and the floors are done

Well we are back in the house………..but unfortunately can’t put anything back on the floors until Monday night. Oh the disappointment when retro daddy walked back to the car to tell me. The floor guy then reversed out of our driveway, stopped to smile and wave to me and I had to do my best fake smile as I was so disappointed we couldn’t move entirely back in. I was just so excited to be going back to the house to get all the furniture in and have the downstairs looking lovely.

So back upstairs we will stay and I’ll be making quick trips downstairs in my very attractive socks as it’s strictly shoes off for the next month downstairs.

It’s all worth it though. The transformation is just amazing. I did always know that it was going to look good and it was kind of nice timing that we bought this house just after we finished renovating our last house. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, I knew that the windows were just what I wanted and I just knew that we could do it. Well pay someone to do it for us.

It certainly has been worth living with that hideous green carpet for the past year. And don’t worry green carpet fans, I still have it everywhere upstairs so if you start to miss it just let me know and I”ll take a picture for old times sake.

I’m going to use this time upstairs to clean out the toys and clothes and get everyone’s bedrooms and wardrobes organised before the carpet goes in.

And in case you missed the drama on facebook, well the painter has packed up and moved on. The two week job was turning into six weeks and he just had the biggest dummy spit, packed up everything and walked off the job. Taking all the paint with him. But not before he spilt paint and turps on the freshly sanded floors and swore at the floor guy.

He received most of his money and we still have 2 areas to finish, the staircase and 3 sets of double doors to paint and install. Disappointment just doesn’t cut it. We think he underquoted both financially and in terms of time and was over it. We don’t need the stress and hassle of taking him to fair trading but he certainly won’t get good word of mouth from me.  And I just hope I don’t run into him at the shops. Talk about a nightmare!

But I won’t let it get to me. We’re glad he’s out of the house after such a carry on and retro daddy will finish what he can and get someone to do the doors for us. He has been reading his Home Maintenance for Dummies book this afternoon.

And just in case you needed a reminder of what we were living with…………..


  1. Looks amazing makes such a difference, what is next on the list once you get over this bit :)

  2. Corrie, the floors are DIVINE !!! I’m in love! and slightly jealous lol What stain colour is that? We have sold our house now, and are renting while we build! (we move this week, so feel your pain of packing up a house with 5 kids) lol But I have told the hubster whois a builder that I want dark floors, and I think our walls are very similar to what you have there also!

    Im looking forward to seeing it with furniture! Your house is looking fabo my dear! Here’s to happy thoughts of you moving soon !!!

    Mels xo

  3. Oh WOW it looks fantastic – you must be so thrilled – and so pleased to be back in your beautiful home!! Can’t wait to read the next installment of getting your furniture back in, and seeing your family happy in your “new home” :)

  4. It all looks AMAZING, and it appears so much bigger too!! Well worth the wait. Very lucky you had some gorgeous floorboards under that horrible green carpet.

  5. Fantastic transformation Corrie. Well worth the wait. Enjoy the rewards. :)

  6. OMG just stunning.
    I sooooooo wished I went with floor boards. And dark ones at that.
    Don’t get me started on painters. I gave mine names like
    No show Neville. Messy Michael, loser larry. You get my drift
    Ours packed up and left too!
    Enjoy placing all your furniture on Monday.
    Pen x

  7. Wow! What a difference. Definitely worth the wait. It looks so elegant now.

  8. I’d still be calling Master Painters (I think that’s the painters’ trade body governing thingy 😉 & they can send out someone to look at the work & you can progress things from there. No Fair Trade Dept needed. We had to do that on a job years ago & I”m sure we didn’t have to pay any further money to have the work completed. Similar situation; underestimated the job & under-quoted terribly. At least ours didn’t take the paint though …

  9. Oh how gorgeous is that,. Let’s face it the drama will fade into the background and the beauty of the house will live on.

  10. We have polished floorboards throughout our house, but have light boards, would never have thought to go dark. After seeing yours, I love them. So elegant. My wall colour is similar…hmmm gets me thinking, but may not make me popular with the hubby! Lol

  11. Wow Corrie, what a transformation! It looks so beautiful, you must be super happy with it. Pity about the painter too, but I am sure you will find someone who can do it in a day and it will all be finished. I cant wait to see how it looks when you put all your furniture in too.

