How I use the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3

This post is brought to you by Samsung

So I’ve told you about how the kids are using the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 for themselves here and now it’s time to talk about me. What am I loving? Well firstly I’m just loving that I actually get time on a tablet. Usually my phone and tablet in the house are taken over by little people and my job is usually to charge them up again before I need to use them.

The GALAXY Tab 3 comes in 3 sizes (7 inch, 8 inch and 10.1 inch) and I’ve quickly fallen for the 8 inch which is a perfect size for me (and my handbag). I’ve been reading my favourite magazine, Country Style (British edition) and instead of paying for the latest issue from the UK (which is generally shipped over on a plane and costs a lot more than the cover price), I’m getting access to the latest mag for a couple of dollars. You can’t complain about that. And look at the image quality. No more piles of magazines around the house for retro daddy to complain about. AND best of all you get it straight away so no trips to the newsagent or shops. You’ve got it all there.

Now my life is pretty busy so don’t get the impression that I’m sitting around reading magazines all day. OK. I do other stuff like cook and clean. So let’s take cooking because I’m afraid this tablet won’t clean the house for you.

It’s easy to take the Tab 3 into the kitchen and use the latest recipe you’ve found in a magazine, online or in a book you might have in your Samsung Readers Hub or Learning Hub. Sure beats my usual way of either trying to read a recipe from my phone or sending the link to retro daddy to print in the office.

Now for crafters having your very own tablet like the GALAXY Tab 3 means finding patterns, tutorials and help and having it right there to hand next to you while you craft on the couch or at your sewing machine. No more lugging a knitting book around with you or a printed out pattern and then hoping you don’t lose it. And another crafter told me she loves to take her tablet off to the craft shop with her and buy all the supplies for a project, she just whips out her tablet and has everything she needs listed on the pattern. Definitely a more efficient way of doing it – my way is usually to grab an envelope and make a few notes of what I need. How old school!

I took my knitting and Tab 3 outside and was watching Keira play over the weekend. That’s the beauty of the smaller tablets, they are small enough (and light! ) to carry around with you everywhere (the 7 inch will even fit in a pocket) but large enough that you can easily read or play games or do whatever you’re doing. I could have even used the camera in the GALAXY Tab 3 to take this photo for me.

For bloggers and mums you can be taking photos, making videos, paying bills, writing notes, writing blog posts, checking your emails, keeping track of your diary, running a business or just using the internet while you are doing your usual daily routine. The 8 inch also has a multi screen feature so you can look at 2 screens at once which is handy if you’re a multi tasker like me. It also has a Micro SD slot if you need extra storage, great for bloggers and people using the Tab 3 for their work.

I’ve told you here how I love using the 8 inch as a remote and you can also watch movies so if you’re watching something on your Smart TV then you can use screen mirroring to push it out to your Tab 3 tablet (the 8 inch or 10.1 inch) and go to bed to finish whatever you were watching. Great when you want to watch Downton Abbey but someone else wants to watch the footy.

Here I am enjoying my afternoon coffee while the kids were playing in the lounge room and using the internet to check all my projects on ravelry.

And I have to share a great tip I picked up from the Samsung tech guys at the launch of the GALAXY Tab 3. Your Tab 3 comes with Dropbox installed and an extra 50GB storage capacity. So take photos with your tablet and upload to your Dropbox account in the cloud. When you get home you just put your phone in the wireless area of your home and the photos will automatically upload to your computer. Love it. Noted. And going to use it. I am forever downloading photos or selecting them or I take them on my phone then I send them to flickr and then I share on Facebook. Now I see a faster way of doing it. Thanks Samsung tech guy for that tip.

And enough about me, now it’s over to you. Tell me why YOU would love a Samsung GALAXY Tab 3  7 inch to come to your house. Not for the kids or someone special in your life but YOU. Lady of the house, person who does everything for everyone else, you. That’s right, YOU.



  1. I would love one so I can easily read all my recipes instead of squinting on my iphone in the kitchen. I would also like to play some games on there if I ever get any me time! haha

  2. Kristine Dowley says:

    I would also love one for recipes in the kitchen as well as my ebooks (my phone is just a little small!) to read on trips and the bus to and from work. I also have a husband who would love to not have the house cluttered up with all my magazines and books! It would be THE PERFECT organise for me!

  3. Kylie walters says:

    Hi I wish I could think of a witty comment to as why I want one, but I just really one.

  4. Evie White says:

    The list is endless!! To easily see it in the kitchen, to quickly check my uni forums online, to take beautiful photos and to see all the amazing projects on Pinterest! It would be my special indulgence, a dream come true.

  5. Fran Graham says:

    I would love for the little galaxy to live with me. I don’t get much time to read anymore, and if I do, my darling 14 month old likes to rip pages out of books! I would love to be able to be lost in a book again, this tablet definitely would do that; and no pages to rip out either!

  6. jo marks says:

    I’d love one to use whilst cooking – i have so many printed out recipes, this would be a great alternative! And of course, digital magazines instead of printed would help my “busting at the seams” mag storage at home!! :-)

  7. Would adore this for late night feeding sessions with baby number one and soon enough baby number two! iPhone just ain’t cutting it and is too small for this mummy’s tired eyes!

  8. I’d absolutely adore this gorgeous Samsung tablet. With baby number 1 on the way in 10 short weeks, it’d be lovely to use when taking advantage of pre-baby down time, for feeding times when she arrives, and for late night entertainment when the little one is up all hours.
    It’d be a little something just for Mummy. No Daddy hands allowed!! :)

  9. I would love on of these because I am a pianist but i often have trouble turning pages of the music I’m using while I’m playing! you can download an app to turn pages for you while you play which is going revolutionise my performances AND make it more fun and easy playing at home too!

  10. Michele Carpenter says:

    My eyes really need a Sansung Galaxy tablet! I currently use my phone to read recipes while cooking, check knitting patterns, browse Ikea and read blogs, and its a bit of a strain on the eyes. Also, love the idea of using it as a remote control when the kids have lost ours down the side of the couch, and the way it connects with the smart tv.

  11. I run a nanny service for families who visit the central coast who require a nanny/babysitter during their stay. A tablet would be great to keep me organised instead of having bits of paper everywhere, a diary, a notebook and a not so good memory. to have it all organised on the one device would be so much easier, especially reminders of upcoming bookings. I also have a website and facebook page which would i could constantly update on the go.
    I can also download recipes and craft ideas, to use while caring for the kids and ebooks for myself, if i get a little downtime.

  12. My kids share everything with me. I’d love it to just be mine. :)

  13. I would love to indroduce this tablet to my home so I can keep up with my grown up children & keeping this old brain motivated . I love cooking but buying books is not affordable for us so the tablet would help me greatly . Hope to win it

  14. I would read the news websites, favoirite blogs & watch foxtel online if I were to win one and therefore my little man and lady wouldn’t have to share with me. A good size so I can pop in my bag on a Saturday or Monday when I work! Thank you for the chance to enter corrie!

  15. Alison Hibbert says:

    Long time reader, never posted! I would love it for me so I can take it with me on our many outings through the day – especially the afternoons! We are usually out at rugby, swimming, dancing etc so I could have some downtime catching up on some reading, deciding on dinner, sending long overdue emails, maybe even catching up on some news! I do love watching the kids at their activities but often we have to sit elsewhere to keep everyone else quiet and entertained. I like the idea of the 8 inch for portability as some tablets can fit in your bag but they are pretty bulky and heavy. I am usually carrying several bags, snacks and water bottles, so something lighter and smaller appeals. Love your blog!

  16. I’d love a tablet so that I can keep all my crochet patterns handy. No more printing patterns out time and again because I’ve lost them, much greener too :)
    Same goes with recipes. I don’t know how many times I’ve printed out the same recipe each time I’ve made it lately!

  17. What a luxury having a gadget just for me…definitely reading mags and and looking up tutorials so easily has won me over. xxxx

  18. Andrea McCosker says:

    I would love to be able to give this to my little girl, that way she can read books, listen to music or watch music during her hospital stays.

  19. So I can feed my brain/soul by reading loads of awesome books in bed at night without the lights on – mainly so I don’t wake my hardworking shiftworker husband but also just because it reminds me of the joy of reading in bed as a kid with the lights off, under the covers with a torch. Cant beat that!

  20. I would love to own a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The ability to do my Uni work on the move, have my knitting or sewing pattern right beside me (instead of the laptop which is bulky when trying to knit or sew, not to mention the paper saving of not having to print the full tutorial or pattern instructions out). Would make life so much simpler.

  21. Andrea McCosker says:

    I would use this as my own personal “everything” hub!! I keep all my appointments as a busy mum and well as having something to read and watch mi IRS on while I wait at the hospital for my daughter to finish her medical treatments.

  22. Kristine Henderson says:

    I have recently started a blog, but just from my iPhone. A tablet would be so much easier to use – especially with my big fingers!! Plus my little lion would love to play on it as well.

  23. I use my iPhone for everything and honestly, it’s doing my head in! I just turned 30 but feel every bit if 50 when I am squinting at that news article or recipe, and I would love to be able to read on the go! Thanks for the chance!

  24. Andrea Easton says:

    Would use it just for me time :) hopefully while the kiddies are busy and I can have a few minutes just to myself :) x

  25. My kids are always taking my tablet to play games so this one would be ALL MINE!!

  26. What a generous giveaway! I would love to win this because it means I can declutter and put away all the ‘paper’ things if I can instead have an electronic version all in one place…

  27. Melissa Pope says:

    I would actually use it for many of the things you talked about in your post. Crochet patterns, recipes, reading books, surfing the web for more patterns and recipes, watching tutorials (about how to make that yarn join so it won’t show up in your work – you’ve done it a dozen times before – but you just need to watch that video one more time to get it!). I use my phone for all these things at the moment, but the screen is sometimes that little bit too small! Would love to have something that I could easily carry around with me. I would have to jump on the net to find a pattern for a cover, so that I would be able to carry it around without my kids knowing I had it, or they would pinch it for sure!! If I won it, I would be keeping it my little secret!! Shhh…

  28. I would use it in the kitchen for recipes. In bed while feeding bubs. Taking notes. Writing shopping lists. Using it for my weekly planner. And of cause for updating my social media sites and blog! It’s such a convenient size it would be so handy to take everywhere.

  29. When I blog or do anything online or computer related, I have to walk away from the main hub of the house to where our desktop computer is and work from there. I have been wanting (and asking hubby) for a laptop or tablet just so I’ve got something portable – I could still be with the family with whatever we are doing and still blog, or check emails or whatever online work I need to do (read mags while hubby watches HIS fave show on telly). But we’ve never been able to fit that purchase into our budget. Everything you have outlined here about the benefits of owning one of these is completely relevant to me and what I need in my home – for ME! It would be so much better than just closing myself off in a room – I’d have the best of both worlds. I don’t just want this – I NEED it! LOL :-)

  30. Charlotte E says:

    I can’t remember the last time I bought something nice for myself so to win a Samsung Tab 3 would be fantastic. Not only would it be useful to access uni work whilst I’m away from the desktop but to be able to use it for crafting and cooking purposes as you mentioned would be the icing on the cake.

  31. Dianne Whittle says:

    I have piles of magazines around the house – food ones, craft ones, home decorating ones, the list is endless. And they take up so much space. And I can’t bear to get rid of any of them because I love looking at them. But seriously, often they just sit there for years untouched, but I still can’t bear to part with them. But I really need to be strong and get rid of them! The Samsung Galaxy Tablet would mean I can have my very guilty pleasure, my magazines, but not feel guilty about the wastage, all that paper, and the endless piles around the house. Hubby would be so happy!plus I wouldn’t really have to tell him how many magazines I really buy! Win, win!

  32. Laura Iammarrone says:

    I would love to win the Samsung Tab 3 for my husband. It would be a lovely early Father’s Day present for him.
    As he is also doing nice things for my boys (4year & 2 Years) & I.

  33. I would love it for the magazines, and the ability to grab those snapshots of time on the go: that moment when the lad has fallen asleep in the back seat? Grab my Tab 3 and flick through some pages in a favourite magazine. Sneaking a coffee after the solo supermarket run? Make it more fun by catching up on some TV. Waiting in the car at school pick up? Plan some crafting. In my life mothering is constant, but the time along comes in snapshots – I’d love to get more of pleasure from those snapshots by clever technology :-) (and by the looks, it’s small enough to hide from the rest of the family for a month or two – one can only hope!)

  34. Thanks Corrie. I have been trying to work out what type of tablet would be suit our needs and you have made it so easy to understand what each size is best used for and how you use it. I would love to win one of these little gems, to use at home, with the kids in my class, and on holiday to keep in touch with family and see local attractions and store my reading matter.

  35. Laura Iammarrone says:

    Love to give it to my husband.

  36. Wow. To have something that belongs to me and me alone. That would be amazing. How to hide it from my 8 kids?

  37. Leanne V says:

    I would love one To look up recipe’s, craft projects etc. I would also love it to follow all my favourite blogs on and to check my instagram pictures on.

