making a quilt on mother’s day

I hope that you all had a lovely Mother’s Day. I was woken up by the lovely Keira at my bedside, loaded up with presents for me. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet but she wasn’t going anywhere. And there was no cold toast for me. Retro daddy admitted that he had looked up PW’s cinnamon roll recipe and wanted to make me some but then saw how long they would take and thought it was a bit ambitious. Instead he queued up outside my favourite patisserie for chocolate croissants and snails. My favourites. I do love that he wanted to make me cinnamon rolls though. He’s a keeper and always surprises.

We did church, a few tears, lovely to see a few mummy friends and we all had to get on the alter for a final blessing and photograph. So special. Mind you Tillie and Keira were hugging my legs so tight that I lost my balance at one point during mass which was pretty funny. Keira definitely embraced the spirit of mother’s day. Up to the cemetery with flowers, visit from my dad with flowers for me (he always buys me something for mother’s day!). Lunch and then it was quilt time.

I am always having a little conversation with myself to make more time for craft. And quilting is a craft that requires time and patience. And generally no kids in the room…..someone was allowed to play with fabric before I took a bit of time to myself. A few hours in my craft room, coffee and chocolate finger biccies  and I finished a quilt block. Just one.

Ta da! This might take me a while but my goal is a lovely quilt to look like stacks of books to hang over emerson’s cot. 1 block down and 11 to go……………………



  1. It looks great Corrie. Gorgeous colours! And oh yeah, Retro daddy is, for sure, a keeper!
    Happy Mothers Day xxx

  2. I’m so pleased you were able to grab a little piece of ME time yesterday. The quilt looks fantastic. Where did the pattern come from?
    PS I have made the PW cinnamon scrolls and they are seriously delicious. Good on retro daddy for even thinking about doing this recipe. He must be one in a million!!!
    Trish xxoo

    • he is a bit of a one in a million:) we think so! and yes how good are those cinnamon rolls, they never last long here

  3. Happy mother’s day Corrie. The quilt is going to look amazing. I’ve never seen one like that before. Looks like a great way to use up lots of fabric scraps from other quilts too. I’m afraid I’ve never learned to quilt properly – I’m a rag-edge quilt girl. A friend showed me how to make them and I love that they’re so quick and easy and don’t necessarily require perfect stitching. Ragged and a tad messy around the edges – much like their creator (but still warm!) 😉

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Corrie. You deserve to be spoilt and to have some alone time. Mother’s are a living example of Christs love for us and we should always be so thankful even though there are so many challenges. I hope you get more crafty time too!
    p.s the Giveaway on my blog is still open everyone so don’t be shy and win yourself a Woolworths voucher!!!

  5. I love modern quilts like the one you are working on. I managed to have some time to work on a lone star quilt that is a long overdue present! I grease those quiet moments sewing as they are few and far between. There is a photo of what I was working on posted on my blog.

  6. Check out Annabel Langbein’s cinnamon scrolls recipe, I make the dough in the bread maker, I just halve Annabel’s quantity as I don’t think my breadmaker would cope with the huge qty. They are delish and disappear quick around here. Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day. What a gorgeous quilt! I

    • oh yum! I will!!!! I must admit I need a faster recipe and perhaps a little lighter on the butter! thanks!

    • Just checked the recipe, Annabel, calls them sticky buns but I would say they are cinnamon scrolls, they are in the Free Range Cook, it is a beautiful recipe book.

  7. Glad that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Love this block, fabrics are great! :)

  8. Sounds like the perfect Mothers Day! I had a little chuckle when I read about Tillie and Keira hugging your legs! :) The block looks great – love the colours against the white background.

  9. Hi Corrie….sounds like you had a wonderful day and you were lucky to be able to have some sewing time….the quilt will be lovely… I know the pattern but cannot place what book you are using….could you tell me which book you used….I made your Passionfruit Sour Cream cake to take to my mum’s on Mother’s day and it was a great success…everyone enjoyed it…..LindaB

    • hi there!
      oh I’m so glad the recipe worked and was loved:)
      now the book is called Block Party and it’s a great one! if you just look up Block Party on Amazon/bookdepository or wherever you get books. It’s a great book actually and I want to make a few quilts from it. Not too tricky


  10. thanks…I have that book in my wishlist…hoping to purchase it soon…LindaB

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