I made the front cover

Here I am posing on the front cover of the latest IKEA catalogue which comes out next week………….but I’m not really on the front cover, this is just a clever backdrop that I had my photo taken in front of!

Last night I was out for the launch of the new catalogue which I took as a great opportunity to go shopping…………I mean a night without kids at Ikea doesn’t happen very often! And hot tip, they are open till 9pm so shopping at night means no queues….I can’t guarantee you won’t lose your husband or have an argument over something but it was a great time to shop!

The new kitchens look fabulous and I was very impressed to find taps, handles, pulls, light fittings and blinds that are all hamptons style………..I may or may not have ducked out of the official tour of the kitchens to find my favourites and go shopping. Shhhhhh.

and funniest photo of the night would be me when I realised I didn’t want my name tag in the photo and I went to take it off!


  1. That last photo is classic! We went to the tempe ikea last week and they were busily building the new kitchens. Some of them looked fantastic!

    • yep we went to tempe, first time for me and so much easier to park and shop than rhodes!

      • We were at Rhodes Monday last week and they were redoing their kitchens too. There is a ramp up to the rooftop carpark that makes it so much easier. Instead of turning off to the left at the Rhodes shopping centre signs you take the curve around to the right and the ramp is just around the bend.

  2. Omg! Love love love. No ikea in hobart. Great cover shot from the model! Ha,ha.

  3. OMGoodness! That’s amazing! Cute cover pic too πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait till I receive my copy in the mail! Ikea obsessed. Cat xox

  4. Great photo Corrie. You never know where you will pop up next.

  5. So cute Corrie….I can see where your kids get it from πŸ˜‰ You so match the set was it planned? I love Ikea and am especially in love with their shelf liner rolls…go figure but it’s fab!

    • haha no I didn’t know they’d have this backdrop but I knew it would be fun!!!! looking forward to a little time reading the catalogue! must check out their drawer liners!


  6. I haven’t been to tempe, but shopping at Ikea at Rhodes in the evening still means queues.

    I’m with you about taking children to Ikea. We took our three boys to Ikea at Gordon many years ago. I’m not sure how old they were, possibly 8-12. As we drove down Ryde road to come home, they informed us they had set all the kitchen times to go off and had moved some to other departments or hidden them behind the display.

    Yes. We probably should have been paying more attention to them, but they appeared to be behaving themselves and wile not totally quiet, they weren’t running wild. We had a big shopping list..

    • wish the gordon store was still here! was telling my friend about it yesterday, would be great!!!!

      that is pretty funny about your boys:) :)

  7. We don’t have Ikea here in NZ……..criminal I know. There is even a “Bring Ikea to NZ” Facebook page. Could you have a word in someone’s ear for me please Corrie, ha! xo

  8. How exciting! I must confess I don’t go to Ikea as much as I would like. But that 9pm means a late night shop without children – always a dream! Looking forward to seeing you when we receive our latest brochure! x

  9. Congratulations on your Ikea gig! You look great (and like me are also a Country Road fan, I think? I have that blouse in another colour!). Have been meaning to get to the Tempe store so this is a good incentive….

    Marina x

    • oh dear sometimes I walk out of the house head to toe in it! in this shot I’ve got my trenery skinny jeans!!!!
      this was just a fun backdrop but such a great idea and the kids would have loved it!

  10. Corrie you are so awesome!

  11. anne seery says:

    Way to go, you fabulous woman β™₯

  12. How cool are those kitchens! I want

  13. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    ha! Love this post!!! We went to Tempe a few weeks ago to only look at kitchens and they were building them! doh! Definitely will go back now, thanks :)
    ps – cover girl looking gooooood! πŸ˜‰ lol

  14. What a great pic. How cool that it was only a backdrop. I love Ikea but I rarely get a chance to go without the kids. I am really happy that at least I can leave my 3yr old in the child minding place they have. I wish they would decrease the age to two so I can leave my little runner boy.

  15. My friends and I LOVE a day at Ikea! Now that none of us have nursing babies we jump in the car every three months or so and head off to Brisbane for a day at Ikea leaving our husbands to attend birthday parties etc and have some Dad time with their kids. We set off nice and early so we can treat ourselves to an Ikea breakfast where we can take our time and nobody eats our breakfast off our plates before we can. Yes kids, I mean you! And we don’t leave until the store closes. Then we sit in the car park eating our supply of Ikea chocolates and watch people trying to fit their purchases in their cars. It’s too funny!! I have to say Corrie, you totally fooled me with the cover. You look great and quite at home.

    • oh I like the sound of that day!!!!!! I mean it’s win win for the family because you buy things for the home and come home happy and refreshed!!!!
      thank you!

  16. Wow I have officially found our new range hood thanks to your photo!! We literally spent hours at one of the homemaker centres a few weekends back and couldn’t find the range hood to go with our country/ hamptons style kitchen. Big thanks to you! I can’t wait until my catalogue arrives in the mail.

  17. Good on you Corrie ! Whether you are there or not you are still on the cover of Ikea!!!! Awesome!!!!

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