  38. I would love one for me because I’m awesome. 😀 lol. Thanks for a chance

  39. Last year I finally got an iPod touch…the first mobile device to enter the house. I purchased it simply for the music factor, but have found it saves so much time using it with the wifi to quickly update my Facebook page or reply to messages & emails without having to run back and forth to the computer….I really should upgrade to a tablet for the bigger screen as it would be easier, and then I could blog from it too – but it’s just one of those things. There are always other expenses & other people’s needs – ours get pushed aside :-)

  40. Michelle says:

    One big reason why I need one of these. I can never remember how to upload photos to my computer and my teenagers are not very understanding of the fact that their dinosaur mum doesn’t get it! With the Dropbox and auto upload facility they will think I have caught up with the times.

  41. vicky williams says:

    I would so luv the 8 inch tablet 2 do emails & letters governing council meetings
    also 4 community groups that im involved in rather than trying
    to get on to the desktop I could do minutes @ meetings & put my business orders in @ parties rather when I get home
    much more convenient also it would tell me if items
    are discontinued when I go to order rather than chase a customer
    up 2 tell them thankyou would make life so much easier

  42. cec maher says:

    I would love one so I could stealllll away some ME time. I would be able to look at all MY recipes on it especially all the yummy gluten free ones for a coeliac mum with a coeliac child. Oh and I could take it away in the caravan and steaalllll away some mummy me time even then!

  43. I know you said to write why we would like one but to be honest if I won it I would give straight to my mum. Financially hubby and I are OK and have all the gadgets but my mum would really get a lot out of one of these she just wouldn’t spend the money being on a pension.

  44. Well after reading your write up I would absolutely LOVE one! Haha I seem to be the only one at karate without one 😉 I do love the catch up with my mag’s…crafting, recipes, etc. & it seems the best time to do this is out playing taxi, waiting for kids! & honestly the iPod that I’m currently using is impossibly small :/

  45. Oh I would indulge in my passion of recipe searching every chance I got. Now I have to switch on the computer etc etc and it takes so long……with the tablet I could spend that spare 5 mins looking at my favourite blogs and for amazing food for my family :)

  46. This would be great for reading recipes in the kitchen as well as taking photos of my allergy-free creations for my blog.

  47. I would love a Samsung 7 to store all my craft patterns to take shopping with me. No more forgetting something or buying the wrong fabric. I also fancy taking the TV to bed with me while someone else watches their sport. I didn’t know you could mirror the TV. Thanks for the give away.

  48. Nicole Stephenson says:

    I love to cook and have been looking at getting a tablet to access all the recipes that I have gotten off the net and try. So far, have been using a laptop but scared of getting flour etc in the laptop. Please!!!!!

  49. oh my, i would love the Samsung to come live with me! we could hang out, read, listen to music and be the best of friends. it could also keep me company when I’m nursing my 3 week old baby at all times of the day.

  50. Such a fantastic giveaway! I would really love to be the recipient of this great Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, as I would probably never put it down! It would be so much help to me to have something light and easy to carry and use. My laptop is just too heavy for me to have on my lap these days & I can hardly even lift it. The benefits of owning this myself….are way too many to list, but it would be such a blessing in so many ways.
    Best of luck to everyone entering this Giveaway Offer.

  51. I’d love to own this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to use as an e-reader and a way to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s hard to not have any family or friends around and it’d be lovely to use it to take photos and check e-mails without using the computer. I still have a “dumb phone” so it’d be great to have a better camera and easily upload photos. I’d love to use it in the kitchen for recipes (I hate printing out recipes that end up being no good) and for reading magazines (it’s hard getting out of the house with Mr 5 months old).

  52. I would love a Samsung galaxy tab 3 to have in the kitchen for recipes. I have 3 children with food intolerances so I’m constantly looking up different recipes and websites. To have a wonderful tab like this on hand would be amazing.

  53. I love the idea of downloading a good book and being able to sneak a page or 2 in when my child is occupied and not loosing my place when I have to attend to repeated calls of mum come here….also can check in on work emails, giving me time to finish work early…and pick my son up from school… that sounds good!

  54. I’d love to take photos of all my sewing patterns to have with me when I find that perfect fabric and can’t remember how much fabric or what notions I need. Id also love to stay connected with my UK friends and family and change the tv channel OFf the football when someone else is firmly grasping the remote!!

  55. Oh wow! To be honest, thinking of how I would use this tablet is absolute indulgence :) I seem to end up with the seconds of things in the technology department … my dads iPhone 3, our old computer, and now I’m sharing those with my 6 & 3 year old! … And all of that is completely fine of course!!
    IF I had a tablet of my own I would use it for recipes, magazine subscriptions, meal planning etc etc …. And how wonderful to have it handy with a new baby expected in December!!

  56. suzy mcguire says:

    I’d love a spanking new Samsung galaxy tab 3! Sick and tired of hubby commandeering my Samsung galaxy tab 2- this way we’d both be sweet :-) Go on…. save a marriage 😉

  57. I have this one my wish list for Mummys Chrissy Present this year,Ill be using it to keep track of events,ravelry,the news and of course recipies,if I can catch up with my fav lastest mags that would be great :)

  58. Would love to win and would give it to my grandson, he loves his father’s so much.

  59. Why would I like a Galaxy?
    Hmmm, let me count the ways.
    Firstly, so I can take photographs,
    To remember these precious days.
    Secondly, so I can read a book
    Whilst the kids put on some plays.
    Thirdly, so I can say to my friends
    I finally have the latest craze!
    Oh and lets not forget…
    To listen to some music
    And drown out what the hubby says!

  60. I would love one, and drop box sounds amazing! Always want to make downloading photos easier. I just love that it can do so much and just fits in your bag!

  61. Grace steven says:

    I’m a 31 mother of 4 desperately trying to launch my handmade soap and bath products line. The tablet would be an opportunity to create a YouTube channel for myself recording my making products and educating my clients. It would give me the opportunity to create, edit, and manage my new business.

  62. From when I was little I always said I wanted to be a teacher. After school I went on to work in admin in a number of different companies. I then went on to have my babies and finally last month I took the plunge and enrolled in University studies. I’m now studying to be an early childhood teacher. Its such an exciting change of direction, my degree is done online, so I can continue to do my job of “mummy” but I also get to do something for ME. I would love to win a tablet to enable me to study more effectively and read my notes in bed or while I’m waiting for one of the kids to do their activities. Would make my life so much easier. And of course having the ability to access my recipes whilst cooking is great too.

  63. Wendy Morris says:

    Hi Corrie
    I would love a Samsung galaxy – I am a grandma who runs a household a busy full time job – loves to knit, sew and quilt and cook and mind my lovely grandson.
    It would save me heaps of time and I could stop buying all the magazines I buy!!
    Thanks for the opportunity – even though I am not a retromummy I am a retro grandma

  64. Sallyann Silver says:

    Why me?? One on the Ipad, one on the laptop and two on the ipods! And where you find mum, in the kitchen, cooking or washing the dishes!! Would love to have some sort of technology of my own. I am trying to think of the best hiding spot, just in case!!!!

  65. I would really love to win this so that I can finish writing my first book. Just to have something I can take anywhere and make notes everytime I get an idea would be such a help! I lose so many because I can’t take my book with me. Also I love baking and this would make life so much easier. Goodbye cookbooks!

  66. I would love one to follow all my craft tutorials like sewing and learning to crochet without having to run back to the computer every few minutes :)

  67. Danielle Grech says:

    What an awesome little machine. I would love to own one. I could pass on my overworked Nokia E71 (though who would want that dinosaur) and indulge in some modern technology. I might even learn how to use it!

  68. It would be lovely to have something “just for me”. Even my ensuite toilet is getting attacked ! Plus my husband would be happy ( I also get him to print out LOADS of recipes !)

  69. I would like love a Samsung galaxy. I have four children and a husband that seem to use the family iPad all the time that when I go to use it I have to charge it . Then I turn around and it’s gone again. My life would be much easier if I had a galaxy, all the things I could look up and take photos of would be amazing not to mention the craft patterns I could do and the recipes I could make . Fingers crossed

  70. Kimberley says:

    I have eight weeks left until my first baby arrives and two weeks left of work. I love to read books, the tablet will give me a chance to relax and catch.up on those books that I have been meaning to read but haven’t had the chance.

  71. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    I would love one because in a family of 7 and all their individual internet needs means i may actually have the opportunity to access the internet for some of the things im interested in♥

  72. I think a tablet would be easy to hold/balance on my lap while breastfeeding. My laptop/books won’t be as easy to hang on to once my newborn bubba gets bigger, and I do seem to spend a reasonable amount of my day feeding!

  73. Leanne Hawkins says:

    Hi Corrie. Wow another fantastic giveaway. I would love the Samsung tablet for me for all of my recipes. I tend to write the recipe out on a bit of paper from the computer and after cooking them shove them in a folder and for some reason when I cook it again I cant find it and write it out again. My phone screen is just not big enough for viewing with my 40+ year old eyes. I love the clear screen shots on the Samsung tablet.

  74. PINTEREST – its gotta be better on a tablet than trying to scroll through the images on my phone!!

  75. Debra Crowhurst says:

    There has been so many great responses left for a fhance to win the Samsung Tablet cant imagine what else I could add to those except that it would such a wonderful addition to my home. I am home most days even though I have big kids, I care for my husband so to win something this handy what a highlight and I could use it for all my knitting patterns and wow the recipes my kids would think they have supermum lol

  76. I would love one so that when I am out and about I can write up my emails and documents and even my blog posts. As I have to sit and wait for my husband to have his appointments I find having a Samsung Tablet would be the handiest thing and I cant do all those things on my phone. I would love to use it to follow a pattern instead of printing it out and having piles of paper stashed away ..way less clutter!! Thanks heaps for the chance to win one :) I am an Australian resident. Hugs Vicki xx

  77. For magazine reading, definitely. I have way too many mags hanging around here taking up space. So yes magazine reading made simple. Thanks Corrie.

  78. It would be great to have one for the kids. Miss three could read books and record herself reading. We could film and take photos of them with it and ave movies ready when we are out and about. And of course in those moments when you literally. Holding the baby while they sleeping could read and blog on it. Effect opportunity for multi tasking. My tribe would love it.

  79. Since become a mum I have gotten used to having the crust, so the kids can have their sandwiches. I have grimaced my way through tea and coffee without milk so the kids can have their warm milk in the morning. I have learnt to live without a shower some days as the kids need me. And sleep, well, let’s just say I go without there as well. A Samsung Galaxy tablet would be just for me! I don’t know whether I would even let anyone else in the house know I had it! I could sneak in one tv time at night, catch up on th blogs I love whilst the kids pay at my feet (tablet, hidden behind boring mum book of course!), and perhaps put on my music in the car or at home while cooking and cleaning.

  80. Gillian Fawell says:

    Always trying to do stuff on my phone which is too small but don’t want to have ti drag the laptop out which then needs to be plugged in all the time because the batter lasts all of 2 seconds!

  81. Rachel Hutchinson says:

    I would love love this for my eldest daughter!
    She really struggles at school and is now at the age where she is embarrassed about it (grade 8) :-( She could use this at school instead of hand writing things, which is a real struggle for her, this would make her life a lot easier!!!

  82. I covet it for a few reasons but now i know why hubby has 50gb on his tablet! As a blogger and Mummy I need the space for the thousands of photos and to save them into folders ah bliss….As a menu planner this would rock my kitchen and as someone who is considering taking up crochet having the tutorials on my lap would save my sanity

  83. Ahhhh the mummy of the house- how rarely she gets to indulge in a little bit of me time! Yes this would be well loved by me, whether its reading a little bit of someone else’s blog, kicking starting my blog again, fabric browsing, quilt designing, pinning fabrics and recipes, planning my thermie menus, using in the kitchen for making said recipes! So many many ways….. well we can all dream cant we!!!

  84. I would love to win one for my mum to have in my kitchen and then when she is relaxing on the couch.

  85. Just for me? Yes please!!

  86. Daniela Catanzaro says:

    I have had a tough year…. I had a bone marrow transplant in 2012 and have had numerous readmittions since and would this to keep me occupied in hospital and then use it for recipes and knitting patterns!! I have only just started knitting again and am hoping to teach myself crochet and I know you tube is great for instructions!!

  87. Jessica Carlin says:

    I would love to be able to knit-on-the-go!!! I am always put off because ther is always so much to carry around. My knitting book/pencil etc always loses out. You’ve really sold me on that in this blog post! On my Xmas list!!! Xxoo

  88. Oh what a generous giveaway!

    I would use it for ebooks and emags (which I have just realised are actually quite wonderful and very handy to read, although I could never get rid of all my books), accessing that epic Dropbox storage to backup my photos and carrying my Pinterest board with me so I can actually DO all the great things I have pinned!!

    Thanks for the chance to win 😀

  89. I’d love to win, so I can take a ‘selfie’
    I’ve never done the duck face pose before. I want to embarrass myself and all the kids out there 😉

  90. I would def. use this for recipes I am constantly printing out recipes. then can’t find them when I need to use them so have to print them out again.

