the shawl grows

Every night I’ve been making some progress on the shawl. I’m more of a small project knitter like a baby or toddler cardigan but I’ve got to admit this shawl knitting is pretty addictive.

I just love watching it grow and am actually thinking I might do another shawl after this one. I know. Instead of a kina!

Now a few of you have asked about the yarn I’m using, it’s Allegro by Bendigo Woollen Mills. Sadly it’s not available anymore (see retro daddy, it pays to buy yarn as soon as you love it) except for a few destashes over on Ravely here. It’s a really nice one and the colour is lovely. And I’m not really a purple person.

My floors make for a nice backdrop since my dining table which I usually use is in the garage all wrapped up and waiting to come back into the house.

Tomorrow night I’ll be getting out my ‘hidden muscles’ to move all the furniture back into the house.

Oh and the pattern – I forgot to mention the pattern. The pattern is Textured Shawl Recipe here  and I’m following the instructions here.


  1. The shawl looks so pretty Corrie. I bought the very same color when the Allegro was out as well as the pink color too. It does knit up very nicely. I hope you dont pull any muscles putting all the furniture back in the house!

  2. what a gorgeous colour Corrie.

  3. That colour is simply beautiful.


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