tillie + finn in shop 4 kids

Oops! Life has been so busy I totally forgot that I hadn’t shared the super cute pics of my twinnies from the photo shoot they did for Shop 4 Kids. I shared it on Facebook in all my excitement the day the magazine came out and forgot to share here. Silly me. So this all came about because there was a call out on the Shop 4 Kids facebook page for a fashion shoot involving twins. I have twins.

I knew tillie would love it – did someone say hair and makeup and putting on a show. Tillie is our resident diva.  I thought Finn would need a bit of warming up………….which he did. Once we’d negotiated that he wasn’t going home.

Finn swapped preppy for homeboy and here are my fave pics…………after they’d warmed up to the camera.

You can see their pic in the current issue of Shop 4 Kids. Clearly these are the professional photographs and not my own! So thank you Shop 4 Kids for the photos. We had an absolute ball!



  1. Tillie is so pretty and Finn is a handsome chap who looks like he is loving (just quietly) the photo shoot. xo

  2. Corrie these are gorgeous! I love the mischief I can see all over Finn’s little face and Tillie is obviously loving every moment!

  3. Such a cool experience for them!! Looks like they loved it! :)

  4. Would you look at these two little naturals! I’m loving Finn’s expressions! He has the Zoolander pose down packed! Both of your cherubs look absolutely adorable :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. What girl wouldn’t love her hair to be curled so perfectly?!

  5. It is just like looking at a mini Retro Mummy and Retro Daddy. I am glad they had fun, and what a couple of fabulous pics for the scrap books to show their kids one day!

  6. Fun times for the twins Corrie! When I was four I was in a local country ‘fashion’ show, complete with catwalk. I loved it and my Mum took pics to commemorate. From memory it was a brown velvet skirt with a very 80s blouse, heavy fringe in the hairstyle and patent Mary-Janes . I thought I was a movie star :-)

  7. Looking at these photos it’s almost hard to believe Finn needed convincing. He looks like he is totally enjoying himself. And Tillie is just beautiful. Did she get to keep that gorgeous little bag, and check out the red shoes. Gorgeous!

  8. Nancy Nelson says:

    Such wonderfully fun photos!

  9. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, they are the sweetest little twinnies ever. Such gorgeous models, love their outfits. What a precious thing to keep and show them when they are older. Stars in the making here xo

  10. Very cute! I love Tillies little outfit. What brand is it? We have a resident diva in our house too!

  11. They were born to model, soooo cute

  12. What stunning photos, gorgeous clothes and adorable kids! An experience they will always remember! Hope you bought lots of copies!

  13. whoa! they have grown up so much!! Gorgeous pics too :)

  14. gorgeous little people. you must be so proud.

  15. They look fabulous.

  16. I love these pics and the fact that the clothes are age appropriate too. Tillie is destined just adorable.

  17. They are just gorgeous twins and look lovely in their matching boy and girl clothes.

  18. Those pics are so gorgeous. Finn looks like he could easily pick up some more modelling jobs, as he looks so natural and cheeky (nice way). Tilly looks great too and looks a little shy this time, but looks older than she is. Very beautiful pics, looks like Mum & Dad could be busy trapzing around after two little models in the future.

  19. Wow, that is total cuteness. Your twins are so gorgeous and the little outfits on them are the business. Love the homeboy pose and Tillie’s hand on hip action. Aww they are adorable!

  20. Oh retromummy, I just found your recipe for curried vege fritters when I was looking for something else. Your recipes are so reliable. Can’t wait to make the passionfruit cake when I have lost another 5kgs-it will be my reward. Thanks

  21. They are amazing photos, what sweethearts!

  22. Such sweet pics! Tillie looks so much like you and Finn is a natural! Thanks for sharing !

  23. Oh Corrie, they are divine! What a lovely opportunity! I hope you got to keep all the pics!

  24. Oh I just want to take them home! I can’t believe how big they are now, i feel like I have watched them grow up! Just lovely Corrie – and the house is going to be divine when you finish, so lovely already. Hope you are travelling well xx

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