knitting progress

There hasn’t been much in the knitting department lately. I do have 2 projects on the go at the moment……………..but progress is slow. I’ve been doing the bands on this little raglan sleeve cardigan for a baby. Not my baby, you haven’t missed any news, but my favourite zumba teacher and I better get it finished soon!

Mind you I haven’t managed to fit a zumba class into my schedule lately. Retro daddy and I are hoping to add an exercise bike and rowing machine and create a little home gym here at home with the x-trainer and treadmill as that really is the best way for me to squeeze any exercise into my day….but I actually don’t think I’ve done any exercise since last summer.

The pattern is a fabulous one but makes me appreciate seamless knits and knitting in the round because each piece of this cardigan is knit separately. This had the advantage of each piece being rather quick to knit but there are lots of ends and picking up of stitches but it’s really worth it because when it is all finished it looks perfect. The raglan sleeve pattern is from one of my all time fave knitting books, Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for Beginners. The wool is Bendigo Woollen Mills (no surprises there) Allegro (sadly discontinued but see if anyone is destashing on ravelry) and it’s come up beautifully so far.

And then there is the kina for keira which will probably end up going on tillie at the rate I’m going. I’ve just lost the motivation with this one but am kind of hoping to get it done before summer. Everything is crossed…..I’m knitting this in a size 6 in Bendigo 8 ply cotton on 3.75mm needles as the cotton does tend to lose it’s shape a tad.

And that’s the knitting!


  1. I think running after 5 kids counts as aerobic exercise! :) You are amazing with how much you accomplish. Kristy

  2. I really don’t know how you fit in knitting. I’m currently knitting debbie bliss cardigan with moss stitch. In my first bendigo fushia. And feels like it’s taking forever! fabric on table to make a quilt for my new little boy. I use this as my time out when i want a rest.

  3. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Wow that looks like a complicated knit but oh so cute :)

  4. jeanette tranberg says:

    I wish I could knit I have been trying to find someone to knit a cardigan for my 10mth old!

  5. Amanda Howard says:

    I absolutely love the colour! You really know how to pack a lot into your life Corrie. I’m surprised you have any time to knit at all with five kids to run around after.

  6. At least you always have a little body to pass your handknits down to when you don’t finish in time! :)

  7. I really must learn to knit. My Mum and aunties are beautiful knitters so I should learn from them, does it take long to pick up? You really are an inspiration in all that you do so thank you! I love reading your blog posts each day :)

    • oh do learn to knit! it’s not hard, you can make beautiful things, it’s good to have a hobby, it’s relaxing (when it’s going right) and it makes the most beautiful gifts too. Oh and it’s not that expensive. Go forth……

      and thank you, so glad you like my blog:) I love to hear that

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