  91. Miriam Honner says:

    I have 4 little boys, 6, 4, 2 and 6mths. I live on a farm. My life is, feed children, shoo them outside to play, clean up said food that didn’t quite make it into their mouths. Have them traipsing back in with mud on their boots. Yell at them about taking boots off. Clean up mess. Give them more food, shoo them outside, clean up food again. Lunch time, boys coming barrelling in. More food more cleaning. Nap time for the 2 youngest. Big boys outside. More mud, more, laundry, more cleaning and MORE FOOOOD!! Sigh! And what’s the point of my long winded complaint?? I need a galaxy tab so not only to use for cooking and baking and photos of mud cakes and cubby making mess, but for me to use in the quiet of the night when all those tired little bodies are fast asleep and I can finally relax and catch up on all the latest magazine and general world news stuff 😉

  92. Renee Fox says:

    As a busy single mum of 6 working full time & studying part time anything that is a all in one portable device that will help me coordinate my diary the kids diary, work events, uni assignments & exam, let me flick through a crotchet or knitting magazine, plan this weeks menus and help me draw up a shopping list AND entertain children when I need it….. Well that device is EXACTLY what I need!

  93. Yes, I definitely have to say recipes. As a working mum, I don’t get so much time to cook during the week, but I definitely love my Jamie Oliver and Pioneer Woman recipes on the weekend. And muffins, and slices, and biscuits!! I just don’t have a printer at home to coordinate it all!!

  94. Oh to have a samsung tablet! my laptop is constantly covered in flour from its kitchen adventures (we don’t tell hubby what else gets on it :)) and i teach a classroom of 3 year old’s who all brag about what they do on their tablets and asking where mine is. a 3 year old doesn’t comprehend, “um i cant afford it”. Just slightly embarrassing. But really to read retro mummy where ever i am (shameless i know).
    Thanks for the opportunity Corrie.

  95. I would love to have the flexibility of the Samsung Galaxy tablet at my fingertips to ACTUALLY utilise all the great recipes, cards and scrap layouts I have pinned and stashed away in cyber-storage…hoarder pesonality type, clearly!! To have a Samsung tablet in the family would just help my household in so many ways…..mostly my daughter could have the laptop to herself!! Thanks for the opportunity xox

  96. I am probably just a little bit too excited by the thought of a little tablet that would fit into my handbag……..oh the possibilities ! :)

  97. Nicole hall says:

    As I don’t have a smart phone the only way I can access and use technology would be a tablet, my sister jokes that we are almost Amish with our lack of technology, and we keep getting further behind with all the other things we need for our life, so I would use t for recipes, no more printing them out, diary, and magazinesanythingto reduce the clutter

  98. Tamsin busby says:

    I would so keep this for myself! Hahaha! The kids can have my iPhone & iPad (which they usually do anyway!) I could stop stashing mags around the house and check Facebook, watch offspring, look at pinterest, check my favourite blogs!! 😉 etc the possibles are endless! : xt

  99. Megan Fegan says:

    With a 5 year old who is so interested in the world and dazzles me everyday with his enquiring mind, I would love to have the answers to all his questions so easily at hand! I would also be able to support and extend his journey into reading with the amazing apps being developed. This would be great!

  100. Natkatlark says:

    Why me? Because everyone else gets fancy and new at our house and I get recycled, secondhand and old. Something new just for me would be delightful! Thanks, Corrie!

  101. I have to say that Samsung Galaxy Devices are fantastic. I switched from iPhone to Samsung when I needed to upgrade and I’m glad I did. I get better picture quality and all my photos instantly backup onto my google+ account.

    I haven’t used a Samsung tablet yet as I’m kind of in love with my iPad, but who knows what is going to happen in the future.

  102. I would love one of those to sit back and look through recipe’s and quilt patterns after the kids go to bed. And maybe sneak a game in if i ever get time :)

  103. Sonia Nunan says:

    The Samsung tablet would be a little piece of escape from my hectic life an would hope to get me a little more organised an maybe even start the no bullshit normal mummy blog I have dreamed of starting .. Not that Retro mummy inst a daily inspiration but hoping to assist others in the craxy unknown world of everyday as a mum who is forever busy an lives it just like that wouldn’t have it any other way .

  104. Suzanne Calman says:

    My iPad goes missing all the time and I find it in one of the kids room with no charge as they have played games and drained the battery. I would love to win this Samsung Tablet so it cold be just for me! I am in the process of starting my own Cupcake Decorating Business and would love to use it as a business tool! The reviews are awesome and I would love to have something just for me a no-one else just this once!!

  105. Sally-Anne says:

    As an *ahem* “mature-age” university student with a gaggle of kids, I very rarely have the chance to use our only computer in the house, yet often need access to a one. A Samsung tablet would be a perfect way for me to have access to web pages, e-books, and the all important Pinterest (imperative for an aspiring teacher). I feel it would also allow me to learn significantly more about the type of devices that would likely to be implemented in classrooms by the time I actually have a classroom of my own. How nice to be one step ahead of my charges ! :)

  106. I am constantly making lists and notes in various notebooks and pieces of paper only to lose them and have to start again. Having one place that was MINE! to read blogs/magazies/books, keep all my ideas, projects, house plans and musings, let alone to keep me organised and remind that I need to be somewhere would be wonderful. The thought of not having to scroll through pages of boys games before finding the app that I need would be heaven.

  107. Oh Corrie what a treat it would be to win this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I would use it to make life so much easier; knitting and crochet projects (without having to print off the pattern to take to the couch) and cooking yummy meals in my kitchen (instead of scrolling around on my tiny mobile screen!). Also, I could read magazines, books, spend time on pinterest! Let’s be honest, I would probably fit in quite a few games of Candy Crush too!
    Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous prize!

  108. In this house we have one TV
    The man of the house loves footy, cricket and politics too.
    This new technology – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
    Has my heart pumping with excitement and glee.
    I could sit in my chair,beside the fire
    and visit the world, see things to inspire.
    To read a new book, find recipes to cook
    view patchwork and knitting or watch a romance or two.
    This would be a dream come true.
    Happy wife happy life.

  109. Jennifer Forrest says:

    Oh My Goodness this would have been so handy the other day when our ISP went down for 5 days. It’s not fun trying to run your Etsy and Made It stores from your Samsung 2 mobile. I love my Samsung phone and can imagine how great this tablet would be. I am also looking at attending markets this spring and I have applied to use the paymate swipe machine and the tablet would be awesome for this. Thanks so much for this great opportunity to win such a great prize.

  110. I would LOVE to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, it will allow me to be able to sneak away into a quiet corner when the kids are focussed elsewhere and enjoy browsing, buying or just blogging!

  111. I would love one of these to read magazines and blogs, but it would be way way too EXTRAVAGANT as a Mum to buy one for myself!

  112. I would love to win a Galaxy Tab to utilise the TV function you mentioned. After a long day looking after everyone else in our house, it’s so nice to sit down with a cup of tea and watch a little bit of TV. Unfortunately, as soon as hubby sits down on the couch he grabs the remote control and channel surfs. He tends to leave a program on for 5-10 minutes (just long enough to get me interested in the program) and then switches to something else. It drives me INSANE! I would happily stay on the couch to hang out with hubby but would love to watch a whole program!!!! (P.S. I’d certainly hide this from my girls, my four year old has already hacked the password on hubby’s iPad).

  113. Leah Little says:

    With the kids on every device available its always a struggle for me to get access to my recipes, email, Facebook, Instagram, quilting patterns, banking, etc etc. Love the facility to watch a TV program and just the simple ease of this device and it looks so sleek & swish to boot!!!! Thanks Corrie & Samsung for this awesome giveaway.

  114. Oh I would love to throw away my iPad (give it to hubby because it has a retina screen) and move to a smaller tablet. I already have an android phone so I already have all the apps. Pick me!

  115. OMG. How wonderful. Knitting patterns at hand, especially when travelling and you find a gorgeous LYS. I could start knitting straight away. That would be just BLISS.

  116. Karen Muller says:

    I would like one so I could step into using up to date tecnology. I use the laptop but still have a simple phone no I phone, so it would be great to have one of these before the children/ young adults in my house do. I would love to keep up on everything.

  117. I have a new born who cluster feeds, I feel like all I am doing is sitting on the couch feeding all day watching ABC2 with my daughter. I don’t get a chance to get the lap top out as it’s too bulky and heavy to move with one hand. The galaxy tablet would be so much easier is hold and use when feeding and catch up on my neglected blog. (and save my sanity from watching so many kids shows)

  118. I too would love one for displaying recipes and sewing patterns. We bought an ipad for this purpose but it’s been taken over big time by the kids (hubby being just a big kid when it comes to these things!)… so I’m back to squinting at my iphone and printing out recipes and patterns. I really dislike using paper unnecessarily! It would also be great for reading whilst breastfeeding bub number 3. I can’t hold a book open with one hand but could definitely handle a sweet little gadget like this…

  119. For me it’s all about reading – my escape is in books. To be able to download and read anywhere would be a dream – even hiding in a dark corner would be possible uh a Samsung tablet :)

  120. I would love to win this to read magazines without clogging up the house, have recipes to hand, and read books easily in bed!

  121. I would love to have this as it would be quieter and alot easier to do my readings for uni whilst nursing my baby – he doesnt like the rustle of paper :(

  122. Hi Corrie,
    I would love one at my place so I can take everything on the go with me as I dash off to the family needs. Means I could have all the latest magazines and books without cluttering up my house.
    Thanks Kath

  123. I would love to win so I could take it with me so I can read and keep up with your blog while while watching my gorgeous girl practicing her ballet.

  124. My only “me time” through the day is when my daughter is asleep, listening to white noise on my phone and when my son has taken off with my iPad for his Peppa pig “fix”. I drink my cuppa wishing for my own little bit of technology to keep me entertained, otherwise my eyes start to wander and I see all the jobs waiting for me….

  125. It would be nice to no longer be one of the small minority who don’t have a smart phone or tablet, it would be great to be able to do something while watching for appointments, stuff in queues, it would be stupendous to be able to keep up with my blogging & friends blogs in bed, late at night when it is too cold & I’m too sleepy after working to sit shivering at my computer. The cat would enjoy it too! Thanks for the chance. x

  126. For me? Well, my husband has an iPhone. My kids have iPods. I have…. ummm….
    You get the picture 😉 I want something techie too!

  127. This would make safety checking of cots, prams, high chairs, bassinets, bouncers/rockers, change tables, safety gates & playpens for Dandelion Support Network a lot easier. We currently use our iphones & its so hard on such a tiny screen.

  128. Susan Smith says:

    100 bookmarked websites, 1,000 pins on pininterest and 100,000 of projects I want to make (cooking, knitting, sewing). Handy to ready patterns. Essential for the latest magazines. My life would not be the same. My life would be complete.

  129. Victoria Brown says:

    I’ll love one to watch shows on it, to Skype with my family in Singapore, and to communicate with friends over facebook or chat. I like to be able to enjoy some “me” time on a Samsung Galaxy.

  130. Would love a Samsung galaxy, I need help urgently to get organised, keep track of appointments, staying in touch, shopping, reading, knitting patterns and maybe even catch up on tv, my children take everything as theirs :) and it would be lovely tol have something just for me for once. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  131. Karen Edwards says:

    It’s my 35th birthday on the 18th of August I would love the Samsung Galaxy tablet as a birthday present to myself that’s means no sharing with the hubby or kiddies :-)

  132. Brooke smith says:

    Oh wow, for me? Really? I couldn’t be that lucky! How awesome an idea to suggest that us Mummies get a piece of the action, we always give everything to our kids and put ourselves last! I’m a Pinterest, blog and thermomix lover that finds it never easy enough to get out my old dinosaur laptop, so I squint away at my tiny phone screen till my eyes ache! I’d love a tablet for me! I’d love anything for me! :-))) x

  133. Something just for me! Well, it would be used for bill paying, emails, schedules, research, newspapers, photos, medical info, my ol’ friend Google, blog reading and writing, building my hobby into a business, recipes, music, Pinterest, Facebook, and all other things to avoid doing what I should be doing and all the while on a screen that isn’t going to make me squint when I need to read it! All the while, telling my family they cannot use it because Retro Mummy said so!!

  134. Robyn Wright says:

    I would love a Samsung Galaxy tablet 7 inch as it would go hand in hand with my Galaxy Note SII. I’m very busy with my 5 children and 4 step children and currently use an iPad as my tablet. I would really like to use a Galaxy tablet as I prefer the technology and that way I can allow the kids and of course their Daddy to have the iPad and I could lighten my handbag with the more compact Galaxy tablet. My shoulders would be definitely grateful as would my eyes, it’s just a bit hard to read recipes and craft tutorials on the Galaxy Note. Really enjoying your blog and Facebook profile and look forward to reading about new products :-)

  135. This device sounds amazing. Something portable would be fabulous. Thanks for the chance.

  136. Hi Corrie, I would LOVE a Samsung tablet!! What a fantastic giveaway. I would use it primarily for my small business. I’ve just started up and I would welcome with open arms any help :)
    Thank you, you’re very generous.
    Liz xx

  137. This gadget sounds fantastic. I am a part time working mum of 3 who lives on a farm with my wonderful husband and little family. I completely agree with you on how all the gadgets disappear around the house and loose their charge thanks to the little people who like to play them. I have just started my own blog very early stages but would be great to have a tablet like you describe as sounds so versatile. I love your blog and think you are an inspirational woman having 7 children and still having a life. I find 3 hard enough. Great to have found you. Have a beautiful weekend.

