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A camera, a notepad and a pen. That’s all I was asked to bring to the Creatives workshop yesterday. I had a goal of taking my camera off auto and writing more from the heart. In all of these years of blogging I have never attended a course on photography or writing.  When a vacancy came up I snapped it up without a second thought.

And I kind of had a bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment when I took my first photos in manual that looked good (all thanks to Tim by the way). And it clicked into place and I kind of knew what I was doing.

Now of course learning anything new means that there will be mistakes and I have even more to learn. And more things to buy. But there is plenty of time for all of that.

But why don’t you join me on my little walk to the water which I took with my camera set to manual (for the first time!)…………….

So much thanks to Tim for sharing his knowledge with us and helping me with my camera (I was an Olympus in a room full of canons) and to give me the confidence to get off auto for good. For good, people!  You can see the love that Tim has for his life, his family and the people he meets through his photos and just looking through some of his photos leaves me in tears. A big thank you to Jodi for helping us become better writers, for the little yoga and visualisation moments, for giving me the confidence to see what I can write about it and for organising that delicious food.

To Belinda for having us in her home. To all of the other lovely ladies who were so warm, friendly and fun. I didn’t want the day to end and hope I get to meet you all later on in our travels. And I have say thanks to Kesh and Roo for being there with us for the day. Along with Tim they make up one of the cutest little families I’ve seen. Cutest.

So tell me. Are you still photographing in auto or are you in manual?


  1. Corrie, I discovered Tim’s website and work last year when I somehow stumbled across his ‘Nika and Alex’ wedding album. Such beautiful, beautiful photography! And to read his blog is amazing – that love of life and people comes through so much in both his words and his photography.
    What a great opportunity for you to take part in the creative workshop with Tim and Jodi!
    I did a local photography course last year, and now have a great DSLR camera. I love to use it in manual, but must admit that I often fall back into Auto at the moment – mostly because I grab the camera to take quick photos and don’t have time to either experiment or remember (!) what I know about manual!
    Your photos are beautiful. You’re going to have so much fun now taking those family photos!!

  2. Stacey says:

    I use both as I find taking a quick photo of kids there is not enough time to change shutter speeds and fstops etc. love playing with manual when time allows. Enjoy your camera time. It is loads of fun.

  3. Jenlouw says:

    Manual all the way thanks to Tim’s workshop last year. Such an amazing day, learnt so much more than how to take a good photo…Tim’s passion for life is inspirational.

  4. I’m so glad I read your blog this morning. Every time I’ve checked the workshops, they were always sold out. There’s one coming up in Sydney in early August and I have now booked and paid. I haven’t checked his site in months because i was always disappointed. My turn has come.

    I have a big Nikon and I have done a lot of reading. I do use manual only, switching back to auto if grandchildren want to use it. I want to foster enthusiasm,not kill it by poor photos from them. Many of mine are quite good but I want to learn more.

    However, I learnt the little I know from reading and know there’s so much more I could be doing.

    I’ll be looking forward to it.

  5. Hi Corrie! I use both on my Canon 7D… did you notice a lot of lens envy when you were out and about?? I love taking photos of just about anything and have very little patience when it comes to coming how and popping the card into my iMac to see what I’ve achieved for the day! Love your photos and your blog!! xoxo

  6. Hi Corrie,

    Since meeting Tim last year at the Nursery, my camera has not been switched off manual. I love it and think I have found my new passion.

    So lovely to see your pictures and to hear about the day. You would have met my friend Meagan :)

    Look forward to seeing more of your photos.
    Natalie x

  7. Denyse says:

    Oh Corrie, as soon as I saw the street names I knew where you were! My old ‘hood!!
    My dad used to take my kids (now grown up) on the walk across the little bridge from North Harbour Reserve to Forty Baskets! And when I WAS A KID, Forty Baskets was my place to swim & hang out. Some beautiful pics in a special place I love.
    And yes, I use manual mostly now too. Love it!
    Denyse x

  8. Your photos don’t look half bad for a first timer! I too am a recent convert to manual. I still use auto when I’m in a hurry 😉

  9. I shoot in Manual most of the time now. I did a few photo courses when I first got my new camera at the end of 2010 (a Nikon)
    I see you meet my friend the beautiful Steph.
    Great photos Corrie. I look forward to seeing some more of them.

  10. Love the shot of the street signs. I am a canon girl and have been auto free for a few years now xx I love my portrait lens best of all ( 50mm 1.8) x

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