knitting in my new workspace

We’ve been a laptop household for a long time. In fact the last time I had a desktop computer in my home was probably 2001 when I was a single girl. So we’re going back a bit there. But recently I knew that it was time for something bigger for me to be blogging on AND there was that little issue of needing a computer for the family, especially with Keira doing her maths online and assignments. Mind you I think she might be using the laptop as I am loving my new ‘puter.

I did some research and ended up with an asus all in one and am loving it. Touch screen, wireless mouse and keyboard and a few bells and whistles. I searched for the best price and then they knocked off another a little bit more so I’ m happy. My end of financial year present to myself. Woo hoo.

So I’ve got my computer in my craft room.  To the right is my sewing machine and overlocker and I’ve got knitting needles and supplies around me. All in a nice sunny part of my house. What more could I ask for. This afternoon, I just had some weaving in and the underarms on emerson’s little winter jumper so I youtube’d Kitchener stitch for a refresher, watched a few youtube videos and sat finishing in the ends. It was all very civilised. This sitting at a desk instead of on the couch with laptop perched on my lap. Which is how I’ve blogged and done everything……forever!

And so emerson’s jumper got a little blocking for that pesky bottom edge to stay down. I’m not doing buttons and I did discover that the pattern is free here on purl soho. This is a great unisex jumper and a real winner if you’re into seamless knitting. It starts from the bottom up and I might just do another one for emerson before winter is out. It’s not too difficult either!

Expect some photos this week with my littlest model


  1. Hello lovely lady,
    My mum was visiting this week and she had the laptop version of your desktop. She loves it.
    How adorable is that jumper. Swoon. X
    P.s Come over for tea and cake.

  2. Justine says:

    Cute little jumper! Funny, we just bought the same brand but in laptop version. I like to sit on the sofa at night and do my ‘reading’ (which is where I am right now!).

    • it’s a good computer and brand! I must admit now I’m off to the couch and laptop so I can rest a little:)

  3. Hi,had recently discovered your blog and just love it. I have a thermomix so ave been trying your recipes and they ave gone down well with visitors and they are so tasty. Love the jersey , although I hate knitting but looking at it and ou saying it us easy , I may need to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration

    • oh yay so glad you’re enjoying it! Oh this is an easy jumper… so glad you have a thermomix too. they are just the best


  4. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh how lovely to be all set up in your own little ‘office’ Corrie. You SO deserve to have everything at your finger tips too, I am amazed at how you have managed to run your extremely busy blog/Facebook page etc… on just your laptop. I guess it just proves that it CAN be done. Enjoy that fab new computer :)
    Gorgeous new jumper for Emerson too by the way xoxo

  5. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh how lovely to have your new little ‘office’ setup Corrie. You SO deserve to have everything at your finger tips like that too. I am amazed that you have been running your busy blog/Facebook page on a laptop all this time. I guess it just proves that it CAN be done. Enjoy your fab new computer :)
    Gorgeous new jumper for Emerson by the way xoxo

  6. That looks much better for your back (I say typing while I am crouched over). Looks like a good buy and I am sure you will get a lot out of it.

    • oh I’m loving it already! was so nice to plonk myself down with my coffee and start doing a few things today

  7. Such a gorgeous jumper Corrie and a fabulous workspace. You will probably find yourself wanting the laptop occasionally. A desk is so much more civilised though.

  8. I also had the Asus brand recommended to me by a computer nerd. didn’t think it was a reputable brand but now see that it is. will definitely be replacing my “dill” of a computer with this one next time.

  9. I think the home PC is much better for regular internet use. I’ve had backaches from slouching, crouching over a laptop. Will look into this ASUS model, as we need an upgrade – esp wireless mouse and keyboard, and touchscreen! – just what I’m looking for.

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