    • Apologies for my claim of you having 7 children- I had a mummy moment sorry. I do know it’s 5 children and you are still an amazing woman doing all that you do and running a household too. Perhaps I need the tablet more then I realise to maybe keep me in check with accurate facts – lol. Sorry again :)

  138. Amanda Casalanguida says:

    I seem to be everyone’s “research assistant”. What do I wear with a furry vest? I think my son has ADHD? Where do I buy a trampoline net? Being a Stay At Home Mum… my friends all think I sit around all day doing nothing but waiting for their questions. I currently share my laptop with my 7yr old. School hours it’s MINE but when he’s home… I get nothing. Can’t imagine having something for myself!! WOW!

  139. Yes, that’s right for me. It would mean I would no longer have to wait in line to use the laptop or ipad. I could easily look up that recipe, or craft pattern without any kids asking, “How loooong are you going to take?” With 4 kids I am always on the end of that line.

  140. Robin Campbell says:

    The Samsung tablet would change my life as I have found with my thermomix I never leave the kitchen as I have come addicted to cooking but all me recipe books are becoming trashed so having the galaxy tab would be life changing.

  141. Nicole Kanyilmaz says:

    I have just created a new outdoor space for moir and I would love to complete my own little calming space with one of these little beauties so I can download my favourite mags and with a cup of coffee and a slice of lemon meringue pie (mmm..), I’m set for some well earned time out from the kidlets!! (oh who am I kidding, I may get 5 minutes peace if I’m lucky but I could still download all of my favourite mags and I’ll happily take the 5 minutes peace anytime) x

  142. Angela Mitchell says:

    Hi Retromummy,

    As I said in the first giveaway, I can see how a tablet would help our son with apps for speech delay. Our speech therapist raves about them!! I wouldn’t mind using it myself for things like an ereader, recipes, etc.

    Good luck to all and thank you for another chance to win a tablet.

  143. I use to enjoy cooking fish and chips at home and wrapping them in an old newspaper. As you know, newspapers are on the way out so I basically have to download the Sydney Morning Herald on a tablet and try and wrap the tablet around the fish and chips. As you can imagine, I go through a lot of tablets so I would really love to win this New Samsung Tablet so that me and the family can once again enjoy our lovely and delicious traditional home made fish and chips. Thankyou.

  144. Luna White says:

    I have to ‘wait my turn’ at the local Library. When I pick up and drop off books I jump on to use their internet because of the beautiful big screens. I go mobile using my outdated Nokia :(

  145. I would love to have one of these little babies for me! I’d use it for recipes in the kitchen instead of having huge books taking up my precious surface area. I’d read magazines online (if I ever found a spare minute to sit down and do that!). But more realistically I think it would be used to amuse the kids in the back of the car, or in waiting rooms, or appointments that run late. . . you know what I mean! Thanks for the chance to win Corrie!

  146. So that I have a way to unwind under the guise of spending time with my hubby during Footy/Ashes season which consumes our only television during the one time of the day I have to myself!!

  147. Kate Inglis says:

    I would love one so I could catch up on magazines in peace without children asking if they can cut out all the pretty pictures!

  148. Because after sharing everything for ever and ever I would like something just for me. Just me….

  149. Everything you’ve said and plenty more things I don’t know it does yet, but will be thrilled to discover it does! I’m thinking watching TV and working on quilt designs from bed are a good start…

  150. The perfect partner for my Thermomix . I would be able to stop running to the other end of the house to read recipes from my PC!

  151. Wendy Yates says:

    Yes please Corrie, I would love the chance to win a Galaxy tablet. A tablet just for me sounds like heaven.

  152. Deanne Kiely says:

    I would love a Samsung GALAXY tablet. With 4 kids I barely get to look at our Ipad. I would love to be able to enjoy the luxury of reading a mag or having the recipe handy in the kitchen when cooking. Not to mention having Knitting patterns on hand with a touch of an icon. Oh just think of the hours I could spend on Ravelry or searching thermie recipes. The list is growing as I type. I would just really love one. My fingers are crossed.

  153. i would really like one because I run an NGO that works with kids in India and when travelling a tablet is very helpful to have to take notes on and to skype back home, check emails, update facebook etc…i dont have a tablet and try and do these things on my phone but i would love a tablet as it is a bit bigger and easier to do these things.

  154. My smart phone & tablet have all been hijacked, like yours Corrie, by the kids in the house. Hubby, who poo-pooed such products a few years ago (he was a committed Blueberry user) has now joined in on the hijacking of the tablet to play Candy Crush in the most disrespectful of places (think “reading room”). So a new product, just for me, would be greatly appreciated. Now to find a hiding spot for it that only I will know about … :-)

  155. Mrs Macca says:

    I just would like a treat for me – its that simple. Any treats that are purchased through the home are always for the children and as parents we go without. I would love this just as a simple treat all for me.

  156. Nicole Scott says:

    I would love to have something that’s just for me that I don’t have to share!

  157. I would love to win something. Just once. Just for me.
    And some new technology at that!
    Everyone at our place laughs at me – I’m soooo behind in the technology department, we have no ipads, no tablets, no whatever they’re called, no gadgets of any kind.
    And with 6 young kids, I’d just love to be cool for once and have something just for me.
    Is that too selfish?

  158. Linda Batz says:

    Yes please I would love to win one…I would be able to watch tutorials while sewing…no more printing them out….my hubby would thank you as it would save on paper and ink…I could keep up with reading all my favourite blogs…read books.. there is so ways I could use a Samsung tablet…no more fighting over the laptop with hubby…thanks for the chance to win..LindaBatz

  159. I’m pretty similar to you! Having my own tablet would be ideal – no more having to share my smartphone with the kids! And I would be using it for down loading magazines (like Mollie Makes, and The Knitter from the UK) and for recipes in the kitchen and for shopping for knitting / sewing / crochet supplies, and for knitting patterns (I have sooooo many in my Ravelry Library that get printed out and promptly drawn on by the kids or lost in the mess that is my craft room)!

    Thanks again for the opportunity!!

  160. These look great! I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone but my 2.5yr old is always stealing it off me to take photos and play puzzle games. I also have a very old iPad 1 which I have loaded up with educational apps for my daughter but it would be so nice to have something that’s actually for me! Something I could use for my crafting, blogging and reading. Something that could be “mummy’s toy” and not be touched by little fingers. I can dream, right? :)

  161. We are just about to embark on a renovation and I am training as a Thermomix Consultant to buy myself that range oven I keep talking about (way beyond the budget according to my husband!). My macbook has just died and all I have to my name is my husband’s very old (way too many generations ago) smart phone. I would love a Samsung just for me to take photos, post recipes to my facebook page and organising my demos etc. Just in case it helps I’ve written a poem too :)

    Oh how I would love to win that Samsung,
    if only to get myself on the first rung,
    to Thermomix domination, right across the nation
    to help make my own dream kitchen renovation.

    Thank you x

  162. This is the perfect addition to my Samsung family, already owning a Samsung Galaxy phone and a Samsung Television. The tablet would come in so handy for me to use on my travels to and from work – 1-1/2 hours each way each day. I am currently using my phone and I am having so much trouble with it turning off periodically and updating apps etc, most annoying, owning a Samsung tablet would alleviate all of this. Thank you to Samsung and to Corrie for the opportunity of a great give away.

  163. i would love one of these handy little devices to help me plan my wedding. Having this in my bag would be great for on the go planning! as well as my wedding pinterest obsession this would be perfect. And once my wedding is finished i will need this so that i don’t get post wedding blues and pick up the slack on all my craft activities i have lots of things to make for pregnant friends and this would help me with all my patterns. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  164. What a fantastic prize (thanks Corrie for the chance)
    I would love to win one. If it would make blogging easy then I am in. I have lost my ipad to my husband who needed it for work and we can not afford another being a single income family. I would use it for knitting and reading (I spend every Friday out of the house at the library while I wait for Baden to finish kinder and the phone is too small at times)

  165. This would be the perfect accessory for any busy mum. What’s not to like, so much functionality in such a small package. Love Love Love :)

  166. I would love one for one simple reason… so I could read my favourite blog of an evening, when the day’s myriad of tasks are done, from the superior comfort of my lounge (or better yet, bed!) instead of on my uncomfortable computer chair! It’s the simple things that make life sweet, don’t you think.

  167. I never buy anything new just for myself so it would be nice to finally have a cool new piece of technology to play with :) This tablet would be amazing to own so I could keep up to date with the news, or have with me in the kitchen while I cook…. or to online shop while on the couch …. or read my favourite blogs …… omg I REALLY need a tablet in my life – lol!

  168. Fiona hart says:

    I would love to win the Samsung galaxy tablet so that i can put my feet up and relax at the end of a busy day and read recipes and see what retro mummy has been up to!

  169. Anne Davis says:

    I would love one because its compact enough for our current working/traveling lifestyle but large enough to Skype our three kids and see our 2week old granddaughter in living colour!!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  170. Sounds like it would make a great get fit tool, access to My Fitness Pal to record all my food and exercise, apps to track my couch to 5km progress and learning to do push ups, watch TV while on the treadmill, take progress pics and most importantly buy some divine new fashion from the net!!!

    I’d also use it as a diary, boring but right now I have a A5 paper diary at home because I need the size and 5 different colour pens to colour code everything. I really need something to slip in my handbag so I can book appts while at the specialists and to keep track of all the OT, speech, psych and paed appts for my son :) Maybe then I’d be able to get around to booking some chill out appts for me too!!!

  171. Sonja Dargan says:

    I want a piece of technology which I can call my own.
    To facebook, watch youtube or play candy crush,
    Coffee in hand, turning off the phone
    Please hubby, get the kids to shush!

  172. Beverley Priest says:

    Goodness Corrie this is a popular giveaway….and I would love to have one as we are going overseas in September and it would be great to take away and keep in touch with everyone as well as using it for photo’s and it would be so compact to keep in my bag on our travels. Thanks for the opportunity….

  173. Sounds amazing!

    I would love to have a tablet for simply getting lost in the many blog I follow. My laptop is used for my midwifery studies and I associate it with study, study, study all the time (and typing this!). To sink into the couch or my bed and read the latest on my favourite vintage and crafty sites, with my cuppa next to me….bliss!

  174. I would love it for me as every piece of technology that I have ever owned has been taken away by my kids or husband. I want something that I can call my own.

  175. I’d sneak it out throughout the day whenever I get a couple of minutes to myself to read the latest from all my favourite bloggers. And I might indulge in some sneaky online shopping too…

  176. I would love a Samsung Galaxy to take good quality photos. My SLR camera is a film camera and it is getting so expensive to develop and process. Digital photos are so much cheaper but I can’t justify buying another SLR at this stage. We have two babies under two who are just so cute and need to be photographed all the time.
    Speaking of two babies under two, I share everything with my sweet babies, it would be lovely to have this to myself where I could read my favourite magazines at my leisure (my hubby too is OCD), catch up on blogs, keep informed on what is actually going on in the world, Facebook and read the 350+ unopened emails that I have.
    A Samsung Galaxy would also be fabulous for when I go back to work as a teacher. It would keep me so much more organised. Once again I’d be able to use it as a camera to photograph the students working and their work samples. I’d also be able to note-take on the students without losing the pieces of paper and all the information that parents and other staff give me about the students.

  177. I would love one I could call my own. I would catch up on my fave blogs, including your one Corrie, keep my knitting/crochet patterns on it, read ebooks and look up thermomix recipes. Thank you for the opportunity.

  178. Sarah Ciuk says:

    Getting ready to move again and have just realised that even though we live in remote WA, I have still managed to accumulate a vast collection of quilting magazines and even more books (thanks to Bookworld and their free postage) in the last 18 months. A Samsung Galaxy would save me from the groans from my husband as he unpacks yet another box of books/mags and I would be able to purchase lots more!
    I guess I could also use it to look up recipes for those times when the family gets sick of the seven recipes that I can do and ask for something new.

  179. I use my Samsung Galaxy S4 for in much the same way that I would use a computer if I was still connected to the internet. The only trouble is that my eyesight is no longer great and I am straining my eyes. I wish I could also have a Samsung Note so that browsing sites like Pinterest and Ebay did not require me to take my glasses off and squint up close. It would also make crochet pattern reading possible straight from the net rather than thinking that I need to buy all if them. I am glad I got the sudden impulse to look up your bkog this morning which I did because I have just found out that I am to be a granny for the first time next year and I knew that I could find lots of helpful reading here. PS I just read your latest post on Elodie. It’s a beautiful quote and well worth remembering.

