss 6 and some more rompers for the baby – it would come in sooo handy :)

  210. I have a 6mth old boy (after 2 girls), and I am loving finding clothes for him. So far has was worn a lot of onesies (many from Big W), but I’m looking forward to getting a few two piece outfits this summer as he will be a little older, and because they look so cute!

  211. We’re almost coming into Spring so it’s time for warmer weather and that means a wardrobe update for my two cherubs. New spring/summer outfits and shoes in bigger sizes are on my shopping list! The joys of having a pigeon pair and not being able to use hand me downs.

  212. I love Big W for babies because they stocked everything I needed to set up for baby and more! I also love the BIG W iPhone App which allows you to easily browse for products, scan barcodes, shop directly from the app and even lay-by. I find this really handy as it enables me to shop efficiently from the comfort of my armchair.

  213. I love Big W for my growing girls but I had no idea they now sell OshKosh! Wow! I would use this voucher to buy colourful shoes for my girls, mix and match items like shorts, t-shirts, skirts. I am always amazed by the range of styles and colours at fabulous prices. My older daughter is starting to get fashion conscious however I am trying to teach about smart shopping – choosing stylish items at reasonable prices. She is always complemented on the Big W items that she wears. With the warmer weather already starting in Queensland, we are due for a big clothes shop at Big W.

  214. Joanne Williams says:

    Gosh, Big W has gone posh by selling OshKosh! (ok, so I’m probably not the first to make a comment such as this!). It’s always been a great store with such vibrancy and variety. If I won I’d give the voucher to my niece who is on her own with kids and finding things a bit tough. Thanks for the great comp!

  215. Natalie Stoute says:

    I love Big W for their school uniform and stationery supplies. The prices are unbeatable and they have an excellent range. Money is always tight after Christmas and with two of my three boys going to school next year this will be super handy!

  216. Karen Moore says:

    I love Big W for kids clothes. My 6yr old is obsessed with Skylanders so we get both long & short sleeve shirts for him at Big W. The quality is great & the shirts last & last & then I can put them away for his younger twin brothers. They also have great pyjamas at a price I’m willing to pay! thanks Corrie & Big W for this competition.

  217. I love Big W for baby and kids clothes. Their clothes are practical but still stylish and also affordable without compromising on quality! Win win all round for me shopping for my family.

  218. I’d love to gift this voucher to my friend Beck who has a 6 year old boy, 5 year old and 2 year old girls. They live in Ethiopia (where they obviously can’t enjoy Big W) but are coming back to Australia in October. It would be such a joy to take her on a shopping spree to stock them up before returning for their next 3 year stint!

  219. I love Big W for buying my toddler boy leggings! Boys can look cool in leggings! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  220. I <3 BIg W! It seems like every time I look at my 3 Wild Things they have grown that little bit taller than the day befor & are needing new pjs/swimmers/unifords/sleepsuits/shoes/socks/knickers-shall i go on lol!thank goodness for Big W's affordable and well made babies & children's wear!

  221. Some cheap cotton onesies. They don’t wear them for long so theres not point shopping elsewhere that charge exorbitant prices for them.

  222. susan Leach says:

    Oh just love the oshkosh floral top. Going to Singapore to see my great nieces Poppy & Ivy after Christmas and would love to go shopping at Big W to bring them an amazing outfit.

  223. Melissa Jones says:

    Most of my boy’s clothes are from Big W. Kids grow up very fast so I don’t think I will invest big money on their outfits. But they need colorful childhood, therefore stylish and comfortable clothes are still important to them. Big W offers Cha Ching deals for mums who think the same way like me to do their smart shopping. I’ll buy more baby girl’s clothes and shoes for my next bub who’ll be born soon.

  224. I love a challenge, and I think I’d be very proud of myself if I could keep to $100 in Big W – there are so many temptations! With a 5 year old princess who loves dressing up, and a 19 month old son who is growing every minute it seems, it would most definitely be a fabulous prize to win! My son seems to have a lot of 3/4 tops and ankle freezer pants at the moment so I’d love to get him some new outfits for summer. Now my daughter is a big school girl, she is in a uniform 5 days a week – I would love to spoil her with a nice new summer outfit which will last the distance! Love Big W, and your blog Corrie – thank you on the tip for navy clothes. We are hoping baby 3 will be on the cards soon, so I will be buying lots of navy to pass on!!!

