waking up to sad news

Today I woke to the sad news that the blogger, crafter and founder of Whip Up and huge inspiration in the craft community had passed away. And so tragically. I can’t stop thinking about her loss, her missing partner and the family she has left behind.

She is the mother of two little ones. Do you remember growing up? Your worst fear was to lose your parents. And for a woman so devoted to her family and home life it is just so sad.

So keep her children and family in your prayers and thoughts today. It is an unimaginable loss and I know that the craft and blog community around the world will be coming together in a few ways to ease the pain and burden for her children

I never met Kathreen but she was a true inspiration to so many bloggers and crafters with her love and passion for craft. Her blog had been around forever. I adored her pinterest pages as she had so many boards and an eye for finding things. And she worked so hard as evidenced by her books, blog and work. Just the other day I was reading her book in the library while the kids were playing.

May she rest in eternal peace.

Edited to add that you can make a donation towards the trust fund set up for her two beautiful children here. And if you’d like to place a button on your blog there is a link in the comments on the Whip Up page.