  180. I’d love to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so I can:
    -track my chronic migraines with an app
    -get into shape with a fitness app
    -to have something techy, that’s way convenient; I love technology and I don’t have a tablet currently; I have heard of so many things I could use that are available on android that aren’t on a PC.
    -to help me study (I love music while I study)
    -to have a tablet of my own that I could use whenever I want (my sister and my niece (5 yrs) have tablets, & I still don’t)
    -to get apps about ultrasound (recently graduated with degree in ultrasound and super disconnected in a way)

  181. I would use it for Skype dates with my husband when he is deployed. He was in Afghanistan for 6 months of last year (his fifth deployment in 11 years of marriage) while I was at home with our 2 girls and pregnant with our little boy. Being able to Skype makes a HUGE difference and it would be great to have a mobile device to do that on so I don’t have to worry about being home when he gets a moment free to call us.
    I would also use it to fill in those quiet evening hours when the kids are asleep and I am the only adult at home: reading blogs, knitting instructions and ravelry, looking up recipes, online grocery shopping, reading books, watching iview, facebook, etc. So important to have some ‘me’ time to recharge when I’m solo-parenting for a while!

  182. I have a thermomix page with over 5500 likers. I’m not a consultant, I just LOVE cooking with my Thermomix. I am constantly taking photos , uploading photos, and answering likers questions on my photos , recipes etc. I would love to have the Samsung Galaxy so I could use it in conjunction with my Thermomix to make recipes a little easier for me to share x

    • What the link to your thermomix page? I am considering getting one, both myself and my mum (who owns one) love them!

  183. I’d like to crossover from the dark side, I mean, from Apple 😉 what a perfect introduction this would be to the Samsung world :)

  184. I would so love to win this because of all the reasons you mentioned and more. I’ve wanted one since they came out as I love my gadgets that make life more convenient and simple.

  185. Thanks for another opportunity to win :) I would love to be able to use this in my downtime (of which I have not much – like all of us!). I would love it for recipes in the kitchen and for quilt/sewing tutorials. It would definitely save on printing, but I have trouble reading them on my smaller phone screen! I also love the multi-screen feature – excellent! I am such a multi-tasker – need to do everything at once it seems…

  186. I would LOVE the win this Samsung, I’m a mum, uni student and have a career at the same time. My phone is my organiser for all of that as well as managing my ravelry account, to win the Samsung would be amazing to streamline and manage all of these.

  187. Monique Callec says:

    I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy because I have to squint so badly when trying to read your blog and check in on Facebook and Instagram on my IPhone! By the time I sit down of an evening to check my favourite blogs my eyes are all ready tired! Having one all to myself would be fantastic.

  188. Brodie Donegan says:

    I would love a Samsung tablet all to myself as I fight for time on the ipads and I’ve only just recently discovered you can read magazines on there!! I love sitting on the exercise bike or treadmill and reading magazines and this would be perfect for that (without creating piles upon piles of magazines about the house!) I also love looking through fabric websites (sneakily!) and hoping to find somemore time to discover pinterest and instagram! (yep I’m behind the times!)

  189. Kristy Anderson says:

    Hi Corrie, I have been sitting here for a while thinking of all the reasons I would like to win a Samsung Galaxy tablet. In all honesty, I would like one because I would love to learn and be up to date with all the technology I see the other Mums using. I am an older Mum of 2 young girls, who also seem to know more about technology than me. The other Prep Mums rave about their tablets and smart phones and I just sit there clueless. I would love to explore the world of possibilities that this tablet could give me. Your post has been really informative, thanks for the chance to win this.

  190. I would love this little guy at my house so mummy could actually get some time with technology.There are so many new gadgets out there these days to make life easier but alas we still haven’t made many technological advancements in this house! Always too many renovations to do.

  191. I could be doing my uni readings and then download the crocheting /quilting mags for my pleasure. The best part would be I would save my eye sight from squinting at a iPhone screen.

  192. Ummmmmmm, all of the above! :)

  193. What a luxury it would be to have something of my own, I share everything with my 3 girls!!!! I would love to at least keep up with the news and what’s happening in the world, along with all of those other luxuries like reading books & magazines, recipes & using it with our Samsung smart tv (not even sure of the possibilities but would love to find out).

  194. My son who’s a Uni student bought me a Tablet online for Christmas. When it didn’t work he sent it back (at more cost to him) to be fixed or replaced. Unfortunately it was bought from China & after many emails it still hasn’t been replaced. I feel bad that he has been ripped off, but even worse because he is a fulltime student who worked hard parttime to pay for this for me. If I won this Galaxy Tab 3 I’m sure he’d feel a lot better about being taken in by a shonky company & I wouldn’t feel so bad that he’d spent his hard earned cash on me for no reason.

  195. Oh please! Me! My husband has a work i-tablet that I can sometimes steal to use in the kitchen coz my phone (samsung – would be all matchy matchy) just doesnt cut it. I love some of my bloggy friend recipes but struggle to read them when I actually want to use them. I *do* get in a little trouble though when I hand it back a bit floury and smeary….. so my very own tablet would be the bees knees.

  196. Hi Retro Mummy, This is just a little community service announcement for your benefit. I bought those exact same mugs that you have in the photos of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and received an email saying that they have been recalled because they are in danger of breaking! The lovely people at Country Road swapped them for whatever mugs I chose – red stripy ones in my case.

    Anyways, onto the Samsung Tab… I am the only one in my house without this ‘necessity’ and being an Android girl this would be perfect for reading my emails, playing solitaire, looking up recipes, perusing Facebook, and catching up on all the news and crafty goodness that goes on in the world that I am not aware of.

    Have a lovely time choosing.

  197. Katie Peake says:

    Definitely for recipes! Carrying a laptop into the kitchen isn’t quite as easy as a Samsung GALAXY!

  198. Hi corrie, I also have small children and absolutely no time to myself during the day, I have a 7, 4.5, 3 and 14 month old the eldest and youngest are girls and are easy to occupy but the boys in the middle keep me busy throughout the day… And when a their all in bed at night it’s finally my time to have a nice cup of tea and read my book… That is if I can find where the boys have hidden it, sometimes they have drawn over the pages or ripped some out or even worse have smudged some sort of food through the pages making it a pop out book with surprise … I’d love a Samsung tablet so I could download my favourite books and know when I get that chance at night when all is quiet and little sticky fingers are clean and all asleep in their beds I can pick up the Samsung tablet and pick a book I can access anytime, to the last page I was reading and be lost in the story for a while .. That is until I fall asleep from utter exhaustion…

  199. This is how we currently roll in our life,
    of 4 boys, a man and his wife.

    End of school, crazy drive home,
    ”Mum can I play a game on your phone?
    At home it’s boys rushing through the door
    Shoes are off, thrown on the floor.
    “Mum”, calls son 1, “can I play the iPad?”
    “Mum!, brother 2 just took what I had”
    It’s mine then yours said boy 1 to a brother
    Hey what about me?
    They all yell to each other,
    I tiptoe away while I hear the uproar
    Quietly shutting my bedroom door.
    Oh how I wish a Samsung tablet I had,
    ‘Cos I’m never going to get my hands on that iPad!

    I just recently started reading your blog and have enjoyed reading about you and your large family. I have 4 boys and its always nice to see how others run a large household. You have beautiful children and I’m impressed by how much you achieve each day. I too have a love of sewing and knitting though its been awhile since I picked up some needles. I know my time will come again to indulge in my own hobbies and I am currently working on a couple of home based projects that could become income based, so having a tablet for me to organise myself and keep tabs on my own business would be a blessing. Thanks for the opportunity. Tracey

  200. There are so many reasons why a Samsung tablet would be perfect – for downloading all my book club books, for pinning all my Pinterest pins, for creating worksheets, slideshows and documents for work, for looking up recipes, the list goes on. Essentially, it would organise and streamline life! And that’s something every mum needs.

  201. Meredith myles says:

    I’d love to win the Samsung galaxy tab 3
    It would the most exciting thing to happen to me
    I’d be very grateful
    Show it off in a crowd
    Hold my head high
    As I’d feel very proud.

  202. I wold LOVE one for my Mum (age 66). Earlier this year she finally upgraded her phone to a touch screen (HTC brand) and we signed her up for facebook and she is absolutely loving it. I would love to win one to give to her, as it has a bigger screen for her to look up more information on, then her tiny little phone screen. Thanks

  203. The youngest child has taken over my ipad for school so I would love a Samsung Tab. I already have an SII phone (which is getting upgraded shortly) which is brilliant, so I know I would use a tab all the time for cooking, emails, blogging, reading, pinterest…. I think it would be a new attachment to my hands! Thank you :)

  204. Cath Dean says:

    Omgosh winning a Samsung Tablet would be a dream.I dont own a computer or such, we bought a small laptop for my daughter for school but to win something just for me would be amazing. I am gobsmacked at what you can do with them, so I guess I would search knitting and sewing sites and be able to see the pattern on my screen, unlike my phone, which is a bit of a tease but gives me a little peek. Bless you Carrie and Samsung for your generosity!!

  205. I would luv one for photos, recipes, Pinterest, reading the list is endless. I just luv new gadgets.

  206. I would love a Samsung Galaxy tab to help me in the sewing room – I’m trying to expand my skills and often use tutorials say on craftsy or blogs whilst sewing. I’m often going back and forward to the laptop and sewing machine – this would make it a lot easier!

  207. I am currently knitting a tricky top-down all in one cardigan with cables. A Galaxy tab would be really handy to help me keep track of all my cable charts. The screen on my phone is just too little.

  208. Christina Sully says:

    It would be so wonderful to win one of these tablets. In my house I have to share our old laptop between my two little girls and my husband. It would be nice to have something that was just mine. when I am cooking a recipe from the internet I have to balance my laptop on the bench with the help and assistance of my two little helpers on chairs next to me.

  209. Plain and simple……I REALLY want one :) I love baking and cooking and forever ‘lugging’ my laptop into the kitchen to follow recipes, this would be so much simpler……I would also like it to read a few cheeky magazines when I get a moment.

  210. Oh how wonderful would it be to have one of these, being a Mummy means things for me are always at the end of the list, so to have something extravagant like this would be amazing, possibilities for using it endless, recipes in the kitchen, knitting inspiration and instructions at hand at all times (swoon), sewing inspiration, book reading, blog admiring, so many many wonderful things, and I am thinking it would be very handy as I am getting into blogging, and have earlier this year started my own and how convenient and easy would a Samsung Tablet be to help with everything from taking the photos to typing up to actually posting the blog, all with one gadget…… wow I can only dream xx Thank you Corrie for the opportunity to make this dream come true xx

  211. bubble936 says:

    With a small baby and a toddler – my life is quite busy & stressful . Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 will allow me to find answers to my parenting questions by logging on to parenting websites in seconds. I can take pics of my little ones & quickly find healthy recipes to feed tiny tummies. And the best part is I can catch up with my favourite magazines even if I get 5 minutes of my own when kids sleep and I finish all the household chores.

  212. Megan Magill says:

    I’d love to win a Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 as it would come in handy when I’m out with the kids and they get bored especially when I’m doing something house related or even if it’s just the grocery shopping. Like everyone else has said there is so much I could do with it BUT I’d have to say that to use it when I’m cooking dinner would save me so much time especially as having the laptop in the kitchen can be so difficult at times because little hands do like to touch things that they shouldn’t. Thank you for this opportunity and for the great review.

  213. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 for the following reason:
    Mr 2 year old has claimed my iPhone and uses it to take photo snaps of himself!
    Ms 4 years old says dad’s iPad is hers and no one else can touch it!
    Which leave me with nothing, the tablet would come very handy for checking unique recipes online for me to sample whilst at the restaurant.

  214. Oh what a wonderful opportunity Corrie! I would use the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 to read a book or two, discover new recipes and basically enjoy some “me time”. With 3 little cherubs life is busy :-). Your review sounds fabulous! What a great new piece of technology!

  215. I would love one just for me, with 3 little boys and a hubby I seem to be the last for everything, lets hope that all changes as they get older! My list is endless what I would use it for cooking, reading, photos and more importantly to skype my family overseas.

  216. Your review made me think of a number of ways that tablets can be very useful. I have never had one, and never really thought it could be that handy, but you’ve convinced me! The fact that the tablet is small and portable is a big plus, and I love how you used it to look up recipes in the kitchen. Currently I just run back and forth between the kitchen and my laptop when looking up online recipes! I’m sure it would be useful during those late night feeds and settling children – with my second on the way soon, this is particularly relevant right now. =)

  217. Would love a tablet for my 4 kids, sometimes it feels like we are the last family to not have lots of these gadgets, they have just started using iPads at school (20 shared across the whole school). Would also be good for my knitting as I wouldn’t have to print off patterns, and hadn’t even thought of magazines :)

  218. I would totally love this!! I have lost my old iPad to my husband for his comics and my daughter to watch iview so I never get to use my iPad! I do love having the ability to read a pattern right next to the sewing machine instead of getting up to the computer every time I want to check something! It is also super handy to have your knitting and crochet patterns when I am outside watching the girls play!!

