wowed by The Whitsundays

If you’re on instagram then you probably have worked out that I’m not sharing my usual pics from home but am far away in the Whitsundays for a couple of days. I have never left the little ones for a night except to be in hospital giving birth so it was a pretty big decision to come away for 4 days with Emerson and leave the rest of the gang with Daddy.

And can I just say that he has it all under control, booked keira’s birthday party that I kept forgetting to do, has taken them to the park, kept them entertained and given them treats and chinese takeaway tonight. It has set a great precedent for getting away when an opportunity like this comes up.

And nothing says opportunity like heading up north and having a few days with other lovely ladies (and a couple of lovely men….not too lovely of course because I’m married!) in a really beautiful part of the world. And let me tell you that from the moment we landed in Hamilton Island I felt like I was in Hawaii. Not that I’ve been but it’s just how I imagine that it would be. Everything was lush and tropical, men were in white suits and luggage was being whisked away (not mine with my big orange ‘HEAVY’  tag on it) and the tropical heat was  the first thing to hit you as you walked across the tarmac (lugging a baby, an oversized nappy bag and sunhat!). And the baggage carousel – um yeah that would be from the back of the luggage truck.

We are the guests of Tourism Queensland this week and they have been making sure that we’ve been seeing the very best that the Whitsundays has to offer. I mean this is the view from our accommodation. Amazing.

Now of course I’ll give you the full debrief when I’m home but I had to share today because it just blew my mind away. All I knew is that we had to race down to reception after our morning session, be in our swimmers and hop on a 12.30 cruise. That’s all I knew. Part of me was thinking that a dip in the pool would have been perfect but I got on the cruise and just hoped that I’d get a sandwich, a diet coke and a swim at some point.

After about an hour or so the boat we were on stopped and a smaller boat came up. Oh dear, we had to change to a smaller little boat to take us to the beach. Whitehaven beach to be exact. Now I’m not really sure how I thought we were going to get to the beach but the best was still to come. So with staff holding my hands and taking my bag and emerson in the sling I climbed into the smaller boat (while they both rocked) and off we went closer to the beach. Bye bye he says……..

Then that boat stopped miles away from the shore (ok maybe not miles but a bit of a way out) and once I’d accepted that I had to climb out of the boat into thigh deep water with my oroton nappy bag and emerson on me – well I sucked it up, tucked my dress up into my swimmers baring my very white legs, climbed out and waded up to the beach. You can see the boat in the distance behind emerson…..

But the water was so warm, the beach so amazing and the views were to die for that actually I wondered why I’d been such a princess about the whole small boat thing. We were all pinching ourselves that we were at the most stunning beach with the most picturesque views, the whitest and finest sand I’d ever seen, crystal clear water and it was all there for us to enjoy with hardly anyone else to share it with. And we’ve been told that Whitehaven is the 3rd best beach in the world……I’d have to agree even if I haven’t been to the other two!

little buddha and I enjoyed a little paddle in the water, some sand eating and some rolling around enjoying the sand for a good hour. I made the sensible decision not to walk up to the lookout for photos as that would have left me a good 10 minutes to play in the water with emerson. Sometimes you have to weigh up your options, swim or bushwalk? I chose a swim and time to soak it all up and left the bushwalking to the others.

It was also just a rare treat for me to sit and be with one little person and just enjoy it all……… peace! It’s not often that I get to dig my toes in the sand and look out at the sea. So I made the most of it with this little guy who was just having the time of his life.

But sadly before we knew it it was time to wade back out to the boat and head back to Airlie Beach. I took 50 million photos of the hills and scenery. Everywhere you look up here is picture perfect. I’m not sure how I’ve lived most of my life in Australia and never been up here before but it’s certainly taken my breath away a times with the scenery.

Just as were getting off the boat I realised that emerson’s good shorts had been scooped up with his nappy and were probably in the rubbish on the boat. Thankfully while they were being retrieved from a garbage bag I managed to take a picture of sunset in Airlie Beach. Another picture perfect view.

