day at the fair

I won’t lie. Taking the whole crew out to a fair is not for the fainthearted. Retro daddy triple checked that I really wanted to do it – even as we were backing out of the driveway this morning.

For  a few years I’ve driven past the signs and seen the traffic and crowds of people going to the Kamaroi Fair. This year I knew we had to go. We got there just after opening time and it was already busy and parking was a few streets away. But we managed to get everyone down the very busy road by walking in the ditch like a row of ducks. Of course we got to the main entrance and discovered there was a drop off zone (and used it for getting all the kids in the car safely home).

It was probably a little bit too ambitious for us to start with the craft hall but I managed to pick up something small for elodie from my doll making teacher. Elodie kept trying to put it back on the table so we left with a big bunch of tears and hit the craft area for kids.

This was girl heaven.

Pom pom making for my girls while my boys hit the organic sausage sizzle.

the mums on the craft tables were just so helpful and interested in all of the little ones who were at the tables. And it was so fun watching them making the pom poms. I love this photo….the joy of craft and making something is alive and well.

oh and the pom pom flowers were scented with lavender oil. so sweet.

Next up was face painting.

some cake, a play, the book store and some sushi, I tried to see more of the craft hall but only managed one big table then it was home time. I was really itching to try the food – vegetarian nachos, lovely salads and some delicious food but elodie had pretty much reached her limit.

Those of you with lots of little ones know that it’s always worth it when you take everyone out together and you can look back on it. But man oh man it’s a whole lot of work to keep 5 little people together, happy and fed when you’re out and about. But we did it. We survived and we’ll do it again. Creating memories right here.

If you get the chance to visit a steiner school fair it is a real delight for the kids. Ours had the ‘best day ever’ and we look forward to visiting Glenaeon’s towards the end of the year.

And you don’t need kids to visit! You can probably enjoy a longer walk around the craft hall, books and enjoy a coffee and some lunch on your own.


  1. Looks like a great day ;o)

  2. Looks like a fun day had and us crafty mummies could always do with more of the craft halls! I’m so excited that the quilt show is almost here in Sydney! Keira truly has stunning blue eyes Corrie! I tried pom poms with my girl the other week the good old fashioned way with cardboard. She lost interest :( I guess mama will have to finish it off for her!

    Sophie xo

    • yes! that is the only craft fair that I do but I’ve given it a miss for a few years because of little babies but this year I think I’ll make the trip in:)

  3. What a lovely morning. I can totally see where Retro Daddy’s coming from, it’s hard work taking the whole crew out into crowds, but they love it and you do create wonderful memories.

  4. What a wonderful day out, looks like something for everyone, those pom poms on a stick are brilliant, and I just love the little felt dolls.

  5. noosa steiner school (at Doonan) has a lovely childrens fair every year its amazing and loads of things to do

  6. We missed the fair this year. But it looks like it was as good as last year, if not better. And my friend tells me they didn’t have the pretzel game this year after that child broke their arm. You are superwoman for taking all five to the fair!!! You’re right, they will look back with fond memories when they are older and remember how awesome their mum was!

    • oh gosh someone broke their arm on the pretzel game, I don’t even know what the game is but it doesn’t sound that bad

      my kids loved it and it will definitely be an annual thing but we might get the bus next time as I noticed they had shuttle buses running, much better than trying to do the main road with all the kids

  7. Justine says:

    Love those adorable little dolls and lavender scented pom poms…..magic!!

    • I know, so nice to go somewhere for a day and the kids really enjoy themselves with all that handmade goodness

  8. Wow Corrie! It looks like such a fun place to be!

    How do we find out about craft fairs? Hoping to visit Sydney soon, but not sure what may be fun for the kids, apart from the usual touristy things…I am sure there are many off the beaten track activities only known to locals.

  9. What a great day out! I always go – even now my baby is 17! They are so inspiring – I tell my childcare students to go to get ideas for nature tables and craft activities and supplies.
    If you want to know where your closest one is this is a good source :-
    Jo x

  10. Natalie says:

    What fun! We r looking forward to attending our local Steiner Autumn fair this weekend actually. Can’t wait to take the family.

  11. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, such precious photos, beautifully captured, you can really see the joy & wonder in their little faces. I think you & RetroDaddy are incredibly brave and incredibly patient to take your whole crew out on days like this. Such lovely parents xo

  12. That looks like a fair I would love to have visited. Old fashioned homemade fun.

  13. we were there too and had such a fab time. I had not visited the school before but my 2 year old had such a great time. It really felt like a child and family centred fair with lots of original games, craft and fun things to do.We had some of the food too and it was so yoummy! I could have spend hundreds at the craft stall. We are definatley going back next year

  14. looks like the most beautiful day. I love those pom pom flowers.

  15. kirrilee says:

    The shuttle buses come from the Supa centre up the road…. lots of parking there Don’t forget the Spring Fair at Lorien Novalis Steiner School- 30 August at Glenhaven for anyone in that area!

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