    Thanks for the chance corrie!

  219. S uch easy access to my newly found ravelry
    A nd imagine how easy logging on to pinterest would be
    M aking dinners or baking cakes I’d search for a recipe on the internet
    S ending photos via dropbox will mean those special moments I won’t forget
    U p until late reading e-books
    N ow the kids would be giving me those jealous looks
    G alaxy Tab 3 from Samsung
    would make me one happy mum !!

  220. Leisa Gosang-Dyball says:

    My best friend and I formed a friendship that grew from a common interest and desire to learn to quilt! For weeks we lugged our machines to class. I was the perfectionist who unpicked and re sewed till it was perfect, she was the get it done girl who despised hand sewing and would find a way to sew anything on the machine! We bought fancy new machines together and with every stitch sewn our friendship grew. We have nine children between us and our entire families became friends. At the start of the year my friend moved to America with her family. I miss her terribly, but I also miss our sewing mojo that motivated us to get our projects done. Our dream is to have sewing sessions together via Skype. The samsung Galaxy Tab 3 would allow us to do this. I could grab a cuppa, set up Skype on the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 and spend hours sewing and chatting like the good old days. I think it is just amazing that the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 could bridge the distance between us and allow us to connect and sew with each other on opposite sides of the world!

  221. OzKnitter says:

    Not sure if entries close today, or Monday (which is the 19th).

    I’d love one for reading, Ravelry, commuting on PT and games!


  222. Belinda Becker says:

    There are many reasons why I would love to win – one being I don’t own a tablet! But two stand out for me. One my husband lives in Sydney during the week and me and my two girls miss him terribly, owning a Samsung we would be able to keep in touch with him from anywhere, whether it be just from home or while running around from one after school activity to the next, being portable it wouldn’t matter and the other reason my sister lives overseas and we have just found out she and her partner are pregnant with their first child. It’s so far away and I just want to be close to her during this special time the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 would make this happen! We would be able to stay in touch easier and more often with the ease of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 using Skype and other apps at the touch of a button

  223. to win this wonderful prise would be fantastic … Thank you Samsung for being so generous with providing Retro Mummy with these wonderful Samsung Galaxy Tab’s …
    Many thanks, P

  224. Hi Corrie – My family and I would love to give the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 a new home. I would use it when I am cooking in the kitchen and also when I am knitting I like to look at patterns whilst sitting. It’s much easier than trying to flick through magazines or books. Such a wealth of beautiful items shared by creative people to look at and be inspired by.

    My family would use it for reading, games and perfecting that golf game and of course finding me things on Pinterest which they’d like me to make for them.

    It’s fantastic that you can just pick it up and go wherever you are, makes life easy.

    Great giveaway:)

  225. I would love the new Samsung Galaxy! It looks great and has a fabulous screen size, I can use it at home in the kitchen and for my patterns for knitting and emails and reading.

    But then the MASSIvE bonus would be with my piano playing. I can have all my sheet music on it and I won’t need to lug lots of music books around! I can just have it all there at my finger tips to play from the Samsung! That would be truly awesome.

  226. Jaimi Layt says:

    I would LOVE a Samsung Galaxy Tablet in my home. To use in the kitchen to store recipes and find new and exciting ones to try. To organize my day and the family schedule…would make life so much easier to have it all there and easily accessible. And on top of being a busy mum I also study full time so to have my uni work, the family schedule, my recipes and notes all in one place would be amazing.

  227. There are numerous reasons I would love a new Samsung Galaxy tablet, with the top one being for convenient research! Having just gone through and beaten cancer, I’ve now been struck down with an auto-immune disease and I am forever glued to my laptop researching cures, diets, supplements, naturopaths, clinical trials…the list is endless! With 3 little kiddies (2, 4 & 5), I need the convenience of a portable tablet to keep me engaged with them and to be present in the moment (well as much as one can be glued to a screen!) I’d love it, use it daily and follow recipes in my kitchen to alkalinize the body, green juice my way to a healthy life and cook raw, organic and scrumptious treats for me and my family. xx

  228. Jodie Hughes says:

    I too have 5 kids and would love a galaxy tab so that my kids could use the reading eggs app to learn to read. I would also love to use it in the evening once the little people are in bed to check out some crochet projects to do.
    LOVE your blog!

  229. nicky miller says:

    I am currently moving house if I had this awesomely fantastic Samsung galaxy I could load all my magazine and receipts on there from now on which would create so much space for all my new products to be on show in my very first craft room oh my I am so excited but I do need to use space well and that samsung will complete it for ME!

  230. Helga Grenkowitz says:

    I love to have my coffee break outside on the deck. Having a galaxy tab I would not miss out on anything during my break. I could also use it in the kitchen as a recipe reader. It would not take up as much space as all my recipe books. :)

  231. Oh that’s what Dropbox is for? I’ve seen it on my phone but I’ve no idea what it is. I would love this because this would really REALLY help me be organised and I can keep my lists and apps by my side! I have lists written everywhere and crumpled up pieces of paper in my bag. What a cool giveaway.

  232. Tara apostoladis says:

    I’d love one of my very own, I have to share with my husband and two children who are on it most of the time to play games. If they hear me turn it on they race straight up to me and say ” can we play the iPad , is it our go yet” if I say no they litterly come back every two seconds and keep them selves on reapeat !!!!! So yeah at night my hubby mainly uses it, but I’m so tired at the end of the night.. I don t bother!!! So yeah that’s my reason!

  233. christine morris says:

    I would love a new Samsung mobile as i dropped mine 3 weeks ago and the screen is all cracked, it was a Samsung as well but very old, would be a dream come true if i was lucky enough to win, thanks very much for the Chance.xx

  234. Rachael Rowberry says:

    With the 3 of us fighting over time on the computer, it would be so much more convenient for me to have something portable to download things I like such as recipe’s and books. Mum’s just have the time to sit around waiting for a turn

  235. What wouldn’t I do with one??? Recipes, Pinterest, checking emails on the run, checking out my favourite blogs… The list really could go on forever!

  236. Fran Mahy says:

    …that would absolutely fantastic…it would also be a major step up for me from my old flip phone that does very little…compared to the new Samsung Galaxy…my son would say about time too..

  237. kerry santillo says:

    Samsung GALAXY Tab 3, please be mine,
    hubby has the remote, all the time!!!
    Download recipes, games and more
    Can have MY down time, SCORE :)
    Has a jellybean, one I cant eat!
    making my playtime a real treat!!
    Every feature justifies its existence,
    This is my perfect home assistance :)

  238. I think I’d spend a lot of time with it perusing Pinterest!

  239. I would <3 a Samusung tablet at my place for SO many reasons:
    – to stop squinting at my tiny smart phone screen
    – to read recipes as I cook
    – to watch the YouTube clips I need to refer to while knitting
    – to do some "work" (okay, reading Retro Mummy) while I sit on my sunny garden bench & watch the kids in their trampoline :)

  240. Kelly Talman says:

    oh the reasons are endless!! would be amazing for recipe storage and access…calendar would be awesome for remembering all those appointments and to do lists…download some e-books and music to relax to…facebook…have a more portable way to read blogs and pinterest!!!

  241. Christine says:

    I would love a Samsung tablet to be able to browse facebook, pinterest and the internet whilst crocheting in the comfort of my lounge room!

  242. Love the idea of a bigger screen! I use my phone to read recipes and sewing tutorials from my links on Pinterest. What a luxury it would be to read off a bigger screen and not squint! You had me at ‘Hello’ Corrie! :)

  243. After reading your review Carrie I would love to win a Samsung tablet! They look fabulous & I know the whole family would love it for so many reasons!

  244. Thanks for the chance Corrie! I would love to be able to have the tablet to view my weekly recipes as I’m cooking. I have always done a weekly menu since my high school days when my home economics teacher made us do this in class. I hated it!! However it was the best thing ever because I’ve done it all my married life. 25 years this September :) It might save me some time and less paper printing out recipes I find on Taste. I would also share it with my youngest child. He’s my number 5 and at 11 years of age doesn’t have anything technology related. He’s always looking over the shoulder of one of his older siblings as they play something on their devices. Anyway, thanks again and I love reading your blog about your little ones and reliving the memories that go oh so quick. Cheryl

  245. Would love to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so that I can read my Thermomix recipies without squinting!

  246. Suzanne C says:

    I found out last week that I have to have another operation on my back and would love to have the Samsung Tablet to pass the time away during my recovery.

  247. Tammie overy says:

    I’d love another tablet in my house because my 28 month old has taken over mine

  248. I would love to have a Samsung tablet for so many reasons like everyone else has commented, but ultimately I’d love to have one for reading e-books (currently use my iPhone, so a bigger screen would be awesome!), subscribing to online health magazines, reading my fav blogs such as this one ;), reading recipes, watching movies that no-one else in the family likes watching i.e. Downton Abbey :) where do I stop…..

  249. Yvonne benson says:

    I would just love to give my daughter a tablet. She was given an old laptop by her father several years ago. It have got to the point where one hinge is broken, two keys have fallen off and the battery doesn’t work, so she needs to stay plugged into a wall to get it to work. She is trying to save for a new laptop through a small business project she is doing at school, at the tender age of 12 in grade 6, but alas she does not realise the price of a new lap top. Her $50 goal is not going to fulfil her dream. Her birthday is coming up and I would love to surprise her with such a wonderful portable device but recently seperated and still fighting asset settlement, it is not on my do-able radar. Thank you for the opportunity, no matter how small the chances. :)

  250. When I had my baby I was totally lost because I stopped reading as i couldn’t hold a baby and a book at the same time. Eventually I found e books and I would love a colorful Samsung galaxy so I can hold it in one hand and see all the images and photos in colour (instead of my black and white kindle).

  251. I would love to have a Samsung Tablet – our phones and TV are Samsung so they could all work together. I would love to be able to sit in the garden and read blogs while I watch my daughter build sandcastles and play on the slippery dip. It would also be great as the command centre for our upcoming renovations where I could keep all the details I need at a moments notice and access the net to search for supplies, trades and eventually decor :)

  252. Sounds perfect for soooooo very many reasons. I think it could very easily become my new addiction. The housework can wait….crafting blogs, recipes, kids movies are all waiting to be discovered.

  253. Hello
    I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, as I have been so jealous of my 74 year old Mother who has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ( a gift from my sister and I ). It hasn’t missed a beat and is great . I would love to have my own tablet instead of drooling over hers when I visit her. I think she like me to have my own too.

  254. Corrie…
    I really want to be a techno savvy Mum
    With a Samsung 3 Tablet I am sure it can be done.
    My two girls say I am so far behind the times. It makes me feel sad
    So if I win a Samsung Tablet I sure would be glad!
    A Samsung Tablet to organize, play, cook, take photos, craft, shop and read
    I’m sure I would put the tablet to really good use indeed
    I’ll show those two girls of mine that I am cooler than they think
    and with my Samsung Tablet I’ll do everything in a blink
    I will be so techno savvy it will make my girls feel sick!!
    Please let me be so lucky to win won and it certainly will do the trick!!

  255. A Handbag sized Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 7 inch would be used for meal planning, list at the supermarket then on the kitchen counter for recipes. I’d actually safely store the photos I take on it with the Dropbox feature. And a magazine to read! Bliss, I ditched all magazines when the oldest started destroying them and have never had the money or time or motivation to buy since. Sounds like a Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 will bring to my life organisation and less mayhem!
    PS – I would also initially lend it to my dear old Mum as she wants to try one on a trip overseas and use if to carry her music and songs on it, so she doesn’t need to take paper print outs.

  256. Samsung Galaxy would be a welcome addition…it would replace my dear little Nokia which my kids laugh about..very “old school Mum”!. About time I updated my phone. Thanks for the chance Corrie. Cheers Lyn

  257. Wow Corrie – such a great giveaway. I think I would love one to keep me connected, and a little more joyful (or perhaps distracted would be a better word!), during the frequent hospital stays and medical appointments for my little one. I can’t believe how much you can do on a Galaxy tablet! And when I’m home… I can’t think of a better tool to begin my stay at home mama business that I’m putting together at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity.

  258. Wow – what I could do with a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Have all my recipes in the one convenient place, download all my pdf sewing patterns, be able to watch my craftsy class in the same room as my sewing machine and download a book to watch at kids sporting practice. Best of all after a long day at school I can cook dinner for my four beautiful daughters at the same time as doing internet searches to help them with their homework – dinner may just be on time!!

  259. Great giveaway! If it was mine I’d love to use it in the kitchen…Pinterest and recipes etc. hopefully being a smaller size tablet I could use it without anyone else wanting a turn!! Wish me luck!

  260. Jane Martyn says:

    I would so love one of these to support my busy lifestyle ….. how I would use it?
    Endless uses for my teaching, organising my resources for Little Sprouts (my pre kinder playgroup I run), keeping all my Magic 1,2,3, notes in one place for the courses that I run, supporting me in my role as a board member and clothing coordinator for the cricket club our boys play with….and of course, to check what Retromummy and her little ones have been up to each day!