Tomorrow we have a session in the morning and then head off to Daydream island before spending the night in Hayman Island before flying home. It is rush rush rush but since I’m travelling with Australia’s happiest baby and some of the funniest ladies I know, we’re just having a ball and rolling with the tight schedule and taking pictures as we go! Stay tuned for the next instalment………………………….

Have you been to the Whitsundays? Did you love it? I’m already planning our next family holiday here since I’m so in love with the place


  1. Sounds lovely and so nice that you can enjoy this time with Emerson too!

    We went to the Whitsundays for our honeymoon and stayed at Daydream Island and I have to agree – it is a gorgeous part of Australia and feels miles away from anything =)


  2. Melissa Barber says:

    Oh you will love Daydream island. I went there for my honeymoon and I keep telling hubby how much I want to go back. Enjoy!!!!!

  3. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh WOW Corrie, that is all just beautiful… including the precious one on one time with your darling boy. He is SO SO cute :)
    What a lovely treat for you and as such a hard-working and dedicated mummy, so richly deserved. Looking forward to your next instalment and more gorgeous snaps! xo

    • oh thank you! I think you just need to point and shoot up here to get a good photo!!!!! can’t wait to share more about the trip and yes emerson was just so cute today:)

  4. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself, I love the Whitsundays such amazing islands, scenery and beaches, I’ve been very lucky to have backpacked all around Australia, West Coast & East Coast (pre kids and hubby of course) and I remember thinking I’d walked into a postcard it was that beautiful and even on a backpackers budget I got to see all that was offered and more – truly spectacular.

    I’d definitely recommend a family holiday up there for all so much to do, but with relaxation too enjoy the rest of our stay

    Emerson is a cutie pie

  5. We have been to Hayman and it was amazing, enjoy! (Your travel buddy is too cute)

  6. Ahhhh I was wondering what was going on. Lucky you! Have an excellent time.


  7. OH my…………it looks like heaven. Can’t wait to read your write up about it. I have never ventured that way before. Many friends have though and they always rave about it. Enjoy your time. And Emerson is so cute with his chubby rolls. xo

  8. I want to go now! You have sold it to me. I am English and have lived here 8 years and we have travelled a lot in oz but not to whitsundays…yet. looks amazing you lucky thing.

  9. Natalie Earl says:

    Oh it looks just gorgeous! Emerson is just the cutest to :)

  10. Christie says:

    Hamilton island is the bomb for families. You can drive around the whole island in a golf buggy. We would stay there over and over again but haven’t been there since the Qld cyclone/floods

  11. Engracia says:

    You deserve this special treat, you work so hard wth your family & home. Also wonderful to have one on one time with your baby.

  12. I’m so jealous. I’m about to head off to a busy day at work here this morning on a cool day in Sydney. I know where I would rather be…. Lucky lady you are!

  13. lyn lindsay says:

    Oh Corrie I have done the 3 island tour and had an overnighter on Hayman man oh man I said then and say now I said of Hayman I have died and gone to heaven the problem was… there was a check out time, that part of the world is glorious, enjoy! enjoy!
    Look forward to more pics.

  14. The Whitsundays are my most favourite place in the whole world! When I was 21 I decided from one 4-day boat trip around the Whitsundays that Australia would be home, I convinced my entire immediate family to move to Oz, then met my ‘husband to be’ (although I didn’t know it – just a hunch) convinced him to move to Australia with me, 3 years later we got married on Hamilton Island with 8 guests. 2 years later my husband booked a surprise trip to Hamilton Island for my 30th and to take our new daughter. If Queensland ever needed a Whitsunday’s Ambassador, I’m their gal! It’s my/our paradise!
    Enjoy Corrie, you deserve an amazing trip for an amazing little lady.

