someone is turning 1 soon

I needed a little reminder that someone is about to turn 1 in this house. Surely not. Surely not the little bundle I brought home last July is about to turn 1. It was daddy and Keira who reminded me that in just over 2 weeks this little guy will turn 1.

And I’m so sorry Emerson that I sometimes muddle up the date in july you were born with elodie. 11th and 13th just gets a bit confusing when you have a few birth dates to remember.

He is still Australia’s happiest baby……………………………he comes along everywhere with me and always smiles at everyone, loves elodie’s speech therapy visits, hates it when elodie tries to steal his toast every single morning and fights for it and is just an all round happy boy who goes with the flow.

And I must say that trying to buy a present for the 5th baby is tricky but I’ve managed to pick up a few things for him that won’t overload the already full playroom and toy baskets.


  1. I love your pics of him (on instagram too!) He is just too cute

  2. What a lil cutie!!
    I am going through a similar predicament at the moment though my baby is not 1 until end of August and is only no 2 but def out last. My boy sounds very much like yours, so happy and chilled. Hope your lil man has fab day on his 1st birthday.

  3. Aw beautiful post & what a blessing to have a happy peaceful #5 Corrie!!!!

  4. He’s just gorgeous. You have some beautiful photos of your kids to look back on as they grow bigger. I’m looking forward to seeing his birthday shots. I’m sure you’ll plan something special for your little man. I always find the first birthday very special, but it tears at my heartstrings at the same time as I watch my baby growing up so fast.

  5. Gorgeous photos as always. We have always purchased a heirloom for all of our 6 for their 1st birthdays, handmade rocking horses, carousels etc. It has always taken the pain out of that something special to bbuy but dont know what.

  6. Sarah (Splish Splash Designs) says:

    Wow, 1 already!?! no way! He’s such a little cutie pie. He’s grown up so much!

  7. Wow! Time flies! Wasn’t it only awhile ago when we reading about your birth? LOL!

  8. Justine says:

    Wow, where has the year gone!! He is just adorable :)

  9. Muchas Felicidades Emerson¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡,es un niño precioso,besos

  10. He is just beautiful. Where has that time gone Corrie!!.

  11. Gosh,
    How that year has flown. He is really gorgeous. Happy birthday little one.

  12. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh WOW, a whole year! It has gone so quickly Corrie. Amazing to see your beautiful little boy grow up before our eyes. He looks every bit the delight you describe him to be, sweet boy. Lovely photos too xoxo

  13. Oh Corrie, he’s growing into the most gorgeous little boy! Can’t believe it’s a year already. Mind you it only feels like last month you were posting pics of dear little Elodie’s arrival!!!! Time seems to fly by these days!

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