  261. There is so much to see, so much to learn, so much to store, so much to do. With all the apps out there now and, with internet access, the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 would be my personal assistant, at call 24/07 to source information I need quickly It would also my buddy to play a puzzle or two or three

  262. Narelle A says:

    I would love this for ME! Like most mum’s I never get anything for myself, it’s always for the kids and as a mum of 4 girls I always seem way down the list. Whenever I use any electronic devices at our place no sooner do I turn it on then one of the girls ‘needs’ to use it. It would be great to have something thats mine and I can tell them as such!! :)

  263. Lisa Miles says:

    Corrie, you know some awesome people ! We have a lot of Samsung products in our house, and I have to say, they have lasted a lot longer than other brands, so will stick with Samsung. My Galaxy S 2 phone is really my other limb, as I would not be without it, upgrading to a Galaxy Note, so to be in the running for a Galaxy Tab 3, would be icing on the cake :)


  264. Michelle Ptak says:

    I currently use my smartphone to browse for recipes and to look for information, but as none of us are getting any younger and the eyesight is not what it used to be!! Would find a bigger screen of a tablet very useful x

  265. Rachelle 2 says:

    I would love one because i have no computer at home ..
    The only way i can go on the internet is on my phone an i can hardly see the writing.
    Everytime iam close to buying a tablet something more important comes up….like clothing for the kids, car breaks down. Thanks n good luck to everyone

  266. It would be lovely to have something that is “just mine” but to be truthful with 3 kids including a teenager, working full-time I know that I would share. Love the ideas and tips you have posted with it. To have something so portable is brilliant – between 2 football players, 1 netball player, lets not forget karate, cricket and Little Athletics plus meetings and a 10 min ferry ride across the river at least twice a day this certainly would be a luxury = thank you and samsung for a lovely and generous giveaway

  267. Julia dodd says:

    Oooooo wow…what an amazing gift this would be!!
    Well, my main use of it would be, taking/sending photos of my 1 year old son to my parents who live in Scotland (me in Melbourne) so they can regularly see their 1st and only grandchild.
    I would also love to be more technical/gadget friendly for starting up my business of baby toys, so I would love this Samsung tablet for blogging and social media aspects of running this.

    I am a stay at home mum, that has recently gave up her job as I’m loving being a full time mummy so much, so this truly would be AMAZING and probably my only chance to ever get 1!!!!

    Eeeekkkkkkk so excited! Please : )

    Love and good luck to everyone x

  268. Lisa Evans says:

    Hi Corrie
    What a fabulous giveaway and so many worthy recipients I would love to win this, basically for my kids. As a single working Mum, it is hard for me to save up for these things. I now have to have a double knee replacement (am only 47) due to severe and debilitating osteoarthritis. My kids who are 14 and 12 have been doing EVERYTHING the past few months and I would just love to give them something back. I get home from work and just can’t do much and they do everything – cook, clean and always with a smile. SO if you feel they deserve it, I would be ever grateful. Thanks Corrie, Lisa xx

  269. Sandra Fowler says:

    I have to admit that this is on my wish list for both my personal & business life. It would be a great tool for my Intimo business for both selling and promoting my business. I think I bit of procrastinating might also go on but a mum of 3 under 7 deserves a little space. I hope it can come home with me.

  270. jenelle newton says:

    When my nearly 2yr old is having her wonderful “grumpy” “tanty” “mummy testing” days my secret pleasure is sneaking off and reading a blog post or two while she isn’t watching – however my 3yr old has learnt the computer on the kitchen bench is fun, and Im struggling to get my “me” time. Having something small to quickly read, search a recipe or answer a quick work email would be awesome to win back those few minutes escape each day.

  271. Mary Preston says:

    Just to have my life organised into the one device. Genius!!

  272. Michelle P says:

    Everyone in the house has a tablet except me. Puts hand up and takes a step forward. It’s my turn please :)

  273. Rebecca Clarke says:

    I would love to be able to do more on the go without being chained to the desk, this sounds perfect.

  274. Maureen pilcher says:

    Thanks again for another amazing give away..I would be very happy to be considered for this gift and would put it to very good use…
    Thank you again…

  275. I think I would love a tablet for the sheer convenience of having everything at my fingertips – ohh and I would love to show of to the kids when they see how on-trend I am! Pity it can’t do the cleaning though….. in a few years time maybe…….

  276. Leigh Rehbein says:

    I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Tablet to keep my Thermomix happy in the kitchen! I am a very new Thermie owner so looking up recipes, blogs etc on a tablet would be very handy.

  277. I would be over the moon to win one of these, for all the reasons you mentioned, I love cooking, knitting and reading a good mag. But the top reason I would love one is that my computer just kicked the bucket and I am having to sneak a few minutes here and there on one at the library or at MIL’s when there for dinner, no Iphone or equivelant here.

  278. Kirsten W says:

    I would use it to help be more organised and use my time more efficiently. I could carry it with me at all times, meaning I would have the schedules of all the family with me as well as taking those times where I am sitting watching gymnastics practice or swimming lessons to catch up on emails and the important things in life (like facebook :-P).

  279. To play games and ZONE OUT :) Just for a little while….. Each day…

  280. Buying a house that’s falling apart,
    Just like my life so how do I start,
    I’ll follow some house rules and get on with the job,
    With a galaxy tab, I’d find it easy to shop.
    The kids need to be where? and when was that?
    Think I might use a sat nav app.
    I’ve saved a stack of mags for a page in each,
    Take a quick copy and the pile can be ditched.
    A camera for memories of a home where they grew,
    Movies and games to cheer us up too.
    A one-stop shop to plan, record and entertain,
    Galaxy tab’s a lifesaver, that’s very plain!

  281. I’d love to be able to keep all the documents and information about my daughter Lara (who has Cerebral Palsy and other foibles) in one place! Something small and compact enough to take to medical appointments and yet big enough to do other things with. Having all Lara’s info in one handy location would be fabulous! I could also use it to be keeping up with work and play whilst waiting around doctors rooms or hospitals!! Fabulous!!

  282. You have made your tablet sound so easy to use, and for so many different uses, that I would love one to play with so I can try to catch up with – at first I wrote “keep up with” LOL – my grandchildren. At netball today for misses5&7, mr3 was entertained by trying to show nanny how to do things on theirs. It seems I don’t learn fast enough:) Help obviously required :)

  283. According to my darling husband, I am the “most disorganised person [he] knows”.. Nice everyday, as I wade through a pile of dishes, washing, dishes, cleaning, dishes and dust piling high I have this vague notion of hope that one day I’ll get it all together and be, well, just like you..I would love to be organised enough to have the time to paint, sew, design, write and maybe change the world for better and I really think your fabulous giveaway would be just the ticket.. so…in the words of my three year old ..please may I have it, please, please, please with a bucket of swiss cheese??

  284. Something of my own, all to myself…. Wouldn’t that be nice!
    I’d love it for reading my ebooks amongst a long list of other things. It would be oh so lovely to my own tablet to what I wish and not have to share with hubby and my two cherubs.

  285. Melissa Jones says:

    It’s a shame that I don’t have a tablet, but I’m dare to tell that’s because I’m broke. Life is hard but I don’t wanna be bored and out of date. As a busy mum, I prefer everything being well-organised and a smart tablet is very helpful for me to reach the goal. Meanwhile, I love living an environment-friendly life. Usually I write my shopping list or recipes on the paper notes. If I have a tablet, it would save more paper, which means saving our earth.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  286. When I first thought of my answer to this question I immediately thought, “What I wouldn’t give for Samsung mobile and an extra hour in bed every day” and then I realised not only is that incredibly selfish but a waste of valuable time. After all, some philosopher once said “Life is short, play hard,” so I want this Samsung mobile so I can become engulfed in the world of the internet – have some ‘me time’ on Facebook, buy a few pairs of new shoes on eBay and maybe a skydiving experience from one of those deal sites!
    That got me to thinking “playing hard” might not be good for my health and as another philosopher said, “Life is short, but you have to live with yourself a long time afterward.”
    So in the interest of living a moral and healthy life I have decided if I won this Samsung phone I would use it to keep connected to my friends and family, especially my parents who I owe so much to!

  287. I would love a tablet all for little-old-me! There is a tablet of another brand in our house, however, whenever I’d like to use it, someone else has it! I would use this beautiful little tablet in my kitchen rather than squinting to read recipes from my phone, I would watch my favourite craft tutorials via You Tube. I am also currently on a fitness plan and having a tablet would make my workouts from the online videos so much easier! Ï find using relaxation apps very soothing so this would be another great use for me. I am a huge reader, so having a handy sized tablet would mean I can pop it into my handbag and bring it to work with me, all the after school activities and catch 10 minutes of “me time”. Actually that’s what this tablet would mean to me – an escape into “me time”!

  288. It would be great for the family. Reading storybooks, magazines, having our movies ready for outings and appointments that require extra entertainment. Then there’s miss 3 who would tape herself reading, singing, dancing and crafting. We could capture little Tully when he decides to crawl. I could blog. Adam could check emails. Oh it would be so good to have it in our family like a secret treasure chest of goodies. Please, please, please.

  289. Natalie Stoute says:

    I’m currently in the process of planning to redecorate and reorganise our home. The backyard needs an overhaul, our whole house is ‘beige’ and clutter seems to accumulate quickly. I’d love my own little tablet to set up pinterest and instagram accounts for inspiration and to keep in my handbag so when I’m out and about I can take photos and store for future reference.

  290. Karen Moore says:

    I would love one to keep up with my uni work. Basically I so much downloading, printing and reading as I’m doing my education degree online. Then if I had a tablet I could give my laptop to my 9yr and my 6yr old for them to do their educational sites on, like reading eggs. Love that program. thanks for the blog Corrie. Keep writing.

  291. I’d love one to save my eyes!! I do so much on my phone these days, look up recipes, browse Pinterest, online grocery shopping, searching for crafty ideas for the kids, paying bills and Internet banking… the list goes on and on. My poor eyes are starting to suffer from squinting at my tiny phone screen all the time so one of these Samsung Tablets would be amazing and save my sight!!

  292. Sue Handford says:

    I would so love to win a SamsungTablet, it would be so awesome to have ready access to the incredible world of information, whenever and wherever I am. It is just the right size to carry in a handbag. I don’t have a new model mobile so feel a bit left behind with advancing technology around family and friends, but I would prefer a tablet than a mobile I think.

  293. I would love to use it to look at my photos. Who needs a coffee table photo album when you can have a Samsung tablet!

  294. Narelle Green says:

    Wow to have such a helpful gadget for use around the house would be a tremendous help. It would also be so useful in organising all my hobbies, knitting, photo taking and reading on such a neat little techno wiz gizmo that also fits in my handbag. Wow again.

  295. Ooooo I would love one on these! Just the right size to curl up on the lounge in front of the fire with after The 3 Wild Things have gone to bed & Daddy Wild Thing is arresting bad guys in the city downloading tv off the Wi-Fi :)

  296. susan Leach says:

    This would be perfect for my husband, he is just getting the hang of his smart phone, and this would take him straight into the 21st century.

  297. I would love to have my own Samsung tablet for my lovely kitchen! I’ve become addicted (well, our whole family) to your banana cake recipe and it would be so lovely to read it on a bigger screen than my phone! I’ve run out of space in our newly-renovated kitchen for my cookbooks already, so a tablet would be a great solution for that lovely problem!!

  298. Smart
    Must Have
    Need it now
    Got to have

    Take it anywhere
    Always available
    Love it

    Would love to look like a “Hip-Happening Mamma” in the 21st Century!!

  299. I would use it to read… as a busy mum I have really stopped reading and I would like to take it up again… Having this means i could have books or articles or magazines to read while I’m out and about

  300. Oh what a thought! how luxurious. Something just for me. Well let me tell what it wouldn’t have on it first. – No kids games constantly sending me reminders of when to brush my teeth or save a life! Does this drive anyone else insane? No no. If the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 was to be for me it would become my very own special custom social and business PDA – It would be my everything… from my Calendar to my diary to my eZine reader, and my blogging space. My own little world where I can escape the usual rush and just lose myself in my passions for a few minutes each day. Oh just the thought has my day. hahaha

  301. I would love to win the Samsung tablet for myself as I would love to use it for recipes in the kitchen, checking things online without having to lug the laptop around, reading books in bed… I could go on for a while but I would love to a tablet that was just my own for all the pretties, recipes, magazines, books etc that us mums like to enjoy whilst having mummy time :)

  302. I would love one of these as they look very portable, laptops are just too heavy to lug around the house or out.

  303. I want one so I have something of my own. I seem to always miss out. I want somewhere I can store all my ideas and information and keep it in order for me.