  15. Enjoy lovely lady! It’s so beautiful up there…but I’m a Queenslander so I’m totally biased.

  16. I’m Glad you have had the Experience of Our Whitsundays…my Son got Married on Daydream 3yrs ago And I Very Well Know of your Adventure to Whitehaven Oh Yes we All had too do the Boat Thing Not a Pretty Site for Some lol…
    Enjoy the rest of your time Away and Very Much Deserved.

  17. Corrie, you can’t leave without jumping in a golf buggy and taking a drive up to see the Chapel. It’s absolutely beautiful and I would have loved to have had our wedding there. It has been 13 years since we visited Hamilton. We had the best time, so relaxing, everywhere you looked the scenery was breath-taking. Makes me wonder why we didn’t visit more often while we lived up that way. Enjoy your break, you deserve it. Sounds like Retro-Daddy has everything under control.

  18. I was on that beach almost fifteen years ago and now that you have shown me I wonder why I haven’t been back. I loved everything about it, I stayed on Daydream Island and took every day trip that was on offer. I can’t wait to see more photos.

  19. Enjoy! So stunning up there. The insurance company my Dad worked for owned 6 Yacht Harbour Tower on Hamilton Island so we had some lovely holidays up there in my teens (although it’s a shame both that and the giant concrete hotel was allowed to be built – I imagine that Hamilton could have been such a different place if it was all palm bungalows!). Instead of schoolies (not my thing!) Dad’s company kindly let me have some friends up there for two weeks after year 12. They sold it years ago but I have been back since and love it up there. It is such a beautiful part of the world.

  20. Anne Arlett says:

    Sounds like you are really enjoying our beautiful part of the world. If you ever come back to Hamilton check out Hibiscus 108 which is a lovely apartment or the bigger house Infinity on Hamilton Island! Just Google and find the video of the house, fabulous for big group.

  21. I’m jealous and I’m only an hour away AND I live about 4 minutes from a couple of beautiful beaches in Mackay! For the 4 years I was at uni I went to Hamilton 38 times, each time for about a week. I finished uni in 2006 and I only now am I interested in going back there. I have to say I hated the place for awhile, but it is beautiful. Right in the middle of uni I won a prize and guess what it was…………..a 3 island cruise to Hamilton, White Haven and Daydream. I nearly threw it at them!

  22. Would love to go to the Whitsundays!! Enjoy your little escape to paradise!

  23. Isn’t it all just fabulous!
    If u really want to see the Whitsundays do a Bare Boat Charter!
    You dont need a boat license – just a drivers license and common sense It is 100% easy.
    We have taken a Motorized Cat and had a ball 3 times now!
    It may be a little while off for you (our youngest was 7 when we first went) but it is the best fun, totally relaxing and get away from everything kind of holiday.
    We have been around the world with our kids but this is our #1 destination!
    Seriously, everyone should do it! (and can do it!)

  24. beautiful – the scenery and you Corrie and of course Emerson. Just be careful not to be sunburnt. It is so relaxing it is easy to forget the little things like sunscreen and hats. I know this from experience. My worst sunburn ever when snorkelling up near the whitsundays.

  25. You rock you gorgeous Mum,and so lucky with a cute happy bundle to share your break!!

  26. My Dad owns a resort up there which is awesome as we can fly up and stay for free! Love it up there, so beautiful!

  27. Such a well deserved break Corrie – and I know how precious and hard it becomes to have special one on one times with your babies. You must have spent time with the lovely Sarah from A Beach Cottage – another one of my favourite blogs! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos. xo

    • yes!!!!! we sat next to each other on the plane and I love her to bits now!!! she is a genuine lovely person!

  28. I’m so glad I saw this post!
    I recently scrapbooked some old pics from the Whitsundays when I was there in *coughs* late eighties. Back then Long Island was a Contiki Resort, the islands there are truly paradise. I have never been to Hawaii either,or even Fiji, but I think that’s because we really do have it all right here (well, up North), as you say, the Whitsundays have the Wow factor :-)

  29. Emerson is so adorable!! Loved meeting him and spending time with you in this most amazing location.


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