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I love how I had this crazy idea that the school holidays would mean more craft time. I had visions of being in my sewing room or sitting outside knitting while the kids played each day but we’ve been doing swimvac every day and the days have flown by. Swimvac for the unititiated is a week where I drag all 5 to the pool and try to keep 2 or 4 of them entertained while we watch the other swim. It’s totally worth it in terms of the kids swimming but not so much for my personal enjoyment.

Oh and spot the tooth hanging on by a thread there! I have offered my services but she isn’t ready for me to give it a twist and get it out. Anyway back to knitting. Somehow this afternoon, dont ask me how, I managed to finish knitting this little cardigan in newborn size.

Well almost. It needs a little blocking (I just give it a little soak in some water and stretch into shape on a towel) and the buttons sewn on.

The pattern is so lovely. You can buy it here. I was reading one of the rows of the lace pattern incorrectly and pulled it out 3 times before I realised what I was doing. And so I decided to make the smallest size and since retro daddy forgot to tell me his PA had already left on maternity leave I decided I’d knit it for her.

The cardigan is knit from top to bottom and the armhole stitches are left on some spare wool. Once you’ve knit the body then you come back and knit the sleeves with small circulars or double pointed needles. That can sound a little daunting to a beginner knitter but once you’ve done a few seamless knits there is no turning back. I find it much more satisfying to do my knitting as one piece and see how it all comes together…..

And the wool……don’t hate me but it’s a Bendigo back room special called Shetland 8 ply. I can’t even find it on ravelry. Very soft and lovely to knit with and I like doing baby knits in cream as it just makes it so much more wholesome and sweet for a little baby. If you wanted to create a similar little baby knit then 8 ply Luxury in cream is perfect. And now I’m not starting a new project until I finish off a Kina for keira.


  1. Just the thought of you heading to the pool twice a day, every day, has me stressed out. I only did it one school holidays for James and it was a nightmare with Layla (had to wake her from her nap to get there in time each day). I think it has put me off intensive swimming since, lol

  2. I LOVE that cardigan! So beautiful!! I can knit squares. And that’s it. But when it comes to crochet I completely get what you mean when it comes to being more satisfying making items all in one piece!!

  3. I love swim vac but only if both boys are swimming at same time on same days! Everyone’s happy. Ive been lugging my knitting and crochetting to swimming each week this year. I get the strangest looks. ‘Crazy knitting lady’. But once both boys are in the pool it’s 30 minutes of sitting still -alone- (with the regular looks up to see them) and that’s a few more rows done! I think it’s healthier than just been glued to an iPhone for 30 minutes.

  4. The swimming does make the day rush by as do most after school activities do too. Keira looks so cute with her wiggly tooth! I just finished the very same cardigan for my 4 mth old niece and it turned out so cute. Yours is adorable. I am hoping to get to BWM very soon so I can pick up some bargains in the back room.

  5. I just ordered some wool from Bendigo today to make a cowl for myself for winter! Love the sweet cardy :) Have you heard of the addi click inter changeable knitting needles? I am considering buying them…..

    • I bought some Addi clicks a few weeks ago. I like them but find the cords twist a bit, back on themselves. They are nowhere near as sharp pointed as my set of original Knit Picks, now Knit Pro, or even the wooden harmony from same place. I always use the little pin to fasten these and have never had troubles with any separation of needle and cord. One side of the smaller Addi cord is very difficult to get to click and it did come undone. Grrr. I had some Aran weight wool , good brand and they kept splitting it. I needed a few more in several sizes so bought the set from Renae at suzyhausfrau in Canberra. Her service is wonderful. I’m fairly happy with them, but also like my old ones from the first release from KnitPicks.

  6. I love this kind of pattern, specially the making of the sleeves. Very simple and no handstitching and -closing at the end. Very comfortable for the lazy handstitcher that I am…
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. I am knitting my first ever cardi from top to bottom, first time with circular needles too. Bit I dont know why I chose a cardi for myself for my first time, being a size 18, thats a swag load of stitches…….

  8. Don’t you hate the “pressure cooker” intensity the indoor swimming pool environment creates, keeping your ones who are in the pool out of the pool, hearing cries from other who don’t want to be in the pool, all echoing through the venue – splashing, humidity, poor lighting and the pressure of being there on the ready holding towels out for the wet ones coming out who will invariably be “starving” and need immediate gratification and keeping the dry one out of the pool,…..then when it is over getting into the car…We are saints! Hope you get some craft time in!

    • And the hot moist atmosphere with the smell of chlorine over everything. Not my favourite place and I’ve been there only a few times with grandchildren.

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