loving the holidays

I think there is a little part of me that could quite happily homeschool this family of mine…..mind you, maybe you should ask me that question in 2 weeks time. We are just having the loveliest break from routine. Waking up whenever we want (well not me, emerson likes to head butt me from about 5am letting me know he is awake – and if that doesn’t work he pulls my hair………….and hard!). We have no school run and no activities or places we have to be. Painting our toenails crazy colours, colouring in, playing outside, going to the movies and the shops and baking.

and tonight after making a delicious veggie soup and then a zucchini and bacon slice, we popped a chocolate cake in the oven and served it up with icecream for dessert. During school time I would be hard pressed to churn out that much food from my kitchen AND still have time to do a chocolate cake and ice-cream. Long live the holidays.

p.s of course we have the usual fighting/noise/and carry on that goes with the territory of 5 kids in the one house. Just keeping it real for you all.


  1. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Such a beautiful post Corrie, love the snaps of the kids outside enjoying this glorious Winter sunshine…Sydney has really turned it on for the first week of the holidays. Must say I’m enjoying the break from the school run too. Somehow I just feel like a more relaxed, content Mama in the holidays. I can just imagine how much fun your place is with the 5 kidlets, gorgeous! xoxo

  2. Next week is the last week of term for us. I’m counting down. We have NOTHING planned. Going to be doing pretty much what you are doing. Lots of home time, baking, craft, climbing trees and scraping knees. School holidays like I used to have. xo

  3. Enjoy the rest of your holidays – looks like your little tikes will!
    Also love the gingham dress…..I have 3 boys but it would look gorgeous on my niece. – where would one buy one?

  4. Lesley G says:

    Yum, yum! And that’s just the kids I’m talking about….

  5. Arent school holidays just great for rebonding with the kids. Great photsos. How magnificant is that magnolia tree of yours budding.

  6. Melissa says:

    We can’t hear the noise and fights that go on because pictures are silent! It looks like the scene of domestic bliss Corrie! And no rain!!!! Hope that keeps up for some more glorious outside time :-)

    • oh we are loving the no rain! I’m sure your mum told you but it was just non stop rain!

      • Melissa says:

        Yes! For like a week!! I was beginning to wonder why we are coming over for our holidays! We’ve just had an amazing 23 degree weekend!

  7. It’s so beautiful and refreshing to hear that you love your children being on holidays. As a teacher I’d often hear people whinging about their kids being on holidays and having to find ways to entertain them. Simple things work.


  8. I loved the holidays much better than school term! Holidays were so much more relaxed: in High School, DD hated school (but she’s a teacher now!) and I always dreaded those calls from the school about one issue or another!

  9. Old fashioned holidays! It makes me quite nostalgic. We were sent outside and came in only for meals.

    Love the picture of Elodie and Tilly second from top. Elodie is really enjoying herself. The look on the face says it all.

  10. I used to love the holidays as well when my kids were still at school. So good to be able to relax at home or go into the city or wherever for a fun activity…like the museum or such :) I miss those days now my kids are adults. Uni hols aren’t the same as they are off doing their own thing! Although I must say that meal times still seem to be popular LOL

  11. Great photos – and you must be thankful that the rain stopped just in time for the holidays!

  12. Glad you are having nice days for the holidays Corrie. I love the school holidays. My Grandchildren live around the corner (teenagers) and I always have to bake more then and lots as they come to visit and raid the pantry. haha

  13. Dee Turner says:

    Love love love!

  14. Love it all and also feeling soo soo appreciative of the beautiful downtime during the hols. Mostly I think the kids need to find their own fun when things are quiet. It’s great for them to find their toys again!! Talking of toys—I notice we have the exact same baby capsule and blue little tricycle ( both handed down to us!)….comes with the territory of having kids of a similar age. However I have only 3!!
    No idea how you do it!! Enjoy the rest of the lovely holidays. xx Kim

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