  304. Catherine Rivett says:

    What an awesome review! I have shocking eyesight that is unfortunately deteriorating the older I get. This means that I am unable to read novels that I love as the writing is too small for me for read for very long. I would love the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 so that I could get ebooks where I can increase the font size so that I can comfortably read it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter :)

  305. Dale Hayes says:

    I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Tablet so I could lock myself away from the kids and spend some quality time on my own researching stuff that I enjoy and not the Wiggles, Dora or Hi 5. I wouldn’t know myself !

  306. Oooh, those Samsung’s are lovely little tablets. My favourite way to spend ‘me-time’ is in a sunny room, with a cup of tea and some hand quilting and David Attenborough on the tv. Sadly, control of our tv is hotly contested, and I frequently give up rather than argue. But if I could have David on a tablet, courtesy of iView – that would be completely in my control, and quite blissful.

  307. It would be perfect for my knitting patterns and just like you I would love it for my magazines. Olive is just at the stage of ripping up every magazine she finds!

  308. Oh Corrie I think I. Would do all that you are doing…sounds absolutely perfect! Thanks for the chance to enter your fantastic giveaway. Have a great day xo

  309. I am addicted to your web site so being able to view your recipes & daily updates with the latest technology take it anywhere and being versatile without squinting at my iphone would be good. :)
    Whoever wins this will be certainly lucky

  310. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 so I can display all my favourite on-line recipes, read all my favourite blogs, shop for gorgeous finds on Etsy, track my walks and fitness goals on Runkeeper and download a Sat Nav so I can can stop getting lost!

  311. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    Selfishly, I would love one just because it’s been so long since I have bought or been given something just for me! I had an iPad but the kids have taken that from me. I won’t be buying myself another one because I always found it to be too heavy. I’d love to make the switch to Samsung. It looks like the perfect tool for my shopping lists and “to do” reminders. But I would also love to use it for fun too! As a mum of two boys, my fun usually means cars, dinosaurs, footballs etc… Winning this tablet would mean restoring a little piece of me!!!

  312. Katrina Pool says:

    I would love one so I can read your blog in a bigger much easier to see format. You inspire me to continue to trying to make my own baby clothes and all your baking! Yum. I dont know how you do it with so many babies. What a wonderful life. I get receipes on line and knitting patterns and the tab would be much easier to see. I have started a blog and a Tab would help me to write it while my baby sleeps in my arms. I would love to make it as good as yoursone day but Im happy just to give people inspiration that they can achieve these projects too.

  313. It would be my little piece of peace and quiet when my little ones are in bed. It would be that hour at the end of the day that I can sit and read the news, check facebook, look up phone numbers and addresses for various appointments, save appointments to my calendar, do my banking, do my shopping and do it all from the comfort of my bed! It would turn Mummy-job-time into Mummy-relax-time and thats EXACTLY what I need.
    Thanks for the chance to win that!

  314. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 would make my busy life that much easier. I could do my uni study anywhere, at any time, catch those special moments of my little one while he plays (and gets into everything) & I could also sneak in a look at facebook & my favourite blogs while I’m procrastinating the study.

  315. I would love one of these for that rare me time a mum gets. Oh to sit and read a mag, browse the net or play a quick game, what bliss!

  316. Deborah Neill says:

    I would love one of these as it would be perfect my little cake business Debbascakes I have started as I could store all my recipes and pictures and it would be just for me!

  317. If I could have a tablet all to myself…. Well I can’t even imagine!!! How wonderful it would be to have my sewing tutorials on a bigger screen not on my small phone screen twisting and turning and zooming in to see what I should be doubg next on my sewing project! Not having to squint to follow a recipe! Crystal clear photos of the kids.
    Oh how lovely it would be!

  318. I would use this at my girl guide meetings – keeping activites stored on it rather than printing out reeks of paper. We could Skype guides from other units. The added bonus would be that I could use it when at camp or help girls who are writing there guides own or campfire program’s for their badges.

  319. Natasha Andrews says:

    Gosh…for me? Now that is exciting. I would use it while I cook in the kitchen to catch up on the world news and facebook (the other world news) because to be honest ABC2 does not keep me up on current events!!
    I would also use it to take photos of the kids – because they are so darn cute sometimes!
    But mainly I would curl up on the couch with my husband in the evenings and brows the web. read blogs and still have quality time with my husband rather than shivering away in the study by myself!

  320. Nicole Romano says:

    I would love my own tablet so I could read the news, catch up on retromummy blog, admin my facebook pages away from the PC and use it to research my recipes on and then follow the recipe whilst cooking. !!

  321. A samsung tab has been on my wish list for months! Winning this little beauty would allow me to have some ‘me’ time away from the madness of the family!

  322. Narelle Rock says:

    nice and small so easy for me to hide in my handbag or under my pillow when the kids walk in and I am ‘reading’ my book, play games, read, blog, browse the internet, get cooking inspiration and do a little shopping for me!

  323. Kellie Chapman says:

    Well there are many reasons and probably to many to list. But main use would be for recipes, to help keep notes from the ASD group that I run, Help keeping track of what I am up to with homeschooling my daughter, the internet and and especially using it for – I could completely ESCAPE -instead of laying on lounge to have my 15min a day relaxation I could lay in the comfort of my bed and listen for 15min (may fall asleep on a comfy bed but where is the problem with that). But the list is endless….

  324. I would love to win one so that I could use it mainly for reading. I would love to be able to read mags I never get time to read, or books. Think how of how much magazine and book ‘clutter’ I’d be saving by being able to read them on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!

  325. Maree Smyth says:

    I would love a Samsung Tab 3 not just from an entertainment point of view but an organisational perspective. I would pretty much have it on me all the time, cooking, crafting, shopping, reading & social media participating. Everything at my finger tips. It would be amazing and most definitely improve my life!!

  326. I think you’ve just convinced me I NEED one of these. I’m forever draining my battery at school pick up while I wait for the kids and have even been known to take my laptop along so I have something to watch. This very well may be a solution to all of my problems.

    How awesome is drop box.

  327. Having a large family we have to share a number of thing. Bythe time it is my turn i am ready for bed. A Samsung tablet would mean I wouldn’t miss out and would have access when I needed it for recipes and reading the paper etc

  328. What a wonderful opportunity, thank you! I would love to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for following recipes. These days most of the recipes I use come from my favourite blogs or, and I am forever running back to the computer to check what I need to do next – or scribbling the recipe down on a scrap of paper. The tablet would also be really useful for study (I am studying teaching). I could catch up with the discussion boards etc. while outside watching the kids play, or while putting my little one to sleep. I love that it has a camera too. Thanks again.

  329. I would love one because it would be great for me to look at my recipes in the kitchen, and fantastic for when I am waiting in the car for school pickup.

  330. hmmmmm, where to begin?
    I love my iphone but the screen is just that tiny bit too small and zooming in often loses the effect of photos and blogs.
    Recipes- great idea. Currently i use my phone (again too small) or the laptop (dinner time clashes with homework time)
    Me time… very rare but I always make time to check out your blog (and a few others) and I love pinterest. It would be great to see everything just that little bit bigger
    thanks Corrie and Sumsung, great idea for a comp.

  331. Corrie, I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. And I promise that if I win I will never ever use it to replace real-life conversation or activities. Really.
    I don’t have any kind of smart, mobile device to use when I am away from my PC. I would love to use it when I’m waiting to pick up the kids, tucked up in bed, or sitting on the couch – daily activities that could be spent more productively.
    I would also love to use it as a planner/diary.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  332. I would love the opportunity to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet to get me more mobile where I can do what I need to do on the go whether it’s paying bills or making my hum drum life just a little more Pinterest-ing and updating out technology here are home would be really useful for accessing educational apps for our boy who now home schools.

  333. Ooh, lovely! I would use a tablet for recipes while cooking, magazine subscriptions to minimise the huge piles of paper I collect, I’d also use it as an e-reader. No games… just for me!

  334. I’d love one so I can follow all the great tutorials and recipes I find on pinterest while I’m actually cooking/sewing/making, instead of having to run to the desktop to check up on instructions all the time! It would make my use of time so much more efficient!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  335. I never thought I would need another device as I am on the computer all day… HOWEVER, looking at the way you use yours I would definitely benefit from a larger screen when viewing my recipes and knitting patterns! This would be something really special for me only… thank you for the opportunity x

  336. hi, i would love a Samsung GALAXY 3 7 inch tablet to come to my house so that i would actually get access to the internet before 10o’clock at night. We have 1 laptop but by the time mr 6 has done his READING EGGS homework, mr 13, his homework, mr & miss 4 have a play on the play school site, and daddy finishes drooling over motorbikes for sale and looking for houses, i’m lucky to get a look in! yes i have a smart phone, but i find trying to read anything with more than 3 lines of text, frustrating to say the least! So, yes this Samsung GALAXY 3 7 inch tablet would be heavenly.

  337. I would love to have a tablet, as a mum who has taken on twin foster children I don’t have many things that are just mine,( oh who am I kidding my daughter and husband will love to have a go) but wouldn’t it be lovely to say I won it just for me.

  338. Today I am working on my business plan, very exciting and quite separate from my normal day to day with two full-on but lovely littlies. Part of the business will be online delivery of services to rural and remote areas, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 would be very useful :). Thanks for the chance to enter.

  339. How wonderful it would be to own a Samsung GALAXY Tab 3!!! There would be an endless number of things I could use it for, sewing and crocheting patterns, recipes, a sanity saver to help the kids with their homework and just to escape ‘reality’ even if just for a moment.

  340. I would use it for lots of things. But looking up recipes for dinner & taking photos are an everyday thing for me.

  341. I really really need one please as I have met the man of my dreams and my phone is not working well and we have to have a long distant relationship till one of us can move, and also I need to do my uni work online and a new smart phone would be the best thing ever !!!! ♥

  342. Kirsten Balkin says:

    I would love a Samsung Galaxy 3 that I can balance and use one handed to check my email, do my banking, find recipes, search newborn sleep tips and read parenting, lifestyle and work related sites and articles, as my 3 week old and I develop our breast feeding skills!

  343. I would really really love to win a Samsung GALAXY Tab 3! I’ve just had my second child and am spending endless hours awake throughout the night and this would be the perfect toy to keep ME entertained while settling my little ones! I love the fact you want to bless a mumma for a change – we’re all about giving our kids everything we possibly can in life!

  344. Anna Streat says:

    I wish everyone could win! For my part, I would love for my mum, who is recovering in rehab after fracturing her neck when she fell off a bus a month ago. She is very limited in what she can do for the next three months, and I think she would love a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to ‘keep her company’ in rehab. Good luck to everyone!

  345. I can order groceries and do other online shopping without having to scrape together something halfway clean to leave the house and also catch up on those programs I can’t watch at night as I’m cleaning up after everyone else!

  346. Fiona Davidson says:

    Let me count the ways that a Samsung Galaxy Tablet would enhance my life. Turning a page in my life, moving forward from a life ruled by depression, starting my own ‘business’ after numerous years of study, and about to be mentored to write a book. I either have carry a notebook and pencil to quickly write my thoughts down, or log on to laptop and quickly type them. Having a Samsung Galaxy Tablet would make this so much easier quicker and more efficient. With launching a website and blog I would be able to keep updated with site and blog , having the Samsung Galaxy tablet with me. If also being in ‘selfcare mode’, oh the books I could read!!!!!!

  347. I would use it to save money, by reading foreign magazines! I am addicted to American In style, Elle Decor, Veranda, and Traditional Home, but they cost a fortune if i get them every month at the newsagent. Money is tight with us and I always feel guilty if I get more than 2 a month, and then the enormous collection I’ve amassed over the years adds fuel to the guilt! With the money I saved i might actually be able to afford a new kitchen, instead of just reading about it!

  348. Linda Cefai says:

    I would love one for reading E books, looking up crochet patterns and finding new recipes. My husband thinks he will die under a tower of cook books when they all come down!! I would be able to donate all my books and have them still, at my fingertips

  349. Jill Hamilton says:

    I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy for me because… I get so disorganised with the kids, the house, work, blah blah blah, that I forget everything for me…. Yes me, if I get something new, someone says oh can I use that, and before you know it, its not mine anymore… Well this will be for ME, Mummy, nurse, housekeeper, counsellor, cook, chauffeur, picker upperer, and everyone elses general dogs body (so to speak) Mum can I borrow your new Samsung Galaxy….Nooooooooooooooo….I will say, this is mine, all mine… ♥

  350. I would love, love, love one for myself, so that I don’t have to share! I would use it for craft patterns, recipes, magazines, blogging, pinterest, instagram and probably even a cheeky game or two. I love the fact that it is samsung and that I could sync it to my galaxy phone.

  351. Oh my goodness, I would love to win this for Me, but I may even share it with the grandchildren. Knitting patterns would be my favourite thing atm but lots of other things too. But I think I am too late to enter this one. xxxx

  352. Bady Yammouni says:

    Would love to have one. As a single mum I don’t have the chance of getting these little gadgets so it’ll be great to own one & use it to find those quick recipes or just simply read & have some down time.

  353. I bought a Samsung Tab 3, 7 inches, I don’t have the option sreen mirroring, do you know if its possible to get this option in my version or if I need any upgrade? Please help me

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