  12. Wow! The floors and walls looki amazing. Can’t wait to see it with furnishings etc. Love a great transformation.

  13. Looks amazing! Renovating is stressful enough without those sorts of dramas, hope you get things sorted.

  14. Wow! This is looking fabulous. I feel a sense of excitement too, imaging it was my home. I showed the wall colour to my hubby and he likes it too, so I think he will allow me to get our dining, kitchen, hallway painted in this too. :)

  15. w. o. w. so beautiful!!!!

  16. That looks amazing and so fresh. Love it!

  17. It looks awesome, I was a bit dubious it was going to make the place look too dark but I love it. The painter is a jerk! If he did massively underquote then you were very lucky to get what you did at a cheap price – or did you have other painters quote roughly the same? Imagine if you had to actually pay the full price he would’ve charged!!

  18. It looks amazing! But you already knew that! Love seeing the before and after pics

    Bettina @

  19. Gorgeous!

  20. I love the colour and look Corrie. Beautiful! What a total pain about the painter. Looking forward to seeing more lovely pictures in the future. Sleep well. This must be exhausting for you!! N x

  21. Looks absolutely amazing, Hang in there …you will have it looking so wonderful once you set everything up. Looking forward to seeing more photos soon.

  22. looks amazing!!

  23. I looks fantastic can’t wait to see the furniture back in. You just don’t really know with some tradies. it’s really a bit of a gamble and hope you get a good person to do the work.

  24. It seems like another home! :) It’s fantastic!

  25. Looks fabulous. You should feel very pleased with your choices. I can see a bit of “sock sliding” & air guitar practise in the next few weeks, Tom Cruise style.

  26. Love it!
    Can I ask a boring question – what advice were you giving re walking/furniture on the floors? We have also just polished the floors of our house this week and the guy told us it’s fine to put things down after 24 hours, but I’m thinking that’s too soon???

  27. Oh my! Those floors are just fantastic. Wow, WOW!!! The contrast is just spectacular between the walls and the floor color. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest. What pop of color will she add?? Suspense. I can not imagine corralling the kids and keeping them off the floors. I’d be at the hotel for sure!

  28. Oh how exciting – you have a new house inside!!

  29. It looks amazing! You have great taste and I think you bought really well in getting that house. It is amazing what paint and flooring can do.

  30. Dianne Ross says:

    Wasn’t sure about the dark stain at first, now they are finished it looks amazing. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had some sort of drama when building or renovating. Goes with territory. Enjoy.

  31. Corrie, the floors look stunning. Well worth the hassle, stress and inconvenience.

  32. Beautiful! It makes me realise how much our floor boards need some care. Enjoy.

  33. Oh Wow so gorgeous!! You wont know yourself when alls back in and “normal” dont let the painter annoy you!Im sure your as good a painter

  34. It just looks so beautiful Corrie! And hopefully the awful experience with the painter :)

  35. Mama of 2 boys says:

    The floors look totally amazing Corrie, such a beautiful transformation. I know how you feel having to live with a yucky old green carpet, our stairs and upstairs has it also. Thank goodness it’s floorboards downstairs… but I’d love to change the green look one day. What a big shame about the painter, it’s so hard to know when you choose someone to do work on your home, whether they’re going to be reputable and get the job done right. At least you can warn all your friends and family not to use his services. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us xo

  36. Wow! The floors look amazing! You guys have done an amazing job! It’s amazing how much the flooring can change the look of a room. Well done guys! Now to settle back in … And find a new painter!! Poor dear, nothing is ever easy!

  37. Corrie the floors looks AMAZING!!! I too would love to know the name of the floor stain colour as we have just purchased a house and I would love dark floors. Why is dealing with trades people almost always a nightmare????

  38. Sounds like you had the cowboy who painted our house. Half way through the 10 day job (and by that I mean 4 weeks in) he told us that he would have to requote because he was doing a quality job!!!! What?????? He wasn’t terribly happy when I told him that he didn’t quote us for a rubbish job and that he would finish the job and he wouldn’t get any more money. Apparently women who are 37 weeks pregnant are intimidating – who knew????

    Your floors look stunning – enjoy!

  39. Rachel Sweetnam says:

    Looks fantastic Corrie. Well done. Can’t wait to see your working progress with the rest of the house.

  40. Love the colour of your walls and the dark wood floors. Your house is looking ab fab.

  41. Wow! just Wow! Great choices. My phone does not do these images justice so I had to look it up on the computer.

  42. Wow, what a great transformation!

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