  225. I need to update all my children’s jumpers. They are hard on them! Also my biggests’ legs don’t stop growing so he could do with some new pants. 😉

  226. BIG W has a big tick from me when it comes to kids clothes. A friend of my daughter’s recently had a baby girl, they will be struggling financially while she is on maternity leave so if I won one of these vouchers I would give it to her to buy some gorgeous outfits for her gorgeous little Arabella…..

  227. Penelope Jackson says:

    I sew a lot but could always to with the basics, with teens and a two year old pennies are always being watched here so this would be a great help.

  228. NAPPIES hehehe. A bit a bit boring but very helpful to the budget. Otherwise if I am alone and shopping I can’t go passed the vey cute little boy outfit sets coming in for summer. I love the little toddler shorts and t’s for my Mr J and the super cute summer dresses for Miss B. Oh hear… I am always torn between being ‘sensible’ and letting go and being a bit crazy. hahaha One day I will grow up and become sensible hehehe

  229. Melissa White says:

    I am due my 3rd baby in 5 weeks time so I think I would use this voucher to buy each of my 3 kids a gorgeous outfit each, then stock up on baby essentials (singlets, socks, bibs, cloth nappies for burping etc)


  230. I love Big W for Bonds, it looks great and it lasts! I also love it for their basic tees and shorts for my twins.

  231. I love Big W for clothes, I would use it to buy some Summer essentials for my son.

  232. My bub seems to being going through a major growth spurt at the moment and with Summer approaching he needs a whole new wardrobe. A $100 BigW voucher would have my little man dressing very smart and comfortable, and he’d be set for some Summer fun.

  233. Leanne Hawkins says:

    I love Big W for all the kids clothes especially the basic tees,shorts and leggings. I love all the baby clothes too although no more babies here for us so I just have to be happy buying baby basics for my friends. I love the tee you got for Elodie. If I were to win the voucher I would stock up on summer tshirts and underwear for my girls. Thanks Corrie

  234. Natasha Andrews says:

    I just adore Big W for my whole family – it helps that our local Big W has undercover parking and is right next to our library – we do “rock n rhyme” at the library then shop in Big W – win:win!
    I love the basics but mostly I love the variety of clothing all at a fabulous price. Our house is full of $4 t-shirts and $6 leggings AND they hold their shape and survive wash after wash!
    Plus these days I can easily pop an item or two for me in the trolley – I just ADORE the Emmerson and Peter Morrissey ranges for me!!!

  235. Hello Retro Mummy,
    I would definitely be stocking up on some lovely new spring frocks and cardigans for my little girl. I love how the daffodils and blossoms are telling us that spring is on the way! Thank you.

  236. Oh goodness, if not for Big W my kids would have been sitting in front of the dryer waiting for one of their two sets of clothes to dry this winter!

    I love the spring florals and matching colours, and I love the fact that you can mix and match them with navy to create a lot of outfit options from a few key pieces. I will be taking some of your shopping tips and my next visit, for sure!

  237. I don’t think you can ever have too many dresses fora little girl, I was just at Big W and they have a lovely range which would be perfect for my daughter :)

  238. How cute are those Oshkosh outfits!! Always loved Oshkosh, even better now it is stocked at Big W! With a family of 6, a 2 hour drive from the city, Big W is our one stop shop!!

  239. Not only does Big W have great priced baby and kids clothes everyday, but at the end of the season I pick up further reduced items for the following year. I have a stock pile of $3 and $5 items in the next few sizes – cheaper than op shopping!

  240. Tegan Edwards says:

    My 11 month old is ready to go up a size so he needs a whole new wardrobe! Love the bonds and Oshkosh range at big w!

  241. Jade Conran says:

    I would love to get some clothes for my smallest boy (of three). He has a wardrobe full of hand me downs and I would love to pick up a few new bits and pieces for him for summer- I love your choices and also gravitate towards the preppy look for my boys- love it : )

  242. Little Miss A-DORA’s the Explorer so I’ve got my eye on some briefs which will make a lovely surprise. Big W clothes wear well and I love that they are easy care, which is always important because there’s too many cupcakes to bake together and eat to spend the time on washing!

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