the border of the blanket

The end is in sight…………………I’m up to the border of the blanket. A bit like starting the binding of your quilt or when you’ve finished the quilting. You can see that this project is going to get finished and you are motivated to keep going with it. For me it meant going to bed past 1am this morning.

I have loved making this little blanket and am really happy with substituting the Bendigo 12 ply into the pattern. The colours are pretty, perfect for a boy (no, not the royal baby boy who was born today but my soon to be nephew) and it’s warm. Really warm.

The size isn’t too big that you’ll put it away and start another project however I must admit that I was tempted a couple of times to start a new project when the stocking stitch was getting a bit boring.

But now that I’m almost half way through the border I’m very happy and looking forward to finishing this blanket. Who knows? I might even get it done this week while motivation is running high…………………….

And just one thing, I should have picked up another stitch on the corner of the border, I’m a bit cranky at myself but that’s what blocking is for, to stretch it out a little and even it all up. If you’re going to make the pattern make sure you pick up enough stitches and maybe one extra for good luck on the corners. I actually added an extra 2 rows on top of the pattern for the border because I’m using a different yarn and should have picked up an extra 2.

But so far so good……………..


  1. It’s lovely! If you want to make a girly coloured one I’d be happy to accept one for my little girl due in October! No? Oh ok then, never mind!

  2. Oh it’s so beautiful. I’d love to do this for my little boy i had this week. My first jumper i made was his going home outfit and was so warm and very snuggly. I just want to make more. Jumpers that is!

    • oh so cute, I love that you made his jumper! knitting for babies is the best and I thought it would be all over for me but I’m knitting for all the babies coming into my life anyway!!!!!! enjoy that newborn of yours, just precious!

  3. Love the colour Corrie

  4. Hi Corrie – I’m looking for a great 12 ply, when you say the Bendigo 12 ply do you mean the ‘classic’ on their website?

    • hi there emma

      oh I should have put the link up! Bendigo rustic in spruce is the aqua one and luxury is the border in cream. The rustic is gorgeous, not as soft as luxury but lovely!

  5. Just gorgeous Corrie….
    Sweet colours that don’t scream baby. So stylish!

  6. It’s really beautiful

  7. You´ve done a great job, it looks really pretty! :-)

  8. Looks gorgeous! Out of interest, how many balls of wool did it take, in the end?

  9. That’s really nice…reminds me of some pieces my mum created when I was younger…thanks for sharing

  10. absolutely gorgeous Corrie!! xxx

  11. Oh wow, you are so very much more patient than me. I love knitting but don’t seem to manage much more than scarves. Do you do your knitting when the little ones have gone to bed? My children are long grown now, a bit beyond receiving something hand-knitted from Mum! :-)

    • I knit everywhere! outside while the kids are playing, waiting at dr’s appointments, long drives in the car, swimming lessons and night time in front of the tv! in fact I’m about to go and do some knitting now:)

  12. Just beautiful, I love the colour, this should get lots of use.

  13. Fiona Guglielmi says:

    Hi I just wanted thank you for you lovely blog. I also would like to thank you putting me in contact with bendigo woolen mills, wonderful wool. Am knitting a beautiful spruce colored blanket. Again thanks… Just thought I would share…

  14. Corrie, how did you pick up the stitches down the sides of the blanket? I’m up to the border now and the cast on and cast off edges seem easy enough (pick up one stitch per stitch plus an extra in the corner), but I’m not sure how to work out the sides. Did you pick up one stitch per row and just end up with more stitches than the pattern? One stitch for every 2 rows? Or did you work out a way to space the stitches so you end up with the right amount? Your blanket looks great, so obviously whatever you did worked!

    • I kind of guesstimated and didn’t stick to the pattern but hoped for the best! you could work it out for how many stitches you pick up but mine turned out fine in the end:) :)

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